Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why Control of the Internet is Being Turned Over to the United Nations.

Even the right wing media misses the real point. I will point out the real issues and facts. By the way, it is not actually being turned over to the U.N.

Breitbart - FCC Commissioner on Internet Oversight Switch: ‘If You Cherish Free Expression,’ ‘You Should Be Worried,’ This Is ‘Irreversible’.  So an FCC commissioner doesn't want to see control of the internet given to ICANN because it has members from foreign countries. What nonsense.

Yahoo - Internet caretaker ICANN to escape US control

When I began this blog I wrote about ICANN. When I began this blog one of the groups that worked form me was a systems group and I used to ask every new employee if they knew who owned the internet and not one of them ever knew or had heard of ICANN. They would instead tell me nobody owned the internet and look at me as if I were stupid. I would then tell them that the United States government owned the internet and they would not believe me. Guess what, the United States government still owns the internet. The federal government created the internet (ARPnet originally) and owns the parts that make it work. The same is true for GPS by the way, it uses 3 satellites all owned by the military.

If you in any way wish to understand the world you should understand who owns the internet. ICANN does NOT own the internet. ICANN controls the internet because it has a contract with the federal government to do so. Without the contract from the government ICANN has NO right to do anything. It doesn't even have the right to assign domain names, it's number one job.

Here is the real issue for the establishment. The first amendment applies to the federal government, ICANN only has a say over the internet because they are given that right by the government. This means that the internet must follow the rules set forth by the federal government and the government must follow the constitution.

The two biggest issues the establishment is interested in are controlling what is said over the internet and forcing everyone to have a unique public identification that uses the internet. Some seem to believe that by turning over the internet to ICANN it can then be purchased by other countries or more likely American companies who will then profit from this public infrastructure that was created by your tax dollars.

The FCC wants to keep control over the internet; but, it does not control the internet. That is a power grab. Investors want to control the internet because they could charge lots of money and force you to follow their rules or pay them a fee for using the internet. The questions about who controls the internet are about money and power and the government wants to turn those things over to others rather than keep it under the control of the federal government because you can vote to change what the government does.

Media Bias for Fun and Profit.

Yahoo - CNBC - Secret Service pays $1.6 million to Trump to protect him: Politico.  Read the article and experience the bias. Hillary Clinton rents the plane she travels on and the federal government pays for the Secret Service to be on that plane. So far the federal government has spent $2.6 million for the Secret Service to protect her. Trump owns his plane and the Secret Service has only spent $1.6 million to protect him. Yet, the one who is attacked is Trump.

YouTube - Primetime Live - Hillary Clinton Jan. 30 1992 Primetime live Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers infidelity.  This is Hillary in her own words back in 1992. She refers to one of the women who it turns out did have a 12 year affair as a liar and dishonest. She should be asked what she thinks of Bill Cosby. I bet she would vilify him; but, Bill Clinton is held to a different level as is she. Heck, she called Bill Clinton's mistresses bimbos and now complains that Trump called Rosie O'Donnell names.

The Washington Post - Dear readers: Please stop calling us ‘the media.’ There is no such thing.  Here is a quote from the article, "As I understand your use of this term, “the media” is essentially shorthand for anything you read, saw or heard today that you disagreed with or didn’t like. At any given moment, “the media” is biased against your candidate, your issue, your very way of life." Lets start with the obvious, "The media" refers to mass publication of any type. You have the written media, visual media and audio media. The fact that all of the news media is owned by six companies means we should probably refer to it as the corporate owned, oligarchic media.

MSN - Investor Place - Why would Disney even want Twitter?  Yes, Disney (one of the six corporations that owns 90% of the media in America) wants to buy Twitter and investors cannot figure out why. The answer is simple, to control what you read and hear.

Washington Post - U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel.  Hey, maybe they will make England pay the Irish for starving 25% of us to death or This is just silly and everybody knows it, it is meant to create racial problems and separate people. Divide and conquer is still the approach, always has been and always will be.

Independent - World’s first baby born with controversial new ‘three-parent’ technique.  Actually I wrote a few years ago about how there were over 150 babies with three parents using a very similar technique. The new technique is not controversial, the fact that it is done at all is what is controversial.

The Washington Post - Enabler or family defender? How Hillary Clinton responded to husband’s accusers.  The question is not about how Hillary may have tried to work things out with Bill, it is about how she treated and what she said about the women. Personally, I blame my wife for her adultery, she owed me better and took an oath. The men she slept with were just slime; but, broke no promises to me, same goes for the Clintons.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The First Presidential Debate: Trump vs Clinton.

Meh.  The immediate online polls gave it to Trump; but, the polls are still going on. As for me, I saw nothing that will change anyone's vote. There was nothing in the debate that is going to make Hillary voters now vote for Trump or Trump voters now vote for Hillary. Yes the media is going to drown on about who said what; but, the reality is that tens of millions of people watched it and the people who did watch it are the most likely to vote. I personally do not know of one person who is really undecided, the only thing they are undecided about is whether or not to vote at all.

For my part, I am disappointed that more did not happen. I was watching for the amusement factor and found too little amusement and only predictability. If you ask me my opinion of how the two acted, my answer is also boring. Hillary continued her personal attacks and Trump responded in kind; but, made an attempt to stay on track more than she. In politics you are taught to ignore the question and answer the one you want. They actually teach people in government to do that same as they teach people in private industry.

If this debate actually changed anyone's vote comment and tell me who you were going to vote for, why and what changed your mind in this debate. I don't see too many comments coming in answering that because the debate changed nothing in my humble opinion.


It is now the day after the debate. News organizations that like Trump scored it a win and those that like Hillary scored it a win for her. Meaningless. The media likes to focus on what it calls momentum. The reality is that momentum means more in the early primaries where electability is an issue. At this point in the game both Clinton and Trump have shown that they can get votes as tens of millions have voted for one of the two.

The media analysis of the debates has focused on "who won"; but, the real question that is not being reported is still the same. Did the debate make you change who you are going to vote for and the answer is no.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

False Arguments From Hypocritical Idiots

Not very long ago many conservatives lost their minds because the courts said businesses could not discriminate against gays when making cakes. Certain religious fundamentalists flipped out. They said that people should not be forced to make things that violated their religious beliefs. Todd Starnes is one of the people who felt that way.

Right Wing Watch - Todd Starnes: Colorado Cake Case An Assault On Religious Freedom.

Todd Starnes - Walmart Workers Refuse to Make Cop’s Retirement Cake.  Apparently, Mr. Starnes fails the consistency or honesty test. Here is a line from his article on his website, "The three cake decorators need to be told: either decorate the cake or be fired. Just because Walmart is the home of low prices, doesn’t mean they have to hire a bunch of low class, anti-cop bigots."

How is it okay to penalize people for not engaging wanting to make a cake they see as bigoted and promoting those who don't want to make cakes for gays when both are just businesses? I see the same hypocricy when it comes to school prayer, people are okay with prayer in school, or so they say; but, would flip out if a Satanist was conducting the prayer. The rights you give or deny others eventually work against you too, that is called fairness.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

9/24/16 Where We Are Headed

The Washington Post - The GOP has become a pity party for white males.  The wealthy have always considered the working class to be reprehensible and dirty, the unwashed masses is how they used to refer to them. Now the establishment and corporate media have a new way of saying it. If you are working class then you are hateful, scared, stupid and just don't understand that you have to be in high tech to be successful. The vilification of Trump supporters is very much akin to how the French monarchy dealt with their citizens until the whole system was taken down. Democracy means being concerned about all citizens and not just your betters. Many Republicans did not vote for Romney because he disregarded half of our citizens. Hillary's mistake and the corporate media is in thinking that working class Democratic voters do not know that she considers them deplorables and useless too.

The Washington Post - At U.N., Obama offers a defense of a liberal world order under siege.  Obama will be gone soon; but, you should remember that Obama did not create multinational corporations or globalization, he is just another proponent of it.

Bloomberg - Get Ready for Freeways That Ban Human Drivers.  Here is one of the most important paragraphs from the post. "This week, technology industry veterans proposed a ban on human drivers on a 150-mile (241-kilometer) stretch of Interstate 5 from Seattle to Vancouver. Within five years, human driving could be outlawed in congested city centers like London, on college campuses and at airports, said Kristin Schondorf, executive director of automotive transportation at consultant EY." This is the second most important paragraph in the post, "To speed the transition, governments may give drivers financial incentives to replace their cars with autonomous vehicles, similar to the Cash for Clunkers program offered in 2009 to get gas guzzlers off the road, Google’s Medford said. Insurance companies also could nudge people out of the driver’s seat by charging a higher premium to operate a car manually, Schondorf said."

Yahoo - How the government plans to make your self-driving car safer.  Yes, the Federal government will get involved in making rules regarding self-driving cars. In the end it will be done with a carrot more than a stick. States will only be given money from the Federal Transportation Fund if they follow the same rules for self driving vehicles.

Federal Department of Transportation - Federal Automated Vehicle Policy. If nothing else, go to page 37 and read how the Federal government views the relationship between the fed and states when regulating driving. About 3 or 4 years ago I pointed out that City streets were now being considered as part of the national highway system. That was an unusual step historically; but, as I pointed out at the time was part of a longer term plan.  

Where are we headed? We are being led to a place where only the entranced win and where being born means not having a chance, no medical care, no real education and being born into a world where you agree that someone else already owns everything. If you are born today you cannot just go into the wilderness and take unused land and work it, you have to buy that land from someone else. You start out with less and have to pay to even compete whereas they start with the advantage. That is what we are leaving our children, the illusion that you can inherit by right more than the other guy, that you can inherit advantage.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Hillary Clinton Could Win and Why She Won't Do It.

The media and Hillary seem confused that working class people don't like or trust her. She says she will strengthen unions; but, they are already dead and we all know it. Closing the barn after the horse has fled is merely a hollow action. She looks down on the working class and calls them white racist men who are too stupid for their vote to count because they don't feel she will work for their interests too.

If Hillary were a real Democrat she would start by saying she is eliminating tax cuts for companies that outsource jobs. If she cared about American workers she would refuse to sign anymore trade agreements or promise that the agreements were for two years and that if they resulted in American job losses than the agreement would be voided. If she truly was a progressive then she would do what was done in the early 1900s and break up the monopolies (like Teddy Roosevelt did) and regulate business; but, it is hard to take that position when her husband deregulated and allowed the monopolies to come about while outsourcing jobs.

As much as the media, big business and Hillary want to avoid discussing jobs in America it is always what elections are about. It is the economy stupid. Instead of attacking people who are concerned about job losses and anti-immigrants and xenophobes tell them how you are going to motivate companies to create jobs in the United States for Americans.

She won't be doing those things because the multinational companies that are her donors don't want those jobs here, they want those jobs in countries where they don't have to follow environmental laws or pay taxes. The reason Hillary and the media have chosen to focus on social issues is because they will not get votes if they focus on the economic issues that affect us all. Sanders supporters focus was on economic issues and they know the difference.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Why Trust the Media Anymore?

The Economist - A giant problem.  The article goes into how we are seeing a consolidation of companies to the disadvantage of small businesses. In the early 1900s we determined that monopolies were anti-capitalistic and began limiting their power. Today we seem to promote it at out own expense.

MSN - USA Today - Ford CEO fires back at Donald Trump on jobs to Mexico.  Ford comes out and says it is moving all it's jobs making small cars to Mexico. Trump has said that if he is elected they will have tariffs put on them when sold here because they are shipping jobs overseas. The CEO of Ford's response is to say it won't hurt American jobs as they will produce more trucks in America. Does anyone really believe that sending manufacturing jobs to Mexico helps Americans or that Ford will pay taxes on their profits, Apple doesn't.

MSN - Market Watch - Hello, self-driving cars; goodbye, 4.1 million jobs?  Maybe those 4.1 million people can all become waiters or doctors or computer programmers. Nope, we don't need that many.

USA Today - Is 70 the new retirement age?  Here is a quote from the article, "More and more Americans are embracing the new reality that is retiring at 70 -- or later." No people are NOT embracing working till their 70 and it does not have to be the new reality. USA, like the others, is just one more shill for the corporations and banks.

Paste - Not So Fast: The Media is Biased FOR Hillary, As Coverage of the Clinton Foundation Proves.  The media is trying to say that it is wrong for being Pro-Trump and anti-Hillary. Huh? Have you read or seen one positive report about Trump? Me neither.

Fox - Trump, Clinton quickly refer to New York blast as bomb; Trump takes brunt of media criticism.  Both called what happened in New York a bomb; but, Trump was criticized for it. More interestingly, CNN (which attacked Trump for saying it was a bomb), edited out Clinton's use of the exact same word. NewsMax - Clinton's First Response to 'Bombings' Edited Out by CNN.  Here is the actual video of what Clinton said that was later edited out by CNN.

Politico - Clinton tweaks Trump over Manhattan blast response. Her comment was that he should not have jumped to the same conclusion she did; but, even that is not right as BOTH were briefed and told what had happened prior to their statements.

The Federalist - Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump is a Traitor, and These Attacks Are His Fault.  Two points. Firstly, how does she know what led the bomber to this attack. Isn't she the person who doesn't jump to conclusions. What if it turns out that it was her actions that led to the wars in the middle east that set this guy off, what will the media say then? Nothing. Secondly, isn't this the same woman who blamed the Benghazi attacks on a YouTube video even though she knew it had nothing to do with what happened. She failed to protect the Ambassador to Libya and blamed some idiot who made a bad YouTube video to deflect people examining her actions, she is if anything consistent.

AP - Exec: Most Lyft rides will be in autonomous cars in 5 years. He does say not to worry as they will still have some human drivers.

MSN -  White, Working-Class Voters Vex Clinton.  Funny how the party that was supposed to be for the working class now considers them deplorables.

The Emmys was last night and ended up being all about making fun of Donald Trump. Last week Jimmy Fallon had Trump and Clinton on and he was attacked by the media for not attacking Trump. Fallon has never done harsh interview nor been very political and he doesn't have to. The mistake the media is making is that they are being universally partisan and misleading. Getting caught in the act as they were regarding the recent New York bombing means that even those who like their position will know that they are liars and cannot be trusted.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why No Allergy Medicine for Hillary and Other Lies

I have allergies and I assume some of my readers have allergies. My doctor has prescribed nasal mists and pills to deal with them. My sister has allergies and uses medication for it which works very well according to her. I don't take mine, it is a choice that I have made. Apparently, Hillary has made the same choice or her doctor is an idiot. Allergy medicine is nothing new why wasn't it prescribed for Hillary?

Let me try this again. If you were running for President and had to speak at conventions and knew that you coughed a lot when you had allergies, wouldn't you take the medicine? That was the first story we were given. The story did change and it became a claim about Pneumonia. Allergies do not cause pneumonia. Pneumonia is either bacterial or viral. Why didn't her doctor know that? Why is the media saying that her allergies contributed to the pneumonia?

I will get back to Hillary and the media in a minute. I will hit 90,000 hits this month or next. I am already at over 89,000. In all that time, the Pimpernel has never made a single penny from this blog. I have never "monetized" this blog or allowed any advertisement. I cannot think of more than two occasions where I even promoted something and I received nothing for those moments. In fact the restaurants that I mentioned don't even know I had been there and that I had a blog. This blog is mostly about exposing lies and garbage. I regret that I do not spend as much time talking about technology as I had; but, this is an election cycle and that is where the media manipulation is the most obvious.

I want my readers to be the best informed about how we are manipulated. It turns out not monetizing was the way to go. The United States is planning turning over ICANN (the brain of the internet) to the United Nations. This is not a joke. I have been writing about ICANN for years on this very blog. ICANN is a group based in Marina Del Rey that sets the internet protocols so that you can find websites by name. Google would not work if it was not for ICANN and links would not work either. Well, the conversation that is being held is about having ICANN be turned over to the U.N. and at the same time prohibiting sites from making money if they direct readers to other sites to read the news or watch videos or whatever. I don't monetize this site so it will not effect me; but, it would effect news conglomerate sits like Drudge or Huffington Post.

My point is simple, if they do change the law it will not change this blog, I will continue to reference people to other sources keeping in line with the history of attributing your sources as is required in scholastic writings and journalism. Now back to Hillary.

Bill Clinton was the one who signed the law that allowed the media to consolidate into the hands of six companies and they appreciated it. Now, they are attempting to do the same with internet news resources and Hillary supports that. Bill and her were never in favor of an open and diverse press that might question them or the establishment. The corporate controlled media owes them and are paying them back by spinning every news story in their favor.

The Washington Post - The man who discovered CTE thinks Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned.  The doctor presumes that she was poisoned by either Trump or Putin. Really, nice trial balloon.

Hillary did not cough because of an allergic reaction. None of the videos showed her sneezing from "seasonal" allergies. Seasonal allergies are due to pollen, that is what makes them seasonal. I have seasonal allergies and am allergic to many perfumes. I know which is effecting me when it is effecting me. Seasonal allergies can cause coughing; but, it also causes sneezing. In either case they have medicine for it; but, they gave up on those stories days ago and instead have turned to bacterial pneumonia. Go to Web MD and look up what the treatment for allergies is and what the treatment for bacterial pneumonia is. Guess what, there are some serious questions to be asked of her doctor.

I don't know for sure what is wrong with Hillary; but, I know we are still being told stories. The media has even said that it is sexist to ask what is wrong with Hillary. That is the media of today. It is more concerned with spin than the real news. The biggest challenges facing us are not even discussed in any real detail by the media, the media is used to placate us. Bread and Circus, just like in Roman times.

I will show again just how theatrical the news is and how scripted and staged it is. Watch the video below:

Now I want you to put on your thinking cap. Hillary faints and it is blamed on the heat (a whopping 78 degrees or so), she goes to her daughters house, drinks water and leaves after 90 minutes or so where she is met by a little girl who is allowed to run to her for a photo op and the Secret Service doesn't stop the child or even get close to Clinton. That is not Secret Service protocol for a presidential candidate. Do you see any Secret Service people around her...why not? Did they take a break? She fainted and was surrounded by Secret Service agents; but, 90 minutes later is allowed to walk through New York with no Secret Service agents near her and a child is allowed to approach her with nobody responding.

Don't accept what you see, question whether or not it makes sense. You question when you watch movies, the media is movies. The media is a story telling device and this story is not real. Here is a simple question, why hasn't the media said who this young girl was, how she ended up there or why she was allowed to approach Hillary who supposedly had pneumonia. Which parent or parents was she with and why did they allow her to run to a presidential candidate without accompanying her? This is called a photo op and she claimed she was fine and it was a "great" day in New York, she didn't complain about the weather, it was later that she returned to her home for a few days to rest. That means she lied when she said she was fine. She only lies, that is the problem.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Political Stuff and Selling You Lies

Yahoo - Exclusive: Inside Sheldon Adelson’s plan to build an NFL stadium in Las Vegas.

Lets start with some just pure nonsense. A Las Vegas wants to build a $2 billion, 65,000 person football arena in Las Vegas; but, wants the city to pay for $750 million into the project which is $100 million more than he would be putting in. In order to achieve this they want to increase taxes. Now, we are constantly told that Las Vegas is in economic trouble and that they cannot pay their pensions; but, they can raise taxes to pay for an arena. Funny, this is the same thing going on in Detroit with the new hockey arena they want to build using tax payer money. Would you rather have more city services or a football arena that does not pay back the residents?

Huffington Post -  Donald Trump Could Get Booted Off The Ballot In Minnesota.  They don't believe in democracy and don't want your vote to count. Remember if these games are played against the Republican nominee, they will be used against the Democrats next.

Observer - WikiLeaks’ Guccifer 2.0: Obama Sold Off Public Offices to Donors.  I find it funny that Obama and Clinton are worried about how Trump would act regarding international affairs, yet, while she was Secretary of State people who paid $2 million could become ambassadors to other countries. Can you say, "Pay to Play". If you can't, don't worry, a DNC legal representative called it that in an internal memo.

Newsmax - Donna Brazile Cautions Not to Look at New DNC Hack.  The DNC chair believes the best thing to do is just ignore what WikiLeaks has published and tell people not to read it. A true believer in a non-informed public.

Bloomberg - Greenspan Worries That ‘Crazies’ Will Undermine the U.S. System.  I find this hilarious and Greenspan was the head of the Federal Reserve who fought regulating derivatives, was in favor of deregulating the banks and pushed for looser lending standards that resulted in the biggest economic crash since the great depression. I hate to tell him this; but, it was the crazies who crashed the economy and he was one of them.

Washington Post - In Las Vegas for his wife, Bill Clinton cautions against voting based on ‘road rage’.  Uncle Bill says just accept the status quo and don't let the fact that you haven't seen a raise in years upset you or effect how you vote.

Freedom of Speech, the Media and Preachers.

So here is a short post. I spent about five years preaching, I never got paid, it cost me money and I never talked about politics. Theoretically, if you are a preacher and take a tax exempt status as a non-profit, you are not allowed to talk about how people should vote or you risk losing your tax exempt status. Ignore the first amendment about freedom of religion. By the way, the first amendment is about freedom of religion and says NOTHING about separation of church and state, try reading the actual constitution and you will see this.

Now here is where it gets weird. Businesses can give money to politicians for their campaigns and take a tax deduction. It gets better, businesses can give contributions to political action committees and get a tax deduction. So, why can't preachers promote the same thing and keep their tax exemption?

We used to require mass media to give opposing views and did not allow them to just promote one side of an argument. The media now claims that they have no requirement to be objective or even respectful of opposing beliefs. Propaganda has been legalized and objectivity has been sold to corporate interests. Think about that.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Media Massaging the Truth About Clinton

I want to talk about the science of spin or propaganda. Propaganda is the selling of an idea to the country using lies or manipulating the information. Spin is not so much lying as carefully wording to imply things that are not true. Neither approach is objective or intended to be. The problem is that most people pick a candidate or personality and will automatically defend them or attack their opponent without considering what the issue is. People tend to assume the best about who they support and the worst about their opponent and this has been demonstrated many times.

If I were to go to a Clinton rally and ask if her supporters were in agreement with her wanting to kick out any immigrants who committed crimes they would say it made sense. If I were to go to a Trump rally and said that he only wanted to kick out immigrants who committed crimes they might tell me that it was only illegal aliens or that they agreed with that policy. The fact is that the law gives us to kick out any immigrant who commits certain felonies and Bill Clinton enforced that policy and my guess is that Trump would support that law even in regards to legal immigrants just like the law says. The point is, that is already the law of the land and it has never been questioned, it is also not what is discussed by the media.

The immigration question is not being discussed, sides are being taken by people who do not know the issues. The issues are simple, should we have open borders, should we all be allowed to come and go as we wish from and to any country we wish? Good luck going to England, Mexico or any other country without a passport by the way. See what happens if you do get to that other country. We do not discuss the issues, we see who is better at spinning the questions and answers. The problem is that is all the media does anymore and the latest news regarding Hillary Clinton is just an example of the media spin.

Lets do a quick rough timeline. About two months ago certain conservative media people began questioning Clintons health. The response from the corporate media was that this was nonsense and a conspiracy. To prove their point Hillary was asked to open a pickle jar on late night television to prove she was healthy. I want you to remember that, the idea of her being sick was ridiculed. Now mind you she had previously fainted, hit her head and developed a blood clot in 2012. That is not in debate and I posted links to those articles in my last post that were written at the time.

Now some personal information. My father and I returned from Las Vegas one weekend and he left my house to go to his own. At 3:30 the next morning he called me to say he did not know where he was and had checked into a hotel room, he was scared and he did not scare easily. I went and picked him up, took him to a hospital and we discovered he had a mini-stroke also called a tia. I have been around people who have had strokes, Hillary did not have a stroke. If she had had a stroke, even a mini one they would not have let her walk away an hour and a half later. Remember her doctor visited her at Chelsea's house, how did her doctor get their so fast and why was she not seen there? I do not believe Hillary had a stroke or even a mini-stroke, they look different too.

One of my relatives suffered a strong brain concussion, he fell off a motorcycle and into a curb. That is much more similar to what happened to Hillary when she fainted and hit her head which resulted in a blood clot back in 2012. As a consequence of his head injury he ended up having seizures. I was there when he had his first seizure and it was a couple of years after the head injury. He and I were sitting in his home, he was on a bar stool and I was on the couch. We were in the middle of a conversation when out of nowhere he said, "Uh oh", his eyes went blank, he crocked to his side and dropped to the ground head first. In fact his head went right to the concrete floor. I have seen him have seizures since then; but, not the kind where he went out like the first and when it happened I TOOK HIM TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM.

I have to say this, when we were in Las Vegas once, my daughter fainted. Now mind you the temperature was over 100% and she had not eaten all day; but, I was next to her and caught her. We got her to her chair, fed her, got her hydrated and took her to her room where she rested and we watched over her.  Now we have been told that people knew since Friday that she had pneumonia. Well if you patient has pneumonia and passes out three days later, shouldn't you send them to the hospital for tests? I got sent to the hospital by my doctor because my blood pressure was too high and I wasn't running for president.

Everything I said is true and responds to the baloney being sold to us by the media; but, they missed something. Hillary's doctor was the one who dealt with her previous concussion and blood clot four years ago. They are so busy talking about the pneumonia that they are missing the bigger issue that brings into the question her doctor's judgement. WHY WOULD YOU LET A PERSON WHO HAD A BRAIN CUNCUSSION AND CLOTS IN HER BRAIN GO TO HER DAUGHTERS HOUSE RATHER THAN A HOSPITAL FOR TESTS. You might say that the doctor examined Hillary at her daughters house; but, does Chelsea's home have testing equipment? If your patient was running for president, had a history of blood clots in her brain and had just collapsed wouldn't you want to at least get her some head scans? To this day there is no report of Hillary going to the hospital and getting her head scanned.

Here is one of my points. I believe it is possible Hillary is suffering from a seizure disorder which was exacerbated when she hit her head in 2012.That is what the episode she had reminded me of, it reminded me of my cousin. I took my cousin to a seizure clinic for testing. I should point out that his seizures have not stilted him in any way and that they gave him medication to deal with it (some worked and some made it worse) and he hasn't had one in quite a while. He does not appear to have any long term damage from it either. There are people who have epilepsy that hold down jobs and it does not effect their performance. If Hillary has seizures then it doesn't mean she cannot function.

If we hadn't been lied to all the way then if in the beginning of this process Hillary had come out and said that because of an accident in 2012 where she hit her head, she sometimes has small seizures; but, that it had no impact on her mental abilities, do you really think her supporters would have left to vote for Trump? The media and the politicians will not be honest with you because they don't trust that you will see the truth in the same light as them. The news is supposed to be there to tell us the FACTS and let us decide what it means. When the media views it's job as telling you WHAT to think then they have become propagandists, that is the definition of the word.

The Pimpernel is not here to tell you what to think. The Pimpernel is here to point you to facts that can be found in people's own words and then tell you what I think about it. You should think whatever you believe is reasonable, that is why I provide links to the source documents from their own websites.

Here is where we are at. Something is wrong with Hillary and her doctor already knows what it is or she would have been in a hospital by now for testing. It is not pneumonia alone, though she may or may not have that too. It can in no way be related to her history of blood clots in her doctor's mind or the doctor would be responsible for extreme malpractice for not testing for mew clots. If someone has a history of seizures after a head concussion, you wouldn't necessarily send them to a hospital.

Now lets look at some of the corporate mainstream media reports on her health.

Washington Post - The man who discovered CTE thinks Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned.  I should point out that the suspects are the Russians and Trump. Does that qualify as a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media?

Washington Post (last Tuesday) - Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?  Prior to Sunday when her doctor said her coughing was due to allergies the media claimed it was because she was on the trail and talking so much, must have been the press conferences. Why didn't the corporate mass media take any interest in her health or show any concern? The women had previously suffered a head concussion and blood clot and was known to be on blood thinners. My father was on the exact same blood thinner as are many others.

Politico - Clinton scare shakes up the race.  This article is from Sunday. It says, "The announcement late Sunday by Clinton’s personal physician, Lisa Bardack, that Clinton had become “overheated and dehydrated” after being placed on antibiotics last week came after a day of frenzied speculation about the candidate’s health and its impact on a tightening race." I want you to understand this, on Sunday after Hillary collapsed, her doctor said it was due to overheating and dehydration, not pneumonia, her doctor claimed that later and claimed it had been diagnosed days earlier, then why didn't the doctor say that at first, why did the doctor lie or was politico lying?

New York Post - Clinton team avoided ER to conceal details of her medical treatment.  I forgot to mention, they didn't merely fail to take her to the hospital, they violated protocol and the NYPD's instruction to take her to the hospital.

New York Times (2015) - No Serious Health Issues for Hillary Clinton. Read the part where it says, "While Mrs. Clinton experienced blood clots in 1998, 2009 and 2012, tests showed that she did not have any underlying disorder that put her at an increased risk of the clots. Tests are performed to monitor the dose of Coumadin she takes and ensure that she has not experienced side effects, Dr. Bardack wrote."

YouTube - Clinton Admits She Has Fainted “A Few Times” Can't Remember...  Watch the video it is only 44 seconds, she admits that this has happened before because of dehydration, then she has she only remembers two times then she says a few times. Do you know how many times you have fainted, I do and my daughter does and my ex-wife does (she would faint each time she got pregnant).

The Daily Caller - Bill Clinton Says Hillary Has Had Fainting Spells ‘On More Than One Occasion’ [VIDEO].  Here is a quote from the article regarding what Bill Clinton said AFTER they had already claimed it was caused by pneumonia, "“Because frequently,” Clinton began, according to CBS’ website, before correcting himself, “well not frequently, rarely — but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.”  Get it, he wasn't on the new talking point yet and was still repeating the last one. LOL.

The Pimpernel can spin and quite well. The Pimpernel wrote for politicians and business; but, the Pimpernel always believed in what he was fighting for, it was never for money or to hide the truth. The Pimpernel sought balanced information. Both side of the truth and I trust in the totality telling the real picture. I don't sides telling only sides and never did that myself.

Whatever is wrong with Hillary, we have not been told the truth yet and that is sad. If it were to turn out that Hillary had seizures on occasion, I would say that is not a reason to not vote for her. I might say her lying about it was; but, having seizures is not a sin nor disqualifying.

Let me be open and clear, I would not vote for a Bush or Clinton or any other person who puts corporatist internationalist interest above those of the citizens of the United States. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter until he did the sell out thing. I had not determined if I was going to vote in this election once he dropped out. I was deciding on whether or not to vote in this election at all. Now I am going to vote and it will probably be for Trump.

I don't believe Trump can change things, I wish I did; but, I don't. I want to see universal healthcare, I want to see people given a safety net that they can live on, food stamps, welfare, disability, retirements, I am for all of those things and I like a good minimum wage and am in favor of eliminating tax cuts beyond the ones for home loans and having children, I would get of the rest. I certainly would not give a United States tax break to anyone outsourcing jobs. I am for controlling our borders just like every other country and I believe in kicking out people who commit serious crimes and are immigrants. If we can put you in jail for 20 years even if you have kids born here, why can't we kick you out just because you have kids born here? I am also against trade agreements that don't respect our laws and make their own like NAFTA, TTP and others.

I am going to vote for Trump just to tell the corporate media that they cannot control the discussion anymore than kings could stop people from having similar conversations in the past. I don't know what the future brings; but, I know it is the death of a relevant and objective media, it committed suicide when it decided objectivity was not what it was selling anymore.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Clinton Collapses but You Should Focus on the Media

The video is from CNN. It is titled "Video shows Hillary Clinton leaving 9/11 event early". Now I have not discussed Clinton's health, though I know many have, because at her age (68) it is not uncommon to take pills. Specifically, she has had a number of coughing fits; but, certain pills have a tendency to dry out one's throat. Some of the pills I myself take require additional hydration. This video is different, it is not of her leaving, it is of her collapsing.

Here is what we do know. Hillary Clinton in 2012 fell and hit her head. Not long after she suffered a blood clot in her head and had to take blood thinners. My father suffered a blood clot and ended up on the same thinners so I am familiar with them. To be clear, I may not like the Clintons but I wish them no ill will and do hope that her collapse today was just heat exhaustion as her camp has claimed; but, I do have an issue of how the media is discussing it.

CNN talked about it; but, rather than discussing her health issues, they tried to make it about Trump. That is insanity, Watch the video, she did not stumble, she collapsed. Prior to that she could barely stand while leaning against a concrete bollard.

When Clinton suffered the clot in her brain, the media first reported that it was probably in her legs because she had a history of them in her legs and they said that you would not give blood thinners to someone with clots in their brain.

MedicineNet - Hillary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot.

It turned out that was a lie and she did have a clot in her head.

The Guardian - Hillary Clinton's doctors say blood clot is located between her brain and skull.

Not long ago Trump had a bad week in the press and numerous articles were written about it under that title. You will probably not see that type of article on Clinton. In the last week she has had to deal with a bad performance at the Commander in Chief forum, a continued failure to hold real press conferences (almost a year now), her falling in the polls, her calling a quarter of Americans racist, sexist, xenophobic and more, and now she collapses at the 911 memorial. That is a bad week; but, for me the issue is the media and whether they will point that out.


As I was writing this a new article was posted on Politico.

Politico - Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, doctor says.

Apparently the Clinton camp is now claiming that it was discovered by her doctors on Friday that she has pneumonia and that it is the cause of the coughing fits and the fainting. Wait a second, previously we had been told that the coughing was nothing more than her allergy to Donald Trump, what changed? Was she lying then or is she lying now or did she never stop lying about her health. I personally do not buy the pneumonia story, I have had pneumonia. She was perfectly fine when she arrived at the 911 memorial and then collapsed in 80 degree weather. 80 degrees is nothing. 80 degrees is what they recommend you keep your thermostat at during the night. Whatever her health problem may be, the fact is that the media has been lying about it being an issue for a month. The media lies to push their agenda. What happens next week should be even more interesting.

I feel I should add these pictures, pictures that I had to get from conservative sites because they didn't want to post them in the mainstream media.

I didn't think much of it at the time; but, it has new meaning today.

This last video is from 2011, prior to her falling at home and hitting her head which we are told resulted in her brain clot.

My basic belief has not changed. If it happens once, it is an anomaly. If it happens twice, it is a coincidence. If it happens three times, it is a pattern. Today marks the fourth identified time, if you count when she injured her arm, it makes five.

New York Times - Clinton to Have Surgery to Repair Elbow Fractured in a Fall. This fall was in 2009.

I may have ignored the rumors before and not written about them; but, I knew about them. I read all the biggest alternative sources on both the left and right, I merely prefer not to use them as sources and instead check out the sources they are drawing from. Questions about Hillary's health are now front and center. If the media ignores them and doesn't follow up next week it will merely demonstrate how biased and untruthful they are yet again.


While I prefer to focus on the media, this fainting spell raises questions I did not wish to get into. First we were told she had coughing fits because of allergies then it was reported that she was coughing up some green mucus. Okay, sounds like a cold, people get sick especially with all the people she is around. If they had just come out and said she had the flu or a cold this story would have died weeks ago. It certainly would not be the first time a candidate got sick on the election trail. Instead she said it was just an allergy and made a jump that it was an allergy to Trump. To tell the truth it was a pretty good joke and a good response. It would have worked as well if she said she was a little sick and blamed that on Trump.

So her coughs were blamed on allergies; but, then we were told after the fact today, after her fainting, that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. Oddly enough the same day she held a fundraiser with Barbara Streisand. Apparently she didn't care if she exposed others to her "pneumonia". In fact, she cared so little about exposing others that about an hour and a half after fainting today she left her daughters house and both put her hands on and took a picture and claiming she felt great. Huh? Why would she expose a young girl to pneumonia? That's right, they didn't claim it was pneumonia until she got back to her own home; but, they also said she has known she had pneumonia since Friday, three days ago.

The media's response to all of this is to deflect and talk about Trumps health. I have even read an article that said Roosevelt had polio and was a good president. What? Everybody knew about Roosevelt's polio and most people had family or friends at that time who had suffered through it prior to the vaccine being created. As for Trumps health, come on, the guy sleeps only 4 hours a day and is a workhorse. Even those who were on his show and are not voting for him will say the guy has incredible stamina.

Now lets look at possible outcomes. What if the media pushes for her medical records and it turns out she has something serious? Does she stay in the race? What if people buy the pneumonia story and it happens again in a week or a month or the day before election day, would that be fair to her supporters.

Not long ago I wrote about how there were people in the media testing the balloon that if one of the candidates died they could delay the election. At the time we were assuming they meant Trump but I still said any delay in the elections would be wrong.


Sorry kids, I hate updating posts. As my readers know, I read papers from all over the world each day. Just a fact. It is early and the morning and I was just reading an English paper. I will post the link then quote it.

Mail Online - Clinton cancels West Coast trip due to pneumonia after collapsing at 9/11 memorial - as doctor reveals she was diagnosed on Friday

The article says the following, "Earlier on Sunday, Bardack said that Clinton 'has been experiencing a cough related to allergies'. On Friday, during follow up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia." Wait a second, no. Her physician said yesterday that her cough was related to allergies and hours later said it was pneumonia which had been diagnosed on Friday, three days ago. Either the reporter has made a grave mistake or foreign press heard different things.

If Hillary truly has pneumonia and just suffered a fainting spell, why is she not in a hospital?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Questions for the Media

I may find Hillary attacking Trump supporters as a bunch of bigots despicable; but, the fact is that she is a politician and they are rarely anything other than self-promoting. She also made fun of Sanders supporters so at least she is consistent. I have a bigger problem with the media attacking voters and they have been doing that for months. What I do not see is any consistency in regards to this election.

Hillary supports Israel 100% in her own words. Now I support the right of Israel to exist; but, I have some problems with them. She does not. She does not have a problem with the wall that separates the Palestinians from Israel though she claims to be against the United States having one. She seems to be for open borders, yet, Israel bases citizenship of being Jewish. She claims to hate those who distrust Muslims, yet, again she supports Israel 100%. Why hasn't the media in this country brought this up? Let us not forget Hillary's calling Trump supporters Sexist. Hmm, she supports Israel 100% but seems to know nothing about the Jewish religion. Women are not even allowed at the Wailing Wall in Israel.

I have conservative friends who think President Obama hates this country and is the worst president in history. I view this as an emotional response and tell them that it is not about the person, it is about who controls them and the agenda. I have not supported either party in all the time I have written this blog, I do not support either party still. The two parties are owned by he same people that own the media, or should I say, the same interests.

The media's response to both Sanders and Trump was basically the same, dismissive. They were dismissive of their supporters and their agenda. Hillary Clinton took money from the big banks and now a tech billionaire is spending $20 million to go after Trump. Think that money comes with an expectation? A million would have done that. The tech industry is in favor of open borders to bring down wages and has been caught illegally colluding to keep wages down. They have also been illegally using a visa program to allow in foreigners to take jobs away from Americans who were already doing the jobs.

Let us consider the media's response to Presidential debates. For the last few weeks they were questioning whether or not Trump would debate Clinton. Wait a second, they had no problem with the lack of debates in the Democratic primaries and Hillary's failure to hold more or even give many press conferences. Lets not forget that the few Democratic debates that were held were held at the same time as Major league football.

You may think I am talking about a liberal media bias, I am not. I am talking about a corporate media bias. You might assume that the media is liberal because of it's social bias. I find that a distraction. The media is distinctly corporate in it's interests. Rather than doing in depth investigations into the markets that the banks rigged, they are apologists for them.

The media is currently attempting to say that Trump supported the war in Iraq, he didn't. He did say that if we did go to war we should take the oil and says so today. You can make of that what you will; but, more importantly who did support the war? Clinton admits she voted for it. The media fails to expose how they were complicit with the military and the Bush administration in propagandizing in favor of it. In case you forgot, there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The media loved the war and made lots of money from televising it. How many war protestors did they put on television or even report on? They dismissed them too.

I am biased against the Clintons and the Bushes, that should be clear. I think they are all traitors to this nation. I supported BOTH the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party. I am neither left nor right as those terms have lost all meaning. In the end I am pro-American society. I am for the people of this nation. I am a Roosevelt progressive who believes in civil service to protect us from politicians hiring only their friends and supporters, who believes in giving people an assurance of a minimal level of support when they cannot take care of themselves and who believes that working against the best interests of all Americans is traitorous. Like Benjamin Franklin I am in favor of public schools, the post office and building public infrastructure to benefit all. The Democrats and Republicans voted in measures to privatize all these things and put control over who gets the contracts into the hands of politicians. Remember it was the Clintons who deregulated the media. I do not support the status quo, I do not support either party, I believe a capitalist oligarchy is just as bad as any other oligarchy. I am against Oligarchies, I am pro-democracy. The media supports the status quo, they support parites and they support oligarchy in America. They support the control of the many by the few.

I forgot something else, the media never talks about same sex marriage in Israel. They will not allow it in Israel which she supports 100%. They will allow people of the same sex who married in other countries, like the United States, to live together and not contest their marriage; but, no state in Israel will support or recognize a same sex marriage in Israel. She failed to mention that at her LBGT speech where she accused Trump supporters of being homophobes and the media has not mentioned that either.

Clinton Attacks Trump Voters

Hillary Clinton has come out and said that half of Trump supporters are "Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it."  This was not an off the cuff remark, it was on her teleprompter. She meant it and thought about it prior to saying it in public. Now, I could easily go back and point out that I wrote about how disgusting it was that Romney said he would only represent the people who voted for him if he had won against Obama, I wrote about that at the time; but, I want to make a better point. It has to do with how little many politicians and our business leaders think of democracy in the first place.

NBC - Hillary Clinton: Half of Trump Supporters Belong in 'Basket of Deplorables'.

While the media is focusing on the name calling, there was something more telling in her speech that is not being discussed.

New York Times - The Latest: Trump Campaign Objects to 'Deplorable' Language.  The next two paragraphs are quotes from the article.

"Hillary Clinton is encouraging supporters at an LGBT fundraiser to "stage an intervention" if they have friends considering Donald Trump.

She says, "That may be one conversion therapy I'd endorse," referring to a type of counseling designed to urge gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender children to change their sexual orientation. Clinton stressed during the New York City event Friday night that she wants to end the practice.
Clinton says, "Friends don't let friends vote Trump." She says that while some Trump's supporters are "deplorables," others are frustrated by hard times and merit sympathy."

The point the media missed was her disdain for democracy, for the power of the vote of the people. Now I have never liked or respected the Clintons or the Bushes; but, I have seven years worth of posts here and none attack voters or their right to choose who they will. I have also never told my readers who to vote for. What I have said is who I would not vote for.

There are racists in this country, not because they do not like open borders; but, because they don't like "minorities". There are people who are sexist in this country; but, not because they support Trump. They are sexist because they think women as a gender are less capable. There are people who distrust all Muslims; but, not because of their religion, instead because of how some within the Muslim community have committed terrorist actions such as blowing up the twin towers or mass shootings in Florida and California.

Clintons statement exposed a deeper belief she holds and she is not alone in it, it is the belief that the majority cannot be trusted to rule themselves. She sees the average citizen as stupid, racist, sexist and protectionist. She knows that the vast majority of military people support Trump and this is how she views them too. Hillary said something else very interesting, she said that Trump supporters wanted to go back to an America that will never return. Yes, Sanders and Trump supporters want to go back to an America that was the leading manufacturer in the world where jobs were available for the average person without a degree, the ones who have been ignored and are found contemptible by Wall Street.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Democracy, the Economy and the Media

Forbes - Robert Shiller Unwittingly Helps Write The Obituary Of Economics As A Profession.  Forbes is a magazine that is read by people with money just like the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg. Their focus tends to be on the stock market and their advertisers sell high end products like Rolex. The article claims that Economics is a dying profession because Mr. Shiller believes income inequality will become a greater problem down the road. The article claims that concern over income inequality is foolish and that people therefore don't need good jobs because if products are cheap enough your lifestyle improves. That did not happen during the industrial revolution. People who lived in poverty in the cities during the industrial revolution were worse off than they were when they had family farms. It was only after the monopolies were broken up and the progressive movement began restraining oligarchic businesses that the middle class really emerged. Things may have been cheaper during the depression; but, lives were not better. Still, let me poke you in the eye and tell you it doesn't hurt.

Yahoo - Reuters - Clinton slams Trump for commenting on Fed policies.  This is a quote from the article, "Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized Republican rival Donald Trump on Tuesday for making comments about the Federal Reserve's monetary policies, which she said should be off-limits for U.S. presidents and presidential candidates." There you have it, she believes the President should not talk about monetary policy, maybe that's why she never does or maybe it is because of all the money she made from the banks to pay for this election. I wonder if the people who supported Sanders agree with her because he talked about it.

YouTube - [Full HD] Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Commander in Chief Forum 9/7/16 NBC September 7 2016.  In case you missed it, here is the complete Trump Clinton Forum. I watched the whole thing, the moderator was fine, Hillary did not do well and Trump did pretty good. It is only about an hour long so if you care about who is the next President you might want to watch it.

Vox - Stop asking what motivates Trumpism. Start asking what should be done about it.  The author seems to believe that Trump supporters are upset because blacks and women are doing better than in the past while white men are not. That is not the problem that they see, they see all the good jobs going overseas and this country being robbed by the wealthy who pay less taxes now than under Reagan.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

What the Media Really Thinks About Soldiers

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (the reporters who exposed Watergate) once reported that Kissinger had said, "In Haig's presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy." While Kissinger has not denied this, others have attempted to do so for him.

Here is a question for you, how many of the talking heads in television or Washington news people have children in the military? How many Wall Street executives have children in the military? How many congressmen, governors or state representatives have children in the military? Not to many, in fact almost none. In fact, in 2013 Pew research reported that only 20% of all congressmen had been in the military.

Pew Research Center - Most members of Congress have little direct military experience.

Now as I have said previously, I am a pacifist and I do not believe in the draft. I personally would not tell anyone to join the military. I do not believe that the children of congressmen or any politician need to join the military. I ask the question because it tells us how little skin the media and politicians have in the game when young Americans are sent to fight and die for this country. I personally had five family members in the military serving in multiple theaters at the same time in the last 15 years or so.

If you ever wonder why the Veterans Administration is not fully funded or why military families are not taken better care of or why military pensions are so small, it is because the politicians and their families don't understand nor care about them, they are tools for getting elected. Sure, all politicians say how much they respect the military and the fine young men that protect this country, just apparently not enough to take care of them.

As for the views of the military, well, among  active service personnel Trump is favored 2 to 1 over Hillary if you include people who don't intend to vote and 3 to 1 if you only look at likely voters. Trump also leads by very large numbers with officers.

Military Times - Military Times survey: Troops prefer Trump to Clinton by a huge margin.

Now, in case you don't know, it is practically impossible to become an officer without having a Bachelors degree. In fact, is is very difficult to find any industry where all the managers are required to have college degrees, you don't need a college degree to be a stock trader or even a politician.

So when you read in the media that Trump supporters are all racist and ignorant, remember they are talking about our military personnel to.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Media Morons, Don't Call People Stupid or Racist for Not Liking Hillary.

Facebook - Mike Rowe - Hillary, Stop Insulting Voters. So this guy named Mike Rowe said that he was tired of people saying that Trump supporters were uneducated and therefore not reasonable or intelligent. He talked about how there were a lot of people who couldn't afford college but still built their own businesses and were successful. He defended those who did not go to college from those who call them idiots and scum. He missed the point, it is not merely an attack on them, it is a justification for elitism.

Mr. Rowe was the star of a show called "Dirty Jobs", it was about the hard working decent people who do the dirty work that is needed for us to have a decent society. Attacking people for being American seems to be in vogue this year by the elitist scum. You know that the people who die in wars fighting for this country rarely graduate college? Calling them undeserving of having an opinion is disgusting. Then again, elitists have referred to the army as stupid cattle in the past. You are good enough to die for them; but, not choose your leaders.

I love simple questions so I shall ask one. If we all live this life, whose opinion is meaningless and be ignored? What does your IQ need to matter? They used to say that women and blacks should not be allowed to vote because they were incapable of understanding things. If uneducated whites (no college degree) does not matter than why do you believe the democrats value the opinion of uneducated women, blacks and Hispanics?

I don't believe in parties, I believe in beliefs. I believe in communities getting together, we call that socialism. I believe in people helping one another.

They Just Don't Get It

The media wants to make this election about personalities and that is not what it is about. We have been lied to for a long time and the lies are running thin. Forbes and Bloomberg tell us that the more extreme the income inequality, the better off we are, I have posted links to their articles where they say just that. We are told the talking point that the wealthy are the "job creators"; but, all the jobs are being created overseas and not here. We are told that wanting to control immigration is racist, yet, we need to have passports to even visit Mexico. The truth is that few if any Americans favor open borders, yet, those statistics are never reported.

If you can, tell me what Hillary Clinton's policies are. You cannot because she does not make policy speeches. In fact, she doesn't even give press conferences (it has been almost a year since she last did). Some on the right believe the media has a liberal bias, I do not. I believe that the fact that Bill Clinton deregulated the media allowed it to become a monopoly where six companies control 90% of all the media in America and that media is multinational and corporatist.

Telling young people that things are improving just isn't convincing when in many cities it costs $2,000 or more to rent a one bedroom apartment and the only jobs they can get pay $8 an hour. You cannot tell kids that things are looking up when over half of the people under 30 have to live at home and many of them have college degrees; but, still cannot get jobs or even pay their student loans. These are the things that this election is about, not whether or not Trump likes his stakes cooked well done.

If all the media was state owned you would expect it to be pro-government. If all the media was owned by China, you would expect it to be pro-China. The media is owned by multinational companies and is pro-multinational corporations. It is not too difficult to see if you just look and read what their spin is. Hillary Clinton does not need to spin the media, they spin for their own reasons in her favor and the reason is that they do not want change.

MSN - The New York Times - Hillary Clinton Gets Gored.  The New York Times has made it very clear that they support Hillary in the past, now they claim that questions about her honesty are unfair and even questioning what the Clinton foundation is unfair. This newspaper has also said that fairness itself is unfair and that they feel no need to be unbiased when it comes to this election. How then can we trust or believe anything they say.

It was the younger people who first began complaining about the 1%, they also were the first to point out how the trade agreements were taking away jobs from America. If you think they stopped believing those things than you do not understand the Trump or Sanders revolutions.

The Guardian - Luxury camp at Burning Man festival targeted by 'hooligans'.  Someone once told me that I should respect my superiors, I told them that they were not my betters. That was while I was working in government. The media should be careful in dealing with the younger generation as they do not believe them.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Self Driving Cars, Propaganda and Tax Cheats (Apple).

AP - World's first self-driving taxis debut in Singapore.  Still think this is decades away?

MSN - Self-Driving Cars Are Coming For Your Jobs.  The author of the post says, yes, millions of jobs will be eliminated; but, stop whining and don't worry.

Bloomberg- The Robot Surgeon of Your Nightmares Can Wiggle Its Way Inside You.  Even technical jobs will disappear.

MSN - AFP - Trump victory could cause global recession: Citigroup.  Of course we should trust Citigroup, they may have been a big part of the global economic crash that we have already had; but, next crash they are going to blame Trump rather than their own policies.

The Washington Times - Climate-change activists call for tax policies to discourage childbirth. It is not about climate change, they just don't need this many people to keep the machines working.

Yahoo - US taxpayers could end up covering Apple's back taxes in Ireland.  Apple will not pay their United States taxes; but, may ask for a U.S. tax deduction for taxes they are paying in Ireland. Is this not insanity that it would even be considered?

Independent - The new TTIP? Meet TISA, the 'secret privatisation pact that poses a threat to democracy'.  Another treaty, another takeaway of personal freedom and national choice.