Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Illusion of White Privilege

Let's start with a joke. A Jew, a black man and an Irishman are all being put to death on crosses and they begin arguing over who is being better treated and why. Now that is the definition of stupid.

I have previously stated that I am Irish, well, American of Irish descent. I have also stated that the English starved one fourth of us to death with the Irish famine. That included people in my family. How many people starved their slaves to death? Not to many, they saw it as the same as starving their horses to death. Slave owners saw their slaves as their property. The Irish had no value to the English at all. I want you to take a moment and think about that, it is not the point I am going to make but is in and of itself something to consider. You see it is about human value.

When I was young I resented the English as I learned of what they had done and were still doing to my nationality. I was about 11 when Bloody Sunday happened. You can look it up or just listen to U2. I heard how the news spun it all and watched as Britain justified it. I saw the propaganda machine at work. I felt a quiet anger as my anger usually is. Anger makes me contemplative and strategic, it is my warning bell to look deeper and find my opponents weakness. I began asking myself what would be acceptable responses to the English by the Irish Republican Army and violence seemed to make sense. It is the simplest of questions, is it okay for the oppressed to kill their oppressor. A simple question that misses the moral issue while making you think it nails it; but that is not the point of this post either.

Lets look at the life of the average Englishman. Is he doing that well? How has he been treated historically. Ever see Braveheart?  The English monarchy treated nations as slaves to the king including their own. The owners of this world do not see color and they don't see sex and they don't see age, they see slaves and competitors for owning the slaves. Should I complain about English privilege?

Define privilege. It means to get a step up on others. It means that someone starts the game with a bigger advantage. Now who should the person given no advantage blame? The person who was started one step ahead, two steps ahead or a thousand steps ahead? Divide and conquer means starting one group in front of another while you are a thousand steps ahead. You get them to righteously fight amongst each other. I have described how musical chairs is the same thing. While 99% of you fight over the increasingly diminishing number of chairs, I take them all but one so you fight each other over the one last chair while I have the rest.

I could have used male privilege as my example or any other privilege you believe exists in a bigoted (the word means universal and generalized, attributing a common thing to a group) way. What is the greatest privilege in the world? What can you be born into that will give you more advantage from the start till the end of life? I think I know the answer and I think the answer is wealth. Beauty and strength can be taken in a moment as can fame; but, money can empower the ugliest, meanest, weakest and most corrupt person in the world for life and beyond. Money is the one thing the world makes sure can be passed on to your children.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

To all my readers, friends and family that are father's or care for children I wish you a happy father's day.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Three Articles For You To Read

The Guardian - Faking 'wokeness': how advertising targets millennial liberals for profit.

Breitbart - Jerry Brown Plays President; Signs Climate Deal with China.  When a Governor or Mayor signs a international agreement, who gets to vote on it?

Wired - Humans Can’t Expect AI to Just Fight Fake News for Them.  People are seriously using artificial intelligence to determine what you can and cannot say in public. Hmmm, just like the question of whether or not NBC has the right to post an interview with someone the coasts hate, Alex Jones, except it lets anyone decide who is offensive to the civic body. Whoever controls your speech is your master, not your equal.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly

I have known about Alex Jones for about ten years. I became aware of him because of a man named William Cooper. Mr. Cooper did a radio series on Mystery Babylon which basically gave the history and beliefs of occult groups throughout history. It was a good series and I have an interest in secret societies. Now, Mr. Cooper and I would not agree on a whole lot of things; but, his series is well worth listening to. Mr. Cooper also claimed that Mr. Jones was an alarmist and a liar.

YouTube - Bill Cooper Says Alex Jones Is a NWO Shill.

Mr. Cooper was bigger than Jones at the time; but, Mr. Cooper was killed by police a month or two after 9-11. After Cooper died Jones continued to get bigger and is now one of the largest voices on the "alt right". Cooper and Jones had roughly the same audience, a sort of Libertarian, super-Patriot, distrustful of the government approach.

I prefer not to post videos by Jones, I posted the one with Brad Sherman because my post was about Mr. Sherman and I wondered why he had gone on Mr. Jones show as politically they have nothing in common. I think I know the answer and the timing had a lot to do with it.

Back to Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones started getting a lot of discussion in the mainstream corporate media during and since the election. Then during a custody battle with his wife the mainstream media made it an issue and lied about what had transpired in court. It was obvious what the corporate media was doing, they were setting Jones up for constant attacks. They wanted people to stop listening to him and only listen to the corporate mainstream media, the same reason they went after internet comedian and gamer PewDePie (who by the way has vastly more followers than Jones or anyone on television.

Well, apparently weeks ago Megyn Kelly contacted Jones and wanted him for an interview for her new show. He agreed to go on and taped the interview himself. Megyn Kelly is supposed to air the interview this Sunday. She posted a preview of the upcoming interview.

Now, the preview made it absolutely clear that she went after him over things he said about Sandy Hook and she should have. As a consequence of NBC posting the preview Kelly was criticized for interviewing him at all.

There were plenty of other people in the media who said the interview should not be on air. In addition, advertisers pulled their ads from the show. Even Mr. Jones told her not to air it because it would be unfairly edited.

Now Jones is stating that he will air the complete interview unedited. By the way, Jones has been interviewed before my mainstream media, he was even interviewed by Piers Morgan and nobody complained about it. So why all the controversy now? Nobody complained when Brad Sherman went on his show after the TARP bailout. He was even on Jessie Ventura's show multiple times.

The media is pushing Jones as the anti-government conspiracy guy. Why? The media says he is followed by millions of people; but, in fact he has 2 million subscribers to his channel and many people will only watch others on his channel. What was the genesis of all of this? The White House gave a press pass to someone working for Jones' network and the media did not like that or the fact that others outside the mainstream media were allowed into the White House press briefings.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Congressman Brad Sherman Should Be Removed From Office

Sometimes I regret that I deleted the first two versions of this blog. Not long after the stock market crash I wrote a couple of posts about Congressman Brad Sherman of California. I actually live in his district; but, did not at the time of the crash. I did write about him since starting this blog anew "Brad Sherman in the News". I wrote that in July of 2010. It was a follow-up with little detail.

I found out about Mr. Sherman during the voting on the TARP bailout of the banks. Here is a clip of what he said at the time.

He then went on the Alex Jones Show to talk about his statement in congress. When the TARP bill came out he was quoted as saying that people had told certain congressmen that if they did not pass the TARP bill that Martial Law would be instituted.

And how did Mr. Sherman vote? GovTrack - H.R. 384 (111th): TARP Reform and Accountability Act of 2009.  He voted to approve the bill. On his website it only states, "According to USA Today and The Washington Post, Congressman Sherman led the effort to prevent taxpayer dollars from being used for unlimited bailouts to Wall Street giants." Which sort of implies that he voted against it when in fact he voted for it; but, lets look a little deeper at Mr. Sherman.

Here is a link to his official Brad Sherman Resume.  He graduated in Law Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and even taught at the Harvard Law International Tax Program. He is a smart man and in addition to being a lawyer and worked at one of the big four CPA firms. He has even been on the Financial Services Committee since 1997.

So here we have Mr. Sherman and legal and financial expert and how did he vote when it came to repealing Glass Steagall? GovTrack - S. 900 (106th): Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. He voted to repeal Glass Steagall which resulted in the economic bubble and crash because it allowed banks to gamble with your money, with your pension money and the economy as a whole. This financial and legal expert was partly responsible for the crash.

The truth is that Mr. Sherman is either incompetent or worse. Why would someone who understood finance not understand what would happen if Glass Steagall were elimina when anyone knowing financial history knew that getting rid of it was a bad idea for the majority of us and would only benefit the banks. After eliminating Glass Steagall, Mr. Sherman was still on the Financial Services Committee and did not raise alarms when the economy saw a inverted yield curve, the number one indicator that a crash is coming.

Investopia - The Impact of an Inverted Yield Curve.

Now Mr. Sherman has announced that he is going to file articles of impeachment against President Trump. Fox - Reps. Green and Sherman announce plan to file articles of impeachment. This is ludicrous. One person I respect in congress is Dennis Kucinich. He is to the left of the Democratic party and is a true progressive and what did he have to say? Kucinich said, “It is destructive to America to proceed with an impeachment at this stage of the presidency” Kucinich, a Fox News contributor, said last month. “This is not the first thing you reach for, because when the first big move a party makes is towards impeachment, it’s very difficult for the American people to conclude that it is anything but a partisan issue.”

To be fair, I believe Sherman is returning a favor to congressman Al Green. Mr. Green called for it first and Sherman is the only congressman joining him on this current push. Hmmmm. Oh yeah they serve on the Financial Services committee together. Below is a video of Mr. Sherman discussing his calling for impeachment.

I want to review what Mr. Sherman said at this press conference. At 9:05 into the video, Mr. Sherman begins by saying that this is like Watergate and that the files that were stolen were electronic ones. He then states that the theft of files was done by Russian citizens; but, the truth is we have no evidence of that. The truth is that the FBI has not been allowed to examine the DNC server. The only people to see the server were from a private contractor to the DNC. Oddly enough Mr. Sherman does not insist that the DNC server be given to the FBI so that it can be examined by them. Also, we should remember that WikiLeaks has said the information was provided to them and was not hacked. Kim Dotcom has stated that he was involved in it and that Seth Rich was the leaker.

Not being able to prove that the DNC was hacked or by whom, Mr. Sherman says the Presidents crime is covering up the theft. If you cannot prove a crime you cannot prove a cover-up. You cannot be guilty of covering up something that didn't happen. Mr. Sherman goes on to say that they only need "probable cause" to impeach. Probable cause can be defined as it is more likely than not that someone is guilty of specific actions constituting a crime. NOT UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMORS. No prosecutor would propose what Mr. Sherman and Green meets the ground for taking someone to court.

Mr. Sherman likes to play it fast and loose with the law and the truth. He states that judges have been impeached for being drunk on the bench and that it is not a crime. Should we have impeached President Obama for drinking beer? Trump doesn't drink. A drunk judge cannot do his job, there is no similarity between the two. Judges can get impeached for failure to be able to do their jobs and that includes senility and Mr. Sherman knows that and was intentionally being misleading. Mr. Sherman then goes on to say that based upon rumors in the New York Times he believes Trump's meeting with Mr. Comey may have impeachable. There is a big problem with this as the Times article was wrong and under oath Mr. Comey explicity stated that he was never told to stop an investigation and that he had assured Mr. Trump on three occasions that he was not investigating him.

The truth of the matter is, and I reported on it at the time, that for over a year people have been discussing impeaching Trump if he were to be elected. Whether you like Trump or hate him there is a bigger issue at stake and that is democracy and the right of the people to choose their President as laid out in the constitution. Mr. Sherman is seeking to pervert the law to achieve a political goal and he knows it.

There is a guy named Alan Dershowitz, he is a very famous law school professor, he teaches at Harvard and agrees that there is no case for going after Trump at the moment. According to him, it doesn't matter why Trump fired Comey, he had a constitutional right to and Dershowitz is not a Trump supporter. ANYONE, who is against Democracy is your enemy and Brad Sherman is against Democracy and your right to pick your representatives. That's a problem. We should never allow someone to represent us in congress that does not believe we have the right to pick our representatives. Mr. Sherman is more than welcome to post a comment and I will publish it as long as there is no profanity or claims that a specific person broke a law without proof, the same way I deal with everyone else on this blog including how I deal with accusations in Pastor Carol Daniels murder. I do not do rumors as fact.


I woke up this morning and Mr. Sherman had submitted his article of impeachment for consideration. I am linking to a copy of the actual submittal for your reference.

Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Specifically the article claims that Trump requested that Comey stop investigating Russian involvement in our election. The problem is that it never happened according to Comey and even if it had, it would not be a crime. The truth is that the President gets to tell the FBI Director what to do.

I need to be clear. I don't need to like Trump or his policies to believe in our right to pick our President.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Post Coming About Brad Sherman

I was writing this post about Congressman Brad Sherman and really getting into his past, which I have written about before. He is one of the people responsible for the economic crash and is now asking for Trump to be impeached. I have been following this little weasel for years and wrote about him multiple times years ago. He hasn't changed, he is still a corporate shill.

So, I was writing about him and got distracted, had to talk to someone. I am like 90% finished with what I was going to post about him and am too tired to finish it tonight. I will finish it tomorrow and post it. This guy deserves to be removed from office. Not because of the impeachment garbage; but, because he is such a shill.

Politics is a business and you sell yourself to the interests that you like or that pay you the most. There is a balance between those benefits; but, you still up selling your influence, that is politics as an industry. Mr. Sherman sold out us all to benefit the interest of a few. Mr. Sherman is a Judas sheep. If I were to meet him I would ask him about the Logan Act and his association with him basically lobbying for another country while in office.

Now my longtime readers know, the Pimpernel doesn't pick fights or sling accusations he cannot back up. My readers know I never called for Obama's impeachment; but, I did say that Bush was a traitor because of the Patriot Act. I believe in the right of the people to pick their representatives. Mr. Sherman does not and that makes him as bad as Bush. Left or right does not matter, corporate shills are corporate shills.

I need another day to finish the post because he has proven himself bad enough to be worthy of my full attention.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Smart Cities and Automated Labor.

Curbed Los Angeles - City Council votes to dedicate $27M to Vision Zero, its plan to end traffic deaths.  Vision Zero, ever hear of it? Nope, you probably have not. It is a multinational plan, not a Los Angeles plan, not a state plan and not a national plan. It's avowed purpose is to make streets safer; but, it's real intent is to make the streets friendly to self-driving vehicles and keep personal vehicles out of the major cities. They don't tell you that. Here is a couple of lines from the article.

"Buscaino said he wants to prepare LA for driverless cars with a “smart streets” strategy, which could employ sensors, kiosks, and other tech designed for automated vehicles.

(It should be noted that if the streets were truly smart, they would also be dramatically reduced in size, as autonomous vehicles will not need as much on-street parking and the ability to share them would mean far fewer cars on the road.)" Yep, your tax money at work to stop you from using the roads."

Smart Cities DivePump the brakes: Cities aim to eliminate traffic fatalities with Vision Zero goals. Some general information about which cities are instituting Vision Zero.

Los Angeles Daily News - Botts’ Dots, after a half-century, will disappear from freeways, highways. You know the little bumps that are used to separate lanes and remind you that you are crossing into another lane, they are going to get rid of them and thereby make it safer for self-driving cars and more dangerous for human controlled cars. Do you see the pattern to all of this yet?

FOX - Stan the robotic parking valet gets to work at Paris airport.

Yahoo - AFP - First robotic cop joins Dubai police.  Robotic cops do what they are told. Do you think repressive governments will use them to control people? Just think how many people Stalin, Hitler and Mau could have killed with no regrets and no push back from the police or soldiers.

MSN - MarketwatchWhen Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg sound the same dire warning about jobs, it’s time to listen.  They ask a simple question, how will people find a sense of purpose when their labor is no longer needed. As the article points out, the issue of a laborless future is being looked at today by CEOs. For me the problem is that the majority people can't see it coming or be involved in the discussion until they do.

Reuters - Waymo working on self-driving trucks.  Waymo is part of Google.

The Kansas City Star - About half of all U.S. retail jobs could vanish due to computerization, analysis finds. The real issue of the future will not be a minimum wage, it will be any wage.

Daily MailArtificial intelligence will outperform humans in all tasks in just 45 years and could take over EVERY job in the next century, experts claim.  This is what is driving all of the changes you are seeing and you don't know it.

Geek.com - Elon Musk: Automation Will Force Universal Basic Income. Must is one of the good guys; but, "conservatives" hate his idea. The money won't come from your taxes because you won't have a job.

The big question remains. What do we do as a society when we no longer need people's labor. It is a moral question and a structural one and if you don't think about it, you will not have a say in it.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/business/workplace/article153864894.html#storylink=cpy