Friday, March 31, 2017

I Fear Things Are About To Get Weird

The Pimpernel does not have a good brain. The Pimpernel is always looking for anomalies. This is an anomaly.

A few weeks ago WikiLeaks released a series of files called "Vault 7". They released it in parts. The first part asked What is Vault 7, the second asked Where is vault 7, the third asked When is vault 7, the fourth asked Who is vault 7, the fifth asked why is vault 7 and the sixth asked How did vault 7 make it's way to WikiLeaks. Well, the first release of vault 7 was files showing how all of your appliances, cell phones and computers can be used to track and monitor you. Yep.

When WikiLeaks first announced vault 7 there was a lot of speculation about what they were going to release. Would it be about the Iraq war, 9-11, aliens, whatever. In the end vault 7 released information about how the government spies on all your communications. Snowden and Manning already proved that, Vault 7 just showed how it was done. Yet, that is only part one of vault 7 disclosures and we have been told there are very many more coming.

So here is what happened today.

MSN - Fox News - FBI releases photos from 9/11 attack at Pentagon

The FBI released these photos from a website called, "FBI Records: The Vault" . 

I want you to look at the pictures the FBI released and ask yourself a simple question. Why did they keep these pictures as secret since over a decade ago. What is so chilling or personal or confidential that  that these pictures were kept secret so long? Why release these pictures now? If WikiLeaks Vault 7 turns out to be about 9-11 it will not be good. It will be something bad, real bad. I am not saying that I see this coming, I just don't like the anomalies. Be well.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How About Some music

We haven't done this in awhile so I thought I might just post some links to music that is not heard often.

YouTube - The Cowsills Hair 1969 IN COLOR !!  

YouTube - Dirt Nasty & Smoov-E - Swerve [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

YouTube - Thunderclap Newman Something In the Air with LYRICS

YouTube - Dr Hook - Marie Laveau

YouTube - The Weight - The Band (lyrics). 

YouTube - Dr Hook I Call That True Love

YouTube - 1980 - Dirt Nasty

YouTube - Dr Hook - Makin It Natural

YouTube - The Who - See Me, Feel Me / Listening to You.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Truths is Inside You and #Pizzagate.

There is a group called Inforwars. It is run by a man named Alex Jones. I think some of the information Mr. Jones provides is worthy of investigate; but, I never take his word for anything and don't use him as a source. I have more faith in Styxhexenhammer666 (a libertarian and occultists according to his own words) and H.A. Goodman (a socialist) being objective in their analysis than I do of Mr. Jones.

Infowars had previously done pieces on #Pizzagate and for all Mr. Jones's bravado, he had to issue a formal apology.

YouTube - A Note to Our Listening, Viewing and Reading Audiences Concerning Pizzagate Coverage.  Now, I can tell you why he apologized, he apologized because he was threatened with a lawsuit. While he makes millions and can afford a lawsuit, his attorneys told him to apologize.

When the Pizzagate story broke, I wrote about it. I wrote that it was garbage, not because it might not be true; but, because there was no specific evidence linking anyone to a specific crime. If someone has specific evidence of a specific crime my recommendation is always, DON'T POST IT ON THE INTERNET, GIVE IT TO THE POLICE. I think I have made that abundantly clear over the years. My most read post in history is about the murder of Pastor Carol Daniels and I have told commenters that I will not post unsubstantiated claims regarding the matter and that if they have something new to add to the investigation they should give it to the police. I even told the OSBI that they have my permission to look at anything I have received. Let me be clear, if someone ever sent a comment with information regarding the murder of Pastor Daniels that I knew was provable, I would not post it and would send it to the police instead.

So what does this have to do with Pizzagate, nothing and everything. There are valid and reasonable rules regarding libel and slander and those rules apply to the internet. The fact of the matter is that slander (spoken words) are almost never the subject of lawsuits because if you tell your brother someone is a crook, he probably won't swear in court that you said it and it would be hard to prove that the statement cost you money or a promotion or a job. Libel is different, it is the written word and the law is different because published statements last forever and an apology doesn't stop all of the damage.

An example is in order. If I am talking on the phone to my brother and say that Donald Trump is a pedophile, it is almost impossible for me to believe that Trump could effectively sue me for slander. Any evidence would be hearsay and inadmissible in court. If I am on CNN and say the exact same thing, I can be sued for libel and quite easily. I am unaware of anyone ever being successfully sued for slander or libel for things they said on the CB radios that were so popular in the past.  They were almost never recorded and were immediate. CBs were radios, like long range walkie talkies that truckers and others used while just rollin along.

I didn't get caught in the trap and I told my readers to NOT repost speculation or we would all lose credibility. Here is what I posted at the time.

The Truth is Inside You - Pizzagate? The Coonsequence of Fake News and Being Like the Mass Media

Read the post written last year when the "story" first broke. I wrote to my readers to not repost garbage on their social media. I talked about law suits and being provable. Nothing has changed for me, I am not afraid of being de-monetized because I have never been monetized. I am not afraid of being sued because I always link to the source. Speculation is fine to a degree, it is fine when it is just you or you are just speaking to a trusted group of friends who know when you are being stupid. When you have a million followers or a hundred thousand followers, like Styxhexenhammer666. you have to understand your words can be libel.

There is a old saying, "With great power comes great responsibility", there are many variations on it; but, they all mean the same thing. When one starts having as much power and as many readers as some local newspapers one should assume they will be held to the same standard. Here now is the truth about Pizzagate. Nobody has presented evidence of a "specific" crime committed by a "specific" person. Nobody has actionable evidence of a real crime. Tell me when, where, why or how a crime was committed. If you think you have specific evidence DON'T POST IT ON THE INTERNET, give it to the police.

Now to pedophilia. There are rich and powerful people involved in pedophilia. I have previously posted to

YouTube - Boys for Sale (1981 Forgotten Documentary).

YouTube - CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE [Banned Discovery Channel Documentary]            

I am not afraid of addressing the issue. I have done it more than once; but, knowing that there are rich pedophiles does not mean you know who they are or what they did or have anything to give law enforcement. Do not accuse people of crimes that you cannot prove have merit. If lots of people read your links or Facebook then monitor what you allow. Don't have Facebook edit you, edit yourself. Do the same in your personal life. Don't ignorantly say every thought that comes into your head.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Real News You Probably Missed

MSN - USA Today - More renters than homeowners in Detroit.  The future will be all renters and a landowner class. That is what happens when there is no middle class.

McClatchy DC Bureau - FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites. Why are we investigating the free press? It is not an attack on the "alt-right", it is an attack upon free speech.

MSN - Schiff: I have 'grave concerns' over Nunes's surveillance claim.  Congressman Schiff is concerned that congressman Nunes pointed out that he had been given intelligence documents that named Americans in the transcripts, which by the way is illegal unless they are the ones being investigated pursuant to a court order or a FISA order. Schiff doesn't care about illegal surveillance, only telling people it is going on.

WTOP - Associated Press - Australia pair are first foreigners to own US radio stations.  Communist China is buying up Hollywood studios and our mass media is being purchased by people in foreign countries. How fair do you think the news media will be?

YouTube - Mark Dice - CNN and MSNBC Caught Using Same “LIVE” Guest at Same Time Doing Different Interviews!! 

YouTube - The Know - YouTube BOYCOTT By Advertisers! Break out #YouTubeIsOverParty - The Know Tech News The media hates competition and intends to eliminate anyone other than themselves getting money from advertisers.

Sydney Morning Herald - The real politics of envy isn't about wealth: it's about the city we wish we had.  It is about community, not envy.

Sydney Morning Herald - Free trade opportunism? How Chinese Premier Li's visit positions US on the outer.  Funny how globalists never complain about China having closed borders or their abuses of the Tibetan people.

Read more here:

YouTube - boogie2988 - #YoutubeAgeGate, Restricted Mode, and LGBTQ+ community.  YouTube is beginning to restrict YouTubers, even innocent content creators who talk about videogames.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Rights, What do You Have a Right To?

When you are born, you are born to an equal right to everything in the world. People are not born entitled to more than anyone else. We are all born as deserving as everyone else is born. There is no moral justification for accepting that men can be born slaves. I think everyone agrees with this in principal; but, then it gets political.

How do you justify saying that you have a right to be born into being your slave? The kings and queens actually believe that the gods or god has found them specially deserving of owning others and countries. Let me put it another way, what do you the right to inherit? What advantage are you entitled to over others because of whose vagina you came out of?

As a society, what do new members have a right to once allowed here? If one only has a right to what they "earn" then you don't have a right to inherit ANYTHING. You didn't earn your parents stuff.

If you tell children that they have a right to NOTHING, then they have no reason to respect your right to anything either. If you tell them they are born into debt, then they have moral right to take anything they can from you because if they can be born into debt and you are born into wealth, they are born slaves and don't have to respect anything you have.

Let me put this is a historical perspective, consider Polynesia. Children were born on islands where there we only 2,000 people. If one person or even two could own everything on that island and you were just born, what moral reason would you have for accepting that. When one person owns and controls everything you are living in a despot controlled totalitarian world. That is how it was in England. You could not hunt in the Kings woodlands.

Look beyond all the social training you have had and ask the most fundamental questions outlined above. When less than .01% of all the people born on earth are automatically entitled to own 90% of all that is, you live in a despot controlled, totalitarian oligarchy. For there to be a social contract, nobody can come into this world entitled to nothing or in debt or in slavery while another is born owning everything.

Rights do not exist unless they come from God and that applies to Atheists too. Sometimes it is just easier for them to see. Funny, I am not talking to the atheists, I am talking to the Christians. Some will say that God has chosen our leaders, that may have been chosen at one time, does it apply today. God spoke to Solomon, do you think he spoke to Bill Clinton? How bout George Bush? What about Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot?

What you are seeing right now in politics internationally is the wealthy moving to establish a world where you own nothing and are born having a right to nothing and will be unable to earn anything. That is what happens when human labor is no longer needed and you are not born wealthy.

I do not know why so many are suddenly reading this blog, I almost wrote about the relationship between men and women today and may finish that post yet; but, I was watching a video with Kristen Bell at some sort of women's conference and she said something that made me think of this and I don't remember what it was. Still, this is what it made me consider.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some Clarity on Reality the Media Intentionally Confuses

The mass media is basically propaganda. It is a tool of global corporations and the interests of their owners to influence public policy and elections. Currently the corporate media is just involved in spin and propaganda. How dishonest is the media, well we know that Donna Brazile, the head of the DNC, gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton while working for CNN. and that other reporters asked Clinton's people if they wanted to edit or change their stories. While that is not illegal, it is certainly dishonest and is a form of election tampering; but, nobody seems to care.

The Trump Russia Connection - Corporatists Politicians on the left are attempting to claim that there was improper collusion between Trump and Putin. The media claims that if Trump's team ever spoke to anyone to Russia some law was violated. This is simply not true. The truth is that politicians regularly meet with foreign officials. I personally have met with government representatives from China, Israel, Singapore and other nations while working for the government. The media often discusses how "Russia hacked the election without ever defining hacking. Lets talk about that for a minute.

The term hacking is when you go online and "hack" into someone else's account. To hack an election would therefore be to hack the voting machines and according to the 50 states involved and our intelligence agencies, NO voting machines were hacked. This was further evidenced by the recounts which found no hacking. What does this mean, it means the election was NOT hacked. Now some have claimed that because RT (Russia's version of BBC America) spoke positively about Trump as compared to Clinton that this somehow was illegal or improper. IT IS NOT. In fact the BBC did the opposite, disparaging Trump and praising Clinton. Foreign countries have concerns over American policies.

Another approach the media has taken is to claim that Trump has a Russia connection because he sold units in his building to Russians. What a shock. People from all over the world bought properties in Trump's properties. That is how developers make their money, by selling properties and that is also not illegal or suspicious. The truth is that Trump has NO properties in Russia.

The whole narrative is garbage. As for claims that Russia hacked the DNC servers, also garbage. Lets start with the fact that the DNC has refused to turn over their servers to the FBI to even be examined. This is an important point, how can the media make claims without any proof only the self serving statements by a company that worked for the DNC?

Did Obama Wiretap Trump Tower? - So President Trump tweeted that Obama had Trump tower wiretapped. The media prefers to play verbiage games rather than address the issue. Lets start with this point, after the election President Obama came out and instructed the intelligence agencies to investigate any Trump Russia connections and any Russian influence on the election. He also stated he wanted the report prior to his leaving office.

Many in the media have claimed that Trump was not "wiretapped" and while this is technically true it is also insincere. Phones are not technically "wiretapped" this is because cell phones are instead intercepted as they are transmitted over the airwaves and are not carried over physical telephone lines anymore.

So what do we now know. We know that conversations inside Trump Tower were recorded by the government under Obama. We know that there are transcripts and recordings of some of those conversations and we know that it is illegal to record said conversations without a warrant or permission from a FISA court. The defense used by the media to this is to say that the recordings were "incidental" to other investigations. Huh? We committed surveillance illegally on Americans in America; but, it was an accident. That is patently stupid. It also came out today that Trump himself was recorded during this surveillance; but, again that seems to have been another accident. Who buys this garbage?

Whether you like Trump or hate him, we should not accept what the media spins. I will say it again. Six companies own 90% of all the mas media in the United States. We do not have an independent media, we have a corporate controlled media that is globalist and represents globalist rather than American interests. We need to break up the big media giants using anti-trust laws so that a variety of voices can be heard.

You Have To Keep an Eye on Politicians Making Investing Decisions

We are continuing to see a couple hundred views per day. I do hope that those who enjoy my ramblings would be kind enough to send others here to check out the site. I am currently considering posting on YouTube. I would probably make videos with no pictures of me, just illustrative pictures and a voice recording.

I don't have a problem with public speaking, I am just not sure if I want my face on the internet. The truth is that blogging began dying out just as I started this blog. The chance of getting heard is greater on YouTube than it is on blogger. Two things I do not like about vlogging are the facts that it forces one to act faster and it's focus on images. I prefer the written word; but, if the words are not heard it does not matter and format determines distribution. I don't monetize this site, it pays nothing; but, being more widely distributed would be nice. I seek to cause conversation, not agreement.

Let's talk about pensions, how you are played and how money is stolen from others because of you. That is a head scratcher isn't it. Here is an article, you have to read it to get the joke.

The Mercury News - U.S.-Mexico border wall fight: California considers divesting from companies involved in the project.  The Mercury News is the newspaper for San Jose, a very liberal tech area. People in that area are really in favor of immigration, especially tech people, it keeps wages down. The article talks about how the state legislature wants to make a law telling the pension funds that they cannot invest in any company that helps build the wall between the United States and Canada.

While you ponder how you feel about the wall, you miss the point. While you ponder whether people should or should not buy stock in companies that you think should change their policies or who they contract with. While you ponder these things that are irrelevant, you miss the point. You miss the trick, start by knowing politicians are fraudsters and everything they say is for another reason, their priorities are not what you think, their priorities are them.

The pension fund in question is not owned by the state, it is owned by the people that have paid into the pension, the pensioners. The state does NOT own the pension, it is not their money. A pension is like a bank account, it is forced savings by you and for you in lieu of getting paid more money now. Politicians in California want to tell the pension fund where they can and cannot invest; but, are the willing to pay the pension fund if it loses money because of these investments? NO, they are not. Remember how we have been told every public pension in the country is bankrupt, they are not, now the politicians want to force investment decisions that might hurt the pensions even more with the state being responsible. If the state dictates how the pensions invest, the state takes on legal responsibility for the pensions wins and losses.

The game you are witnessing is not about border walls, it is not about Trump, it is about stealing pension money, directing where it goes and being paid for such help. I have not written about pensions in a while and some of my newer readers may not understand what I am talking about. For them, find the tag at the bottom of this post which says "pension fraud", if you click it you should see all the other posts about this subject. Basically, everything you believe about the state of public pensions is a lie, they are in a great place. I know that is hard to believe; but, remember the media lies to take care of corporate interests. Read the posts.

Pension are being robbed because that is where the money is in the eyes of Wall Street. Thieves do not rob Fort Know, they rob the local bank that is not as savvy or well protected. That is the reason the biggest crooks in the past 20 years are stealing from pensions and 401k's. Read the posts about Elliot Broidy and the CIM Group, read the posts and understand that all the politicians involved benefited from helping developers in their cities.

I have noticed that the new readers are focused on politics. the pension fraud threads are politics and money and propaganda.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I Have Passed 100,000 Hits

Blogs have come and gone; but, this one has the rare honor of having received over 100,000 hits. The first post may have received only 2 hits. Bloggers are not the thing anymore, now people post videos. I am considering doing the same and switching over to vlogging. If you have an opinion on the matter, let me know your thoughts. Thank you and be well.

Smart Objects and Dumb Politicians

MSN - In the future, devices will think for you.  In the future we will see the "internet of things" where every object has it's own internet address. I told you about this years ago when the internet increased it's number of available individual IP addresses. Think about it this way, think about how everything you buy has an individual barcode. Well, now everything will be connected to the internet that has a barcode, so that it can be tracked and monitored, just like you are.

MSN - Pirelli's smart and stylish connected tires are here. Even your tires can tattletale on you now.

The Gazette - New technology, $10,000 reward aimed at finding Fort Carson soldier's killer from 1987.  We can even tell what you look like from your DNA, past, present and future.

WND - Pat Buchanan - Is McCain hijacking Trump's foreign policy?  To start with, I don't like the source of this article; but, I don't like the Washington Post either. Pat however was in government and was important in decision making so it is worth knowing what he has to say.  The takeaway from this article is that John McCain called Rand Paul a Russian agent for disagreeing with him on a policy, you can find the video on YouTube. It seems the only response that politicians who have sold themselves out to the moneyed interests can do is call people Russian agents.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thank You Twitterer

This blog is now getting about 200 hits a day. Still small in the scheme of things; but, ten times as many as five years ago. After noticing the increase I began looking at traffic sources and it seems that someone linked to it on twitter. Now, I do not use twitter; but, obviously someone read something and linked to my blog that does. If anyone comes here from twitter, please direct me to the account that linked to me.

Friday, March 17, 2017

What Happens if Trump Fails?

It is fun to watch the media response to Trump. If nothing else he is a catalyst that causes people to expose themselves. Trump is neither Satan nor savior. He is a reflection of your hopes and fears. People we cannot control make us question whether or not we believe in control and when we think we have the right to control others or societal decisions.

People are sheep, they follow a herd instinct and seek to avoid confrontation or pain. They have no intent and do what they feel benefits them. We count on the rams to lead the pack and know better which fights we can win and which fights we cannot.

The job of the sheepdog is to keep the sheep together and fight off predators to protect them. Not all dogs become good sheepdogs, only the ones that like being around sheep. The shepherds job is to do what is best for the sheep and make them as happy as possible until they need a haircut.

The bible says that a time will come when the shepherds will be bad shepherds and not care about the sheep because they are hired men and the sheep are not theirs. You do not have to be a Christian to understand this analogy about leaders. Our leaders are bad shepherds and Trump is merely exploiting their failure. Our leaders have not worked in our best interests and have not looked out for their sheep.

Whether Trump succeeds or fails doesn't matter. People can see that the system no longer works for them, Trump and Sanders were merely the latest expression of that feeling. It does not matter how the media tells people that life is better when the people in most of this country have only seen things get worse for the past 40 years, you cannot convince things are getting better, the lies don' work anymore.

If the people who have been getting worse off for the last 40 years are not helped, whether by Trump or not, they will only get more extreme. Trump has appeased them for the moment as they are patient and hard working. If Trump does not make them better off we are going to see real extremism. That is what you get when people have no hope. The exact same would have been true if Sanders had one and been prevented from helping them. Sanders and Trump were talking to the same audience.

A war is coming between the rich and the poor and the rich know it. They plan to eliminate the middle class from the west and raise the income of the people from the third world. That has been the plan since the 1970s and I have posted links to their own documents showing that. They don't explain their reasons; but, they explain where we have been headed and why mostly.

If one believes in consolidation of power than one believes in eliminating the middle class. Take your time with that, read it until you get it.

Too big to fail is the same as to big to be influenced or told what to do. That is the banks. The banks are bad shepherds, yet, they control the world. The banks fear the law, government, democracy changing the rules of the game because we might ask that everyone benefits from this world that we all share. They don't want to share.

The "left" is fighting over what they stand for, big donors or the little guy. The "right" is fighting over the exact same thing and Trump promised to take care of the little guy rather than the establishment. That is why the "left" establishment is going after Trump, they are fighting over the corporate money with the establishment "right".

I was watching a news show earlier where the talking head said that Trumps healthcare plan was being written to placate his large corporate donors. He didn't have any. He spent of what Hillary spent and most of it came from him. He didn't solicit donations that was news for months and was used by the corporate media to prove he wasn't serious. I wrote about this a year ago while it was happening and named names.

I'm sorry, what is the point. The point is that the people in charge are not getting it. The sheep are looking for a good shepherd and don't like or trust any that have come in the last 40 years, they will not go back and trust them again if Trump fails, they will just get mean. The left has nothing to offer the middle class, the right has nothing to offer the middle class, keep proving that. Trump and Sanders were merely mirrors.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Corporate Media, Their Inability to be Be Objective or Truthfull and Trump's Taxes

All day the corporate mainstream media has blared out that Rachel Maddow was going to show Trump's taxes tonight, they even had a countdown clock. Ms. Maddow is on MSNBC which is owned by Comcast. They own NBC, Telemundo and television stations in Latin America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, the Philippines, Turkey and channels that are distributed to Russia and Eastern Europe. They own even more but I didn't want to bore the reader. The point is they are a very large multinational corporation that is dedicated to globalism.

So Rachel Maddow made a big deal about releasing Trump's tax returns tonight and then when she did it showed nothing of import. We'll get back to that in a second. Her hyping the release was picked up on by multiple news outlets, she trolled the media that she is owned by. And what was the earthshattering news she delivered? That Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005, which was roughly a 25% effective tax rate. For every dollar he made, he paid 24 cents in taxes. Comcast in 2008 paid a 20% effective rate and in 2009 paid a 15% effective tax rate. Comcast makes about $80 billion a year in revenue.

This post is not about tax reform or Trump's taxes, it's about the media. So after releasing Trump's tax return with all this lead up and bull, even Maddow knew she had sold fake news, a nothing story. After releasing this bombshell revelation she said that it was possible that Trump's people had sent it to her news source and that it didn't who what his deductions were, only how much the total was, which is your effective tax rate. If you deduct for your house mortgage it is the exact same thing.

While Hillary Clinton claimed that Trump paid nothing in taxes, that was clearly wrong; but, don't worry the Clinton Global Initiative probably didn't pay any taxes as they claimed to be a charity. I don't like the Clintons. Don't feel bad, I didn't like the Bushes or Obama either. I think they are all globalist crooks. I would love to know what the Clinton Global Initiative paid in 2005 or what Rachel Maddow paid in taxes last year.

What we witnessed tonight was a corporate media shill taking out their credibility completely and even the people at CNBC, which is owned by the same people that own her, Here is the opinion piece from CNBC - Op-Ed: Donald Trump just got a nice victory, thanks, of all people, to Rachel Maddow. A few days ago I posted a link to an article by Matt Taibbi where he wrote about how the media was self destructing because they will promote any anti-Trump rumor that comes their way. A YouTube comedian and political commentator made the same point a couple of days ago. I have been saying this since Trump entered the race.

It gets even worse for Ms. Maddow. Many are ridiculing her from her own mainstream corporate media. The corporate media is destroying itself and they cannot stop themselves. When this last presidential election began I said I was going to focus on the media and all the media ended up being about Trump. And all the media proved itself to be propaganda. Propaganda against Sander and then against Trump. From day one, they were called "populists" by the elitists.

I am going to explain to my readers how the game is played at higher levels. Let's say that Trump did let Rachel Maddow get his tax return because he knew the person he sent them to, that gave them to Maddow, was going to give them to her rather than, I don't know FOX or ABC or the New York Times. After reading it, why did she make a big deal about it and have nothing to show for it? Why intentionally kill your own credibility? The media is killing itself and that is dangerous. It is an outgrowth of how they became whores and sold themselves out for money. We are left with FOX and that is a globalist corporate whore too. We do have the independent media on the internet; but, the biggest of them are dogmatic and blind to other opinions.

Here is some heavy duty History analysis, and I have a degree in that. There used to be two types of societies, there were those who appreciated and honored their elders and history. There were also societies where the elderly or non providers were left to die. There was a group in Papua New Guinea's recent past that used to bury elderly people when they could no longer do anything for themselves, they buried them alive and convinced themselves that their elderly were already dead. I met some of them, I met them through a missionary who was the first to interact with them. It was wild.


I wrote the above last night and when I woke up today I began reading the news. There was an article in the Huffington Post which attempted to show how courageous and what a good report Maddow had done. The corporate medial lacks any sense of introspection. The Huffington Post is owned by AOL which is owned by Verizon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Honest Talk About Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) doesn't provide for everyone to get healthcare and often hurts the poor. It does let people with pre-existing health issues get care at a better rate and that is good; but, it does nothing to bring down the cost of pharmaceuticals. The insurance companies love it because they make lots of money and basically have monopolies within states. No, I do not like Obamacare.

The GOP plan and the Paul Ryan plan are even worse for most people and don't fix any of the problems of Obamacare. These plans do however provide tax breaks for the wealthy. I don't like either of those plans. We don't yet know what Trump is going to propose, so I can't talk about it yet.

The real question is not which of the bad plans above is the best; but, how should healthcare work in the United States. Should everyone have healthcare? What is the purpose of healthcare insurance? Should we regulate the cost of healthcare? How should we pay for healthcare as a nation or is it everyone for themselves?

I am for universal healthcare even if you cannot afford it yourself. There are a number of ways we can achieve this while bringing down costs. How do I know this? Because other countries do this. Medicaid and Medicare could be expanded so everyone could use it. That wouldn't be hard to do and everyone gets social security. We could create true socialized medicine as is done in Europe and Canada. We could also stop giving pharmaceutical companies patents and the government could produce the drugs that people use, that would bring down drug costs immensely. There are lots of things we could do. Congress is not exploring any alternatives to Obamacare that would bring down drug costs or provide universal coverage because the wealthy would have to pay more.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Why Are You Paying Your Local Government to Track Your Movement?

Los Angeles is big, it is real big. There are 88 distinct cities in Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles is just one. Burbank, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, San Fernando, Lancaster are just some of the better known ones. The County of Los Angeles also includes areas that are not cities, we call them unincorporated areas. The County has about 11 million residents and encompasses about 4,750 square miles. That is more land mass than some states. It is in fact twice the size of Maryland.

Do you understand that your taxes are paying for a future where you are monitored all day by the government and private industry? Do you know that your taxes are paying to eliminate your jobs if you are in the transportation industry.

Let me explain. Right now towns throughout the United States are paying ten times as much to stripe their crosswalks so that self driving cars will know where the lanes are. There has been NO media reporting on how we are all spending more to paint the streets rather than pave them. Now you are about to take your sales tax and use it to pay to monitor your movements.

Soofa Bench Yes, a bench that allows you to charge your phone while tracking every phone around it and tracking the users.

Soofa Bench Information.  Here is a page from their website where they talk about data mining. If you think this is garbage, read how the City of Boston, of Los Angeles and New York are using these benches right now and you taxes are being used to pay for them.

Watch the video, it is 3 minutes long. It has the mayor of Boston talking to someone from Soofa on a bench installed in Boston and ends with the people of Boston being asked where they want their benches installed without once discussing price or how your tax dollars are going to pay for them.

There are other companies building these.

YouTube - EcoUnix - Smart solar powered Bench

This is all being done to create "Smart Cities.

YouTube - What is a Smart City

 A smart city knows when you leave your house, where you are going, when you get there and adjusts to give preference to some over others. It exists to make personal transportation, cars, harder to use for everyone but those who pay extra.

Here is some news for you, cities live off of sales taxes and parking fines along with fees for permits. Counties live off of property taxes, fees and fines. States live off of income tax, sales tax, fees and fines. The federal government lives off of income tax. The wealthy pay no more sales, fees of fines than the rest of us. You can only buy so many cars per year. Sales taxes fall more on the poor and middle class than on the wealthy. Income tax falls on them. They have to pay as they benefit. They don't like that which is why they are against income tax. It is also why 95% of all deductions only apply to the wealthy.

The people in charge want to monitor you and they want you to pay for it. That is why municipalities are using sales tax to pay for it when at the same time they are claiming they cannot pay for teachers or roads to be repaired. The working and middle class are paying to eliminate the 3.2 million jobs in transportation, your local taxes are paying to build the infrastructure to monitor and control you.

Friday, March 10, 2017

3/10/2017 More Stuff

Los Angeles Daily News - Driverless trucks may put human drivers out of work sooner than later

World Economic Forum - Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.  This is the people who control the world saying how the expect the world will be for the rest of us in their own words. They don't expect you to read their publications or believe people who do, that is why I provide you links to their own words. They expect you to own nothing, share in the few things that do exist and be complacent and happy.

Motherboard - This Shanghai Factory Plans to Replace All of Its Human Workers.  I really want you to think about this. People in China will work there for pennies on the dollar; but, people in the west are told they have to work for the same amount while China is automating all jobs out of existence, are we competing with the Chinese or the machines?

Rolling Stone - Matt Taibbi - Why the Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media.  One of the few real journalists left, Mr. Taibbi, puts aside his hatred for Trump and talks the truth. The truth is that as the media is destroying the little faith people have in them by spewing speculation and nonsense for political and corporate reasons against everything Trump does. Mr. Taibbi correctly points out that they are akin to the little boy who cried wolf and will be ignored when they should attack Trump's actions in the future.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Paying Off the National Debt and Fully Funding Government Services is Easy

It really is; but, it will be hard for you to understand and we can pay off the debt without raises taxes at all. What if it was as simple as getting rid of all tax deductions for everyone and every company over $100,000? Think about that. What if we limited tax deductions to $100,000 a year for any filer?

We would let companies and people take any deductions they wanted; but, the total deduction could exceed $100,000 a year. Do you know how much more taxes would be collected and only from the rich? Enough to pay for universal health care, universal education and universal retirements. What if we limited the wealthy to the same tax deductions available to the middle class or working class? Why do people get more tax breaks the more they make? Oh, yeah, because the wealthy write the laws and have decided they should have more tax breaks than the rest of us.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why WikiLeaks Vault 7 is Important

Wikileaks has just published information on how the CIA hacks all electronic communications. By using their software they can watch you and listen to you through your smartphone, smart tv and even control your car. This has all been rumored for years; but, now it has been proven and documented. As the corporate media downplays this, it really should be the headline on all news sources, they cannot stop the information from coming out because other countries papers will discuss it.

WikiLeaks - Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Wall Street Journal - WikiLeaks Exposes Purported CIA Cyberhacking Tools

Fox - WikiLeaks releases 'entire hacking capacity of the CIA'. 

Sunday Morning Herald - WikiLeaks opens 'Vault 7', claims CIA is using your TVs, smartphones and cars for spying

International Business Times - Edward Snowden Reacts To WikiLeaks' Vault 7 Dump, Calls CIA Documents 'Authentic'

ABC Online - WikiLeaks releases thousands of 'Vault 7' documents, reveals CIA's 'entire hacking capacity'

Jewish Business News - Wikileaks Releases Mysterious “Vault 7”, the CIA Hacking Documents

CNN - Wikileaks claims to reveal how CIA hacks TVs and phones all over the world

The Independent - WikiLeaks publishes massive trove of CIA spying files in 'Vault 7' release

Monday, March 6, 2017

Obama, Wiretaps and Stories

Well President Trump announced that the Obama administration had bugged Trump tower and his people. The liberal corporate media claims this is silly while the conservative corporate media claims it may have happened. Obama claims he never ordered such a thing; but, that is not quite true.

Lets go back in time to when Trump got elected, that is when the Russia nonsense really began. About a month prior to the election the media and Hillary still believed she would win; but, a month before the election she must have known she was losing because she returned the fireworks that she had planned for her celebration.

After the election results the establishment democrats and corporate media began to look for someone to blame while actively seeking to have electoral delegates violate their duty and change the election outcome. Lets also remember that during the election the media was actively working for Hillary going so far as to feed her debate questions in violation of the media's agreements with the parties and candidates, sending articles to Hillary prior to their being published and using falsely weighed surveys to con the public. I wrote about all of these things at the time and they are not in dispute. The Clinton people even got Stephen Colbert to do a couple of positive pieces on the Clinton Global Initiative.

So, after all that and after Trump becomes President elect, Obama called for called for a review of Russian interference into the election while his people began to say that Trump was tied to the Russians and that WikiLeaks was too. Here is a CNN post from December 9, 2016.

Let's talk about who hacked the Democratic National Committee's email. It is believed by many that it wasn't "hacked"; but, that someone within the party copied the files. WikiLeaks says that it was not Russian's but won't say who their source was. Having said that, they offered a reward in the suspicious murder of Seth Rich which happened after the release of records by WikiLeaks. We should also remember that the person who actually hacked Clinton's email was a person named Guccifer, a famous hacker.

Bottom line, we don't who hacked the DNC and the totality of US intelligence has yet to prove who did nor shown any proof whatsoever, regardless of how the corporate media chooses to spin it. While the media is laughing at the idea that Obama was behind tapping Trump and his incoming administration, they are also claiming that he does not have the authority to order communications to be tapped. While technically true, it is not quite sincere. Do you really believe a president cannot choose who to investigate? Wait go back and watch that first video where he told the intelligence to investigate the Russians as related to the election. We know that the same people attempted on at least two occasions to get the FISA tribunal to allow the tapping of the phones and that request would have gone through the Obama Justice department. It would have been their attorneys that wrote up the documents.

Let me ask another question. Did Obama order an investigation into who released the peegate rumors to the media? Did he investigate the leak over the briefing he and Trump was given? Nope. The nature of his Presidential briefing was released to the public for the first time and he didn't even comment on it. He wanted the investigation over Russian involvement in the election before he left office and it showed nothing. The media never even bothered asking him what the results were.

So what happens if it turns out that Obama's request to investigate Russian involvement in the election was included in the FISA justification for tapping Trump tower and his people? What happens if the head of the Justice department Lynch approved the FISA request?

I didn't immediately feel this story was going to go anywhere; but, I feel different now. We may see an ex-President tried to high crimes unless he gets a pardon from the person he allowed to be bugged.

Best Month in History For Me

I had 2,700 hits last month and am quickly approaching 100, 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pimpernel Messed Up

Yesterday I decided to download a Nintendo game and it was a mistake. I have only ever owned Nintendo consoles including the original NES and the original Legend of Zelda game. The best way to play these games now is to download an emulator and a copy of the game on what is called a ROM. This is legal, or so they say, as long as you own the game, which I do. The problem was that the download included a hidden Trojan and malware. As a consequence, my computer got jacked up and my internet browser was hijacked.

As a rule I do not download things from any other than verified publishers like Microsoft or Amazon. I don't even download videos or songs. Well, I lost of my links to stories that I was going to write about and have spent last night and today restoring my computer to it's original settings. Serves me right when I know better. Peace.

Friday, March 3, 2017

YouTubers I am Watching

YouTube probably gets more views than anything other than Facebook and Twitter. The biggest YouTuber is PewDePie with about 53 million subscribers. He gets more views in a month than CNN. Still there are tons of other YouTubers that are less well known. I watch many people on YouTube and while I am mainly interested in news stories, I also like to be entertained. These are some of the YouTubers that entertain me. In no particular order.

Randy Santel - Randy does food challenges, which I am not particularly interested in of themselves; but I really like his attitude and commitment. He seems like a decent guy and it is interesting to learn about food challenges.

Elly Awesome - She is a young crazy Aussie girl who is now on an Aussie children's show. I discovered her doing taste tests of different countries snacks. She loves "In and Out" burgers and seems to have too much joy in life.

Rob Dyke - This guy does videos about weird things in the world. He has a good voice and can be very entertaining.

Cayleigh Elise - Like Rob she focuses on weird things. She sets a moody tone with her videos that I like.

Matthew Santoro - He now works for the man; but, I like his videos about random things.

WatchMojo - Top ten lists about anything you can think of produced daily. Always something interesting to hear.

Looper - Random things about movies, always fun.

Leno's Garage - Jay Leno and cars, what more needs to be said.

Stuff they don't want you to know - Another channel with videos about weird stuff.

Strange Mysteries - More videos about random weird stuff.

Wonder Hussy - A women who travels around the desert making videos about different often abandoned places.

Facts - A bunch of young Irish people trying out foods from around the world.

I hope my readers try them out and see if any of them are interesting to you. Have a good night.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Here is What the Corporate Media Thinks is News

The Daily Beast - Ivanka Trump’s Presidential Clothes Crisis Is More Than a ‘Bra Strap’.

Yahoo - Ivanka Trump wore a £2,418 dress and social media is very confused.

Yahoo - Melania Trump’s $9,590 Sequined Skirt Suit Called ‘Inappropriate’ for Congress

Yahoo - Cosmopolitan - Melania Trump Chooses Sparkles for Joint Address.

Yahoo - Money - Want the Dress Melania Trump Wore to Congress? It’ll Cost You

So the corporate media spent the day talking about what Melania and Ivanka wore to Trump's address to congress. Makes sense because Trump actually gave a really good speech and last night the people who hate Trump even admitted that.

YouTube - 'Democrat should have become worried tonight' Van Jones on Donald Trump's address to congress

YouTube - Tom Brokaw: Trump’s Congressional Address Was ‘Easily the Most Presidential He’s Been’

YouTube - Chris Wallace On President Trump's Speech: One Of The Best Speeches I've Ever Hear.

So why all the negative focus today on what Melania and Ivanka wore? Oh yeah, to avoid talking about how Trump gave a good speech. The media has become nothing but a propaganda machine and you can see it.

Shower With Me

Transgenders and bathrooms. Lets get our terms straight first. Transvestites like to dress up as the opposite sex. Transsexuals have things done to their bodies (hormones or surgery or both) so that they will physically be more like the opposite sex. Transgenders don't change their bodies; but, try to look like the opposite sex and view themselves as such.

Certain transgenders that are male want to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex. Now the truth is that women's bathrooms have doors almost always and men's not so much, they have troths or columns of urinals. Women's bathrooms don't have urinals.

If a transgender man, physically, goes into a women's restroom, nobody will see his junk and remember, transgenders still have their sex organs. If a female physically transgender goes into a men's bathroom they will not use the urinal and their sex organs are unlikely to be seen. Read it again and get it in your head.

Now there is a "transgender" female who wants to be on the men's wrestling team and is even taking hormone therapy. Should she shower in the boy's shower? I don't think the boys would complain. In fact, when I was growing up boys would have loved to see a naked girl in the shower even if she identified as a boy. The fact is, we know what men and women look like even when we are young, didn't you ever play doctor?

Anyways, this is a retarded conversation being held by adult liberals.

The Pimpernel is autistic and I hate organizations that are supposedly there to "help" us; but, don't want our opinion. These are the organizations that say we need to be "fixed" and that we have to stop autism in all it's forms. How come nobody asks the kids in school what they want. How many high school girls would like a boy with a penis who identifies as a girl showering with them? Just think about that and ask yourself why they are talking to adults and not surveying the kids in school on what they would like? I am pretty sure that if I had walked in on my daughters taking a shower after puberty they would have flipped out and I would have been angry if they walked in on me in the shower.

We are looking at a world where most people will not have a job or be able to live the American dream, even in America and too many people are making big issues over things that are not real. Liberals are worried that boys with penises and view themselves as women cannot shower with girls. Conservatives are worried about who is using the toilet next to them. Silly things. The media spends more time talking about this than they do over how none of these people will have jobs. The powerful want us to focus on "social" issues rather than how we are all being taken advantage and the corporate media is their too which is why these are the conversations.