Sunday, April 2, 2017

Chairs, Lies and a Corrupt and Stupid Corporate Media.

fox5atlanta - $200K bond, arson charged for I-85 bridge collapse suspect.  Three homeless people have been arrested for this crime. It is claimed they set fire to a chair on top of shopping cart, or at least one report said so. Unless they had dynamite I want to know how a fire takes down a concrete and steal overpass. Turns out there were materials stored under the bridge by the state DOT; but, they have claimed that these materials were not combustible. Huh? Either they were combustable or a chair catching fire can take down a whole freeway in which case we better rethink how bridges are built or begin worrying about terrorists buying chairs.

Yahoo - Vibe - Three Suspects Believed To Be Homeless Arrested For Atlanta I-85 Bridge Fire

These people are being charged with intentionally setting this fire. This must be the three smartest homeless people in the world that they figured out how to take down a freeway with a chair and construction material that doesn't catch fire. Clearly they set a fire, how cold was it. Homeless people frequently set fires in metal trash cans when it is cold out. Shopping carts will work to as they are metal and the fire doesn't spread far. It shouldn't spread at all under a bridge.

I have fires jump bridges. I have seen fires burn across freeways. I have seen fires burn under freeways. I have never seen a fire take down a concrete freeway till now. I want you to think about this. Highways are built to stand fires. Cars and trucks catch on fire. Trucks carrying gasoline catch on fire; but, they don't take down concrete overpasses.

We are being lied to. A chair set on fire did not take down that freeway. At least not by itself. The things stored under that freeway made a much bigger, hotter and longer lasting fire. Here is a line from the vibe story, "Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell R. McMurry explained that the materials under the bridge were designated for cabling and fire optics, but aren’t flammable." If the materials that were stored there are not flammable then they must still be there. Right? Here is another line from the article, "Eleby left before the fire started but suggested it wasn’t close to the construction materials that helped spread the fire. He was additionally charged with arson and given a $20,000 bond." How stupid is the person that wrote this article? How could the materials helped spread the fire when they aren't flammable?

Lets try this, how could this be prevented from happening again. Can we really be sure that homeless people will never try and warm themselves with fire again? Can we make sure that there is never a fire on a highway or under one again? My guess to these answers is NO. Can we not store stuff under highways that could spread fire? That we can do, at least we can get DOTs to not store such things under highways they own. 

Who is at fault? The state DOT.  You know why they did it? To save money. It is called a staging area. Sometimes DOT's even rent out space below the freeways and sometimes those areas are used for storage facilities. Sometimes they are used for private storage facilities. Maybe we should look into that and what is stored in those facilities, it may include chairs.

Fake News and Real News

Truepublica - Will Britain Be Handing Over Its Nuclear Deterrent As Part Of The Brexit Deal with the EU?  So I don't know this publication's political perspective and I don't really care, the issue remains.  There are only two European Union (EU)countries that have nuclear bombs, France and Britain. Britain voted to leave the EU while the EU was having conversations over creating their own military. I wrote about that a couple of years ago because Nigel Farage talked about it at the European Council. The issue this article addresses is whether or not Britain might trade joining the European Military while getting out of the political union. I have a better question, if Britain leaves the EU and remains in NATO, will Europe leave NATO to just participate in the European Union Army? This is real news and things we should hear discussed.

AXIOS - GE's Jeff Immelt: Robots won't kill human jobs.  What would you expect someone to say that is automating their work? When the largest job in 29 states disappears, truck driving, do you expect the trucking companies to just come out and say their excited that they are firing 3.1 million people? The article is garbage presented as simple statements of fact. That is news; but, it is not good news. It is horrible attempting to pass as reporting. We are not shown other sides. The "reporter" is just a repeater.

New York Times - Should we care that Mike Pence won’t eat dinner with a woman who is not his wife?  This is the question the corporate media has been asking for the past couple of days. Vice President Pence has a rule that he won't go to dinner alone a woman other than his wife. There are plenty of women who wished Bill Cosby had followed this rule. The corporate media is seriously attacking Vice President Pence for not taking women to dinner with him by himself. I guess I am to be equally hated, I was careful about the exact same thing. When you are married you should be concerned about what your spouse may hear. I had many women that I worked close with and my primary confidants were mainly women that worked for me. Some of them knew what I went through when my wife left me for another man. She would meet up with him and not tell me, he was her hiking partner and that started as part of a group.

I heard a preacher talk about adultery once. He said that he had had many people come to him and admit they had cheated on their spouses. He said the stories all had certain things in common. They usually began simply enough with a lunch or such and the spouse did not tell them about it. It starts with a little secret. I cannot condemn Pence for being respectful of his wife or cautious; but, even if I could, this is fake news. This is not a real news story, this has no effect on how the government is run or if Pence is a good or bad Vice President. Go back and read what I wrote about Pence when Trump chose him. I said he is a fricking globalist. I don't like him. I didn't like Hillary, Kane or Pence. They are all globalists and don't care about us.. That is what should be in the "news". Why are they making up controversies that are meaningless? That's right, to distract you from the real news.