Saturday, October 21, 2017

Labor, Purpose and Wealth.

We have enough food to feed everyone on earth; but, we do not. We have enough resources to clothe and provide shelter for everyone on earth; but, we don't do that either. We have enough things that we can achieve that we do not need 99.9999% of us to be poor and could make most productive; but, we don't want to do that.

Let's talk about what we could do. We have more than enough minerals and the technology to send us to Mars and beyond. That is not a guess, it is a fact and the fact that we have put men on the moon and sent a spaceship beyond our own solar system says we could do what we want in this arena. We have more than enough people to create a whole industry to put us further into space and improve our infrastructure in any ways we want. Why don't we? What is stopping us?

People who don't understand the illusion of money wealth will say we cannot afford it? Why not, we can print all the money we want and we allocate the resources as we agree to? You will probably not understand the first few times you read it. Money is merely a promise of future labor or materials in exchange for labor or materials today. Money is nothing more than a contract. In and of itself cash has very limited value, it has no intrinsic worth. This becomes real clear during times of hyperinflation. After the south lost the civil war, what was the difference in value between a confederate dollar and a confederate 100 dollar note? None, they were both worth a penny of United States currency and only as an amusement. All of the promises that had been backed up by that cash were voided.

When I got divorced the court said that I got all of our debt (including the debt she acquired while taking her boyfriend to hotels and restaurants as she was cheating on me). The court voided and promises she had made to me (such as being faithful); but, made sure our joint debt was still paid, only by me alone. The government can pick and choose which debts must be met. Why would anyone support a system that only benefits a few, like .001%?

You know in the bible God told the Israelites that all debts had to be extinguished every 7 years. Of course he also said that it was wrong to charge interest? You know what the problem of charging interest is? It means that the value of what you have given changes, that the promise that is made when you get paid in cash does not need to be kept.

We have seen a decrease in the cash value of labor for the past 40 years and an increase in the cost of materials during that same period. Materials are becoming move valuable as labor is becoming less valuable. At the same time minerals are actually becoming cheaper to mine. That is why all the benefit is going to a very few people, the people we allow to own all the minerals and equipment that we as a society have built.

I shall ask it again, how is it possibly right that someone could be born and be entitled to nothing while another can be born entitled to everything, including the life of the one born in debt? Why should anyone accept that they are not entitled to some part of this earth?

There are no rules. There are no laws. There is only common agreement based on mutual benefit. When that common agreement is violated, there is no longer a valid government. This is called the "social contract" in political science. The question of whether or not I should care about any "law" (agreement by others to control me). If you think I am a libertarian, communist, or anything else you are both right and wrong. The only question for a society is how should we organize ourselves to benefit all of us to the fairest and greatest extent possible. Money (promise of labor or material) is supposed to be a tool to achieve that goal; but, we don't use it that way anymore.

News Dump Friday. LOL. Good stuff going on you should know about.

No fancy post today, just cleaning up all the articles that I have been saving for you.

Fortune - Paris Wants to Ban the Combustion Engine by 2030.  Yes, the City of Paris, not the country or province is making this decision on their own.

Fortune - France to Ban Sale of Gas Vehicles by 2040. Here is a line from this article, "The announcement follows Volvo’s announcement on Wednesday that it planned to cease making gas-powered cars and trucks and would instead only make electronic and hybrid vehicles starting in 2019."

Bloomberg - California Considers Following China With Combustion-Engine Car Ban. It might be a really bad time to invest in a new gas station.

Bloomberg - U.K. Joins France, Says Goodbye to Fossil-Fuel Cars by 2040.  Don't worry, you won't have to think about this too much because you are never going to get a chance to vote on it.

MSN - AP - Trump lashes out at Puerto Rico as House passes aid package. Remember the whole Trump Puerto Rico thing? Probably not too much as since then the media has moved onto football players kneeling during the national anthem (Trump's fault), the Las Vegas shooting (Trump's fault) and the President calling the spouse of a dead soldier (Trump's screw up). The story of last week was Harvey Weinstein and funny thing, most corporate mainstream media outlets made sure to make the story about Trump. What a shock. I tell you what, check the media's truthfulness with this simple test. Everytime something bad happens in the next two months see how it ends up being a complaint about Trump or his administration. By the way, we have just committed $35 Billion to repairing Puerto Rico and Trump signed it. That is roughly equivalent to half the national debt of Puerto Rico. The mayor who lashed out at Trump by he way, hasn't thanked the President or this country for the money that I have seen.

The Sacramento Bee - California secessionists think their path to independence is easier than Catalonia’s. California is not going to secede. The money behind this is the tech industry, they don't want to be taxed.

MSN - Bloomberg - This country has plenty of jobs. Where are all the workers?  Here is the narrative they are attempting to sell. Sweden has taken in hundreds of thousands of migrants; but, still can't fill their jobs. Somehow I don't think bringing I more unskilled Arab workers is going to fix this problem. Many of the migrants, if not most, do not speak or write Swedish.

Washintonian - The Washington Post’s New Social Media Policy Forbids Disparaging Advertisers.  Corporate media like the Washington Post, frequently call for censoring the internet and apparently even what their employees say on their own time; but, think it is outrageous that Trump thought the FCC (which is responsible for regulating the airwaves, not cable or the internet) should look at whether or not media conglomerates should have their licenses reviewed when they post knowingly false stories. The concept is that they want to regulate free speech unless they have approved it.

CNET - Jeffrey Katzenberg: Harvey Weinstein 'not a lone actor'. By paragraph two of the article it becomes about Trump.

MSN - Washington Post - Analysis | Longtime foes on foreign policy, McCain and Biden form alliance against Trumpism.  For his part, McCain who has made his career pushing nationalism to get elected now says that nationalism is bad and we should be internationalist. While Biden (from a different article) who has long claimed to be for the average guy is now promoting elitism and says populism (democracy) is the problem. There is no left or right, just globalist working for international corporations.

Julia Reda - What the Commission found out about copyright infringement but ‘forgot’ to tell us.  While the article is interesting as it pertains to copyright, the thing that stuck out for me was that the EU was considering requiring internet providers to use filters that prevent people from uploading material to the internet that hasn't been checked for copyright infringement. The same filter could be used to prevent other things from being uploaded.

Yahoo - Reuters - U.S. bill to regulate internet ads gains bipartisan support with McCain.  McCain is so full of it. Lets go back a bit. PC Magazine - McCain Bill Would Ban FCC Internet Regulations. That article is from 2009.

Huffington Post - What The Hell Was This Rachel Maddow Segment?  I am not even going to comment. It is pretty bad when the uberliberal Huffington Post has to call out uberliberal Trump hating Rachel Maddow for making stuff up about him.

Yahoo - AFP - G7, tech giants agree on plan to block jihadist content online. Here is a line from the article, "While acknowledging progress had been made, Britain's Home Secretary Amber Rudd insisted "companies need to go further and faster to not only take down extremist content but also stop it being uploaded in the first place"." Now if all you read was this article, you might miss this line or the fact that the EU wants to regulate what you can upload as is pointed out in one of the articles above. They want to regulate copyright material and anything that is not acceptable in their eyes; but, the excuse is to fight terrorists.

Read more here:

I have never attempted to hide what I believe in on this blog. I will restate it. I believe in strong national borders, a flat income tax with no deductions, taxing inheritances (you really are not entitled to your parents money), free trade or college education for all, universal healthcare, nationalizing any company that refuses to return it's taxes to the US, freedom of speech (on and off the internet using the same legal precedent - you cannot libel people or engage in a criminal conspiracy) and that we should have a new WPA (government jobs for all rebuilding our infrastructure and building the infrastructure of the future, including sending people to Mars). I believe in reasonable gun control, I do believe people have a right to own guns for hunting and self protection (even though I am a pacifist). I was against the war in Iraq. I have written about all of these things, except the Mars thing, I am going to post on that soon enough. I doubt very much that Trump would agree with me on most of these items; but, I will continue to call out the oligarchical media for lying about him. Read my next post about labor.

Friday, October 20, 2017

A Charming Young Lady

A met a very nice young lady tonight, she was with a friend of mine and was interested in some of the issues I write about on this blog. I think a lot of people have come to understand that the world does not work as we were told. The housing crash, the stock crash, 9-11, the co-option and destruction of the tea party and the violent removal of the Occupy Movement all told people that the world was changing and they were being lied to about the reasons and the methodology; but, they cannot be quite sure why or what is coming. As nature abhors a vacuum there are many who have sought to fill the one in public confidence while the media denies there are answers other than more of the same. Trump and Sanders both rose to prominence because they had answers that offered to actually try something new. That is why both of them are hated by the establishment. This is as true now as when I began saying it almost two years ago.

There are others that seek to fill in the blanks with nonsense. They spike the punch, some unintentionally and others with the malice of self interest. In my own narcissistic way I like to believe that I can fill in the blanks without trying to lead astray or sell you gold. In the almost decade since I began this blog I have never monetized it, had any advertising or sought any contributions. This blog has no resources allocated to it other than the time I spend, I have no assistants and no help writing it (that should be clear from the typos). The readers that come here find it on their own or if someone else mentions it. I have discovered that when it is mentioned on Facebook the readership goes up; but, that hasn't caused me to move to Facebook. Blogger has NEVER sought to have me modify or delete anything I have written. That is why I remain on this site and also why I do not use obscenities or allow comments to use them. It is also why I do not make accusations at specific people of things I cannot prove or substantiate. It is also why I provide source documents as much as possible.

For my readers I am going to give a short critique of those I do not trust to either know or tell you the big picture and some I do trust. I will provide links.

Alex Jones - InfoWars.  I do not recommend him. He does bring up some facts that are not often discussed; but, he always sensationalizes to increase viewership. If anyone has questions about his past I recommend they watch his show from the night when he claimed Y2K (the year 2000) was going to cause all governments to collapse and riots in the streets. Neither thing happened.

Rense - This guy is an anti-Semite who believes the world is controlled by Jews and has never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like ex Klans leader David Duke is one of his contributors.

The Young Turks - They have really gone downhill as they have become more and more partisan. They have never heard a conspiracy about Trump that they didn't believe. They have taken an arrogant position of believing that they know much more than you and you are an idiot for not agreeing with them.

David Icke - I like David Icke and he gets lots of things right; but, he also sees a giant Jewish conspiracy of Zionists. There are plenty of dishonest people and some of them are Jewish; but, the only thing they have in common is dishonesty. You have dishonest women, blacks, Latinos, whites, gays, straights, Europeans, Africans, Asians and Americans (both north and south). I won't even bother talking about the reptiles that Mr. Icke believes in. Ancient people used metaphors. Think about how the American Indians had animal spirit guides, metaphors.

As for Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff and many others that are constantly predicting crashes while selling gold, nuff said.  I start each day reading the people I just listed and looking for any tidbits that might be useful while basically ignoring their narrative. I then proceed to read all of the corporate mainstream nonsense and by and large ignore their corporate narrative.

There is a movie called "The Flim Flam Man". In it, George C. Scott plays a con artist and he says, "There are only two ways to con someone, make them think they are smarter than you or convince you have they want to take from you".  Each of those I listed has something for sale. I don't.

People I do view on a daily basis include the following:

styxhexenhammer666 - I like styx, he is very committed to Libertarianism; but, his analysis is always insightful. He is knowledgeable about many things; but, he is still young and I think he will continue learning because he is willing to question things and consider others reasoning. There is a reason even liberals respect him.

Sargon of Akkad - He is a good debater and doesn't try and sell you stuff. He does however fail to see how all the pieces fit together and tends to look at the ancillary issues. He sees the effect and the cause; but, not the intent. He sees the world as left and right when there is no left or right.

H.A. Goodman - HA has a good heart; but, can get very defensive and emotional. His writing is better than his videos are. He's not trying to sell you stuff either and comes from a liberal Sanders supporting background.

I also watch Louder With Crowder, Mark Dice, SomeBlackGuy, Jarmal Thomas and the Tim Black Show. Some left, some right, all shooting for humor and slightly skewing their view towards their political perspective without seeing it in themselves. More advocates than analysts. They might ridicule opposing views; but, they don't say you don't have a right to hold them and that matters.

None of these people were around when I started seeing the world as I do. I started looking after being asked to give a seminar on real estate. I was so focused on doing my regular job and taking care of my family that I stopped looking at the world around me as I had when I was younger. I stopped paying attention as much except to my industries that I was involved with. After preparing for that seminar and seeing the coming crashes I had to ask why they were allowing these thing to occur. Both crashes were predictable and could have been prevented and yet, those responsible for preventing them, protected them the culprits and made sure the crashes occurred.

When I first saw what was coming and then saw my predictions happen exactly as I predicted, it was like getting kicked in my stomach. I get that. It meant that all my parents and teachers and the media taught me was wrong. Funny thing is, I think they believed it too. We live in a world of competing interests, it is that simple. We are told we are not competing with those in power, that is the lie. The battle is always the rich versus the poor, those in charge versus those who serve, the establishment versus the controlled.

The establishment is coordinated, why wouldn't it be. In High School, were you surprised that the jocks worked together or that the smart kids did too? Does that class system go away in college? Why would you believe it goes away in government or business? We live in a world where common interests unite. For the rich, the common interest is in control and keeping others from taking what they have. For the middle class, the common interest is in getting ahead; but, they don't expect all of their group to get ahead so they promote their industries above one another. Musical chairs to see who rises. Gladiator sport for the establishment to watch and judge. For the poor, their common interest is getting anything that makes life tolerable even if that means siding with the rich. That is how the world works and that is what those in the establishment understand and don't want you to.

What's Going On.  Lets call this summary a staring place. A good place to start.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What to write or not write.

The video is just for fun. I think World Police is just one of the funnies movies ever. I saw it with my daughters in Vegas the Friday it came out, the theater was practically empty and we laughed our butts off. I actually bought a copy of Matt and Trey's first film, "Cannibal the Musical". my commitment has always been towards government; but, my passion has always been the arts. I cannot explain the joy of waiting back stage for the few minutes before opening night. It is magical and a world of it's own. I don't think people know that about me, not even brother and sister.

People who know me from business view me as very smart, very dedicated and highly unusual. I think they assume I am all about business and I am not. I spent my time to make sure I did it well; but, my heart has always been with the arts. I enjoyed woodworking, drawing, music and writing more than I ever enjoyed government or business.

So, what brings this all up. Well, I think I am ready to write a story again. I want to finish my story about the Rat Pack being vampire hunters and that being their reason for going to Vegas. I figure it will take two years. That's sounds like a long time for a guy who can write as fast as I do; but, I think it will take a year just to research all the characters. I want to incorporate people like Anton LeVay (the father of modern Satanism who befriended Sammy Davis Jr) and so many others. Sort of like Forest Gump did; but, in a decidedly different manner. I could spend the next two years preparing for the bar; but, I don't want to practice law, never did and don't now. I took law to write laws, I'm past that.

If I choose to write my story, I will need to buy some software for my computer and probably a new computer. I have been asked to write books about accounting, public right of ways and other exciting issues that could easily be published. They would be small runs for dedicated readers; but, I think I could expand the market for these issues. I would not publish my story online, except in an e-book format and I really think the story is visual.

Here is what I am going to consider. I have written two books. I am considering putting them up on this blog. I wrote them 30 years ago. Each is a little over 100 pages. If I publish them here I will literally not make one penny for them. That doesn't really bother me. If I commit to writing another story I actually want to make money off of it.

So what do you think. Should I publish both of my stories here for free? Should I write a third as I described? If I do decide to write a third, it will likely lead to much fewer postings on the blog for a year or two.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I Have To Laugh Weinstein Defenders

CNET - Jeffrey Katzenberg: Harvey Weinstein 'not a lone actor'.

Katzenberg was the Chairman of Disney when they bought the Weinstein company. He now claims he never heard the accusations against Weinstein. What complete and utter garbage. That is not how business works. Heck, I have created so many dossiers on people before making deals that I have lost count. That is just what you do. LOL.

All the studio heads know what is going on with all the other studio heads, that is how Hollywood works.

Boston Globe - Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg says he knew all about Harvey Weinstein — everyone did.

They can keep lying to the most naïve; but, too many people live in this town and know it is all a lie. Everybody knew and the higher up you were, the more you knew because that was your job. Disney owns Kimmel and he can't even joke about Weinstein.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

120,000 hits and counting

It is hard to believe but this site has now had over 120,000 hits, a mere blip on the internet; but, an amazing number for a site that wasn't meant to last. I tip my wine glass to my readers. Have a great week.

And Now a Musical Interlude Because I Haven't Done One in a While.

We frequently have expectations from musicians, expectations about style and range and even genre; but, sometimes they fool you and cross over. Here is a couple of those.

YouTube - The Osmonds - Crazy Horses.  Yes these young Mormons are credited with the 66th most important heavy metal song. Listen closely and you can see that it influenced Ozzy Osborne and the song Iron Man.

YouTube - Cliff Richards - Devil Woman.  This guy was the English Pat Boone singing a non-religious rock song.

YouTube - Kiss - Beth.   Possibly the first power ballad from a group that usually only sang about sex, booze and rock. This one is actually about loving one's wife.

YouTube - Richard Harris MacArthur Park.

YouTube - Rick Nelson - Garden Party. One of the true pioneers of country rock, though Michael Nesmith was really the first.

YouTube - Alice Cooper - Clones. Heavy Metal Icon decides to go into New Wave music, and this was after he stopped drinking.

YouTube - Linda Ronstadt - Heatwave.  Linda transitioned from being the biggest country singer to being the biggest female rock singer.

YouTube - Michael Nesmith - Joanne.  Not quite what anyone expected from a former Monkee, a stunningly beautiful ballad. He also wrote one of Linda Ronstadt's first big hits, "Different Drum".

Friday, October 13, 2017

Random Complaints.

YouTube - Heart - Here Song.

YouTube - Heart - Only the Wine.

I watch the incessant parade of whiney punks on television. They may be black or white or male or female or gay or straight or fat or stupid or smart or any identity that they believe makes them who they are. It is all garbage. I do not define myself by my physical body. I admire strength of character, honor and integrity. True strength comes from belief, it comes from commitment to a moral code. I can have sympathy for those who faced challenges based on their physical body (be it color, sex or anything else); but, I still expect them to have integrity, on that I will view them.

I hear people whine that they are oppressed because of the shirt they wear or other such nonsense, as if that is the worst thing that can happen. Oh no, you chose to become a woman and people don't accept you. That is not the worst that can happen and if you can afford the surgery, you have not lived through the worst.

A hundred years ago, things sucked. Further back it sucked even more. Heck, when my dad was a child, it really wasn't much better. Tell me, if you are black, about how being pulled over more than whites has destroyed you. I have known men who lived in the south when they couldn't even enter restaurants where white people were. Tell me about white male privilege, let me tell you about my dad and uncle.

My uncle and godfather had a mother who slept with men for money. He discovered this fact when a fellow soldier told him how they had slept with her. I don't know the extent of the horrible life he led and neither does anyone else living. He joined young and ended up in Iwo Jima while the flag was being raised. He spent a couple days underneath dead Japanese soldiers after the Japanese retook the hill. Hiding beneath the dead bodies, he ate their rations to survive. He never told anyone except my father about that. He ended up helping put a man on the moon. He helped make the rockets.

My father had it tough too. At 11 his step dad had him quite school and work two jobs with all of the money going to his step dad. On a good day he was fed; but, those didn't happen every day. Beat and starved was the joy my father grew up to. He lied and joined the marines at 14 or 15. He ended up in Korea during the war. He was at all the battles and was wounded more than once. He and my uncle moved out to California and made their way. They never complained about hard times or life being unfair, they assumed that happened to everyone. They were wrong about that. Nobody gave a damn about them and they knew it, it made them stronger and individualistic.

I turned down lots of opportunities in my life. Chances to make lots of money or have even greater power. My dad never understood why; but, he always supported my freedom to choose my path. He paid for me to attend law school even though he knew I had no intention of practicing law and was only interested in writing them. My father never beat us and always made sure we ate well, things he had not experienced as a child. Love and help. My uncle was an ahole to most, he did not respect very many people. Oddly enough, he respected my insistence on doing thing my way. He respected inner strength and determination to achieve what you set out for.

Hitler wrote a book called "Mein Kampf" it means my struggle. Wimps and weasels always start by telling you about how hard their life has been. It is garbage. The same can be said about Hillary Clinton and her new book, "What Happened", does that need a question mark?

Don't tell me the world is unfair, I figured that out the first time I got my ass kicked for knowing things my peers did not. Don't tell me the world is unfair because men look at your breasts. Men like breasts, it has nothing to do with fairness.

I think we should seek fairness for all, not for a color or religion or sex, for all. I have heard people say that the problem is racism that results in a disproportionate number of unarmed black people being shot by police. My response is simple, would the shooting of unarmed people be okay if it was proportionate by color of victim? If we only focus on the unfairness treated to one group, do we not still promote unfairness?

I shall repeat the story I told before. There are three guys nailed to crosses. One is black, one is white and one is a Jew. Does it really make sense for them to argue over who has it worse? Shouldn't they be mad at the guy nailing them to the cross and not each other?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Would You Sleep With Me for a Million Dollars?

Nothing important just an observation. TMZ reported - Harvey WeinsteinFlying to Europe Tonight For Sex Addiction Rehab on 10/10/17, 7:40 PM PDT. This was also reported by the Daily Mail in England and other newspapers. Alex Jones reported "REPORT: Trump’s Justice Department Moves on Weinstein, Orders FBI to Open Probe Over Fears he will ‘do a Polanski’

A note to my readers, I do not endorse Alex Jones, in fact I do not as a rule even link to him. I had to link to what he said, if I am to be fair when discussing this event, the subject of the post.

So here is the timeline. Weinstein is called out as a molester by multiple women in a magazine report. Other famous women come forward and a tape on which Weinstein appears to admit having groped women. His ship quickly sinks, his attorney quits his case and his wife announces she is leaving him after he is forced to leave the company he founded. It is then claimed that he is attempting to leave for Europe to attend rehab; but, ends up staying and it is reported he is headed to Arizona for rehab. In between was the Alex Jones report that the Justice Department is moving on him. See, the federal government does not have any jurisdiction over these matters and as far as I know, no criminal charges have made against Weinstein. That should mean that he would be free to leave the country, so why didn't he?

What if Mr. Weinstein was put on a "no fly" list? Guess what, they don't need to charge you with a crime to put you on a no fly list. Can they put people on no fly lists on the mere suspicion that they might be charged with a crime? The answer is yes.

After Mr. Weinstein decided to stay in the US, his daughter called the police to say he was suicidal. TMZ - Harvey Weinstein Suicide Threat Prompts Police Response.

While I could care less about Weinstein, I find this story interesting. Not the fact that he molested women, that would never surprise me in Hollywood. The fact that everyone had heard the rumors and said nothing does not surprise me. The abject fear it has caused in Hollywood surprises me. They may be afraid of who is taken down next. We cannot even imagine what secrets Weinstein knows about people in Hollywood or who he would be willing to sell out for a better plea deal if charged. This guy begged others executives to help him to keep his job and he is known for being vengeful. Maybe that is why it took a week for so many in Hollywood to say anything. The insane attempts to make this about Trump (the LA Times has chosen to make it about Bannon, it is a company town) is a desperate attempt to kill the story that is not proving successful. The attempt is being made because Weinstein still has power in this town and still owns lots of shares in the company and knows lots of secret.

Weinstein is sort of like Kaddafi when he was captured by his opponents. He is in shock that none come to help him, he cannot believe his kingdom is crumbling because he masturbated in a plant pot in front of an actress or asked for naked massages or even touched them. He cannot believe it because he thinks that is how this industry works and it has been since the beginning. Washington DC is no different. Power and sex go hand in hand, it does not take much power to get lots of sex. If people will cheat on their spouse for free or hook up for dinner and drinks than they will certainly have sex in exchange for becoming a celebrity or getting a promotion.

While it is easy to condemn people who abuse power as Harvey Weinstein did, the fact is that it is really a question of what people will do to get ahead, to achieve their personal dreams. If you could avoid the gas chamber by sleeping with your guard, would you? If you were homeless would you sleep with a cop to drugs and a hotel room for the night? Would you sleep with a Hollywood producer to get a million dollars? How about to get a career worth $100 million? 

I have talked about the Aussie sex worker who stayed with me and my family for a week or so (I don't remember exactly how long it was), she was stunned that I would not consider sleeping with her. She told me that she expected men in their 40s (as I was at the time) to seek it. 

For my male readers I will ask a question. Would you turn down sex from a woman who offered it to you if there was no price tag for the service? We live in a world where sex is a commodity, it is traded on a daily basis and I am not referencing prostitution. Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not illegal in Hollywood, in fact porno movies pay people to have sex, the definition of prostitution. I pointed this out in law school over 30 years ago. I asked why we did not charge porno movie producers and directors as pimps as they paid people to have sex. I was laughed at; but, nobody has ever answered the question from a legal perspective. Is it okay to pay people for sex as long as you film it?

There is a schism in people's minds. They will tell you that we should not allow people to go to jail for prostitution; but, we should put people in jail for asking for sex in exchange for getting a job. What is the difference?

Now, lets get away from sex. Would you lie for your company if it meant you would make $! million a year? What about a hundred million a year? 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Late Night Shows, Harvey Weinstein and Las Vegas. Now with 2 updates.

So the new mantra on late night television talk shows involves the host saying (after a week of saying nothing) that Harvey Weinstein is a bad man and that nobody knew. That is a lie and they knew. A bold statement you may say, not really I was born in this town, let me tell you things I know.

I have mentioned that I was a stage manager, well, I was offered into one of the unions when I was 16 and qualified for two unions at the time. At 12, my Catechism teacher was a producer who was responsible for the most expensive television pilot up until then. At 16 my brother and I were offered work in movies and television by a friend of mine's father who lived next to John Davidson and was a producer. That's just two of the producers I knew. I cannot tell you how many child stars I knew or knew friends. My sister even dated one of Johnny Carson's sons once. It is a small town in some ways, it is an industry town in many ways. Let me be clear, even though I barely noticed at the time, I crossed paths with many a Hollywood person including having had my first date with a lady who became an actress and model and had won a national talent show before she turned 18. I know, you cannot imagine the Pimpernel with an artsy type; but, she had the most wonderful heart and I knew her since 6th grade.

Before moving to where I live now, I lived in Burbank right next to Warner Brothers. The women there are stunning beautiful, even the waitresses often work in the business. Just so you understand, the average SAG member (actors and actresses) make like under $15,000 a year. The caste system in Hollywood is unbelievable. One of my friend's wives was a stand in for an actress on one of the Star Trek shows, she didn't make a bunch, maybe $40,000 a year; but, her husband had a great job. When they were making one of the movies she got a line in the film, sort of a thank you for being a good egg. Her husband told me how she was treated on the day of her line and how she was usually treated. Little things like having your name over your space where you get made up or getting picked up or a million little things that you get as perks as you rise in the talent arena.

While it seems boring and stupid to me to mention these things because I never really thought about it having grown up around it. One person I knew was a director on a national late night talk show, she lived with one of my very good friends. In fact, I lived with him for a few months after separating from my ex. We lived in Santa Monica where I was actually hit up on by young actresses and models. Again for those who do not know me, I was never that good looking and am not now. Each of my daughters witnesses some of this and each has a separate answer on why women found me attractive, I blame it on poor eyesight. Theirs not mine. I personally think they thought I might a writer or something in the business, I kind of look like that is possible.

The reason I mention all this is because I do not believe for one second that the talk show hosts of today never heard any stories about Weinstein. The town doesn't work that way. Hollywood has a bigger support system than an air force jet. There are hairdressers, stylists, caterers, drivers, agents, managers, accountants, lawyers, and hundreds of other professions and they all talk. One famous child star came out after the Corey Feldman story about their being sexually assaulted and mentioned how all the kids and adults knew at the time, nothing has changed. One does not accost Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow without it getting around. Gwyneth even said she had told her boyfriend of the time, Brad Pitt, about it. Lena Dunham claims he had accosted her and she still worked at a Clinton fundraiser with him; but, felt bad about it.

The director of the late night talk show told me a story about a famous male singer (sold over 100 million records and in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) who came to her door at 2 in the morning seeking sex even though he knew she was married to another famous musician. She had plenty of stories about people in the business, bad stories about people I liked and good stories about some I didn't care for. The fact of the matter is that the people who work on late night talk shows have a duty to know about the people who go on them and are surrounded by directors, producers, writers, makeup artists and talent scouts who darn well better know how to get people on the show and all about those people.

The talk show hosts waited a week to say anything and then all claimed to know nothing and have heard nothing. They are liars and the people who work for them know they are lying. Weinstein bought political influence for the industry and that is why they ignored his indiscretions. He was a lobbyist for the industry hiding behind being a donor. I say hiding because he didn't have to follow the laws as regular lobbyist, like reporting certain things. Remember when Clinton deregulated the news media allowing it to consolidate to where 6 companies control 90% of all the news in this country? Yeah, Weinstein brought millions to Bill Clintons campaign and the DNC and he was there for Hillary too. Funny how Hillary and the late night talk show people all decided to talk about him a week later and at the same time, I guess they all grew morals at the same time and oddly enough the exact same talking points which end with "But Trump". LOL.

Tell me another fairy tale because I don't know any better and just might buy the lies; but, don't count on it.


Lets play connect the dots. Harvey Weinstein owned Miramax, Disney bought Miramax in or around 1993 from him and ABC owns the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Small point of interest, in 2009 Weinstein vocally gave support to Roman Polanski to not be extradited to the United States to face trial for raping a 13 year old girl. Tell me again how these late night hosts and Hillary Clinton never heard any rumors about him. By the way, Bill Clinton deregulated the media in 1996 leading to 6 companies owning 90% of all of it. I wonder if Weinstein's contributions to his campaigns and later Hillary led to this decision. Funny how donors are not treated like lobbyists, even when they are lobbying.

Gwenyth Paltrow says that Weinstein accosted her while she was dating Brad Pitt and that Pitt threatened to harm Weinstein when he saw him again. Later Pitt married Angelina Jolie who also says she was accosted by Weinstein. Hmm, what has he to say about all this, what does he say about  his choosing to work for Weinstein on Inglorious Bastards? The sound of tumbleweeds on a windy night is all we hear. Hollywood is a bunch of timid narcissists that will say and do anything to get noticed. Heck, Lena Dunham says she was accosted by him; but, worked with him to fundraise for Hillary. Funny that she was more concerned about Trump than being with the man who actually accosted her, Weinstein.

Hollywood is more willing to go after the President than Weinstein because they feared Weinstein effecting their careers more. Notice how Kimmel made the Weinstein story about Trump. He failed to mention how his owner, ABC, owned Miramax the old Weinstein company. What a surprise. Follow the money, always a good starting point.

You can click your tongues over Democrats; but, this is deeper, this is about a media owned by oligarchs and the power they wield to make sure you only hear what they want you to. When the presidential campaign began I told you, I was focused on the media, still am. Ignore the party, focus on the propaganda machine that is now for all practical purposes a monopoly.


So the Las Vegas police said that the Mandalay Bay shooter had shot a security guard after firing into the crowd and is now saying that he was shot before he began shooting into the crowd. You might ask what difference it makes, it makes a lot. It means the hotel could be held liable for not having stopped the shooting after it began when they knew what was going on. In fact, it took almost an hour before police arrived at the room. What happened after the security guard was shot, why wasn't it picked up by the security cameras and the security staff on it immediately?

YouTube - Vegas shooter had access to Mandalay Bay service elevators.

Vegas, like Hollywood, is a company town, an oligarchy now and they don't snitch on one another. The state of Nevada determines who gets to have a casino license. The Nevada state investigation office has almost certainly asked for all of the gambling records on the killer and I assure you, the casinos provided it along with all of their security footage. Every floor is recorded 24 hours a day from multiple cameras at the Mandalay Bay. The security people know this, it is not a secret; but, it is also not being discussed in the mainstream corporate media. Where is the video of the last time the gunman entered his room? Where is the video of the security guard being shot, along with the timestamp?

Mandalay Bay is owned by MGM Resorts International. They own quite a lot of casinos, not just in Vegas, worldwide. They own Bellagio, Circus Circus, Aria, Mandarin, Vdara, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Delano, MGM Grand, the Mirage, Monte Carlo, New York, New York and a whole bunch of other casinos in multiple states. They make up a significant percentage of the jobs and income of Nevada.

Read my previous post, TTIIY - What if he Was Truly Gambling With People's Lives.

Vegas is terrified that he did this because he lost lots of money. The casinos are all discussing how this may hurt business. They have had the video since it happened and have yet to release it to the public. The police would have seen the video almost immediately and lied about when the guard was shot. By the way, there are cameras in the service elevators, that's frequently how the money is moved. Every hotel in the casinos is monitored, they are looking out for people that might rip them off. This guy brought enough guns that he could have robbed the whole hotel and casino.

Ignore idiots that talk about ISIS being involved, like that moron Alex Jones, a distractor at best. Ignore the mainstream corporate media that wants you to focus on bump stocks. Ask yourself how having more cameras around to film you makes you safer when a important Vegas casino that films everyone 24/7 couldn't catch this guy, that is what they are hiding from you.

Really short and quick post.

Foreign Affairs Magazine - The Future of History, Can Liberal Democracy Survive the Decline of the Middle Class.  You should read it just to become familiar with what the establishment believes is coming.

Politico - Joe Biden’s Platform for 2020: Anti-Populism. The establishment sees you as the unruly and unwashed masses. Here is a line from the article, "If you’re looking for someone who can simultaneously persuade the angry mobs to put away the pitchforks and still bring white working-class voters back into the Democratic fold, perhaps you’ve found your answer in the Pride of Scranton."  To be specific, the article lays out how Biden is a globalist (does not believe in America first) and international trade agreements that weaken democracy like the TPP.

Bloomberg - California Considers Following China With Combustion-Engine Car Ban

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Puerto Rico and More Media Lies

I'm just going to point this out because of the incessant lies by the corporate mainstream media really annoys me sometimes.

First this reporter tells us and interviews someone who says they don't have any electricity or internet, then at 5:27 or so into the video she claims that people in Puerto Rico were upset by Trump's tweets. How would they possibly know what he tweeted if they had no internet connection? We had been told that the cell towers were down in Puerto Rico and that there is no electrical system left. She then goes into how this is worse than Katrina even though they have lost only 16 people and in Katrina they lost almost 1,500 people; but, she assures us it is worse in Puerto Rico because people lost everything. Does she not know that even more people lost everything in Katrina? That many have had to move from Louisiana because of it for the rest of their lives?

Lets be honest, we dedicated $9 billion and sent 10,000 people to Puerto Rico which is more than 1/10th of their national debt ($72 billion) and is the same as the debt for their electrical company alone. If the United Sates mainland loses it's electrical grid, will Puerto Rico give us $1.8 trillion (1/10th our national debt)? I think not. She complains that Trump is discussing the debt and costs while he is the only one saying their debt needs to be restricted. Yes, Trump discussed the debt and the need to relieve them of it. In fact all of the interviews she showed were of Puerto Ricans saying give Trump a chance and then judge him. Watch the video above, listen to what she says and what the people she interviewed say then listen to what she said people felt. Which people, not the one's she interviewed.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

What if he Was Truly Gambling With People's Lives

I may or may not post this, writing just helps me to figure things out sometimes. I generally don't feel comfortable about discussing fresh big news. I prefer to write about longer term trends. Writing about Pastor Daniels was a fluke, I just couldn't see something and still can't. I have previously discussed what I thought; but, I cannot understand what happened in Vegas. I don't care about the gun debate, I have made my views on gun control in the past on this blog, nothing has changed. No, this doesn't add up.

I accept the fact that this miscreant killed all these people. I just cannot make sense of why or how he got to that place. Nothing about the guy makes sense. I have previously mentioned the BTK case. Prior to him reappearing, I accurately predicted where he lived, that he was still alive, that he had never been arrested, that he attended church, that he was in code enforcement, the city he lived in and many other details. I went by the nickname catchputz on the Kansas City newspaper site. These things can be checked. Readers of this site that know me personally can vouch for this. It didn't make sense to me when I first read about it and this doesn't either.

I practically lived in Vegas for 20 years, that is how much I was there. I was hosted and had markers. I didn't pay for a room in that town for over a decade, including two years after I stopped going when my father died. The media keeps saying that this guy played high stakes video poker. I played low stakes stuff and was still hosted. This guy they tell us was a millionaire who had won $250,000 once according to his brother. The doesn't make any sense. It was reported tonight that the guy spent 8 hours playing high stake video poker before going on his killing spree. That makes no sense. They also said that he had stayed at another hotel previously across from a concert. The first thing I would ask is did he play high stakes poker for 8 hours that time too. If he did, did he win or lose and how much?

Here is what I am starting to see. The casinos know his patter of play, they had to. This guy had to be hosted or all the talk about him being a big gambler is a lie. Here is a simple question, was his room comped? That is the first thing I would have checked, how did he pay for his room? How much did he gamble? Was he picking the event he would act up at based on whether or not he lost big? Why hasn't anyone reported on his gambling record, the casinos have it and that is not a guess. What kind of tipper was he. I guy sits down playing video poker, high stakes, and the waitress notices him. That is not a guess either, I practically lived in those casinos. Cocktail waitresses loved me and always made sure I was taken care of. They would have noticed him.

There is a lot of talk about whether or not this guy was with ISIS (I doubt it a lot nobody what they said). This guy did not expect to come out alive and didn't intend to. I know they said he prepared a way out; but, he wasn't captured, he killed himself and it took an hour for them to get in his room. He could have left at anytime or at least tried to. This does not make sense.

I grew up in the wake of the tower shooting at Austen University, that guy made sense. He snapped and wanted to die; but, he didn't make preparations like this in advance. This guy prepared weeks in advance, I don't buy that he just snapped. It was a plan; but, to do what?

There used to be a show on HBO called Taxicab Confessions. A compulsive gambler ended up in the secret cab that had the secret camera. He tells the driver that he is a compulsive gambler and almost killed himself because he couldn't stop himself. While I used to love Vegas, I was never a compulsive gambler. I mean, I had a gambling budget and really didn't care if I won or lost. I just enjoyed getting away from all the pressure in my life and being treated like I mattered. There are more people like me that gamble in Vegas that there are compulsive gamblers. I know all the different types of gamblers including professional ones. Heck, I had a professional poker player live with me when he was homeless. LOL. I once emotionally destroyed the man responsible for the whales comfort at a significantly famous and big casino. I know that town and I know the different types of gamblers.

Somewhere over the last ten years I wrote a post about when Tiger Woods got called out for hookers in Vegas. I pointed out then that the casinos knew and let him get caught. Don't know why; but, they did. Casinos look out for the big players. Casinos look out even for regulars that are little guys like me. I would love to know what the casinos knew about this guy and we are not hearing it.

I have not heard one thing that makes me associate this guy with country and western or country fans. Nothing. What if he was looking for a big event; but, wanted his play to determine which one. What if he was gambling on which event to kill at based on his play during the day? That sounds insane as I write it; but, I think it is worth looking into. That is sick beyond all belief. What if it is true? What if he was truly gambling with people's lives?

The casinos monitor patterns of play, that is how they determine your comps or freebees. When the school teacher from Omaha gets into Vegas, she signs up for the rewards program to get comps for her play. Most play a couple of hundred dollars and pay for their rooms, which they booked in advance. Some upon returning home are offered free rooms and some sort of giveaway next time they come, as long as it is during the week. The guy played high stakes video poker, he expected to get a free room whenever he wanted and he expected to get free meals. What were the things he did ask for?

The Zodiac Killer mentioned a film in his letters. The Most Dangerous Game. It is about a rich man who likes to hunt people. A game. If high stakes are not enough, what stakes could be higher than the lives of hundreds?

Vegas is not like it used to be, there are only a couple of conglomerates that own all the casinos and they all share their rewards card information. A gamblers pattern is nectar to a casino and this guy had one. I played tournament poker, gamblers look for patterns of play and betting just like casinos do. You don't play the cards, you play the person. They guy does not fit in with any expected patterns so we should consider what patterns he does fit in with. He is a compulsive gambler with no history of hate towards any group. He didn't face the sudden loss of a family member or loved one, he was not broke, he was not dying and he planned it out multiple times. What if it really is as simple as I said it could be.


I posted the above at 2:46 in the morning. At 8:00 tonight the following article was published by USA Today - Paddock's high-roller status would have bought him perks, casino experts say. Shock of shock, after talking to casino and gambling experts the writer said, " This likely makes figuring out exactly how much money Paddock spent on gambling prior to the mass shooting a key part of any investigation. How much money was wagered? Was he winning or losing?"  I highly recommend that people read the article, it will confirm the things I wrote above, last night.


LA Times - In the solitary world of video poker, Stephen Paddock knew how to win. Until he didn't.
Read the article, then read what I wrote days ago. I know Vegas and I'm not alone. This guy had a profile at every casino and a record of all his bets and play. This was not terrorism, this was a personal insanity.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Media Trust and Reality

The corporate mainstream media continues to create their own trap. Trump ends DACA. The fact that DACA was never a law and provided no path to citizenship is ignored by the media and instead Trump is called a racist. Trump works with the Democratic party on some agreement to make DACA a real law and provide a passage to citizenship for people under it. The mainstream media attacks Democrats for working with Trump and the people who it applies to begin saying they don't want DACA made law if it means working with Trump or it means that we will secure our borders. Seems strange doesn't it and quite a bit insincere.

Now lets look at Puerto Rico. Trump says that we have to do something about their debt and the media chastises him for mentioning it at all. Once arriving in Puerto Rico Trump says that the banks are going to have to eat that debt, basically saying they will get to declare bankruptcy (something that came up two years ago and congress and President Obama failed to deal with). What does the media discuss, not that, they discuss him throwing paper towels at people (otherwise known as handing out supplies). Yep, that is your corporate media for you.

Lets go back in time, Trump convinces Carrier to keep jobs in the United States and the media says he didn't keep them all and at the same time says it is wrong for him to try to keep manufacturing jobs here. I know, I wrote those posts at the time and they are still here.

It seems that every time Trump says something, the media attacks him and says he should do X; but, when it turns out that he was working on just that all the time and proposes it, they say it is not enough and that he is racist or evil for doing what they said he should do.

The establishment and the corporate media cannot see what they are doing to themselves. Even progressives within the Democratic party that hate Trump are calling out the media for their lies and hypocrisy. I write about the news all the time, I read so many news sources a day that I cannot tell you on any given day which ones I read. I read from the left, from the right, from other countries, from alternative sites, from overseas sites and from everything else that looks like it might contain additional information like specialty sites (science, anomalous events, cryptozoology and whatever else you can think of). Nobody who knows me thinks they are better informed on these events than me; but, even those of my friends who follow none of these things are telling me that they know the media and establishment are exposing themselves in a negative light and they cannot figure out why. Everyone knows something is different, even the most uninformed.

Here is where it really gets weird. If Trump gets DACA approved as a real law providing a real path to citizenship, we already know they will say he is evil and a racist. If Trump gets a bankruptcy approved for Puerto Rico and gets their electrical grid back up better than it was before the hurricane they will say he is evil and racist. The problem for the media is that everybody sees what they are saying even the people who hate Trump.

Pimpernel was a sneaky, sneaky person back in the day. I would set trap doors for those who attacked me to make sure if they did wrong their heads fell off and they never saw them because there were always too many to catch them all. Making people fight themselves is easier than you might think, it is chess if you play well and it is most definitely tournament poker. You just don't see it often in politics, not to this degree.

While I have little if any sympathy for the corporate media or the establishment as they continue to lose credibility and expose their hypocrisy, I am concerned that down the road people will not hear them if and when they are ever honest and correct again. It is easier to convince people you are dishonest than to convince them after you have proven it that you can be trusted again. That is the predicament the media is in.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Media Manipulation and the Meaning of Terrorism

There is an organized attempt to use the story of what happened in Las Vegas for political ends. While I personally think now is not the time to have these discussions, I want my readers to know that they are being played and explain how they are being played.

The first talking point (organized, planned propaganda to lead people to a belief) is the universal statement by late night media and others that "sending your thoughts and prayers is not good enough" and that we must make changes to the law now. I follow a general rule, if it happens once, it is an anomaly. If it happens twice it is a coincidence. If it happens three times, it is a pattern. When I see every late night host say the exact same thing, it is an agenda. Emotions are intentionally being played so that laws be passed quickly without serious discussion. This is the same dishonest manipulation that went on after 9-11 and convinced people to support the Patriot Act, including legislators who said they didn't even have time to read it.

Some people were baffled by Hillary Clinton's tweets after the tragedy calling for outlawing silencers when none were used as far as we know and they don't really silence except in the movies. Let me explain, silencers are completely useless with many guns. I know you have seen people in movies or on television put silencers on revolvers, you don't use silencers on revolvers because they have zero effect on the noise. Silencers also don't have any effect on assault rifles or machine guns. They certainly don't silence them. After Hillary said this, others began saying the same thing, that we should outlaw silencers. Strange, right? Even people who admitted they didn't work on assault rifles or machine guns said they didn't work on the weapons the murderer used and that he didn't use them. What they left out is that there is a law about to be voted on regarding the legality of silencers and other things in a couple of weeks. A federal law.

The federal government is interesting in what it can and cannot legislate. Most people do not know that there was no federal law regarding killing the President until after Kennedy was killed. Prior to that, state laws regarding murder were considered to be the prevailing law. The federal laws require a federal interest. You may have also noticed that the media is pushing the narrative that this is terrorism. Many have fallen in line saying why not just call this terrorism. Well, what does it matter you might ask as the murderer is already dead and will not be facing prosecution.

Remember the Patriot Act, it made terrorism a federal crime. If we were to call every crime where more than one person is killed an act of terrorism, it would greatly expand the role of the federal government in prosecuting crimes that are usually the prevue of the state government. It would greatly expand the role of the Patriot Act. Terrorism involves crimes intended to attack government, not citizens except as a byproduct. Every crazy person who goes out and kills people is not a terrorist or the word has no meaning.

Just to be clear, I am not against regulating weapons. I am not against heavily regulating machine guns. I am against outlawing handguns, shotguns and rifles used for home protection and hunting. The second amendment was based on our earlier constitution (The Articles of Confederation) and continued to use the words "well regulated militia" for a reason. I have written about that before and want to make it clear that I am pointing out the propaganda we are being fed today, not advocating unlimited access to weapons. You are being lied to and manipulated by the media so that you will give up more rights and I want make sure you understand why.


The Hill - Dem blasts moments of silence after mass shootings as 'grisly House ritual'.

As the article points out, the law that was to voted on within the next week or so sought to reduce restrictions on buying suppressors. "House Republicans had been trying to push a bill titled the Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act, which would broaden public access to federal lands for hunting and fishing. It includes a provision authored by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) that would make it easier to buy gun silencers, which currently requires registration and a background check. Duncan's proposal would require people buying gun silencers, also known as suppressors, to undergo a less extensive instant background check." Yeah, the statements by Hillary and others had NOTHING to do with what happened in Vegas and everything to do with using the tragedy to manipulate the public. The "thoughts and prayers" complaints and the refusal by Democrats to even acknowledge what happened in a non-partisan moment of silence, nothing more than talking points to. As I said before in this post and have written about on this blog in the past, I am in favor of limiting the weapons someone can own; but, I am not in favor of lying to the public to manipulate them.

While many of my readers may be against any form of gun control (and I will address this again in the future after some time has passed), know that I will not attempt to lie to you to get you to agree with me and will always attempt to show the objective facts, unlike the mainstream corporate media and it's corporate whores like Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Seth Meyers. By lying about the facts, they feed into keeping you ignorant.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Mandalay Bay Shooting

I woke up to discover that Tom Petty died of a heart attack (newer reports are saying he is still alive on life support) and that 50+ people were killed at a concert by someone shooting from the Mandalay Bar with hundreds more being injured. At this time we have absolutely no idea why the man did it and I would ask that my readers not speculate or claim that they know why until we have real information and that won't be for at least a week.

For me this is surreal. Las Vegas is like a second home to me. I used to go every month with my father until he passed away. I know the town better than many who live there, I know all the back roads and casinos. Heck, I have written posts about how the corporations are destroying the town.

The number of people killed and wounded is stunning to me. People are already attempting to use this to further their political agendas on both the left and the right. I would say now is not the time. The truth is other than providing blood for the wounded there is nothing we can do today to improve the situation. Unlike the situation in Puerto Rico, sending food or money will not help. This could have happened anywhere and in any city, it just so happened to occur in Las Vegas.

I was making arrangements to go to Vegas this month and this will not effect my plans. It shouldn't effect other peoples plans either. If I have a hope it is that this does not distract the politicians and media from keeping the focus on Puerto Rico where there is still much to be done.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Puerto Rico, San Juan's Mayor and More Media Misinformation

You may have noticed that I rarely talk about news events as they are happening. I follow something my mother taught me a long time ago, after something big happens the first few days are filled with overreactions and misinformation, it usually takes a week for the truth to come out and by then the media has moved on to a new story. The recent hurricanes are proving how true that is. Unfortunately, the corporate media is intentionally using this time to push a political agenda and deceiving to do so.

For purposes of this post I am going to discuss Hurricane Maria and what is happening in Puerto Rico. Lets start with a little background. Puerto Rico is a US territory, not a state. It's citizens are considered United States citizens; however, they have not chosen to be a state. In fact, there is a split on whether or not they wish to be part of the United States or their own country. The reason this matters is that Puerto Rico has a severe debt problem. With a $72 billion debt problem and 45% of the people live below the poverty line, they are unable to borrow any money. This is not a new problem and in fact has been in a crisis point for about a decade. This debt crisis has meant that Puerto Rico has not maintained it's electrical grid. As a consequence hurricane Maria has completely destroyed it's electrical grid and it may cost as much as $17 billion and 6 months to replace it. Two years ago congress discussed the debt crisis and chose to do nothing. That was under President Obama; but, somehow the media ignores this fact. The question becomes how can Puerto Rico possibly rebuild their electrical grid when they can neither declare bankruptcy on their current debt or borrow additional money?

I mention the debt because when President Trump raised the issue, the corporate media attacked Trump for mentioning their debt at all; but, after the immediate problems are dealt with, this will be the big one. Lets put it in the simplest terms, are you willing to pay more in taxes so that Puerto Rico can rebuild their electrical grid? It is that simple. I personally am okay with helping them with the money; but, it is an issue that must be addressed. While we have promised between $7 and $9 billion dollars to help in the relief effort, that will not get their electricity back on line. The $17 billion is in addition to the $7 or $9 billion. It should be noted that the government owned electrical company is already $9 billion in debt and has lost 30% of it's employees prior to the hurricane.

Now lets look at what President Trumps response was to the hurricane. By September 24th ships were already arriving in Puerto Rico with water, food and both military and civilians to assist with the rescue mission. So much supplies have arrived that the ports cannot distribute it. The reason is not the ships, it is the roads and finding truck drivers. Because of the lack of communication, only 20% of the truck drivers have even showed up to move the materials. The corporate media, rather than addressing the real issues, has attempted to say Trump doesn't care and isn't doing anything. Both of which are flat out lies. Another problem with the corporate media is that they are almost ignoring completely the other islands that have been devastated like the U.S, Virgin Islands.

I began my career in government working on emergency preparedness and response. The definition of an emergency is that it is beyond our ability to control. What is going on in Puerto Rico is a catastrophic emergency, it goes beyond the temporary and will only ever be dealt with over a period of years, not days, not weeks, not months. While reading government handbooks on emergency planning I found something truly disturbing. The number one priority for government during an emergency is convincing the public that they have a handle on the situation even if they do not. Politicians when faced with the inability to push that narrative usually result to finger pointing; but, that is nonsense to.

Now we get to the mayor of Puerto Rico. The mayor of Puerto Rico decided to complain that the President mentioned the debt. She showed terrible leadership as right now is the time to address the debt and if it is not addressed then down the road there will be no path to restoring their electrical grid. Food and water are there on ships and more ships are coming; but, the immediate needs revolve around clearing the roads and finding ways to transport food and water and supplies into the rest of Puerto Rico, not just San Juan. They mayor has complained that she does not have the time to meet and coordinate with FEMA. Wow, that did not happen in Houston or Florida after their hurricanes. The mayors job is to meet and coordinate with FEMA so that priorities can be made instead she has chosen to not attend the meetings and personally hand out food, a great photo op but not her job. In fact, FEMA responded to her criticisms by saying that she should come to the meetings. She claims she doesn't have time. Imagine if the mayor of Los Angeles, New York or Houston had refused to attend FEMA planning sessions. Yet, lets blame Trump is the media catcall. Disgusting and dishonest.

Wikipedia - Hurricane Maria. Fact check me then fact check the narrative being pushed by the dishonorable mainstream corporate media.

UPDATE: I wanted to add in this little tidbit.

CBS News - Puerto Rico mayor pleads for help after Hurricane Maria: "People are dying". Rather than doing her job of coordinating relief efforts, the Mayor of San Juan is handing out water bottles and helping people into ambulances. In fact, the article states, "Cruz also said she has to officially request aid in a memo to the agency, which she said she doesn't have time to write." Lets think about that for a second, as Mayor her job is to make the written request, not as a formality; but, because she is responsible for saying specifically what they need. This is not supposed to be a guessing game for FEMA. She also said this, "There's a lot of good faith, but the good faith has to turn into action or people are going to continue to die," Cruz said. "Please, whomever's listening, forget the memos, forget the meetings." In fact the head of FEMA pointed out that she is not coordinating with them or attending the meetings.

San Juan has an emergency management group, you can see their website here. Emergency Management. Apparently, she does not believe it is her job as mayor to hold meetings with this group to make assessments and determine where help is needed the most; but, it is instead her job to hand out bottled water and go on television as often as possible.

I've No Idea What This Post is About.

I like old movies. I particularly like movies made between 1935 and 1962. Each era had it's unique charm. Currently I am watching a movie called "Room For One More" from 1952. It is a movie about a family of 5 that takes in two additional kids, not babies, foster kids. These kids are taken one by one out of the orphanage and foster system and brought in to live with a family. It made me think about all the people I have taken in.

When my ex moved out, she left the kids. She didn't take anyone with her and two of my kids were over 18. One of the two got married and moved out and the other moved out on her own. I think it was just me and my youngest for about 6 months, maybe a little longer. In either case, I had a lot of space and people needing a place to stay (always for just a few weeks) seemed to appear out of nowhere and into my life. I think the first one was the homeless psychic vampire and his wiccan girlfriend. Take a moment and think about that. I have literally lost everything and have had two heart attacks and took in two homeless occultists. Now to be fair, I knew the psychic vampire. He had been a friend of one of my kids and he had spent his life in foster care. Once he turned 18 he was thrown out to the streets and the government would not do a damn thing for him.

I was still married when he got kicked to the curb. In fact, he moved to Vegas with a friend and I would check in on him when I went there. I would buy him some food and see how he was getting along. I even went to Vegas and bought him clothes so he could look for a job. His friend inherited some money and they both moved to Seattle; but, once the money was gone, they ended up on the streets. Freezing (literally) in Seattle (as opposed to sleepless) I managed to get a hold of him. What none involved may remember is that he did not call me, I called him and he told me of his situation. I arranged transportation for them all (my young friend and also picked up a female partner along the way, the wiccan). I got them back to the desert where they were from and where they would not freeze to death. I was still married and could not move them in with me; but, did make sure they had a hotel room at least weekly for a day or two as I could afford.

After most had moved out, I moved my young and his partner in to my house with the strict understanding that I was giving the house back to the bank. The divorce resulted in it being impossible for me to pay both alimony and my mortgage. I told them that they could stay until none of us could. I told them I did not know how long till the bank took the property back, it still a minimal of equity and I thought I might be able to sell it. It did not work out that way. I was unable to sell it and the bank, which I called bi-weekly refused to process the paperwork. The divorce happened after the housing crash. I ended up staying in the house for about 3 years. I couldn't leave because they refused to take it back, foreclose on it or seemingly do anything. I submitted all the required paperwork at least 4 times. Every time I submitted paperwork they would not admit receiving it. I had to call them, they never called me and I was not paying my mortgage. Even though I could not pay my mortgage and offered the house back, they allowed me to stay there for three years without paying a penny and they never called or sent letters demanding payment. They just refused to deal with me at all, I had to push the issue and every time I did they would lose my paperwork. I did not lose my house because of the crash, I had a 30 year 4% fixed loan, no fancy financing for me, ever. The court took my money and gave me the house and all the debt that went with it while also reducing my income by a couple grand a month.

That was my situation when I began taking in the homeless. You might focus on what this story makes you think about me; but, that is not what the film made me think about. You see, I ended up taking in another homeless person, another friend of one of my kids. A couch hopper who was about 28. This list of miscreants that I have taken is far from complete. Lots of kids have lived with my family and I over the years, some for a day, some for a week and some for months at a time. I have even taken in cousins. Things changed when I took in the next homeless person. It was a kid, a child, a ten year old.

The wiccan lady approached me one day. Now mind you she was only there because I knew her boyfriend and took him in. She had received a call from a prior partner with whom she had a child and who lived with her prior partner. They were living on someone's couch and the guy could no longer even provide his kid with a couch as the people he was living with were losing there house. After a 400 mile long drive we picked up her son. I believe he is autistic, he spoke little was very smart and was horrible with social rules. I took him too, I didn't want him to have to live on the street or end up in foster care as I knew the horrors that entails.

I am going to point out something. When I finally lost the house all the people who had lived with me had new places to go to. None ended up back on the streets and after I moved into my apartment I had two homeless people live with me at different and for a period overlapping time. In case you are wondering, all of this happened prior to my preaching. I never expected to be asked to preach and I never really preached about it.

I think it mildly irritated my friends (the few that knew) that I was not hyper focused on looking out for myself and was taking in people who had nothing economically to offer. I can say that feeding  and housing all these people while loosing my house may have been an economic challenge; but, we made it.

Now lets back to the real point of this story. The story is not about me, I provide the background information so that if someone chooses to say "put your money where your mouth is", I can say I already did, now it's your turn. While we can have that discussion if someone would like to have their skull crushed, I would rather discuss what it was like for that young boy.

Here was this kid living with his dad and sleeping on someone else's couch along with his dad. Out of nowhere comes this old fool that he has never met to pick him up, move him 400 miles away from his dad (it was actually further as his dad was moving to wherever, he didn't know, he just lost his couch and was probably going to end up on the street himself). I picked him up with his mother in my car and drove him back to my house knowing that I was going to lose the house and not knowing where I would end up or if I would end up living with family or friends.

We got home and for the first time in longer than I know, the kid had his own room. He was problematic at first, he did not wish to follow any rules and that probably made sense to him as he did not know when we would all kicked out and moving from place to place was all he knew. We got him enrolled in school, he ate as well as any of us and was free from any abuse. Not the optimum situation for a young child; but, the best he ever knew. It did not happen quickly; but, he grew to love the stability of the situation as far as knowing he would eat and have a place to sleep and privacy in his room. New experiences for him.

In my home, the young boy enjoyed real birthdays and real Christmases. We may not have bought many presents for each other; but, we all made sure he had Christmas to enjoy. His mother, while far from adequate in many ways, truly cared for him and made sure he went to school and was properly clean even though she herself did not wash enough.

For three years this young boy had a stable middle class life. Sometimes you cannot fix another's world; but, you can provide a respite, an oasis away from the garbage of a uncaring world. After moving out, the psychic vampire and wiccan broke up and the wiccan took her son with her to marry some other person I never met. I do not know what has happened to him and he is probably about 18 now. I still hear from the psychic vampire, once or twice a year.

Here is what I believe, living with me was the best thing that ever happened to the young boy (at least up until then). When people would come by to look at the house while I was trying to sell it, he would get very quiet. He did not want to leave that environment. He told me so and it broke my heart that I could not keep the house even meant keeping the homeless with me. You see, they were not some group of vague "homeless people", they were real people with real lives and real pain and when we could find a way to, experienced real joy.

I read the news on a daily basis, it is the first thing I do when I wake up, even before I have my coffee. I read about Antifa and social justice warriors and think "who are you taking care of, who do you share your food with, who do you share you home with" and I find all they want to do is an Easter egg hunt for fictional Nazis or protest statues of long dead southerners. I read about how people are fixated on taking one knee during the national anthem and think, what are you really doing to help others, how much are you really willing to risk?

I am less concerned with self-righteous people think there is an enemy they need to fight and much more interested in who they are willing to help as opposed to who they are willing to punch. Your righteousness has much less to do with who you are willing to hurt and much more to do with who you are willing to help.

I may not have made that young boys life perfect, but, I improved it for those three years. I may not have made the lives of any of the homeless people perfect; but, I assure you they all remember and I always told them the same thing. You don't have to pay me back or ever say thank you; but, you are expected to show another the same kindness someday. I always told them I never even needed to know if they did it; but, they would know.

The man that asked me to preach at his church borrowed a few thousand dollars from me and never paid me back, nor even tried to. The homeless people I sheltered would give me their bed if I were homeless. There are many of my friends and family that offered me a place to stay for no cost when I lost my home and was severely in debt, a debt created by my ex that took me 5 years to pay off on my own and to which she did not contribute one penny. In fact, she asked me to pay off on time so that it did not hurt her credit. LOL

I listen to the shrill voice of corporate media whores, I mean talking heads, ummm, tv reporters and commentators discussing how much ice cream Donald Trump eats or how evil he is for liking his steaks well done or how we were tricked into voting for Trump and against Clinton because of some Russian Facebook ad that questioned her honesty. I have been accused of being a racist (against blacks and Asians), I have been accused of being misogynist while also being accused of being gay. Mind you, not on this blog; but, good luck with that, I only have about 2,000 posts over 10 years. When you tend to question people's beliefs their reaction is often to question your intent rather than address the issues presented. People that know me don't try that for more than a second because I have the receipts.

There is a story in the bible, the New Testament, it is about a poor woman who left a penny (I am not going to bother explaining ancient Hebrew money, it was the smallest amount that could be traded) for the temple and pious rich gentlemen who left large amounts. Jesus said that the woman had given the most because she gave all she had and the others gave only from their excess, from what they did not need. Not one person who ever worked for me called me a racist, misogynist or asked if I was gay. The people that worked for me never questioned my intent. The attacks that were leveled against me were by people who wished to destroy my reputation; but, they only ever destroyed their own. Enemies and people I never met in person stood up for me because they knew my work and some knew my deeds.

I am apparently still known for a post I made about Pastor Carol Daniels, the anniversary of her death was last month, I almost never remember or recognize the day that people died. I prefer not to blame deaths on the calendar. I only remember one date of death and I try not to think about it; but, it is stuck in my head and is the day before my birthday and the day after my anniversary with my ex. I wrote a post a while back about how disappointed I was in her church for their bigoted anti-gay stance. It is a black church. I am more than happy to challenge those who have hypocritical or bigoted beliefs even if they are black or women or gay or straight or white or anything. I will challenge evil beliefs rather than imperfect people. All people are imperfect, including me. It seems to me that the corporate media prefers to discuss race and sex and whatever rather than policy. That is the definition of propaganda.

Let me ask you a question. Are not white nationalists the worst type of people who are white? I mean, white people who believe they are better merely because they are white regardless of who they hurt, aren't they the worst of white people? Asians who believe anyone who is not Asian is not a person (your really have to look up what Chinese and Japanese people call white people, some call us barbarians and others ghost people). What about black people who believe that all white people are evil, are they the best of blacks or the worst? The assumption that you can judge someone based on their skin color is called racism, doesn't matter what skin color you pre-judge or what skin color you are.

Let me ask this question. How can you teach love if you hate people based on their sexuality or skin color or religion? Or sex? What lesson would the young man have learned if I had been a white nationalist and the only person who took him in and gave him a stable life for longer than he had ever had? By the way, I didn't meet his father till the day I picked him up, I knew absolutely nothing about him, not his color, his creed or his race. I only knew his mother. What perspective do you believe I have on blacks who would only take in blacks?

This may be getting closer to inside your head. I have no respect for bigots of any color. I have no respect for people who limit their love to their color, sexuality, race or religion Don't tell me who others are, prove to me you love all others. You can do the greatest thing possible, you can change lives, you can give others of your scarcity, you can help till it hurts. You can be the woman that gave all she had or the wealthy person who barely gave of their abundance. God does not judge us, he forgives us; but, we do choose who we are. We choose to be loving or selfish. Who do you choose to be and could you change a child's life for the better even if only for a couple of years, not a single present.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How the Establishment Views the Citizens

How do your elected officials view you? How do they view democracy? What about our business leaders, how do they view the average citizen and the idea of democracy? How do the wealthiest and most powerful amongst us view nations and sovereignty? Most importantly, what do they believe the future should look like?

Lets start with how our political leaders view the citizens. Politics in essence is the distribution of limited resources to unlimited want. As a consequence, politicians views their job as determining who gets what. The question then is what do they believe are requirements to be distributed to all and what do they believe are benefits to be distributed to some.

Lets go back to how they view you. Firstly, they view you as stupid and uninformed. You see, they have all the inside information and you don't. The thousand plus pages of the Patriot Act were presented as if they had just come up with them; but, in reality they had been worked on for years and presented to congress with congress only having a day or two to read them before approving them. What about the enhanced scanners at airports that were instituted after the shoe bomber failed. Well, they started rolling them out within a week and had hundreds more in warehouses. Go back and see how quickly they went out. While the establishment may have been waiting for an excuse to do these things, the public was completely unaware that these plans had been made years in advance. They didn't just start designing and testing and manufacturing the scanners until after the shoe bomber. They couldn't do that much work in a week if everyone worked on them.

Long before things happen people make plans, contingency plans. While the plans are not widely disseminated in advance, they are discussed by our "leaders" of politics and industry. Yep, they see you as ignorant and gullible because you don't have the inside information and they do. They also see you as too lazy and stupid to understand their plans. In fact, they fear if you knew their plans you might stop them from going through with them. Imagine how large an investment and how much time it took to build all those scanners just waiting for the right time to implement them. Another question you should consider is why didn't the people who actually manufactured them, the workers, say anything to the news. Well, they may have; but, it didn't get reported nationally. In fact, most people working at those plants never thought to ask why, they were just happy to have a job.

Because they view you as ignorant and because they fear you, they also believe the majority of people are evil. Hillary spoke for more than herself when she said that the only reason people voted for Bernie was to get women in bed with them and the rest just wanted free stuff. It wasn't Trump that said that, it was Hillary. We already know what she has said and continues to say about Trump voters and those two groups make up well over half of the nation.

They don't trust you to pick the best leaders. Partly because they don't think you know what is best for you and partly because they believe they are the only people that should run this nation and this world. They view you as sheep to be kept in place and from expecting too much.

Take 20 minutes and watch this video.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Media Distraction of the Month Club

Each week or month the media pushes some new political distraction in order to keep you from thinking about the changes that are going on in the West. Currently, the distraction has to do with football players who choose not to stand for the national anthem. Lets start by looking at the issues involved. Firstly, why do we play the national anthem at football games? It is not a requirement and it is not a law, it is a choice made by the NFL itself. Whether or not one chooses to stand for it is a personal choice and our military died for your right to choose whether or not to stand. They fought so we would have the personal freedom to choose. Funny how people that are complaining that conservatives are being prevented from free speech in public spaces are also complaining that people are exercising their right to expression by not standing for the anthem. On the left they believe people have a right to not stand for the anthem; but, not the right to speak on college campuses. Hypocrisy is never a good look regardless of the side you are on.

My starting point is that this whole thing is a non-issue. To be clear, I support young people who believe that it is right to fight for this country and see themselves as defending this country. At the same time, I don't see us waging wars that actually protect this country, I see us fighting wars for oil, control and to fund the military industrial complex. I'm pretty sure that Libya and Syria were not going to invade the United States and none of this has anything to do with football or the national anthem. In fact, I don't think people know what they are protesting against in the first place.

Here is a simple question. Why did football team owners take the position that it was okay to protest the national anthem? Why not just refuse to play it as they are not required to in the first place? Why did a singer of the national anthem choose to take a knee during his song instead of just choosing not to sing it at all? The NFL chose to make this a political issue and President Trump chose to address it because they made it an issue. If the media had not pushed the issue, most of us wouldn't have even noticed. If I saw a guy kneeling during the national anthem, I would assume he was praying like when Tebow would kneel.

Because of my religious and political beliefs I will not pledge allegiance to a piece of fabric. For the same reasons I will not swear on a bible. I also choose not to make an issue of these things in public and to allow others the right to do as they see fit.

There is a reason why the complaints about statues of long dead southerners is no longer front page news. Just so you know, many of the parks that have statues of these dead southerners were given to cities, counties and states on the grounds that they be named after these old dead soldiers and if the statues are removed the land goes back to the family that gave the park to the community. As the false arguments about old rusty statues of dead southerners died off, the media turned it's attention to multi-millionaire football players taking a knee during the national anthem, just as meaningless. These things are distractions not real issues. Stagnant wages, healthcare and outsourcing of jobs effect our day to day lives in real terms, someone choosing to take a knee is not.

This little foolishness will pass soon enough and the corporate media will replace it with a new outrage. Each month we get a new outrage because it drives ratings and distracts the public.