Friday, February 16, 2018

13 Russians Indicted for Facebook Ads

CNBC - Special counsel Mueller: Russians conducted "information warfare" against US during election to help Trump win.  Lets start with this, the title of the CNBC article is intentionally misleading. The avowed intent of the group was, "spread[ing] distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general". 

Here is a copy of the actual indictment. Indictment.

Count One of the indictment is that these foreign citizens did not disclose that they were going to publish anything political.
Count Two - Some of the people used false names for bank accounts.
Counts Three through Eight - Some of the people involved Some of the people involved used false identities.

Those are the charges filed against the 13 defendants. It is NOT alleged that any Americans helped them or knew what they were doing. It is NOT alleged that anything they did effected the outcome of the election. It is NOT alleged that they were involved in the hack of the DNC. It is NOT alleged that they worked with the Trump campaign.

The corporate media is reporting this as foreign nationals attempting to effect the outcome of our election and attempting to hide their identity so people would assume they were Americans. Hmmm. Lets apply this logic to others. Let us consider the fact that most illegal aliens use false identities and social security numbers to get work here, they would be guilty of the same crimes. Let us also assume that many illegal aliens send money back to their families in Mexico using false identifications. Let us further assume that many illegal aliens protested against Trump and tried to effect the outcome of the elections. I can prove each of those assumptions. Shouldn't they therefore be indicted too?

Let us consider this, late night talk show hosts John Oliver, James Cordon and Trevor Noah are all foreign nationals who attempted to effect the outcome of the election and were paid to do so.

Let us also remember that BBC America and Univision did anti-Trump pieces and played them in America. Hmmm, notice anything inconsistent with what you are being told and how "justice" is being applied? It gets better, Richard Steele was a British spy and compiled and distributed the Trump dossier to effect the outcome of the election and he paid Russian government agents for his information. Shouldn't he be indicted?

It is likely that Mueller is wrapping up his investigation and this is the best he could come up with. In the end this is not about Russia and Trump, it is an attack on free speech in America. Should you be allowed to know what people in other nations think about our candidates? If we have a free and open internet you can.

The Guardian - Only the EU can break Facebook and Google's dominance. According to George Soros, in order to keep an open society we need to regulate what is said on the internet. Now that is some twisted logic.

MSN - CNN - Twitter failed to remove hundreds of Russian propaganda videos aimed at Americans.

These indictments are an attack on what the American public can read and hear. Should it be illegal to read "Mein Kampf" or "The Communist Manifesto", what about reading Rousseau or Locke or Hobbs or even Plato, they were all about politics and published by foreigners? The hope of the establishment is that they can keep political speech that disagrees with the corporate media from being viewed by you, that is what this is all about.

Been Busy, Back Now

Well, obviously the biggest story is the school shooting in Florida. I have nothing to say about it. People who hate guns are going to say that we need to get rid of guns and people that like guns are going to say it is about mental health. The same things will be said after the next mass shooting. You know one thing these mass shooters have in common, they feel rejected by the community they live in.

I want to talk about a movie that came out tonight. It is called "The Black Panther". It is a "superhero" movie that focuses on a black lead. According to reports it has already pre-sold $170 million in tickets. That is a lot. The movie cost $200 million to make.

I watched a trailer for it. Looked boring. Now, to be fair, I don't like superhero movies. I just don't care about them; but, I know people do. I don't think the movie is going to do as well as is hoped. Firstly, the CGI looked weak. More importantly, I don't think it will interest crowds in China and they are the second biggest market. I expect it to do okay in the US. I expect sales to drop off quickly and dramatically. To be honest, it's not relatable to most people outside of major cities.

The reviews are almost glowing and maybe I will be surprised. I don't feel a connection with the story. It is the story of an alternate universe where Africa was not colonized and advanced more scientifically than the rest of the world with special technologies. I detest fantasy stories as a rule. Being almost 60, I am sure that I am not the target audience. I do not anticipate the movie doing well in Africa, it is not for them, it is for western blacks, urban dwellers.

The last good movie I saw was Dunkirk. I don't think people who liked superhero movies went to see it. Maybe I am wrong and this film will be bigger than Star Wars. I am not betting on it and truthfully, I don't care. I should also point out, I don't watch Star Wars movies anymore unless they are on television.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Released Memo and What it Really Means

The FISA memo came out today. Here is a link to it.

Fox - House Intelligence Committee FISA Memo

I considered writing about how this all went down and what it means; but, you know what, it doesn't really matter. You will know soon enough and the discussion will go on for months. Let me tell you what is coming.

The memo shows how political opposition research was used to get a secret court to approve phone taps and surveillance by the Obama administration against the Trump campaign. The memo is short because it is not meant to answer all questions, it is meant to raise questions and answer some. It is the beginning, not the end. It will cause a year long investigation to begin, one that looks at everything Clinton, the DNC and Obama did to rig the system and prevent Trump from winning the election.

Let me tell you, if Hillary had won, the Russian dossier would never have come out. They didn't want it to come out, what they had used it for was to tap, unmask and see all communications between people on the Trump campaign. They never meant for it to be released, that was done by Steele while working for the FBI, when it did come out, they fired him. That will come out too.

In November of 2017, Hillary said everyone had known for over a year that the DNC had paid for the dossier; but, Podesta and Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazile all said they did not know who funded it. Obama is going to say the same. Comey has a problem, he cannot claim he did not know as he hired Steele.

There will be a public investigation by congress into what transpired and it will drag on and on all the way through this years elections. Democrats will claim they did not knw what had happened and while many may have suspected, they did not know, they chose not to know, same as they chose not to read the FISA memo.

Mueller will not be fired by Trump, his position is much worse. He now has to justify his investigation by showing that he has found something. You see, the investigation was based on the Steele dossier and the FBI hired Steele to authenticate it, which he could not. Mueller has to either show that he has found something or quit and say he has found nothing. All the Democrats are right now nagging Mueller to prove that he has found something; but, he has not. It is put up or shut up time for Mueller and he has nothing. Illegal phone monitoring has provided nothing, a couple of years of investigation has providing nothing and he has nothing now.

Mueller may in fact claim that he did not know the DNC paid for the dossier. How will that make him look, wouldn't that be something he would have asked. LOL. He may claim it didn't effect his investigation, the question will then be if he used information gathered by the FISA investigation. The answer to that is yes and it gets worse because Carter Page is not the only one who was tapped. We know this because Flynn was tapped. Nope, what Mueller will do is say that he has nothing and he cannot proceed because he is offended by the tainted information he was given by the FBI when he began his investigation. I anticipate Mueller resigning, the media speculating he was forced to and it coming out that it was his own choice.

Here is a question. Did Mueller know that the Trump dossier was funded by the DNC and used to put surveillance and justify unmasking of people in the Trump campaign. Did Comey tell him that when he became special prosecutor. My guess is no. I do not believe Mueller would have taken the job if he knew what was behind it. If Mueller did know then he has a bigger problem.

The Republican will want this next investigation to drag out and the Democrats will want it all to end. Obama, Mueller and Hillary have all been quiet today. How strange and yet expected. "Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for you." I expect them to all remain relatively silent. Mueller will be first to speak about the memo and will say that he needs to reconsider what he has discovered in light of these new revelations. Bet me.

I should explain something else. Everybody expected the memo to answer all questions. I did not expect that, I have written what I expected. Now, people expect this immediately cause results, I do not expect that. Hell is not a pinprick, it is not a broken arm, it is not even a heart attack, hell is the slow continual and increasing pain of hopelessness and misery.

The establishment Democrats are beginning a process of grief. The first is denial. That is what we are witnessing. The second is anger, that is just beginning. The third is bargaining, that is beginning behind the scenes and will be public soon enough. Depression is the next step, that is when the realization that the Democrats have been screwed by the Clintons once again and that they are going to lose even more seats in congress. Finally, you will see acceptance and that is where hope resides because if they accept what happened, they can begin cleaning house and fighting for the issues of the middle class and working class. They will see the need to work for the base of their party.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Later Today all hell breaks lose.

We are being told that the House Intelligence committee memo showing the use of the FISA courts by the Obama administration to spy on Trump during the campaign will be released tomorrow. After it is released I will post a link to it here and discuss it in detail. According to the New York Times over half of all Republican Senators and Representatives in congress were on a train to attend a strategy meeting in West Virginia when it hit a trash truck. One person died. The meeting is to be held Thursday with President Trump coming down also. This meeting is being held the same day that the FISA memo is to be released to the public. You might need to read all of that twice to get the set up.

What do you think will be the topic of discussion at this Republican retreat? This meeting is to discuss what the Republicans should do as the FISA memo is public. I can assure you that Democrats will be discussing the exact same thing. Both parties are preparing their talking points. The Republicans will be discussing how to use this for the 2018 elections of congressmen. The Democrats will be deciding on whether or not to distance themselves from Obama and Hillary. Most will claim ignorance. How do I know this, simple, the Democrats in the House chose not to read the memo even though they could have. There will be a few who attempt to attack the memo; but, that won't last long because the Republicans will call for hearings. How do I know this

Senate Judiciary Website - Request for information from Podesta by Feb 8th.

This blog is almost a decade old. Nobody who regularly reads me can accuse me of being left or right. I am against open borders, I also supported Sanders and the Occupy Movement. I do not attempt to misdirect readers, I do not take advertising and never have and never will on this blog, I give my opinions and provide source documents when discussing facts. I don't use unnamed sources and don't say many thing I have heard and cannot back up. Over the years I have talked about pedophiles; but, when "Pizzagate" was a thing, I told my readers to not publish rumors. Isn't it obvious that I advised politicians and appointees? I was in the game and was good at it. I am telling you right now that the reason all those Republicans were on the same train was because they wanted to talk amongst themselves prior to arriving at the retreat.

Politics is the art of the misdirect and behind the scenes negotiations. The Republicans are planning their next three moves and so are the Democrats. You know who wasn't on that train. If you knew who didn't go, it would tell you which group of Republicans were working together. LOL. That was a trainload of corporate Republicans. One person who did not take that train was Rand Paul. He is a Libertarian. Instead he went on Stephen Colbert's show. We can assume that his attendance was unplanned. You ask how, well, he admitted on the show that he was supposed to be at the retreat and that he had only stayed behind to see a play in New York and that the other Republicans would be mad at him when they discovered that.

What would have happened if those Republicans had all died on that train. The train did hit a truck; but, what would have happened if they had all died? Well, to start with there would not be any hearings on the memo until the Governors had appointed replacements and that could take a while. Look, I used to tell my superiors that "Paranoia is Your Friend", I guarantee you that these Republicans are nervous.

Look, you had half of all Republicans in congress on the same train. Don't you think the Secret Service took precautions? Don't you think they checked all crossings? Heck the speaker of the fricking House was on that train that hit the trash truck. In my opinion them all being on the same train was just too stupid. The fact none of them died is providence. Here is what you need to takeaway, those Republicans are going to be paranoid. They will ask themselves if it was an accident as they decide what they are going to do after the memo is public showing misdeeds by the FBI. Bet you they don't all return on the same train. ROFL. What happens if it turns out the driver of the truck was a Muslim? What happens if it turns out the driver of that truck was a Clinton supporter? What happens when for the next few days we start hearing about the driver of that truck?

Thursday, things are going to get intense. For me, the most interesting thing of Trump's presidency is how he acts as a catalyst for people to expose their own hypocrisy. Consider this, if Trump had personally paid Russians to hack the DNC and had given those e-mails to WikiLeaks, they still showed the hypocrisy of the Democrats and how they rigged the primaries against Sanders, those e-mails still showed how the Democrats conspired with the corporate media and how they even gave debate questions in advance to Hillary.

There is a great unmasking going on. Oh sure, the Obama administration illegally "unmasked" Americans in FISA abuses, that is not what I am limiting this too. I believe all that is hidden is being unmasked. We, as a nation, have to confront who we are and what is and is not acceptable. Do not condemn others too strongly, remind yourself of your shortcomings and what you have done.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Another News Dump by Me

A bunch of articles worth reading. I had planned on writing about them; but, with the FISA memo coming out tomorrow, I thought I should just link them for my readers. It is all stuff I have discussed in the past.

The Mercury News - Roadshow: All Electronic tolling coming in a few years.

AZ Quotes - Zbigniew Brzezinski Quotes.

The Week - America's Constitution is terrible. Let's throw it out and start over.

The Telegraph - Spermageddon: Why the human race could be infertile in 50 years.
KQED - Stockton Gets Ready to Experiment With Universal Basic Income.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How the Powerful View You

I want you to read this article from the LA Daily News. You are one of the peasants. I am posting this word for word as it appeared in the paper.

LA Daily News - A Year Into Trump's Peasant Rebellion.

"A year into office, Donald Trump remains something of an unlikely figure: a self-promoting and well-heeled demagogue who leads a bedraggled coalition of piratical capitalists, southerners, and people from the has-been or never were towns of Middle America. His fiercest opponents largely come from the apex of our society: the tech oligarchy, a rabidly hostile press and the cultural and academic hegemons.

These sophisticated people see Trump as responding crudely to his sans-culottes base. To them, he threatens everything from the free press to the rule of law and common decency. Yet Trump as peasant leader matters more than his ego-driven persona. He and other wannabe populists in Europe represents a modern version of the kind of peasant rebellions that rocked the Europe of the Middle Ages and China, highlighted by the 1850 Taiping rebellion.
Such bottom up uprisings, usually elicit strong opposition from the established institutions. Today they span the gap from corporate liberals to establishment conservatives. For all their surface differences, these groups tend to share similar class experiences and perspectives; they both see Trump and his supporters as inveterate racists and fascist shock troops. Retiring GOP Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake even has denounced him as a new Stalin.
To be sure much of Trump’s media commentary is intemperate but its significance, to paraphrase Shakespeare, is often “a tale of an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” In contrast many believers in a free press had little problem when President Obama threw journalists in jail and abused the surveillance instruments of the state. Real Stalinism may be less of a threat today — despite Trump’s authoritarian posturing — than under his more polished predecessor.
Similarly, across Europe, informed opinion almost universally denounces, the rise of anti-EU, anti-immigration parties, some with suspiciously fascist flavor. The Brexit movement has been widely characterized as the rude attempts of provincial rubes — “old, racist and stupid” — to undermine the cosmopolitan character of “cool Britannia.”
To be sure there is much to lament about Trump, and his European counterparts, but it’s ironic that many of those who charge him with autocracy are often themselves not great fans of democratic control. For the most part the anti-populists favor not a more vibrant democracy but, in the words of Harvard’s Yascha Mounk “rights without democracy,” dominated by bureaucracies like the EU or the EPA. Some are even open admirers of China’s authoritarian dictatorship; others swoon at French President Emmanuel Macron’s almost laughable yearning to reinvent himself as a modern day Louis XIV.
A conflict based in economics and culture
What is behind the peasant rebellions? The outbreak across most of eastern and central Europe reflects disappointment with the European Union. Rather than an expected resurgence of national fortunes, many of these countries have witnessed instead a mass movement of educated young people to “core European countries” such as Germany. Many nations — notably Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Albania and Slovakia — face demographic decline on an unprecedented scale.
In their attempts to build their economy, many second-tier European countries feel vulnerable to regulatory efforts from the EU bureaucracy. Similarly, in the United States many southern and midwestern states have struggled during the last decade against regulatory edicts from Washington. There’s also a cultural aspect here as well, from people who feel threatened by both strident multiculturalism, often anti-religious sentiments among the upper classes.
But the key motivation for the return in the peasant revolt lies in economics. Like European nationalists in Poland, Trump will remain potent as long as he can continue to deliver considerably higher economic growth, particularly in the Midwest and south. Until Trump is overthrown or the economy sours, as may be likely, the peasants may enjoy something of a recovery, and likely stand by their hero.
Who’s to blame?
In the mainstream press, both in Europe and here, the peasant rebellions get poor reviews. They are painted largely as racist, reactionary and economically backward. Much of the tech oligarchy views Middle America (and its European counterparts) with open disdain. One Silicon Valley executive said “educated people” like themselves, great paragons of tolerance, would never move to rural areas that are “sh*thole filled with stupid people.”
This kind of attitude flourishes in the political monoculture of Hollywood, the mainstream media, academia as well as Silicon Valley. It also explains precisely why Trump was elected, and why his mini-mes in Europe remain broadly ascendant. It’s hard to cast stones proclaiming fascism while you are busily, at universities and companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, working to strangle debate.
The way to stop incipient fascism is not through social control from “the commanding heights,” as Lenin once described them. Instead it means seriously addressing the aspirations of working and middle-class populations. Respect for one’s national culture is critical as well, even it means more outside the urban “glamor zone” than within it. Until they open their ears and change their tune, the establishment leadership can expect continual peasant revolts, with consequences that could prove catastrophic for the survival of democratic institutions."

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Will Write Again This Week

I know I have not been writing much lately. I have been busy following the FISA memo story and waiting for it's release. So much has happened in a week. It is announced that the House Intelligence committee has prepared a summary memo that shows illegality on the part of the FBI in obtaining FISA warrants against people on Trump's campaign during the election. The reaction has been for the corporate media to say that Russia propaganda is the reason people want the memo released. Wow, that is desperation. In addition, the FBI has said that congress releasing the memo without their permission is reckless and a Democratic congressman on the committee has said that people won't understand it. The same New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC and CNN that release every wild rumor they hear about Trump are afraid of an actual memo being released from the House Intelligence Committee?