Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Prediction

To start with, I don't live in Alabama and don't which corporatist, the Democrat or Republican was going to win. While some may see this as a win for the Democratic corporatists, I don't. LOL. Lets ask what happens next.

The establishment had planned to use Roy Moore (the Republican corporatist) as a test case for getting rid of someone based on allegations alone. If he had won, he would have been brought up on charges in congress, that doesn't happen now. He is not going to congress. He is contesting the election and Democrats must face their own hypocrisy over contesting the presidential election. These things are but amusements. What happens next?

Well, next year they hold another election and Moore will not be the Republican candidate. They guy Trump supported against Moore will be and he will win. The Democratic winner couldn't even get 50% of the vote against someone accused of being a child molester. Take a moment and think about that. The guy Trump supported against Moore will end up the senator for will be there for six years.

If I am still alive next year for that election, you can call me on this. Moore was not beaten because of his policies, he was beaten because he is accused of being a child molester. Do you really believe every Republican in 2018 will lose because they are a child molester?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cleaning out my saved articles.

The Seattle Times - This City Hall, brought to you by Amazon.  Yes we live in a fascist country. One that is willing to take income tax from people to pay their employers. I thought pay to play was illegal. Fresno has offered Amazon the ability to determine where the taxes and fees it pays are spent. That my friends is unconstitutional and exactly what I would expect from the corporate sell outs that are supposed to represent us. Even the charming tech giants hate democracy. The people in power always hate democracy.

Daily Star - Brain implants to 'change moods controlled by AI' begin HUMAN TESTS. I don't really know this paper, I think it is English. Interesting article if true.

FOX - San Francisco may adopt Uber-style surge pricing for parking meters. The only case that legalizes parking meters having a charge is the first case. It stated that cities could not charge for using the public right of way; but, that they could regulate the usages and time could be regulated. The legal point was that the charge of the meter was to pay only for the cost of parking enforcement and that the machines were just clocks to verify that you did not violate the time requirements. There is not 1 in 10,000 attorneys that understand that decision or even know about it. FYI, it doesn't apply to state highways usually as highways do not have a "Right of Way" protection, what they have is the ownership by the state of the land itself. Just like owning a zoo, they can charge for using highways. The fees charged are theoretically for the maintenance or construction costs.

YouTube - Why The US Military Made GPS Free-To-Use.  I wrote years ago about how the military created and owns all GPS. Watch the video.

Bloomberg - Moody's Warns Cities to Address Climate Risks or Face Downgrades. I want you to understand, Moody's is a company and they want to tell government what to do and are threatening them with having their credit ratings downgraded. Companies telling government what they can and cannot do, that is anti-democratic and fascist. 

The New York Times - Why a CVS-Aetna Merger Could Benefit Consumers.  How can you trust the media that says monopolies are good for you?

MSN - USA Today - Forget Paris: U.S. mayors sign their own pact after Trump ditches climate accord. I want you to think about this. People on the left are crying over the Logan Act (it says only the president can talk policy with foreign governments, it is also unconstitutional) and want to use it to impeach Trump because Flynn talked to a Russian Ambassador after the election and prior to the inauguration. Every mayor who makes an agreement with a foreign country regarding policy, is in violation of the Logan Act. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Al Franken Post

Yesterday I wrote about Franken's resignation. I was dead on. Franken today said he would resign in the next few weeks. Well, lets see if he does leave; but, don't bet on it. What the media is doing with his proposed resignation is to call for Trump and Moore to resign.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Why Al Franken Should Not Resign

The media is abuzz with claims that Al Franken will resign tomorrow. The Washington Post actually wrote an article on why Franken has to resign and Moore doesn't. They claim it is because Republicans are more accepting of such misdeeds. It is garbage as usual coming from them any more. They used to be a real newspaper; but, they gave that up.

I don't care much for Al Franken, he is one more elitist who thinks he is better, smarter and more deserving than everyone else. He thinks he understands more than you; but, he is just another partisan hack in my humble opinion. Having said that, he has not been accused of a crime, he has not been charged with anything and nobody that I am aware of has actually filed civil suit against him. He is accused of being sleazy, that is not a reason for overturning a democratically elected representative.

One must ask why the Democrats have so quickly turned on Franken that they now call for his resignation. It has nothing to do with Franken. Back in 1985 another famous Democrat, Barney Frank, was accused of improprieties. In fact, his male prostitute friend was running a male prostitution ring out of his house. He was not removed from office and was universally supported by his party. We all know how President Clinton used Monica Lewinsky, a young intern, to dip his cigar inside her private parts inside the oval office and ejaculate on her dress. He was also supported by his party. Why should Franken have to quit? His voters have a right to kick him out, to not vote for him again. They have a right to call for a special election; but, they have not. As long as he is not proven guilty of a crime, he should not be removed.

Anything short of removing someone from elected office for the conviction of a serious crime must be denied. If we allow unproven accusations to be grounds for violating our democracy, we shall cease having a democracy in any form. Let us be clear, there has not even been an official investigation into Franken's actions, it has been the lynch mob of the corporate media seeking political advantage against Moore and Trump. What you say. This is not about Franken, it is about justifying keeping Moore out if he is elected and about removing Trump, not for criminal collusion with Russia; but, for vague, non proven allegations of being a bad person. Today we saw 58 Democrats in congress vote to allow articles of impeachment to go forward against Trump on the ground that he is a bad person. No crime was charged, the constitution was not considered important. Democracy is not about who you like, it is about accepting the will of the voters. It is about majority rule, it is that simple.

If we get no say in government and only the wealthy and powerful get to choose the law, we live a totalitarian oligarchy. If we have no taxation without representation we need not respect nor follow the laws. That is what the founding fathers said. I know many of my readers are conservative and disagree with my more socialist ideas; but, they know I am honest and consistent. If we lose any semblance of democracy, whether it be representative or not, then no laws bind us together and even killing the wealthy would be valid. If we do not get to have a say in the laws then there is no law, that is the essence of the social contract. When it was violated sufficiently in France, bad things happened and a true populist dictator was born. Napoleon.

The wealthy and powerful are scared of democracy, they were scared of the Tea Party, they were scared of the Occupy Movement, they are even more scared of Sanders and Trump as they view it as an effective use of majority rule (democracy) against their elitist control.

Thursday Franken is supposed to talk to the media. The media has been claiming that it is to announce his resignation; but, his staff says that is not what it is about. Tonight, Wednesday, Franken is being approached by a myriad of forces and moneyed interests telling him to resign, promising him the world in exchange for his reputation. That is how these things work.

The public discussion is always a trick, it is always a pre determined narrative to lead you to a conclusion. Always choose democracy and free discussion or you have neither.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fake News Jubilation

For those of us old enough to remember when Watergate was the top story and Richard Nixon had to resign from office, we remember it as a sad time.

If you go to 2:07:32 into the video, you will see the initial reaction to Nixon's resignation. They did not show any joy or jubilation. Dan Rather said, "There is no joy in this for anyone. No decent thinking American can take any joy out of this."

I want to contrast this with the disgusting display

They later addressed their mistake.

The spin they put on their corrections starts with saying that they discussed in a meeting not calling it "Fake News". Go to about 2:20 in for that statement.

The fact is that it was fake news and everybody knows that. The definition of the word fake is something that is not true or genuine. Intent is irrelevant. Lies require intent, fake does not. My long time readers and those who know me, know that I am a Socialist. I do not support the Democratic or Republican corporate parties. We have a dishonest media and that is truly saddening.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sexual Harrassment and the Media Hypocrisy

Matt Lauer of NBC got fired today. He was fired for sexual harassment. The women working at NBC were heart broken and talked about how he was their friend. The network has also claimed that this is the first time they heard of it and that they had never heard any complaints in 20 years. At the same time, they said that they are under new management that wasn't there when it was going on. Hmmm, then how can they say there were no complaints if they were not there?

Watch the video, watch how they talk about what a wonderful man he was. Watch how they talk about how they talk about forgiveness. Watch the love and concern for him and his family. Now go and look at how they described Moore and Trump's mere talking about pXXXy.  Hypocrites. Not because they are on the left, no far from it. Because they believe they are better than the rest of us. Look at how they have discussed Trump's voters.

I was watching a guy today named Tim Black. I get tired of his putting things into race; but, he makes some good points sometimes. YouTube - Tim Black - Matt Lauer, Trump = Money, Bernie vs Cruz, Conyers' Demise #CWTB.  Go to 21:56 in.  He eventually discusses how all the people being accused of sexual harassment are rich and powerful, that you don't see it as much in the working class or even business class anymore. You don't. If you are just a working person, they would have fired you. Most businesses are so super fixated on a fear of being sued for sexual harassment that they put a stop to it in the 1990s. I know, I was working then and each year had to take a class on sexual harassment even though I also gave the classes over the years. If you live from paycheck to paycheck you cannot afford to get fired for this stuff.

I have stated before that I have only been with one woman in my life. During my career I probably supervised more women than men. Actually, I am sure I did. I have promoted many women, more than I remember. Even after my divorce I never made sexual advances on the women I worked with. I think someone tried to accuse me of being a misogynist once; but, they got laughed at by the women who worked with me. After the divorce, when I was dating, I only dated women that had nothing to do with my industry. I actually met a woman at work who was very attracted to me and I found intriguing; but, I ran away. She was not in my industry but regularly dealt with other departments.

The "in crowd", the media, government and business elites that socialize with themselves look down on you. They believe you are crass, stupid, afraid of new things and bigoted in everyway possible. They see themselves as better, smarter and more caring than the average person. They believe that if not for them telling you to help people, you would not. They do not understand that most charity comes from the poor and middle class.

Fox News - Anti-Trump MSNBC host Joy Reid thinks rural Americans are 'core threat' to democracy.

If you don't understand that you are in the middle of a class war, then you are just not paying attention. It is not left versus right, it is not black versus white, it IS rich versus poor. When Joy Reid talk about rural America, do you think she didn't know that a large percentage of blacks live in rural areas? Do you believe she is unaware of all the Mexicans working on farms in rural America? She included them in her claim, if you are rural, you are bad.


I have to add something to this. You know, the people that die fighting for this country are not the New Yorkers or coastal elites. It is the middle and working class that die in our wars, that fight our wars and live with those memories. When people like Joy Reid or Hillary or W or Colbert or the others that believe the middle class and working class are xenophobes, homophobes, racist and sexist, do you think any of them volunteer to fight for this country. As they support wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and all the other countries our people fight and die in. Do you think any of them would even consider jointing the military. How bout Miley Cyrus, think she is going to join?

Watch the media and how they talk about Trump and North Korea. They call him war monger for talking about attacking North Korea. I would be happier if we had attacked North Korea than our having attacked Iraq over weapons it did not have when we know what North Korea does to it's own people. Libya and Iraq stopped exporting terrorism decades ago while North Korea lobs missiles over Japan.

A bit of history. Rome fell because nobody would fight for it. The well to do, wouldn't fight because they lack any character and are opportunists. The middle class and the poor wouldn't fight because they did not share in the success and were despised by their leaders. This is just history. As George Carlin said, "There is a big club and you and I aren't in it". A good shepherd loves the sheep, a bad shepherd sees them as a commodity only.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Newer Stuff

The Atlantic - What America Is Losing as Its Small Towns Struggle.

Reuters - London introduces vehicle pollution levy in new blow to diesel. Let's just start by limiting where you can take your gas vehicle.

GreenCarReports - Pollution Perspective: One Giant Cargo Ship Emits As Much As 50 MILLION Cars.

The Mercury News - Trump tightens H-1B visa rules: What you need to know.  The believe the horrible thing is that Silicon Valley might have to hire Americans.

MSN - Newsweek - The Universe Should Not Actually Exist, Scientists Say. Does believing that the universe is real therefore make you a science denier?