Sunday, March 6, 2016

What's Going On - Parts 1 through 4

Most of the people I know are looking around the world and don't really understand why things are changing. They know things are headed in the wrong direction for the majority of people and cannot understand why their elected officials are not helping them. That is the reason why anti-establishment candidates are winning. Tonight I will put the pieces together for my readers, I have been writing about the pieces, now I will show how they are connected.


When World War II began, the wealthy and powerful believed they needed us to fight for them and protect their interests. That meant that they needed us, the majority, the unwashed masses that they despised. If you don't understand this then you don't understand how people lived prior to World War II, it was a mess and the workers lived in filthy tenements. The conditions were so bad that the wealthy and powerful supported eugenics. In fact, eugenics began in England and America before it became the Nazis mainstay. After World War II the wealthy and powerful needed Americans to make things for the rest of the world because Europe, Russia, China and Japan were all in tatters. Because America was the industrial giant of the world, it needed to have educated people who could work the machines and lots of them. As a result, the GI bill was instituted and millions of ex-soldiers went to college and into business. Those ex-soldiers were making more money than the average guy had in the history of the nation and started having kids, those kids became the hippies. The 60s generation went to college on their parents expense and outnumbered the previous generations, that is the baby boom generation. The boomers also didn't like what they saw and decided to change the world. They ended segregation and rejected the control that was put on them. They even had the gall to protest against those in power and that scared the powerful because they knew they were outnumbered.

Population and the American Future - The Report of The Commission on Population Growth and the American Future. The report was commissioned by President Nixon in 1969 and published in 1972. As a result of that report the term overpopulation began being used. Overpopulation can be looked at in two different ways. Overpopulation can be seen as the world having more people that can be fed and taken care of or it can be viewed as having more people than are needed to work at making things that people want. For the people who run this world, it means the latter. The people who profit the most from this world do not see a reason to have more people than they need to profit off this world and with more effective robotics. they don't need as many of us as are alive. In fact, worldwide the number of workers will drop by a minimum of 45% in the next decade or so. Think about that. In America it is expected that we will lose 75 million jobs as the number of people needing jobs will increase. Think about that.


Why is the world spending so much time, money and effort on genetically modifying humans? Do we really need to spend billions of dollars so that someone can choose the sex of their children? Does that actually make any sense to you? Why is the world spending billions of dollars to make smarter people? Does the average worker really need to be a genius to serve you at McDonalds? Smarter people means the people who own this world need fewer people. More controlled people means they need fewer people. More effective soldiers means they need fewer people to protect themselves and steal from their opponents. Look up DARPA and Super Soldiers.


Autonomous vehicles, advanced computer algorithms and computerized decision making means that even the managers and strategists will not be needed. Why would any rational person put decision making in the hands of computers? The answer is simple, because the people who own this place don't want the rest of us being able to redirect where the world is heading. They have their plan and they don't want a fight. This is partly why the "establishment" is so afraid of Sanders and Trump they have a different agenda, they actually want to find a place for those who are losing their jobs and won't be needed anymore.


I will now summarize in simple terms. If you believe technology will replace workers in ten years, twenty year or a hundred years then you have to ask yourself, if you owned the place, if you were the .01%, how many servants would you want to keep around? Perspective is just that, it is how an individual views what they want and need. How do you think the maybe 1,000 that own 90% of this world view the rest of us? Do you think they feel they need us and should treat us well? If so, you are delusional and do not understand history. In Rome, those who were not seen as citizens (needed) were treated as slaves and enemies. Human nature has not changed. Prior to World War II things were still run in the same way, the haves (those whose opinions and needs mattered and chose how the game would be played) and the have not's (those who made the system work and were kept ignorant over what the system really was).

Here is my simple request to my readers. Every time you see the world acting in a way that "makes no sense", ask yourself if the filter I have just described explains why. Now there is a larger reason for all of this; but, until my readers understand this aspect, they cannot understand the larger context.

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