Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Trump's Fake News Awards

Today President Trump listed out his Fake News Awards. So many people went to the GOP website to see them that the site crashed.

GOP - The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards.

Here is what is really sad, the stories he picked out barely scratch the surface of how much false news the corporate mainstream media put out last year. In honor of it and in keeping with their past lies, the media is talking about how Trump is days away from having a heart attack. This latest claim is in response to the White House doctor reporting that Trump is in excellent physical condition. It should be noted that the doctor is a rear admiral and was also the doctor for Bush and Obama. They cannot stop themselves from lying.

The Guardian - Donald Trump's medical exam – full transcript.  The report was that Trump is in excellent physical condition. When asked how Trump could be in such good condition, the doctor said, "good genes".

The Boston Globe - Trump’s exam shows serious heart concerns, outside MDs say; White House rejects claim.  The fake media chose to say the exact opposite of what the doctor who examined him said. Other media chose to point out that Trump is slightly overweight. I guess the media does believe in fat shaming.

While the media may wish to blame Trump for people's attitude against them, perhaps, they should really look at themselves. Hardly a day goes by where they are not caught fabricating things to attack Trump with. They don't seem to understand the story of the boy who cried wolf.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Some Thoughts On China

I have been talking to someone who is preparing to move to China. Because of that I have been watching YouTube videos about China. While moving there certainly will be an adventure, I also started looking at long term odds for China as a nation and they are not good. That is what I want to discuss.

In the early 1970s Nixon opened China to change. By the 1980s we began sending our manufacturing over there. As a consequence of sending manufacturing to China, it has become a wealthy nation and a much more advanced place in some ways. China in the 60s and 70s was a nightmare, repressive and poor. Hunger was common. American companies were happy to go there because they could avoid taxes in the United States and more importantly, environmental laws. In the 70s, America began cracking down on pollution. In fact, President Nixon (a Republican) created the Environmental Protection Agency.

China gladly ignored all environmental protection to increase their standard of living; but, those chickens are now coming home to roost. Lets start with water. 90% of China's water is polluted to the point where it cannot be drank. 90%. In fact, you are advised not to drink tap water in China. The water is polluted because they dump raw sewage and industrial waste into their rivers to keep manufacturing costs down. Over 1/4 of their land is polluted and cannot be used for growing crops without making the crops toxic. Their air is polluted because they burn coal for energy and do not clean the smoke coming out, this has also caused acid rain to fall. When you make your air, water and land toxic, it is only a matter of time before people start dying younger and younger. That is what is happening in China, cancer is skyrocketing.

China is responsible for more pollution than any other nation. China accounts for about 1/3rd of all CO2 emissions in the world. It accounts for more CO2 than the whole of the European Union, India and the United States combined. Now, you can add to this the fact that China has a population in steady decrease. China' population rate is .59. Let me explain that, a society with a birth rate of less than 2.11 has never recovered. China is depopulating and killing it's people through pollution. It may take 10 or 20 years; but, the results are unavoidable at this point.

30 years from now, China will be a wasteland. It will not be able to feed itself because it's land will not produce edible food and heavy metals are real hard to remove from soil and water. It's infrastructure will merely crumble because they do not bother maintaining what they build. Long term, China is in a death spiral and cannot get out of it's own way. In 60 years, China's population will be reduced by 3/4s. It's current population is 1.4 billion, with it's rising cancer rate and miniscule birthrate, it will be down to 350 million people in 60 years and there is not a thing they can do to stop this long term trend.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mostly Better and More Media Bias

I am happy to report that I am almost completely over the flu. Now, lets get to some of the news.

Huffington Post - Should White Supremecists be Allowed to Practice Law?  The Huff Post's answer is no. Now, if you asked them if Communists should be allowed to practice law, their answer would be yes. The fact is that the constitution protects people even based on their beliefs. Protected classes included religion and creed. Creed is your belief set. It should also be noted that being a white supremacist does not prevent you from becoming a legislator.

Fox - Bias alert: Newsweek mocked for misleading headline about Melania Trump’s decision to remove historic tree. The media cannot stop themselves from making silly attacks against all things Trump. A 200 year old tree that is dead was removed and the media blames Melania Trump. It was a dead tree being held together by wires and a risk to people.

MSN - CBS - Military retirement is about to get a lot more complex. Once again congress will show their true feelings about the military by giving them even less for retirement. We don't even give the same retirement benefits to the military that we give to fire and police.

Yahoo - Donald Trump wants to bring inflation back. Don't look for objectivity from Yahoo. Trump said that the post office should charge more to Amazon for making their deliveries and Yahoo says that is to create inflation. They don't even make an effort to honestly inform their readers.

A Democrats Guide to Russia - PUTIN’S ASYMMETRIC ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY IN RUSSIA AND EUROPE: IMPLICATIONS FOR U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY.  You may have heard that some Democratic senators put out a paper outlining how Russia is bad. The link is to the actual report on the Senate's website. Of note are page 162 and 197. On page 162 it says, " social media companies should redouble efforts to prevent, detect, and delete such accounts, especially those that are primarily used to promote false news stories." Yes, congress is calling on private industry to prohibit freedom of speech. On page 197 and 198 an attachment to the report explains how propaganda works, oddly enough it outlines exactly the things that we have seen our media has done for the last two years such as misleading titles (see the Yahoo article on how Trump want's inflation). What the report doesn't do is show ANY evidence that Russia hacked the DNC or that President Trump paid them to do it or was involved in any way.

YouTube -CNN is in Lobe with Oprah 2020. So Oprah Winfrey gave a speech at the golden globes and now media types are saying she should be our next president. Wonder why? Well, watch the video, it is claimed that she is a star, has fame and wealth, she is self made and she can perform on television. She is also black and a woman. You see, your elites really think that is enough to get someone elected. They really believe that Trump was elected because you are stupid and easily swayed by fame and money. They cannot accept the fact that the majority of Americans don't like a future with no hope and no jobs and no services. A future where all wealth is held by a few they find to be a good thing. They do not like the working and middle class.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

It's True, the Pimpernel is One Sick Muchacho.

I was told this flu lasted a week, I thought I might get over it quicker. I have not. Having said that, I am definitely feeling better and starting to be able to taste food again. I picked up some Louisiana hot links and am going to make a gumbo. I will attempt to jump start my tongue again. I will also try and write soon, I have been collecting articles; but, too woozy to write anything meaningful.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Still Sick

The pimpernel is still out of it. I now feel as if someone kicked me in the back for two days straight. I am starting to be able to taste things, barely. I am still dizzy and in a constant dream state. I am okay with that. It reminds me of about 40 years ago when they broke my jaw by accident and gave me Perkidan. My jaw hurt really bad. The Perkidan did not stop the pain, I just stopped caring about it. Like when you have the flu. I stopped taking and never refilled the prescription, I through out most of it. Problem was, I like it a lot and I knew. I liked it so much I could have married it. I have never taken it since. That is how the wacky head of the flu effects me and I can deal with it.

Friday, January 5, 2018

I Have the Flu

Pimpernel has the flu and it is not fun. It started with fever, feeling cold, having no tastebuds and has moved into my back hurting and be really tired. Be well.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A tone deaf establishment dies

The Hill - Lawmakers briefed by Yale psychiatrist on Trump's mental health.

So some Democrats paid a Yale psychiatry professor to write a book about how Trump is losing his mind. Forget Russiagate, we will go after his fitness for office. LOL. I will go back to the articles I previously wrote where even before he was elected they were saying we should ignore the constitution or the electoral college and even the ones that said we should impeach before he became president. I wasn't the only one to read these in the New York Times and Washington Post. Are these people insane?

Let me be crystal clear. If Trump is impeached for bs there will be dead bodies of politicians in the street and of business leaders. You cannot take away people's right to a democratic system and expect them not to respond. I am a pacifist; but, people don't listen to me now. If you want Trump removed you better prove he paid the Russian government to hack the DNC servers, nothing less will do. Get past being polite, I am talking reality.

Only one newspaper supported Trump. One. The head of every newspaper calling for Trump to be taken out for being crazy will be killed, or at least most of them. Why is anyone dumb enough to think that people will tolerate removing a sitting president for lies that they make up. That is called desperation. I will say what I have said before, they would have tried the exact same garbage if Sanders had won. The difference is, the gun owners would have stood up for Sanders.

Let me try to explain. While the establishment believes Trump supporters are all bigots and hate blacks, or at least try and make that the issue. The Trump supporters know better. They hate the establishment that has outsourced their lives to China. Impeach Trump for bull crap and people will kill people named Rockefeller, Rothschild, Astor, Bush, Clinton, Kissinger, the list goes on and on. The middle and working class hate the establishment much more than any bias they have against minorities or foreigners or trans or gays or name it. They hate the people that made our economy crash, they hate the politicians who were corporate whores, they hate the media that supported this nation outsourcing the jobs. If there is a civil war, it will not be a racial war, it will be a class war.

Again I have a decade or writing. I am not making recommendations, I am making a prediction based on fact. The same thing would have happened if the electoral college had denied Trump the election. The population wants the system to change and will accept nothing less. We are past that point, we passed it when the Occupy movement was illegally removed from public spaces and the Tea Party was coopted and destroyed. That is why we had Trump and Sanders, if this fails, we go to stage three revolt. That is just history. That is the French Revolution. It is not pretty and they sure as hell will not listen to pacifists like me. Not gonna happen, I would be more likely to be a victim than not. LOL. Rationality goes out the window when nothing can change the system and the majority are ignored for the most basic grievances.