Saturday, March 17, 2018

News and Stuff

MSN - Recode - Uber's self-driving trucks have been hired to deliver freight in Arizona. Goodbye truckers.

MSN - Buisiness Insider - Walmart will start delivering groceries to shoppers across the US and it's a direct assault against Amazon. The food wars begin.

Fox - ProPublica retracts key claim against Trump pick for CIA director. What a shock, media lied about Trump's CIA pick.

Breitbart - Dianne Feinstein Smacks Silicon Valley, Blocks Self-Driving Car Deregulation. While California has legalized self-driving cars. This is about being first and the testing ground.

Bloomberg - The Population Bomb Has Been Defused. The end of the overpopulation myth.

Wall Street Journal - The GOP's Internet Tax. The wealthy love everything but income tax.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Driverless California

The Street - As California OKs Driverless Cars, Could big Tech Finally Profit?

Just keep saying, "Not in my lifetime" and I will keep telling you how you are not seeing what is in front of your face. Yep, California has approved cars with no driver and nobody in the driver seat.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Would It Have Been Wrong For the Indians to Keep the Europeans Out of the Americas?

So there is this 22 year old girl named Lauren Southern from Canada and she has been permanently kicked out of England. Now, from what I can tell she had all ready been in England and left to go to France and was not allowed to return. She is accused of handing out "racist anti-Islamic" flyers. What did these fliers say, you might ask? Well they said "Allah is gay". She made them in response to an article that said, "Jesus is gay". I want you to see what she is like when she is being interviewed by a Muslim in London two weeks ago.

I should point out that the video is from Ali Dawah's video channel, not hers. Mr. Dawah had tracked her down to have a rational discussion with her and they did. She told him that she had handed out flyers saying Allah is gay and he did not kill her or say that she couldn't do that.

Now, I want to tell you where I think Ms. Southern is coming from. As best I can tell she is concerned that many Muslim immigrants are doing bad things in Europe. Many are; but, not the majority. If you watch the whole video, I think you will see that her biggest issue is the Islamification of Europe. She and many Europeans are worried that there nations will be majority Muslim within 30 or 40 years. They will be. Years ago I wrote about this, how the Europeans are not having children. They are not and don't want to. In Europe it is considered racist to want to keep your national boundaries. In Europe it is considered racist to want to keep out immigrants. In America it is considered racist to want to keep out illegal aliens. Is it racist?

Is culture and philosophy racist? I would be hard pressed to call modern day England racist or modern day France. Both nations have enjoyed hundreds of years of allowing people from all over the world in. There is a thriving Indian community in England and England has even adopted curry as one of the national dishes.

Why do I bring all of this up? Simple reason, I want you to see how she is portrayed in the English and Canadian media. Remember the girl is from Canada. She was detained under anti-Terrorist laws.

Montreal Gazette - Canadian far right activist Lauren Southern barred from Britain for anti-Muslim views.

The Independent - Lauren Southern Far-right Canadian activist detained in Calais and banned from entering UK.

Daily Mail - Journalist "third anti-Muslim barred from Britain.

The issues are freedom of speech (not guaranteed in Europe by the way) and freedom of movement. This is where it gets funny, ex ISIS fighters are free to return to England but not Ms. Southern who has never been charged with a crime. Ms. Southern has not even been charged for hate speech which you can be in England.

Look, I live in an area that is mostly Hispanic, I don't have any problems here. I preached in a Hispanic neighborhood at night, sometimes alone in downtown and never had a problem. I am not afraid to go into any Mexican neighborhood in California. There are Mexican gangs; but, there are no Mexican terrorists. You cannot show me where a Mexican strapped on a bomb and blew up innocent civilians. I am glad that we have Mexican immigrants, I just think we should be able to choose who we let in and refuse to take in criminals. I don't care were immigrants come from. I would keep out Irish criminals and I'm Irish. Europe has a different problem. Should it be a crime to discuss these things? Would I be questioned as a terrorist if I went to England because of this post? I have had this blog for a decade and have never advocated killing people or harming people. Based on what happened to Ms. Southern, I could be stopped and questioned under England terrorist law.

Now, go back and read the title of this post again.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Trump and North Korea

So President Trump said he was meeting with the leader of North Korea. The initial media reports thought this was great.

MRCNewsBusters - CNN, MSNBC Journalists Give Trump Glowing Praise for North Korea Move as Obama Flacks Lose It.

While the South Koreans, English and others think this is a good thing, there are others who would prefer Trump not meet on denuclearizing North Korea. Oddly enough it is the same people who said Trump should not antagonize them. Does this make any sense?

IF Trump can get North Korea to denuclearize, how would that be a bad thing? Some in the media are saying this was a split second decision to avoid talking about some porn star Trump slept with a decade ago. Nobody cares that he slept with a porn star. It is not an impeachable offense and she had not claimed rape.

Here is what I think. Firstly, Trump is never going to be impeached for "colluding" with Russia, that is a joke. Trump will win re-election, easily. If Trump gets North Korea to denuclearize, he will get a Peace Prize.

Oh, just a quick not, Trumps decision was far from last minute. People seem to forget that North Korea sought these discussions and has been talking to South Korea since before the Olympic games, that was the distraction. Someday you will find out how important Dennis Rodman was to all of this.

Washington Post - Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea. Was he sent by Trump?

That article is from June of last year. These negotiations have been going on for months. Heck, even I saw this coming. Rodman needs government approval to meet with Kim. Rodman has praised Trump for this move.

Here is what you should be watching, where is the meeting held. My guess is either South Korea or China. Right now my bet is China.

The Guardian - Kim Jong Un to meet Trump by May after North Korean Invitation.

That is an English newspaper saying this is good news.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Living in a 250 square foot holodeck.

About eight years ago I began telling my readers about coming technology. I wrote about transforming your home into the world through projections. Here is where that tech is now today.

YouTube - Real Holodeck Finally Created using Euclidian Unlimited Details Engine.

YouTube - Inside a Real Life Holodeck.

Look at the infrastructure being built around you. No personal vehicles, you will rent a room of about 250 square feet, food and other things will be delivered to you and you will be guaranteed an income, modest at best. You will make your money from the internet by amusing others. That my friends is the plan for you because your labor will not be needed.

Monday, March 5, 2018

South Africa, Water and Warfare

I have been following a story about the South African water crisis. I didn't see a need to write about it; but, I think it is time to inform my readers about what is going on in South Africa. The government of South Africa is currently voting on taking away farming land from it's white citizens and not compensating them. This is not an illusion or conspiracy theory. I have gone to read the actual south African newspapers and confirmed it.

Daily Sun - Don't Panic Over Land Reform.

Sunday Times - Land in SA was taken through genocide and will be returned. Actually the land was pretty vacant when taken in the 1600s and the Africans living their now, the black ones, yeah, they were from other countries and came after South Africa was settled.

South Africa created a system called Apartheid. Blacks could not vote and were segregated. Still, blacks from all over Africa came there. They came there for work as South Africa was very prosperous. After South Africa ended apartheid and all living there were allowed to vote, the black Africans took over as they had the greater numbers. It ended up being a peaceful transition, one of the few in Africa.

Fast forward to today. There are now daily instances of white farmers being killed for being white. There is a government actively calling for taking away farms from the whites with no compensation. The current government cannot meet basics standards that it had in the past, such as water distribution. Most importantly, there is a call for the elimination and killing of all whites in the country. It should also be noted that murder and rape have skyrocketed.

None of this is talked about much in western corporate media. I went to school with many Africans, black Africans. Primarily, Nigerians. Just as westerners have certain attitudes and Asians have certain attitudes, Africans have their own beliefs, just as distinct. Africans identify by tribe, not color and not nationality. Once you understand that, you begin to understand all the civil wars that have gone on in Africa once nations were de-colonized. Nations in Africa were not created along tribal roots but by geography by the western nations that controlled them.

Since taking over, the South African blacks who had no administrative or political background have made mistakes. You cannot just learn to run a country overnight or even in a decade or two. Some of their political leaders are barely educated. Some of them are threatening to kill all the whites and the whites are arming.

Why do I mention any of this. Simple, there is the very real chance that we will see a civil war in South Africa. There is also the very real chance that it will be caused by black South Africans attempting to kill all the white South Africans. Personally, if I were a white South African, I would leave, now. There is something else you need to know, it is believed that South Africa has at least a couple of nukes that it worked with Israel to make. Nobody has said what happened to them since the end of apartheid.

Now the media doesn't really discuss this because it is racially sensitive; but, I prefer to inform my readers of what is going on in the world so they are not taken by surprise. Hopefully the water crisis will be handled and a peaceful solution will be found to land issues; but, it doesn't look real good right now.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Things I have been writing about for almost a decade that are happening now.

Lets call this post, things I have been writing about for almost a decade.

Digital Trends - You can now hail a ride in a fully autonomous vehicle, courtesy of WAYMO. This is going on now, in the United States.

Yahoo - Associated Press - Some fear California drought cuts could erase water rights. The government wants to control all water rights.

Spiegel Online - Are Driving Bans Coming for German Cities. They want you out of your car.

MSN - Taste of Home - Why you should expect a Taco Bell delivery in the near future.  They want you out of your car and staying in place.

Zero Hedge - LA has criminalized poverty by making it illegal to sleep in cars and RVs.  This is a sham, a trick of the eyes. The law will be found illegal and the city will not have to tow RVs that people are living in, instead the city will provide places to park them. Bet me.

MSN - The New York Times - Facebook and Google struggle to squelch Crisis Actor posts. If they can limit the topics of discussion, you have no free exchange of ideas.

The Hill - White House praises Oregon program of mileage tax for infrastructure funds.  You will be taxed by the mile in the autonomous taxi you use in the future too.

NPR - Wrist watch: Amazon patents system to track guide employees hands.  I am glad I don't work there.

Variety - CNNs Jeff Zucker calls on regulators to probe Google and Facebook.  The old media attacking the new media.

CNBC - More Americans now support a universal basic income.  It is coming and it is coming because you will not have a job. There will be strings attached.