Sunday, April 22, 2018

James Comey and Convicting Himself.

Kiddies, kiddies, kiddies. Mr. James Comey insists upon convicting himself. Lets start with this, his memos.

SCRIBD - 2018 - 4 - 19 Comey Memo - Enclosure Unclassified. Pimpernel provides source documents. Read the whole thing, its amusing.

YouTube - Comey Admits Didn't Tell Trump "Dossier" Was DNC Doc.

Here is the bottom line. Comey was directed by President Obama to brief him and Trump on the dossier. Neither Comey or Obama told Trump that it had been funded by Hillary and the DNC. Hillary has already gone on television saying that everyone knew she had funded it, meaning Obama and the intelligence agencies; but, nobody told Trump. Hmmm. Why not? Comey said he didn't think it mattered. Really?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trends in the News and corruption.

Fox - Homeland Security database would track journalists, "media influencers": report. The government is creating a database to track everyone who other people listen to. Can you say big brother?

MSN - L.A. City Council passes new laws to clear path for homeless housing. That is not really what this is all about. I predicted it ten years ago when every new mall had multiple hotels on their sites. Nothing happens by accident. This is your future home when there are no jobs. A hotel room and virtual reality is the establishments solution to when then no longer have use for your work. Not an apartment, a room.

TTIIY - Obama, Wiretaps and stories.   Zerihedge - Comey failed to tell Trump Hillary paid for dossier.  This is bad. Comey was tasked with briefing President Obama and President elect Trump about the dossier. By his own words, he never Trump the dossier was opposition research paid for by Hillary. He didn't even tell Trump after he became President. He didn't tell him where the dossier came from, that alone justifies his firing. Obama didn't tell him, Hillary didn't tell him, they all withheld that information. Why? Hillary said everyone knew she had paid for the dossier for a year, she lied. Trump didn't know and neither did the public and Comey didn't tell congress or the FISA judge, why not?

Office of the Inspector General - A Report of Investigation of Certain Allegations Relating to Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  35 pages on how McCabe and Comey were not honest and forthcoming with congress about what they did.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Musica, Musica de los The Cramps (lol). Just some songs, enjoy.

Just some music. All links to YouTube

Robert Palmer - Johnny and Mary

Robert Palmer - Clues

J. Geils Band - Musta Got Lost

Bob Seger - Travelin Man Beautiful Loser

The Moody Blues - The Voice

Monday, April 9, 2018

Lets talk about Pastor Carol Daniels Once Again.

It has been a bit and the murder has still not been solved. I doubt the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation is doing anything anymore. They thought they would kill the case by blaming a dead drug dealer, that did not work out. The grand jury saw beyond it. Good for them. It may be a cold case and a dead case; but, it has not been closed out quite yet.

Lets start with the things cops look for. Means, motive and opportunity. The means were pretty limited. Access to a knife and some cleaning agent, possibly bleach. That's all we know for sure. The means were available to anyone. The motive, well it doesn't seem to be money or sex. The motive does not seem to be revenge. In fact, the police have looked at everyone with a motive and when they cannot fine motive, they stop looking. That is their stupidity. If you cannot find means or motive leading to the killer, one should examine opportunity.

Everyone that had the opportunity to kill Pastor Daniels could easily find the means and the motive could have been as simple as killing someone and getting away with it. The real limiting factor is opportunity and few had that. This is what the police should be looking at.

1. How many people knew she would be at that church at that time.
2. How many people knew the church would be empty on a Sunday.
3. How many people knew they would not be noticed if they entered through the back door.
4. How many people knew they could get away and not be seen.
5. How many people knew she would not be heard screaming by the neighbors.

If the police cannot answer these questions, they have not done their job. If the police ever solve the crime, it will be because they asked these questions, got the answers and narrowed the field. Hopefully, they will do their job and start asking these questions rather than looking down roads that have already failed them. The murder happened a block away from the police station and from a gas station on the main road leading to a casino. Nobody entered through the front door except the pastor. How many people knew they would not be seen entering or leaving through the back. Simple questions for a town of 6,000 people. A small pool of eligible.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Some News and stuff

The Hill - When will the media accept that Trump is not a criminal target.  Mueller informed the White House that Trump is not a target in a criminal investigation; but, most of the media refuses to believe it.

MSN - Fox - Hillary Clinton says US is in middle of "war on truth, facts and reason".

MSN - NBC - Republicans are running against Hillary Clinton (again). Basically, many in the Democratic party are afraid of Republicans repeating what she has said about people in the Midwest.

Pimpernel has been on China time and needs to readjust his schedule. I am afraid too little sleep and too much to do has burnt me out for a little.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Nasim Aghdam. She killed because of censorship. This may be a first.

So a 39 year old woman entered YouTube's offices and shot and killed three people and then herself. She was not a Muslim, she was not a Christian fundamentalist, she was not a conservative, she made videos about Veganism and health. She was angry that YouTube censors free speech.

Yahoo - The Telegraph - Who is Nasim Aghdam? Everything we know about the YouTube HQ shooter.

NBC Bay Area - Subject in YouTube Shooting Posted Rants About the Company Online.

In the coming days you will hear the right call her a crazy liberal who cared more about animals than people. The left will say that this shows how nobody can be trusted with a gun. Lets be very clear, this woman would have killed with a knife, she was not afraid of facing the consequences of her actions.

Monday, April 2, 2018

News for your amusement.

Bloomberg - YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos.  Goodbye YouTube as you delete content. People say they want people who own arms to be trained and YouTube doesn't want them to understand their weapons. Stupid.

MSN - CNBC - Cramer: This decline isn't about the Fed. It is about Trump and the elites.  Worth reading. Cramer basically says the wealthy have had the easy ride for too long.

CBS - DFW - Microsoft to Ban Offensive Language and Monitor Your Private Account.  Do you really want corporations to determine what rights you have?

MSN - Bloomberg - Warren Buffet is now America's No. 2 Real Estate Broker.

Fox - Truck industry leader blames big business for driver shortage. If you do not pay them, they will not come.

Zerohedge - In Unprecedented Move, China Plans to Pay for Oil Imports With Yuan Instead of Dollars.  The beginning of the end for the petrodollar.