Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Why Oligarchs Create Hopelessness.

My dear friends, I feel like talking a little. Let us look at history. Throughout history oligarchs, the "elites", despots, tyrants, the establishment has sought to control in the same manner. Consolidate power, create inequality and cause the majority to feel hopelessness and despair. Look at the medieval times if this is not clear to you or look at recent despots such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao or even Kim Jung Un.

In India they called it the caste system, in England the class system, in America we call capitalism, in the Soviet Union they called it the communism. Creating systems for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. Now, in Polynesia and Africa this did not exist in the same way. Being more familiar with Polynesia I will use that for my example. These systems were community based and even those whose labor was not needed were treated the same. Why would any rational society work to benefit a few at the expense of the society?

Since the fall of the soviet union, our oligarchs have sought to weaken the middle class to create hopelessness. You can see it if you look at the Midwest and rustbelt. Take away all hope and you create a class of fear and dread. You may believe that this had to happen; but, look at China. All their wealth has come from America and Europe sending the jobs there. That could have happened here; but, that was not what was wanted by our oligarchs. Our community, the west, built China by transferring our wealth there.

MSN - CNBC - The 1 percent will always control the wealth and here's why.  According to the article which likes this situation, 1 percent in the world control 82 percent of the wealth.

Bloomberg - Look at What's Going to Happen to Sweden's Fabled Welfare State.  The article claims that Sweden cannot survive unless it takes in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of immigrants, supposedly from the middle east, and gives up on taking care of its people.

The reason Trump and Brexit upset the oligarchs so much is because they fear it makes think people think they can make their societies work for the whole society rather than just the oligarchs. Greed and selfishness can only exist in societies that allow a few to own everything or at least most everything.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Automation and Human Restrictions.

Mirror - Robot to run for mayor in Japan in "world first" Promising "fairness and balance" for all residents. Automated fairness, what a concept. Who decides what is fair, some programming geek? The greatest minds in history cannot agree on what is right. Can you possibly believe that people who built such a thing would not give themselves and advantage, a back door out of problems?

Huffington Post - Capitalism's Betrayal of the Working Class Could be it's Undoing.  A good history of the last 90 years.

Fox - New York City banning cars from Central Park.

Just some things you should be aware of. They will affect your lives much more than porn stars that Trump slept with.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Here is a good question.

How many congressmen lost all their money when the housing market or stock market crashed? Now, here is where it gets fun. How many congressmen who voted to end Glass-Steagall and lost one penny from the stock crash? How many allowed the banks to reduce controls on housing loans lost their houses from the crash? Yeah, you can figure out who knew what was coming from how the benefitted. Its not really that hard. In the end, it is just numbers. Millions of Americans have lost their pensions and their houses. Are you aware of ANY congressman losing their house or pension? Yeah, me neither.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Comey, Hillary, Obama and Brazile. Which one is lying?

Lets start with this. On October 24, 2017 Hillary Clinton's attorneys at Perkins Coie sent a letter to the attorneys for Fusion GPS (the people who hired Richard Steele to write the Trump Dossier) authorizing them to tell the court that Perkins Coie had hired Fusion GPS to prepare the dossier.

Perkins Coie letter to Fusion GPS.

Now lets remember that last year Hillary came out and said "everybody" had known for a year that her campaign had paid for the dossier, while never admitting personal knowledge. Donna Brazile meanwhile claimed that she did not know about the payments. Hmmm. Wait it gets better. James Comey claimed as late as yesterday that he still doesn't know that Hillary paid for it.

YouTube - Comey Makes New Claims in Disastrous Fox Interview.

I want you to go to 9:41 in the video. Comey is specifically asked when he first found out that the DNC had funded the dossier. He answers, "Yeah, I still don't know that for a fact." He said this yesterday even though Hillary and her attorneys have admitted they funded it for months. Comey then goes on to say that he never told President Obama who had funded the dossier. He also says he never told President elect Trump when he briefed him.

This will be the issue that hangs them all. Why are they all denying they knew that Hillary paid for the dossier when she has admitted it? Will Obama deny he knew too?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Issue Gap

So, what are the issues that the average working or middle class person worries about versus what are the issues the media and the wealthy worry about.

Pay Gaps - The corporate media has spent an amazing amount of time worrying over how much different actors get paid. The see a true travesty when an actress is paid a million for a role and an actor is paid two million to be the star in the same movie or show. The same media that is fixating on this is also against increasing the minimum wage which effects millions. In fact, most jobs pay the same regardless of sex and have for decades. There is no pay gap for most people because they all get paid as little as possible. The biggest pay gap is between the CEOs and the workers.

Gender Identity - While the media would have you believe that homosexuality is a gender, most gays do not think so. Gay men like men, not women. Gay women like other women, not men. They are not confused by which gender they are. Transgenders are in fact a minimal factor in the world. Gays are not confused by what they are, they accept their sexuality. Transgenders believe they are something they are not. That is generally considered a mental problem and their 70%+ suicide rate shows this.

Immigration - The wealthy are for open borders to reduce what they pay people and kill off any social safety new while blaming it on the immigrants. Macron even said that, he said that if they kept taking in immigrants eventually they would not be able to afford a welfare program or social programs.

Police Shootings of the Unarmed - When is shooting unarmed people ever okay? Is it okay if they are white or Asian? We only talk about shooting unarmed black people which by the way is disproportionate. We don't talk about the economics of the people that are killed. Most unarmed people shot by the police are poor or working class, that is the number one statistic on them, not color. We are also more likely to kill men then women. Should we talk about the jail gap and gender?

Let me throw this out there. If you watch the corporate entertainment media you will see well off blacks and successful gays. Yet, that same media will tell you that they are worse off on average, which in fact is true for blacks at least, so why don't they show that? Blacks are not as successful overall or as a percentage as whites, yet, the shows all show that they are. Look at Greys Anatomy, loaded with successful and well off blacks. Is that real representative, nope, it is intended to be aspirational. You are supposed to believe, if you are black, that you can succeed just as well, become the next Oprah Winfrey. How many will achieve that? Not the vast majority. The opportunities are limited and the wealthy have the advantage, they can afford risks. Remember when Eminem sang that he took his one chance and couldn't afford to lose, yet, there is a lottery system and some will succeed but not become the decision makers, just the tokens to fool the rest of us into believing there is the same chance for everyone, there is not.

So what are the biggest issues for the working and middle class. Well, jobs and the economy were number one during the last election. 85% said that was one of their issues, more than any other issue. Any politician that runs in 2018 on anything other than increasing wages and employment is working against the middle class and has their priorities aligned with the oligarchs and the elites.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

James Comey and Convicting Himself.

Kiddies, kiddies, kiddies. Mr. James Comey insists upon convicting himself. Lets start with this, his memos.

SCRIBD - 2018 - 4 - 19 Comey Memo - Enclosure Unclassified. Pimpernel provides source documents. Read the whole thing, its amusing.

YouTube - Comey Admits Didn't Tell Trump "Dossier" Was DNC Doc.

Here is the bottom line. Comey was directed by President Obama to brief him and Trump on the dossier. Neither Comey or Obama told Trump that it had been funded by Hillary and the DNC. Hillary has already gone on television saying that everyone knew she had funded it, meaning Obama and the intelligence agencies; but, nobody told Trump. Hmmm. Why not? Comey said he didn't think it mattered. Really?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trends in the News and corruption.

Fox - Homeland Security database would track journalists, "media influencers": report. The government is creating a database to track everyone who other people listen to. Can you say big brother?

MSN - L.A. City Council passes new laws to clear path for homeless housing. That is not really what this is all about. I predicted it ten years ago when every new mall had multiple hotels on their sites. Nothing happens by accident. This is your future home when there are no jobs. A hotel room and virtual reality is the establishments solution to when then no longer have use for your work. Not an apartment, a room.

TTIIY - Obama, Wiretaps and stories.   Zerihedge - Comey failed to tell Trump Hillary paid for dossier.  This is bad. Comey was tasked with briefing President Obama and President elect Trump about the dossier. By his own words, he never Trump the dossier was opposition research paid for by Hillary. He didn't even tell Trump after he became President. He didn't tell him where the dossier came from, that alone justifies his firing. Obama didn't tell him, Hillary didn't tell him, they all withheld that information. Why? Hillary said everyone knew she had paid for the dossier for a year, she lied. Trump didn't know and neither did the public and Comey didn't tell congress or the FISA judge, why not?

Office of the Inspector General - A Report of Investigation of Certain Allegations Relating to Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  35 pages on how McCabe and Comey were not honest and forthcoming with congress about what they did.