Sunday, May 7, 2017

Stephen Colbert did NOT say "Cock Holster" on Television

People are getting sucked into another false story and not verifying it. The corporate media is playing the internet media for fools. Let me explain. Stephen Colbert has been all over the news this week for saying that President Trump was a "cock holster" for Putin. In fact, the FCC has been asked to investigate and a number of people have called for Colbert to be fired. There are a couple of problems with this, most important of which is that it was NOT broadcast as far as I can tell.

YouTube - The Late Show With Stephen Colbert - This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President.

If you go to 11:43 of the video you will find that the words were bleeped out and his mouth was blurred out so that you could not lip read what he said. I have looked for videos with him saying it; but, I haven't found one yet. You cannot get in trouble with the FCC for things that were not broadcast.

New York Post - Bill Maher makes incest joke about Donald and Ivanka

Now we are being told that Bill Maher made an incest joke about President Trump and Ivanka. Watch the video attached to the link above. Two things, one Maher is on HBO, a subscription service that you have to pay to get, not on broadcast television. Short answer, no FCC violation occurred. Second, he never actually said what Ivanka did.

I believe people are intentionally being tricked into filling in the blanks and then reporting it as fact. Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert are trolling the audience and more importantly internet commentators. Don't fall for it and don't say it on your Facebook page or anywhere else. Don't call something true that is not.

Understand that the real attack is on free speech on the internet by the corporate media. Pizzagate was a trick and so is this and neither was an accident.

By the way, Obamacare has NOT been repealed either. The house voted to change aspects of it; but, it has not been passed by the senate nor signed by the President and even if the current law is passed, it still only repeals aspects of it, not all of it.