Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What to write or not write.

The video is just for fun. I think World Police is just one of the funnies movies ever. I saw it with my daughters in Vegas the Friday it came out, the theater was practically empty and we laughed our butts off. I actually bought a copy of Matt and Trey's first film, "Cannibal the Musical". my commitment has always been towards government; but, my passion has always been the arts. I cannot explain the joy of waiting back stage for the few minutes before opening night. It is magical and a world of it's own. I don't think people know that about me, not even brother and sister.

People who know me from business view me as very smart, very dedicated and highly unusual. I think they assume I am all about business and I am not. I spent my time to make sure I did it well; but, my heart has always been with the arts. I enjoyed woodworking, drawing, music and writing more than I ever enjoyed government or business.

So, what brings this all up. Well, I think I am ready to write a story again. I want to finish my story about the Rat Pack being vampire hunters and that being their reason for going to Vegas. I figure it will take two years. That's sounds like a long time for a guy who can write as fast as I do; but, I think it will take a year just to research all the characters. I want to incorporate people like Anton LeVay (the father of modern Satanism who befriended Sammy Davis Jr) and so many others. Sort of like Forest Gump did; but, in a decidedly different manner. I could spend the next two years preparing for the bar; but, I don't want to practice law, never did and don't now. I took law to write laws, I'm past that.

If I choose to write my story, I will need to buy some software for my computer and probably a new computer. I have been asked to write books about accounting, public right of ways and other exciting issues that could easily be published. They would be small runs for dedicated readers; but, I think I could expand the market for these issues. I would not publish my story online, except in an e-book format and I really think the story is visual.

Here is what I am going to consider. I have written two books. I am considering putting them up on this blog. I wrote them 30 years ago. Each is a little over 100 pages. If I publish them here I will literally not make one penny for them. That doesn't really bother me. If I commit to writing another story I actually want to make money off of it.

So what do you think. Should I publish both of my stories here for free? Should I write a third as I described? If I do decide to write a third, it will likely lead to much fewer postings on the blog for a year or two.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I Have To Laugh Weinstein Defenders

CNET - Jeffrey Katzenberg: Harvey Weinstein 'not a lone actor'.

Katzenberg was the Chairman of Disney when they bought the Weinstein company. He now claims he never heard the accusations against Weinstein. What complete and utter garbage. That is not how business works. Heck, I have created so many dossiers on people before making deals that I have lost count. That is just what you do. LOL.

All the studio heads know what is going on with all the other studio heads, that is how Hollywood works.

Boston Globe - Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg says he knew all about Harvey Weinstein — everyone did.

They can keep lying to the most naïve; but, too many people live in this town and know it is all a lie. Everybody knew and the higher up you were, the more you knew because that was your job. Disney owns Kimmel and he can't even joke about Weinstein.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

120,000 hits and counting

It is hard to believe but this site has now had over 120,000 hits, a mere blip on the internet; but, an amazing number for a site that wasn't meant to last. I tip my wine glass to my readers. Have a great week.

And Now a Musical Interlude Because I Haven't Done One in a While.

We frequently have expectations from musicians, expectations about style and range and even genre; but, sometimes they fool you and cross over. Here is a couple of those.

YouTube - The Osmonds - Crazy Horses.  Yes these young Mormons are credited with the 66th most important heavy metal song. Listen closely and you can see that it influenced Ozzy Osborne and the song Iron Man.

YouTube - Cliff Richards - Devil Woman.  This guy was the English Pat Boone singing a non-religious rock song.

YouTube - Kiss - Beth.   Possibly the first power ballad from a group that usually only sang about sex, booze and rock. This one is actually about loving one's wife.

YouTube - Richard Harris MacArthur Park.

YouTube - Rick Nelson - Garden Party. One of the true pioneers of country rock, though Michael Nesmith was really the first.

YouTube - Alice Cooper - Clones. Heavy Metal Icon decides to go into New Wave music, and this was after he stopped drinking.

YouTube - Linda Ronstadt - Heatwave.  Linda transitioned from being the biggest country singer to being the biggest female rock singer.

YouTube - Michael Nesmith - Joanne.  Not quite what anyone expected from a former Monkee, a stunningly beautiful ballad. He also wrote one of Linda Ronstadt's first big hits, "Different Drum".

Friday, October 13, 2017

Random Complaints.

YouTube - Heart - Here Song.

YouTube - Heart - Only the Wine.

I watch the incessant parade of whiney punks on television. They may be black or white or male or female or gay or straight or fat or stupid or smart or any identity that they believe makes them who they are. It is all garbage. I do not define myself by my physical body. I admire strength of character, honor and integrity. True strength comes from belief, it comes from commitment to a moral code. I can have sympathy for those who faced challenges based on their physical body (be it color, sex or anything else); but, I still expect them to have integrity, on that I will view them.

I hear people whine that they are oppressed because of the shirt they wear or other such nonsense, as if that is the worst thing that can happen. Oh no, you chose to become a woman and people don't accept you. That is not the worst that can happen and if you can afford the surgery, you have not lived through the worst.

A hundred years ago, things sucked. Further back it sucked even more. Heck, when my dad was a child, it really wasn't much better. Tell me, if you are black, about how being pulled over more than whites has destroyed you. I have known men who lived in the south when they couldn't even enter restaurants where white people were. Tell me about white male privilege, let me tell you about my dad and uncle.

My uncle and godfather had a mother who slept with men for money. He discovered this fact when a fellow soldier told him how they had slept with her. I don't know the extent of the horrible life he led and neither does anyone else living. He joined young and ended up in Iwo Jima while the flag was being raised. He spent a couple days underneath dead Japanese soldiers after the Japanese retook the hill. Hiding beneath the dead bodies, he ate their rations to survive. He never told anyone except my father about that. He ended up helping put a man on the moon. He helped make the rockets.

My father had it tough too. At 11 his step dad had him quite school and work two jobs with all of the money going to his step dad. On a good day he was fed; but, those didn't happen every day. Beat and starved was the joy my father grew up to. He lied and joined the marines at 14 or 15. He ended up in Korea during the war. He was at all the battles and was wounded more than once. He and my uncle moved out to California and made their way. They never complained about hard times or life being unfair, they assumed that happened to everyone. They were wrong about that. Nobody gave a damn about them and they knew it, it made them stronger and individualistic.

I turned down lots of opportunities in my life. Chances to make lots of money or have even greater power. My dad never understood why; but, he always supported my freedom to choose my path. He paid for me to attend law school even though he knew I had no intention of practicing law and was only interested in writing them. My father never beat us and always made sure we ate well, things he had not experienced as a child. Love and help. My uncle was an ahole to most, he did not respect very many people. Oddly enough, he respected my insistence on doing thing my way. He respected inner strength and determination to achieve what you set out for.

Hitler wrote a book called "Mein Kampf" it means my struggle. Wimps and weasels always start by telling you about how hard their life has been. It is garbage. The same can be said about Hillary Clinton and her new book, "What Happened", does that need a question mark?

Don't tell me the world is unfair, I figured that out the first time I got my ass kicked for knowing things my peers did not. Don't tell me the world is unfair because men look at your breasts. Men like breasts, it has nothing to do with fairness.

I think we should seek fairness for all, not for a color or religion or sex, for all. I have heard people say that the problem is racism that results in a disproportionate number of unarmed black people being shot by police. My response is simple, would the shooting of unarmed people be okay if it was proportionate by color of victim? If we only focus on the unfairness treated to one group, do we not still promote unfairness?

I shall repeat the story I told before. There are three guys nailed to crosses. One is black, one is white and one is a Jew. Does it really make sense for them to argue over who has it worse? Shouldn't they be mad at the guy nailing them to the cross and not each other?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Would You Sleep With Me for a Million Dollars?

Nothing important just an observation. TMZ reported - Harvey WeinsteinFlying to Europe Tonight For Sex Addiction Rehab on 10/10/17, 7:40 PM PDT. This was also reported by the Daily Mail in England and other newspapers. Alex Jones reported "REPORT: Trump’s Justice Department Moves on Weinstein, Orders FBI to Open Probe Over Fears he will ‘do a Polanski’

A note to my readers, I do not endorse Alex Jones, in fact I do not as a rule even link to him. I had to link to what he said, if I am to be fair when discussing this event, the subject of the post.

So here is the timeline. Weinstein is called out as a molester by multiple women in a magazine report. Other famous women come forward and a tape on which Weinstein appears to admit having groped women. His ship quickly sinks, his attorney quits his case and his wife announces she is leaving him after he is forced to leave the company he founded. It is then claimed that he is attempting to leave for Europe to attend rehab; but, ends up staying and it is reported he is headed to Arizona for rehab. In between was the Alex Jones report that the Justice Department is moving on him. See, the federal government does not have any jurisdiction over these matters and as far as I know, no criminal charges have made against Weinstein. That should mean that he would be free to leave the country, so why didn't he?

What if Mr. Weinstein was put on a "no fly" list? Guess what, they don't need to charge you with a crime to put you on a no fly list. Can they put people on no fly lists on the mere suspicion that they might be charged with a crime? The answer is yes.

After Mr. Weinstein decided to stay in the US, his daughter called the police to say he was suicidal. TMZ - Harvey Weinstein Suicide Threat Prompts Police Response.

While I could care less about Weinstein, I find this story interesting. Not the fact that he molested women, that would never surprise me in Hollywood. The fact that everyone had heard the rumors and said nothing does not surprise me. The abject fear it has caused in Hollywood surprises me. They may be afraid of who is taken down next. We cannot even imagine what secrets Weinstein knows about people in Hollywood or who he would be willing to sell out for a better plea deal if charged. This guy begged others executives to help him to keep his job and he is known for being vengeful. Maybe that is why it took a week for so many in Hollywood to say anything. The insane attempts to make this about Trump (the LA Times has chosen to make it about Bannon, it is a company town) is a desperate attempt to kill the story that is not proving successful. The attempt is being made because Weinstein still has power in this town and still owns lots of shares in the company and knows lots of secret.

Weinstein is sort of like Kaddafi when he was captured by his opponents. He is in shock that none come to help him, he cannot believe his kingdom is crumbling because he masturbated in a plant pot in front of an actress or asked for naked massages or even touched them. He cannot believe it because he thinks that is how this industry works and it has been since the beginning. Washington DC is no different. Power and sex go hand in hand, it does not take much power to get lots of sex. If people will cheat on their spouse for free or hook up for dinner and drinks than they will certainly have sex in exchange for becoming a celebrity or getting a promotion.

While it is easy to condemn people who abuse power as Harvey Weinstein did, the fact is that it is really a question of what people will do to get ahead, to achieve their personal dreams. If you could avoid the gas chamber by sleeping with your guard, would you? If you were homeless would you sleep with a cop to drugs and a hotel room for the night? Would you sleep with a Hollywood producer to get a million dollars? How about to get a career worth $100 million? 

I have talked about the Aussie sex worker who stayed with me and my family for a week or so (I don't remember exactly how long it was), she was stunned that I would not consider sleeping with her. She told me that she expected men in their 40s (as I was at the time) to seek it. 

For my male readers I will ask a question. Would you turn down sex from a woman who offered it to you if there was no price tag for the service? We live in a world where sex is a commodity, it is traded on a daily basis and I am not referencing prostitution. Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not illegal in Hollywood, in fact porno movies pay people to have sex, the definition of prostitution. I pointed this out in law school over 30 years ago. I asked why we did not charge porno movie producers and directors as pimps as they paid people to have sex. I was laughed at; but, nobody has ever answered the question from a legal perspective. Is it okay to pay people for sex as long as you film it?

There is a schism in people's minds. They will tell you that we should not allow people to go to jail for prostitution; but, we should put people in jail for asking for sex in exchange for getting a job. What is the difference?

Now, lets get away from sex. Would you lie for your company if it meant you would make $! million a year? What about a hundred million a year? 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Late Night Shows, Harvey Weinstein and Las Vegas. Now with 2 updates.

So the new mantra on late night television talk shows involves the host saying (after a week of saying nothing) that Harvey Weinstein is a bad man and that nobody knew. That is a lie and they knew. A bold statement you may say, not really I was born in this town, let me tell you things I know.

I have mentioned that I was a stage manager, well, I was offered into one of the unions when I was 16 and qualified for two unions at the time. At 12, my Catechism teacher was a producer who was responsible for the most expensive television pilot up until then. At 16 my brother and I were offered work in movies and television by a friend of mine's father who lived next to John Davidson and was a producer. That's just two of the producers I knew. I cannot tell you how many child stars I knew or knew friends. My sister even dated one of Johnny Carson's sons once. It is a small town in some ways, it is an industry town in many ways. Let me be clear, even though I barely noticed at the time, I crossed paths with many a Hollywood person including having had my first date with a lady who became an actress and model and had won a national talent show before she turned 18. I know, you cannot imagine the Pimpernel with an artsy type; but, she had the most wonderful heart and I knew her since 6th grade.

Before moving to where I live now, I lived in Burbank right next to Warner Brothers. The women there are stunning beautiful, even the waitresses often work in the business. Just so you understand, the average SAG member (actors and actresses) make like under $15,000 a year. The caste system in Hollywood is unbelievable. One of my friend's wives was a stand in for an actress on one of the Star Trek shows, she didn't make a bunch, maybe $40,000 a year; but, her husband had a great job. When they were making one of the movies she got a line in the film, sort of a thank you for being a good egg. Her husband told me how she was treated on the day of her line and how she was usually treated. Little things like having your name over your space where you get made up or getting picked up or a million little things that you get as perks as you rise in the talent arena.

While it seems boring and stupid to me to mention these things because I never really thought about it having grown up around it. One person I knew was a director on a national late night talk show, she lived with one of my very good friends. In fact, I lived with him for a few months after separating from my ex. We lived in Santa Monica where I was actually hit up on by young actresses and models. Again for those who do not know me, I was never that good looking and am not now. Each of my daughters witnesses some of this and each has a separate answer on why women found me attractive, I blame it on poor eyesight. Theirs not mine. I personally think they thought I might a writer or something in the business, I kind of look like that is possible.

The reason I mention all this is because I do not believe for one second that the talk show hosts of today never heard any stories about Weinstein. The town doesn't work that way. Hollywood has a bigger support system than an air force jet. There are hairdressers, stylists, caterers, drivers, agents, managers, accountants, lawyers, and hundreds of other professions and they all talk. One famous child star came out after the Corey Feldman story about their being sexually assaulted and mentioned how all the kids and adults knew at the time, nothing has changed. One does not accost Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow without it getting around. Gwyneth even said she had told her boyfriend of the time, Brad Pitt, about it. Lena Dunham claims he had accosted her and she still worked at a Clinton fundraiser with him; but, felt bad about it.

The director of the late night talk show told me a story about a famous male singer (sold over 100 million records and in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) who came to her door at 2 in the morning seeking sex even though he knew she was married to another famous musician. She had plenty of stories about people in the business, bad stories about people I liked and good stories about some I didn't care for. The fact of the matter is that the people who work on late night talk shows have a duty to know about the people who go on them and are surrounded by directors, producers, writers, makeup artists and talent scouts who darn well better know how to get people on the show and all about those people.

The talk show hosts waited a week to say anything and then all claimed to know nothing and have heard nothing. They are liars and the people who work for them know they are lying. Weinstein bought political influence for the industry and that is why they ignored his indiscretions. He was a lobbyist for the industry hiding behind being a donor. I say hiding because he didn't have to follow the laws as regular lobbyist, like reporting certain things. Remember when Clinton deregulated the news media allowing it to consolidate to where 6 companies control 90% of all the news in this country? Yeah, Weinstein brought millions to Bill Clintons campaign and the DNC and he was there for Hillary too. Funny how Hillary and the late night talk show people all decided to talk about him a week later and at the same time, I guess they all grew morals at the same time and oddly enough the exact same talking points which end with "But Trump". LOL.

Tell me another fairy tale because I don't know any better and just might buy the lies; but, don't count on it.


Lets play connect the dots. Harvey Weinstein owned Miramax, Disney bought Miramax in or around 1993 from him and ABC owns the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Small point of interest, in 2009 Weinstein vocally gave support to Roman Polanski to not be extradited to the United States to face trial for raping a 13 year old girl. Tell me again how these late night hosts and Hillary Clinton never heard any rumors about him. By the way, Bill Clinton deregulated the media in 1996 leading to 6 companies owning 90% of all of it. I wonder if Weinstein's contributions to his campaigns and later Hillary led to this decision. Funny how donors are not treated like lobbyists, even when they are lobbying.

Gwenyth Paltrow says that Weinstein accosted her while she was dating Brad Pitt and that Pitt threatened to harm Weinstein when he saw him again. Later Pitt married Angelina Jolie who also says she was accosted by Weinstein. Hmm, what has he to say about all this, what does he say about  his choosing to work for Weinstein on Inglorious Bastards? The sound of tumbleweeds on a windy night is all we hear. Hollywood is a bunch of timid narcissists that will say and do anything to get noticed. Heck, Lena Dunham says she was accosted by him; but, worked with him to fundraise for Hillary. Funny that she was more concerned about Trump than being with the man who actually accosted her, Weinstein.

Hollywood is more willing to go after the President than Weinstein because they feared Weinstein effecting their careers more. Notice how Kimmel made the Weinstein story about Trump. He failed to mention how his owner, ABC, owned Miramax the old Weinstein company. What a surprise. Follow the money, always a good starting point.

You can click your tongues over Democrats; but, this is deeper, this is about a media owned by oligarchs and the power they wield to make sure you only hear what they want you to. When the presidential campaign began I told you, I was focused on the media, still am. Ignore the party, focus on the propaganda machine that is now for all practical purposes a monopoly.


So the Las Vegas police said that the Mandalay Bay shooter had shot a security guard after firing into the crowd and is now saying that he was shot before he began shooting into the crowd. You might ask what difference it makes, it makes a lot. It means the hotel could be held liable for not having stopped the shooting after it began when they knew what was going on. In fact, it took almost an hour before police arrived at the room. What happened after the security guard was shot, why wasn't it picked up by the security cameras and the security staff on it immediately?

YouTube - Vegas shooter had access to Mandalay Bay service elevators.

Vegas, like Hollywood, is a company town, an oligarchy now and they don't snitch on one another. The state of Nevada determines who gets to have a casino license. The Nevada state investigation office has almost certainly asked for all of the gambling records on the killer and I assure you, the casinos provided it along with all of their security footage. Every floor is recorded 24 hours a day from multiple cameras at the Mandalay Bay. The security people know this, it is not a secret; but, it is also not being discussed in the mainstream corporate media. Where is the video of the last time the gunman entered his room? Where is the video of the security guard being shot, along with the timestamp?

Mandalay Bay is owned by MGM Resorts International. They own quite a lot of casinos, not just in Vegas, worldwide. They own Bellagio, Circus Circus, Aria, Mandarin, Vdara, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Delano, MGM Grand, the Mirage, Monte Carlo, New York, New York and a whole bunch of other casinos in multiple states. They make up a significant percentage of the jobs and income of Nevada.

Read my previous post, TTIIY - What if he Was Truly Gambling With People's Lives.

Vegas is terrified that he did this because he lost lots of money. The casinos are all discussing how this may hurt business. They have had the video since it happened and have yet to release it to the public. The police would have seen the video almost immediately and lied about when the guard was shot. By the way, there are cameras in the service elevators, that's frequently how the money is moved. Every hotel in the casinos is monitored, they are looking out for people that might rip them off. This guy brought enough guns that he could have robbed the whole hotel and casino.

Ignore idiots that talk about ISIS being involved, like that moron Alex Jones, a distractor at best. Ignore the mainstream corporate media that wants you to focus on bump stocks. Ask yourself how having more cameras around to film you makes you safer when a important Vegas casino that films everyone 24/7 couldn't catch this guy, that is what they are hiding from you.