Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Illusion of White Privilege

Let's start with a joke. A Jew, a black man and an Irishman are all being put to death on crosses and they begin arguing over who is being better treated and why. Now that is the definition of stupid.

I have previously stated that I am Irish, well, American of Irish descent. I have also stated that the English starved one fourth of us to death with the Irish famine. That included people in my family. How many people starved their slaves to death? Not to many, they saw it as the same as starving their horses to death. Slave owners saw their slaves as their property. The Irish had no value to the English at all. I want you to take a moment and think about that, it is not the point I am going to make but is in and of itself something to consider. You see it is about human value.

When I was young I resented the English as I learned of what they had done and were still doing to my nationality. I was about 11 when Bloody Sunday happened. You can look it up or just listen to U2. I heard how the news spun it all and watched as Britain justified it. I saw the propaganda machine at work. I felt a quiet anger as my anger usually is. Anger makes me contemplative and strategic, it is my warning bell to look deeper and find my opponents weakness. I began asking myself what would be acceptable responses to the English by the Irish Republican Army and violence seemed to make sense. It is the simplest of questions, is it okay for the oppressed to kill their oppressor. A simple question that misses the moral issue while making you think it nails it; but that is not the point of this post either.

Lets look at the life of the average Englishman. Is he doing that well? How has he been treated historically. Ever see Braveheart?  The English monarchy treated nations as slaves to the king including their own. The owners of this world do not see color and they don't see sex and they don't see age, they see slaves and competitors for owning the slaves. Should I complain about English privilege?

Define privilege. It means to get a step up on others. It means that someone starts the game with a bigger advantage. Now who should the person given no advantage blame? The person who was started one step ahead, two steps ahead or a thousand steps ahead? Divide and conquer means starting one group in front of another while you are a thousand steps ahead. You get them to righteously fight amongst each other. I have described how musical chairs is the same thing. While 99% of you fight over the increasingly diminishing number of chairs, I take them all but one so you fight each other over the one last chair while I have the rest.

I could have used male privilege as my example or any other privilege you believe exists in a bigoted (the word means universal and generalized, attributing a common thing to a group) way. What is the greatest privilege in the world? What can you be born into that will give you more advantage from the start till the end of life? I think I know the answer and I think the answer is wealth. Beauty and strength can be taken in a moment as can fame; but, money can empower the ugliest, meanest, weakest and most corrupt person in the world for life and beyond. Money is the one thing the world makes sure can be passed on to your children.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

To all my readers, friends and family that are father's or care for children I wish you a happy father's day.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Three Articles For You To Read

The Guardian - Faking 'wokeness': how advertising targets millennial liberals for profit.

Breitbart - Jerry Brown Plays President; Signs Climate Deal with China.  When a Governor or Mayor signs a international agreement, who gets to vote on it?

Wired - Humans Can’t Expect AI to Just Fight Fake News for Them.  People are seriously using artificial intelligence to determine what you can and cannot say in public. Hmmm, just like the question of whether or not NBC has the right to post an interview with someone the coasts hate, Alex Jones, except it lets anyone decide who is offensive to the civic body. Whoever controls your speech is your master, not your equal.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly

I have known about Alex Jones for about ten years. I became aware of him because of a man named William Cooper. Mr. Cooper did a radio series on Mystery Babylon which basically gave the history and beliefs of occult groups throughout history. It was a good series and I have an interest in secret societies. Now, Mr. Cooper and I would not agree on a whole lot of things; but, his series is well worth listening to. Mr. Cooper also claimed that Mr. Jones was an alarmist and a liar.

YouTube - Bill Cooper Says Alex Jones Is a NWO Shill.

Mr. Cooper was bigger than Jones at the time; but, Mr. Cooper was killed by police a month or two after 9-11. After Cooper died Jones continued to get bigger and is now one of the largest voices on the "alt right". Cooper and Jones had roughly the same audience, a sort of Libertarian, super-Patriot, distrustful of the government approach.

I prefer not to post videos by Jones, I posted the one with Brad Sherman because my post was about Mr. Sherman and I wondered why he had gone on Mr. Jones show as politically they have nothing in common. I think I know the answer and the timing had a lot to do with it.

Back to Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones started getting a lot of discussion in the mainstream corporate media during and since the election. Then during a custody battle with his wife the mainstream media made it an issue and lied about what had transpired in court. It was obvious what the corporate media was doing, they were setting Jones up for constant attacks. They wanted people to stop listening to him and only listen to the corporate mainstream media, the same reason they went after internet comedian and gamer PewDePie (who by the way has vastly more followers than Jones or anyone on television.

Well, apparently weeks ago Megyn Kelly contacted Jones and wanted him for an interview for her new show. He agreed to go on and taped the interview himself. Megyn Kelly is supposed to air the interview this Sunday. She posted a preview of the upcoming interview.

Now, the preview made it absolutely clear that she went after him over things he said about Sandy Hook and she should have. As a consequence of NBC posting the preview Kelly was criticized for interviewing him at all.

There were plenty of other people in the media who said the interview should not be on air. In addition, advertisers pulled their ads from the show. Even Mr. Jones told her not to air it because it would be unfairly edited.

Now Jones is stating that he will air the complete interview unedited. By the way, Jones has been interviewed before my mainstream media, he was even interviewed by Piers Morgan and nobody complained about it. So why all the controversy now? Nobody complained when Brad Sherman went on his show after the TARP bailout. He was even on Jessie Ventura's show multiple times.

The media is pushing Jones as the anti-government conspiracy guy. Why? The media says he is followed by millions of people; but, in fact he has 2 million subscribers to his channel and many people will only watch others on his channel. What was the genesis of all of this? The White House gave a press pass to someone working for Jones' network and the media did not like that or the fact that others outside the mainstream media were allowed into the White House press briefings.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Congressman Brad Sherman Should Be Removed From Office

Sometimes I regret that I deleted the first two versions of this blog. Not long after the stock market crash I wrote a couple of posts about Congressman Brad Sherman of California. I actually live in his district; but, did not at the time of the crash. I did write about him since starting this blog anew "Brad Sherman in the News". I wrote that in July of 2010. It was a follow-up with little detail.

I found out about Mr. Sherman during the voting on the TARP bailout of the banks. Here is a clip of what he said at the time.

He then went on the Alex Jones Show to talk about his statement in congress. When the TARP bill came out he was quoted as saying that people had told certain congressmen that if they did not pass the TARP bill that Martial Law would be instituted.

And how did Mr. Sherman vote? GovTrack - H.R. 384 (111th): TARP Reform and Accountability Act of 2009.  He voted to approve the bill. On his website it only states, "According to USA Today and The Washington Post, Congressman Sherman led the effort to prevent taxpayer dollars from being used for unlimited bailouts to Wall Street giants." Which sort of implies that he voted against it when in fact he voted for it; but, lets look a little deeper at Mr. Sherman.

Here is a link to his official Brad Sherman Resume.  He graduated in Law Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and even taught at the Harvard Law International Tax Program. He is a smart man and in addition to being a lawyer and worked at one of the big four CPA firms. He has even been on the Financial Services Committee since 1997.

So here we have Mr. Sherman and legal and financial expert and how did he vote when it came to repealing Glass Steagall? GovTrack - S. 900 (106th): Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. He voted to repeal Glass Steagall which resulted in the economic bubble and crash because it allowed banks to gamble with your money, with your pension money and the economy as a whole. This financial and legal expert was partly responsible for the crash.

The truth is that Mr. Sherman is either incompetent or worse. Why would someone who understood finance not understand what would happen if Glass Steagall were elimina when anyone knowing financial history knew that getting rid of it was a bad idea for the majority of us and would only benefit the banks. After eliminating Glass Steagall, Mr. Sherman was still on the Financial Services Committee and did not raise alarms when the economy saw a inverted yield curve, the number one indicator that a crash is coming.

Investopia - The Impact of an Inverted Yield Curve.

Now Mr. Sherman has announced that he is going to file articles of impeachment against President Trump. Fox - Reps. Green and Sherman announce plan to file articles of impeachment. This is ludicrous. One person I respect in congress is Dennis Kucinich. He is to the left of the Democratic party and is a true progressive and what did he have to say? Kucinich said, “It is destructive to America to proceed with an impeachment at this stage of the presidency” Kucinich, a Fox News contributor, said last month. “This is not the first thing you reach for, because when the first big move a party makes is towards impeachment, it’s very difficult for the American people to conclude that it is anything but a partisan issue.”

To be fair, I believe Sherman is returning a favor to congressman Al Green. Mr. Green called for it first and Sherman is the only congressman joining him on this current push. Hmmmm. Oh yeah they serve on the Financial Services committee together. Below is a video of Mr. Sherman discussing his calling for impeachment.

I want to review what Mr. Sherman said at this press conference. At 9:05 into the video, Mr. Sherman begins by saying that this is like Watergate and that the files that were stolen were electronic ones. He then states that the theft of files was done by Russian citizens; but, the truth is we have no evidence of that. The truth is that the FBI has not been allowed to examine the DNC server. The only people to see the server were from a private contractor to the DNC. Oddly enough Mr. Sherman does not insist that the DNC server be given to the FBI so that it can be examined by them. Also, we should remember that WikiLeaks has said the information was provided to them and was not hacked. Kim Dotcom has stated that he was involved in it and that Seth Rich was the leaker.

Not being able to prove that the DNC was hacked or by whom, Mr. Sherman says the Presidents crime is covering up the theft. If you cannot prove a crime you cannot prove a cover-up. You cannot be guilty of covering up something that didn't happen. Mr. Sherman goes on to say that they only need "probable cause" to impeach. Probable cause can be defined as it is more likely than not that someone is guilty of specific actions constituting a crime. NOT UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMORS. No prosecutor would propose what Mr. Sherman and Green meets the ground for taking someone to court.

Mr. Sherman likes to play it fast and loose with the law and the truth. He states that judges have been impeached for being drunk on the bench and that it is not a crime. Should we have impeached President Obama for drinking beer? Trump doesn't drink. A drunk judge cannot do his job, there is no similarity between the two. Judges can get impeached for failure to be able to do their jobs and that includes senility and Mr. Sherman knows that and was intentionally being misleading. Mr. Sherman then goes on to say that based upon rumors in the New York Times he believes Trump's meeting with Mr. Comey may have impeachable. There is a big problem with this as the Times article was wrong and under oath Mr. Comey explicity stated that he was never told to stop an investigation and that he had assured Mr. Trump on three occasions that he was not investigating him.

The truth of the matter is, and I reported on it at the time, that for over a year people have been discussing impeaching Trump if he were to be elected. Whether you like Trump or hate him there is a bigger issue at stake and that is democracy and the right of the people to choose their President as laid out in the constitution. Mr. Sherman is seeking to pervert the law to achieve a political goal and he knows it.

There is a guy named Alan Dershowitz, he is a very famous law school professor, he teaches at Harvard and agrees that there is no case for going after Trump at the moment. According to him, it doesn't matter why Trump fired Comey, he had a constitutional right to and Dershowitz is not a Trump supporter. ANYONE, who is against Democracy is your enemy and Brad Sherman is against Democracy and your right to pick your representatives. That's a problem. We should never allow someone to represent us in congress that does not believe we have the right to pick our representatives. Mr. Sherman is more than welcome to post a comment and I will publish it as long as there is no profanity or claims that a specific person broke a law without proof, the same way I deal with everyone else on this blog including how I deal with accusations in Pastor Carol Daniels murder. I do not do rumors as fact.


I woke up this morning and Mr. Sherman had submitted his article of impeachment for consideration. I am linking to a copy of the actual submittal for your reference.

Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Specifically the article claims that Trump requested that Comey stop investigating Russian involvement in our election. The problem is that it never happened according to Comey and even if it had, it would not be a crime. The truth is that the President gets to tell the FBI Director what to do.

I need to be clear. I don't need to like Trump or his policies to believe in our right to pick our President.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Post Coming About Brad Sherman

I was writing this post about Congressman Brad Sherman and really getting into his past, which I have written about before. He is one of the people responsible for the economic crash and is now asking for Trump to be impeached. I have been following this little weasel for years and wrote about him multiple times years ago. He hasn't changed, he is still a corporate shill.

So, I was writing about him and got distracted, had to talk to someone. I am like 90% finished with what I was going to post about him and am too tired to finish it tonight. I will finish it tomorrow and post it. This guy deserves to be removed from office. Not because of the impeachment garbage; but, because he is such a shill.

Politics is a business and you sell yourself to the interests that you like or that pay you the most. There is a balance between those benefits; but, you still up selling your influence, that is politics as an industry. Mr. Sherman sold out us all to benefit the interest of a few. Mr. Sherman is a Judas sheep. If I were to meet him I would ask him about the Logan Act and his association with him basically lobbying for another country while in office.

Now my longtime readers know, the Pimpernel doesn't pick fights or sling accusations he cannot back up. My readers know I never called for Obama's impeachment; but, I did say that Bush was a traitor because of the Patriot Act. I believe in the right of the people to pick their representatives. Mr. Sherman does not and that makes him as bad as Bush. Left or right does not matter, corporate shills are corporate shills.

I need another day to finish the post because he has proven himself bad enough to be worthy of my full attention.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Smart Cities and Automated Labor.

Curbed Los Angeles - City Council votes to dedicate $27M to Vision Zero, its plan to end traffic deaths.  Vision Zero, ever hear of it? Nope, you probably have not. It is a multinational plan, not a Los Angeles plan, not a state plan and not a national plan. It's avowed purpose is to make streets safer; but, it's real intent is to make the streets friendly to self-driving vehicles and keep personal vehicles out of the major cities. They don't tell you that. Here is a couple of lines from the article.

"Buscaino said he wants to prepare LA for driverless cars with a “smart streets” strategy, which could employ sensors, kiosks, and other tech designed for automated vehicles.

(It should be noted that if the streets were truly smart, they would also be dramatically reduced in size, as autonomous vehicles will not need as much on-street parking and the ability to share them would mean far fewer cars on the road.)" Yep, your tax money at work to stop you from using the roads."

Smart Cities DivePump the brakes: Cities aim to eliminate traffic fatalities with Vision Zero goals. Some general information about which cities are instituting Vision Zero.

Los Angeles Daily News - Botts’ Dots, after a half-century, will disappear from freeways, highways. You know the little bumps that are used to separate lanes and remind you that you are crossing into another lane, they are going to get rid of them and thereby make it safer for self-driving cars and more dangerous for human controlled cars. Do you see the pattern to all of this yet?

FOX - Stan the robotic parking valet gets to work at Paris airport.

Yahoo - AFP - First robotic cop joins Dubai police.  Robotic cops do what they are told. Do you think repressive governments will use them to control people? Just think how many people Stalin, Hitler and Mau could have killed with no regrets and no push back from the police or soldiers.

MSN - MarketwatchWhen Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg sound the same dire warning about jobs, it’s time to listen.  They ask a simple question, how will people find a sense of purpose when their labor is no longer needed. As the article points out, the issue of a laborless future is being looked at today by CEOs. For me the problem is that the majority people can't see it coming or be involved in the discussion until they do.

Reuters - Waymo working on self-driving trucks.  Waymo is part of Google.

The Kansas City Star - About half of all U.S. retail jobs could vanish due to computerization, analysis finds. The real issue of the future will not be a minimum wage, it will be any wage.

Daily MailArtificial intelligence will outperform humans in all tasks in just 45 years and could take over EVERY job in the next century, experts claim.  This is what is driving all of the changes you are seeing and you don't know it.

Geek.com - Elon Musk: Automation Will Force Universal Basic Income. Must is one of the good guys; but, "conservatives" hate his idea. The money won't come from your taxes because you won't have a job.

The big question remains. What do we do as a society when we no longer need people's labor. It is a moral question and a structural one and if you don't think about it, you will not have a say in it.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/business/workplace/article153864894.html#storylink=cpy

Monday, June 5, 2017

London Bridge Attack and the Globalist Perspective

Lots of people are wondering why the governments of Europe refuse to address the issue of how Muslim immigration from the poorest Arab countries of the least educated people from those countries is effecting their nations. Your average conservative will say it is because they are letting radicals into their country and that is true to a degree; but, most of the people who committed terror attacks in England were second generation and were radicalized in the United Kingdom. Liberals will tell you we just have to be more tolerant of their cultures, to be multi-cultural rather than adopt English culture as the Indians and Pakistani's have in the past. They mayor of London has said that terror attacks are just the reality of life in modern European cities. On it's face that is insanity; but, he actually meant it because he doesn't believe in borders and he understands that will be one of the consequences.

The assumption I begin with in politics is that things come about because the people in power want them to. Who benefits must always be the question, follow the money that determines what happens. The perspective of all globalists and the European Union is that having many groups in constant conflict has a value beyond bringing in new cuisines. What is the value they find in it economically and socially? Lets start by looking at Theresa May's (the English Prime Minister) response to the murders on the London bridge by Muslim extremists.

Time - Read Prime Minister Theresa May's Full Speech on the London Bridge Attack.

What did she blame the attacks on? Firstly she blamed it on sectarianism (religion, any religion that people believe in). Her solution is constant and growing internal security and surveillance. The second cause she found for the violence was the internet. She said it allowed people to gather and discuss wrong ideas. Her solution is to internationally regulate what you can say online and monitor all your online communications to make sure your not a bad person. She then states that we must attack ISIS in Syria; but, Syria was not involved in ANY of the three attacks that England has experienced in the last three months alone or ever. Her fourth solution is longer detainment for people not found guilty of crimes but suspected of thinking about committing a terrorist act. In fact, there had been discussions and a trial balloon floated at the idea of suspending the English elections.

John Oliver of Last Week Tonight posted a clip from his show last night where he talked about the London bridge attack, he laughed and said the English way was to laugh it off and said the real threat was Putin. I saved the clip; but, it is no longer up, I am sure it will pop up somewhere. Yep, found another copy.

These things just don't disappear. He starts by saying that "In no way is Britain under siege", just upset. How many people were killed in the last three irritating events, how many at the Manchester bombing alone? He literally laughs at the idea that some Britain' s might be worried or concerned. He claimed that the Britain's are more upset by people making tea in a microwave than the terror attacks. He then shows a gay man in England whos says that he will keep doing what he does because he won't let the terrorists win. Fair enough; but, they didn't ask this gay man if he felt threatened by the extreme Muslims who attack gays. He ends by saying that the biggest threat to the United States is Putin and Trump and that Putin had said that some Russians could have been involved in hacking the DNC; but, that is not quite what he said, just how Oliver summarized it. 

After 9-11 happened Jon Stewart and others gave heart felt sorrow and expressions of love for their city, Oliver didn't do that, he laughed about what happened in London, watch the video, he made fun of it and then attacked Trump and Putin. This man has sold his soul and wants to sell you on the establishment agenda while appearing to be anti-establishment. He also thought Britain leaving the EU was the worst thing that has ever happened, yet he left Britain and the EU. Lets not forget that he works for one of the six multinational companies that own 90% of all the media in the United States.

Here is a few questions for you. If we are facing overpopulation then why increase the number of people in Europe by immigration? If we have a problem with greenhouse gasses in the west than why increase the number of people through immigration and thereby increase the greenhouse gas emissions from those same countries? If we cannot assimilate people without terror attacks than why bring in more people who don't agree with western beliefs and not require them to assimilate? What is the benefit? 

I want to focus on the media for a second. I am going to post a video by a guy I find amusing but frequently think oversimplifies things.

I will not post it; but, Alex Jones has an even longer copy of the tape of the staging of this event. Specifically CNN was involved in arranging a show of support from what we are told Muslims for London and against terrorists. They also made it appear to be spontaneous, which it wasn't.

The Muslims did not crash the world economy, neither did the gays, the jews, xenophobes, Nazi's or Putin or Trump or Melania or Ivanka or the illegal aliens. Nope, it was the western banks that crashed the economy and rigged the markets afterwards. It was after the worldwide markets crashed that we attacked Libya, Syria and everyone else in the middle east. A distraction. By sending them to the west we have brought in a new boogie man so that we will ignore the real boogieman, our wealthy and our leaders.

Friday, June 2, 2017

"Last Man Standing", Writing for Profit and God. Thats an Interesting Combo Isn't It?

I am still retired. I am not even going to end up getting paid for the correspondence I just wrote. As a result of the position I took in the document I ensured I would not get paid. I had agreed to only get paid if the outcome was slightly different; but, I wrote what needed to happen even though it meant I would not get paid. I could have written it differently; but, I won't help people I don't want to and don't agree with in business and if I do help someone I do what is best for them in my estimation.

When I am asked for my business opinion or assistance I am righteous ass. If you don't take my suggestion I don't give you them. I am not your friendly neighborhood consultant kissing rear-ends for pennies. I wasn't a kiss up when I had a real job. When I had a real full time job they had all the managers get a psych test, an attitude test. My results said stand 3 feet away from if I work for you and just tell me what you want and leave. That was the advice the specialists gave my bosses and it surprised nobody. They scared of me and smart enough to follow it and reaped the benefits. I treated those who worked for me as family because I saw us all in it together and I didn't care if they hated me for it. I don't want to be kids friends, I sought to be their father even if it pissed them off sometimes. My goal was to help them find their way and be themselves, I think I did that or at least the best I could. You are responsible for your employees just as if they were your kids because you have the power. If you discipline, make sure it is in their best interest not just to get out anger.

I got irritated at the people I am helping. I wasn't upset because I will not get paid. To tell you the truth they don't even understand that my agreement means my solution results in my not getting paid. I love my work. LOL. When I take on a job I find the answer to the question I was asked to address, I feel a fiduciary duty (you really need to look up the word fiduciary, it means so much) when I agree to help someone. I got irritated about the people I am helping because they felt entitled to my best effort and forgot I owe them nothing and am doing them a favor and always knew I might not get paid. You should never expect things from others if you are looking to only get from them without ever giving anything back.

"Last Man Standing" is Tim Allen show, he was the guy behind "Home Improvement". I never watched the show until about a week ago. It got cancelled a couple of weeks ago and I didn't really know about it before then. Hey, I didn't know what a Snookie was till it wasn't. I didn't watch much television until I retired. I found out about the show because they cancelled it. Some said it was cancelled because it was too conservative. The network said that even though it was their third highest rated show they were killing their comedy night. I think they lied because it is the funniest show I have ever seen. I have been splitting a gut for the past week as I binge watch it. Maybe he reminds me of me except I am a socialist. Now, I am only on season 4 and am hoping Tim's character does not decide to get a sex change in season 5 or do something else I find out of character.

I really like this show and I want to talk about why. The show is about family and integrity, I like those issues. The show is about a real dad who actually cares for his family and pushes his daughters to be the best they can be while still viewing them as different than boys. I actually like the show more than I liked "Home Improvement". The messages it makes are about love, mercy, generosity, hope and innocence. There are no bad guys in the show, just people working through things and trying to figure out the balancing act that is life.

I told all my employees the same thing, "Do the right for the right reason and you cannot make a mistake that I cannot fix". I wrote a new correspondence today and it is great and will be very effective and I reminded the people I am helping that can't help them if they don't take care of their problems. To fix problems you have to address them when the opportunity arises. Sometimes it doesn't come up; but, when asked for help it has already come up. People ask for my assistance when all other answers have failed and they don't know what to do. That is exactly when they should ask for my assistance, when they are willing to listen and are desperate because I am a pain in the ass and make sure they know they have screwed up.

Sometimes I think God is like that. I think God waits until we really mean it, that we are searching for a solution and have screwed up badly. I think maybe we only hear him when we can see that all of our choices didn't find the right answer. We call him much more earnestly when we are desperate than when we are comfortable. Maybe he is always talking to us but we ignore him until he is our last chance to find a better way.

I should not have been irritated with the people I am helping, maybe I should have appreciated the fact they came to me in the end and trusted that I could and would help when nobody else had the answer. That is the kind of message I saw time and time again on "Last Man Standing". Tim Allen does not need more money, he is doing fine and always will. When he was young he made a lot of mistakes and then asked God what to do. I don't drink beer, I drink wine and only red wine because it keeps my blood cells from coagulating and giving my that all important third heart attack. I don't think I will be coming back from that one. I would be happy to have a beer with Tim Allen and ask him why his show was so spiritual, there are no others like that on the air.

Media Avoidance and Bilderberg

I wrote a motion for a legislator today. It was pretty good and we will see if it achieves it's goal. The person who is making the motion has never met me and probably never will. I was asked to write it by someone else. I was told what everyone was attempting to achieve and just put it into words and provide background as an expert in the area in question. I enjoyed writing it and while I don't write these types of things very often anymore, it was still really easy for me. I don't get writers block and am very fast and strategic in my business writing.

Oddly enough one might expect that my business writing would not be as good as it once was; but, the truth is that this blog keeps me current and my writing limber. It feels good to know I still have it. My readers know that I read everything and I do it everyday. I know my readers don't have the free time to spend all day following the details of every news event so I try to do it for them and then provide links so they can check me and read the source documents if they so choose. That is the responsibility of anyone trying to inform people. I don't use unnamed anonymous sources because you cannot check them yourself.

The Bilderberg Group met today and that barely made the news. I didn't see the New York Times or the Washington Post talk about it. I think the first time the Washington Post wrote about it was in 2012 and the group has been meeting since 1954. For 63 years this group has been meeting with the biggest power players in the world and most people still have not heard about it. The media floods you with news about the Kardashians; but, almost nothing about these meetings.

The number of Democratic and Republican politicians who have attended this over the years is stunning and the number who have discussed it with the country is zero, also stunning. George H. W. Bush was a participant as was Bill Clinton and later Hillary Clinton. Gerald Ford was a participant and all of them did it before they became President and none of them talked about it. Many famous members of the media have attended these meeting; but, they haven't talked about the meetings either. They have time to report on what Trump ate for breakfast but not what the leaders of the world think about where we should all be headed.

Kings and Queens attend Bilderberg along with politicians, members of the media, academics and business leaders. The Bohemian Grove is a collection of the same types in a social setting. Bilderberg is not a social meeting, it is all business. So what is the avowed purpose of the Bilderberg Group? According to Andrew Kakabadse, ".The theme at Bilderberg is to bolster a consensus around free market Western capitalism and its interests around the globe". If you want to see what they talk about read their agendas, they are posted online and I posted their current agenda yesterday on this blog. Here is my question, if they believe the things they discuss are the most important issues then why don't they let everyone see and hear their discussions?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bilderberg 2017 and the Logan Act.

Today the Bilderberg Group publicly listed a number of people scheduled to attend this year's meeting. The meeting will be held June 1 to 4, 2017 in Chantilly, Virginia. A list of participants can be found on their site. Bilderberg 2017 Participants. The Finnish Minister of Transport and Communication will be their along with Tiankai Cui, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Sandro Gozi, the Italian State Secretary for European Affairs, Senator Lindsey Graham, Christine LeGarde (Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund) and assorted other officials from foreign countries. Their agenda is as follows:
  1. The Trump Administration: A progress report
  2. Trans-Atlantic relations: options and scenarios
  3. The Trans-Atlantic defence alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks
  4. The direction of the EU
  5. Can globalisation be slowed down?
  6. Jobs, income and unrealised expectations
  7. The war on information
  8. Why is populism growing?
  9. Russia in the international order
  10. The Near East
  11. Nuclear proliferation
  12. China
  13. Current events
Remember when it turned out that General Flynn had talked to a Russian ambassador and the media started saying he had violated the Logan Act which forbids unauthorized people from negotiating with foreign governments. Heck, newspapers called for Trump's impeachment for violating it. Well, I wrote that I would bring up the issue again when Bilderberg met next. That is now. Let's play who can we put in jail. John Brennan of the Kissinger Associates, Senator Tom Cotton, Kenneth Griffin of the Citadel Group, David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group, Eric Schmidt of the Alphabet Inc formerly called Google, and a variety of other Americans going there to discuss foreign affairs with foreign diplomats in private.

Will MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times or the Washington Post be reporting on the possibility that international affairs will be discussed in violation of the Logan Act? Nope, they won't even barely report on the meeting. Flynn was the incoming Secretary of Defense and he spoke to the Russian ambassador and they called for his head. Why is Eric Schmidt allowed to meet in private with the Ambassador from China, he has never been elected to office, does he have President Trump's authorization? If not, he is violating the Logan Act.

ALL the people who called for Flynn's prosecution under the Logan Act will say nothing about it now. Why? Because they are hypocrites? No, because they are flat out liars and know the Logan Act probably would not stand up in court today, just like it hasn't been used in about 200 years. That is the essence of this whole Russia Trump media game. Come back in five days and we will go over all those who call for prosecuting the American attendees at Bilderberg. You won't find anyone in corporate media doing it, not even Keith Olberman.

Now lets discuss the agenda for this year's Bilderberg meeting. Item one is a discussion of Trump and his administration. Yes, a group of globalists are discussing what they think of a nationalist. I bet they don't like him. They will also be discussing whether or not globalization can be "slowed down" and why populism is growing (as opposed to elitism). You see, your betters don't like it when you don't vote the way they want you to, they don't like the idea of democracy. The most telling thing they will discuss is, "Jobs, income and unrealized expectation". Short answer is they are discussing that there will be fewer and fewer jobs, the concept of universal welfare and how people will be pissed when they have no opportunity to get ahead (unrealized expectations). They will be discussing the things I have been writing about for eight years that are not discussed in the mass corporate media. They will be discussing the future or all of us and you will not know what is specifically said because nobody takes notes or repeats what was discussed there.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Have To Write a Document

I have to write something up by the weekend for someone. I said I would so I will but it won't be posted here, it is for a business. I don't have a lot to write about tonight because I have been on the phone all day. Literally, on the phone all day.

I guess the most talked about article of the day was Kathy Griffin's photo shoot of her holding Trump's bloody head as if she had decapitated him. Discussing what she did is like shooting fish in a barrel. To tell you the truth, I think she was just looking to become relevant for a day and saw an easy target; but, it backfired. I don't think she was anymore serious than the celebrities that promised to leave the country if Trump won and she may have been one of them. Yet, here they still live. Because she is so stupid, she is now an easy target. Lets all agree she is an idiot and sort of disgusting and move on to the real things that matter. Avoid all distractions and center on the issues. What happens when we lose half of all our jobs? That is much more important than whether or not Kathy Griffin is a skank or vile.

How many times must I repeat this. This country did not have an economic collapse because of gays, bigots, Muslims, illegal aliens, white males, blacks, jews, xenophobes or the ill informed or even Kathy Griffin. It was American corporations that sent manufacturing overseas and our banking institutions that bankrupted the country. Follow the money, not the unfunny.

We all get frustrated and we all get pissed. I know I do. We can stamp our feet, point out others personal short comings, victimize ourselves for sympathy or focus on the things that really are changing this world and we are not discussing. Chelsea Clinton came out and attacked Griffin for what she did, is this worth dogpiling up on? Going after this is like going after Trump for liking two scoops of ice cream. It is stupid. You say it once and move on.

I have to write this correspondence; but, I will reading the news and back with something more important than Ms. Griffin in a couple of days.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kim Dotcom, Seth Rich and Why It Matters

On July 10, 2016 Seth Rich was shot to death from behind and died. We do not know why he was shot; but, the police said they suspect robbery. This is odd because nothing was stolen, not his very expensive watch nor his wallet or money. It is possible that this was a robbery; but, as of today we do not know the motive. According to reports he was shot in the back twice at 4:19 in the morning while talking to his girlfriend on the phone after having left a bar at 1:30. Okay, the bar was 1.8 miles from his house, where was he for those two hours? We don't know. Why was he calling his girlfriend at four in the morning, we don't know.

Seth Rich worked for the Democratic National Committee and was the Director of Voter Expansion Data. He was a systems person with a high clearance in the DNC. On August 9, 2016 WikiLeaks offered a $20,000 reward for the capture of his killer(s). Julian Assange, head of WikiLeaks, stated at the time that :

Julian Assange: Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. As a 27 year-old, works for the DNC, was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.
Reporter: That was just a robbery, I believe. Wasn’t it?
Julian Assange: No. There’s no finding. So… I’m suggesting that our sources take risks.

On October 7, 2016 WikiLeaks began publishing what became known as the "Podesta E-mails". Nobody knew what was in the e-mails until WikiLeaks began publishing them. Assange implied Seth Rich was the leaker in August two months before they released anything.

At NO point in time has Assange publicly stated that Seth Rich was the leaker of the e-mails; but, at no point in time has he denied Seth Rich was the leaker. WikiLeaks does not make claims they cannot prove and never has. We do not know why Seth Rich was killed and it may have been a robbery; but, we have a lot of reasons to believe that Seth Rich was the leaker of the Podesta e-mails. Those are two different issues and we should not confuse them.

Now we get to Kim Dotcom. He is the founder of a couple of internet companies that allow people to share information privately. He is worth hundreds of millions. His site allowed people to send mail to one another without being read by the government. I think the post office used to do the same thing, except now letting people converse anonymously is thought a crime, private conversations are thought a crime. The United Sates government wanted to jail Kim Dotcom for letting people talk in private, where the government couldn't read their conversations. Get it?

On May 22, 2017 Kim Dotcom stated that he could prove that Seth Rich was the person who provided the Podesta e-mails to WikiLeaks. A couple of days later he said that he would provide testimony to congress if they would promise that he could go home, New Zealand, afterword's. The place he is now. I present facts, not opinions.

Assume Seth Rich was killed in a botched robbery, assume blaming Hillary is political. Kim Dotcom has said he will tell what he knows on the condition he can go home. Why wouldn't you want to hear what he has to say? Watch the news and see if they ask him to come here and testify or if they don't want to know his answers.

Let the police determine who killed Seth Rich, give them time. Pastor Daniels case has not been answered yet. Ask for evidence, not theories. The question of whether or not Seth Rich was the person responsible for releasing the Podesta emails is a different one. Why is that a question the corporate media and the government do not want discussed?

I have told my readers to be careful what they post and to not post speculation. I have told my readers that I will not post accusations regarding the Pastor Carol Daniels case and to send them to the OSBI. Why would the government not want to hear what Kim Dotcom has to say about WikiLeaks and they got their information? I am pretty sure that an active investigation into how WikiLeaks got the emails from Podesta is going on. Why wouldn't they want to hear him when it costs them nothing, he did not ask for immunity.  They don't want to hear what he has to say. Why not? What are they afraid of him saying? It is not about Seth, it is not about Kim, it is not about the election, it is about the DNC.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Smoking and Restaurants.

So I just got back from a Chinese restaurant for pickup. While waiting for my food to be made I stood outside and had a cigarette. Now I know to be at least 20 feet away from doors and open windows while smoking in California; but, I noticed something funny. The sign on the door said you had to be 20 feet away to smoke; but, the ashtray was right next to the door. Look around next time you go out, you will find businesses tend to keep an ashtray next to the outside door; but, you are not allowed to smoke within 20 feet. Is that entrapment?

How did they come up with 20 feet anyways? Any real industrial hygienist will tell you that cigarette smoke is too dispersed to have any effect past one foot. What science was used to come up with 20 feet? The answer is none.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Been Working on Some Things and News

Sorry for not writing much, as I explained previously I was writing some things as work. For 30 years I was paid to write things. I was paid to write technical things and I was asked to write contracts and reports, lots of them. Negotiating contracts can be fun and challenging, writing them is sort of boring; but, important. Writing reports and position papers is where things get fun. As much as I enjoy writing positions papers and response papers, it is not free form. The issues choose you. This blog is about me choosing the issues.

cns news - Feds Collect Record Income and Payroll Taxes Through March--Still Run $526,855,000,000 Deficit.  The takeaway from the article is that income tax is going up and corporations are paying less in taxes. The second thing you should think about is that if tax revenue is at an all time high, then why do we need to reduce benefits? Where is the money going, not to help people.

Nature - Young human blood makes old mice smarter. This is a scientific journal, this is not a joke and it should scare you. Here is a line from the article, "For decades, researchers have studied the effects of young blood on ageing in mice through a technique called parabiosis, in which an old mouse is sewn together with a younger one so that they share a circulatory system." The idea of using the blood of the young to keep certain special people alive has been around for hundreds of years. Hundreds of years. Do you think the same people who are willing to have your kids go to war to serve their economic interests would find getting blood from young people to keep them alive longer offensive or morally questionable? Do a little investigation into the market for human organs and you will understand that the wealthy would have no problem with buying blood from slaves in North Korea or the poor in India and China.

The Telegraph - Cryogenically frozen brains will be 'woken up' and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon.  When I was young, it was claimed that it was impossible to ever reattach nerves. That has now happened, it happens on a daily basis along with hand replacements, face transplants and growing of ears on mice backs for human transplant. This doctor says he will do a head transplant in the next year. We should keep an eye on this, even if it has a transplanted cornea.

Yahoo - International Business Times - Couples are now divorcing because of Donald Trump, study finds. I don't care what goes wrong, the blame will either be on Trump or Climate change.

CNN - Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1 -- and other top lines from his Time interview.  We don't get news from the corporate media, we get rumor (anonymous sources), speculation (Trump may have statements) and outright lies. We don't get news or facts, we get propaganda.

reneweconomy - Death spiral for cars. By 2030, you probably won’t own one. You might want to read this article if you want to have a clue about what is coming.

MSN - Money - Millionaire to millennials: Want a house? Quit the avocado toast. Does this mean that vegitarians are less likely to own a home because they won't use butter? No, this is the wealthy telling young people that you have it too good.

Till next time, be well.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Let's Talk About the Election

When the election for President began, I stated that I wanted to see Sanders or Trump win and that I would never vote for a Clinton or a Bush. I wrote that on this blog at the time. I also stated that I preferred Sanders. As the election went on I pointed out how the system was rigged against them both and wrote about delegates and super-delegates. I talked about how the Republican party was trying to cheat Trump and I talked about how the Democratic party was attempting to cheat Bernie.

Tonight I watched a movie on Netflix called, "Get Me Roger Stone". It is a documentary about one of Trump's advisors named Roger Stone. It is basically all about how Roger Stone is a very flawed person, he is. It then overemphasizes what he did for Trump. It links Stone closely to Alex Jones who I have also said I will not link to here. The final conclusion of the movie is that Stone is linked to Russia and that WikiLeaks is linked to Russia and that Trump's association links him to Russia. Ta da. What a bunch of garbage.

I laughed at the directors attempt to talk about Stone's "dirty tricks" while ignoring what the other candidates people did and their advertisements and their accusations. This film is propaganda and bad propaganda. It's single greatest flaw is ignoring why Trump and Sanders were so popular. The Democratic establishment will tell you that it was xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic and racists that got Trump elected. The Republican establishment will tell you that it was a rejection of the liberals. Neither answer is true, neither will admit what it really was and is exactly what I predicted years ago on this very blog when the Occupy movement was shut down long before this election even began or anyone knew that Bernie and Trump would run.

This election was a rejection of the establishment and how this country is being run. Simple numbers tell you that. Trump, with 16 opponents Trump won the Republican nomination. Bernie almost won the nomination and split the party. If you take the number of people who voted Bernie in the primaries and add it to the number of people who voted Trump in the primaries it accounted for more votes by double for all the other candidates.25% of all voters in the primaries voted Republican establishment, 25% of all voters in the primaries voted for the Democratic establishment and 50% of all voters went for the anti-establishment Trump or Sanders. This election was a rejection by half of the country of the establishment and the Democrats and the Republican establishment see that.

The media will talk about phony reasons that Trump won; but, they don't talk about what Trump and Sanders have in common an it is that they both reject the establishment. People did not vote for Sanders because they thought he could achieve what he said, he couldn't.. If Jeb had won and Sanders had won the primaries, Jeb might have won the presidency; but, he couldn't win because Republicans don't like the Bushes anymore, they see them as the establishment.

Ask the average person what WikiLeaks is and they don't have a clue. During the Occupy movement I explained that we were seeing a reaction to the economic crash and how only Wall Street was bailed out with your money. I then said that I expected the people on the left and right to show up again but in a new way, they did, they came out for Trump and Sanders. Trump is a consequence of the Republican establishment co-opting and destroying the Tea Party. Sanders is the result of Obama destroying the Occupy movement. I also predicted that if we did not see a Trump or Sanders things would only get bad. Everyone is mad at the establishment, half the population is just still drinking the cool aid and believing the establishment is willing to change. Hillary lost because too many real liberals didn't vote at all, look at Obama's numbers and Hillary's. If it had been Jeb versus Sanders, you would have seen the exact same thing. The people who voted for Trump would probably not voted for Bush even against Hillary.

After Brexit and Trump, the establishment had a meltdown. They actually called for the electoral college to violate their duties, that was called for in mainstream media. They wrote articles about how the constitution's electoral college is evil and later about how the members should break the law and not do their duty. They called for impeaching Trump before he even got into office and it has not stopped. How hysterical has the media gotten? Well, how about this article from CNN - Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1.  During the election there were too many articles in mainstream media about what food Trump ate that it was ludicrous and they were all negative. How do you write negative articles about what food someone likes? I called it out when one of the biggest papers in the world wrote about how Trump liked his steaks cooked (well done and that means he is a bad person according to the article).

The establishment on the left and the right will do anything to remove Trump and return control of this country over to the establishment, they are not going to give it to Sanders. The problem for the establishment is that most Bernie supporters can see the nonsense behind the Trump attacks as a Russian agent. This is why the Democratic party is split in the middle and at war with itself.

It doesn't matter who is President if Trump is impeached over lies or killed. People on the left and right will know that you didn't impeach  or kill Trump, you showed what happens if you don't do what the establishment wants. The people are not happy with the way things have been going on for the last 30+ years, they are not happy with what happened when the economy crashed and how they paid more in taxes so that the 1% that crashed the economy could stay in business thinking that they might create jobs; but, that didn't happen, there was no trickle down recovery.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Corporations Not Communisim Destroyed the Middle Class

People on the right continually claim that liberals are destroying this country or that we have to be afraid of socialists and communists; but, lets face facts, capitalism destroyed the middle class. It was not communists that sent our manufacturing to China, India and Mexico. It was capitalists. The fact that people cannot see that shows just how effective the corporate media is at propaganda.

Lets be honest, American corporations sold out American workers. It is not communists, libtards, socialists, gays, transgenders, abortionists or antifa that sent our manufacturing overseas or have suppressed wages. The banks crashed the economy, not leftists. It wasn't Muslims or Christians that crashed the economy, it was banks and capitalist icons like Steve Jobs who sent the jobs overseas and fail to pay their corporate taxes to America.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Stephen Colbert did NOT say "Cock Holster" on Television

People are getting sucked into another false story and not verifying it. The corporate media is playing the internet media for fools. Let me explain. Stephen Colbert has been all over the news this week for saying that President Trump was a "cock holster" for Putin. In fact, the FCC has been asked to investigate and a number of people have called for Colbert to be fired. There are a couple of problems with this, most important of which is that it was NOT broadcast as far as I can tell.

YouTube - The Late Show With Stephen Colbert - This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President.

If you go to 11:43 of the video you will find that the words were bleeped out and his mouth was blurred out so that you could not lip read what he said. I have looked for videos with him saying it; but, I haven't found one yet. You cannot get in trouble with the FCC for things that were not broadcast.

New York Post - Bill Maher makes incest joke about Donald and Ivanka

Now we are being told that Bill Maher made an incest joke about President Trump and Ivanka. Watch the video attached to the link above. Two things, one Maher is on HBO, a subscription service that you have to pay to get, not on broadcast television. Short answer, no FCC violation occurred. Second, he never actually said what Ivanka did.

I believe people are intentionally being tricked into filling in the blanks and then reporting it as fact. Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert are trolling the audience and more importantly internet commentators. Don't fall for it and don't say it on your Facebook page or anywhere else. Don't call something true that is not.

Understand that the real attack is on free speech on the internet by the corporate media. Pizzagate was a trick and so is this and neither was an accident.

By the way, Obamacare has NOT been repealed either. The house voted to change aspects of it; but, it has not been passed by the senate nor signed by the President and even if the current law is passed, it still only repeals aspects of it, not all of it.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Where We are Headed and Why.

Looking at the world around us you have to be scratching your head and asking why. While I have been writing about what is going on for years, I watched a video today that summarized a lot of the things I have been talking about.

YouTube - Obsolete — Full Documentary Official (2016). 

The video is only an hour long. I don't agree with their solutions, I find them naive at best; but, they point out many of the trends that I have been writing about for 7 years and actually discuss many of the sources that I have presented and linked to in the past. The situation we are in, as I see it, is that we can actually afford to give everyone a comfortable lifestyle and can even afford big increases in population; but, we cannot find a use for their labor. If half of all the people on earth died tomorrow, we would still have enough people to do all the necessary work. Think about that.

The essence of the biggest issue facing the world today is what do we do when we don't need people's labor? Do we just refuse to feed them? Do we feed them and ask for nothing back? All the talk you hear about global warming or overpopulation is propaganda to allow a few to implement the establishments answer without ever telling you what their solution is. Read that again.

Lets be clear about something. If the world doesn't need workers than it doesn't need owners. I recently wrote that capitalism and communism are both systems based on the concept that your labor has value. That ceases being true when labor has no value.

Tomorrow France will vote for a new President. Le Pen is a conservative that believes people's labor matters. Trump and Farage also believed that people's labor has value. Globalists like Clinton and Bush do not believe that your labor has value because they understand that they won't need your labor in the future. Clinton's response would be to give people some basic, very basic, standard of living. Bush would give people no basics.

I was happy to see Trump win, I would have preferred Sanders; but, the important thing is that the election forces the discussion to be in the open. The things I have been discussing on this blog are not news to the think tanks. What I have been discussing for the past 7 years is what they have been discussing since the 1960s.

The reality is that the vast majority of people will no longer be productive. Better put, the productivity of the vast majority of people will be unnecessary. In fact, we won't need many colleges as we don't need as many educated people. You are seeing that now with the large numbers of college graduates who cannot get jobs because they are not needed. More education will not fix that, free college will not fix that.

The trends in small houses, small apartments, virtual reality and an obsession with being connected via you phone all the time is a consequence of planning for your future. You achievements will be virtual achievements so that you feel some sense of purpose.

What does a shepherd do if he no longer can sell wool? He sells the flesh of the sheep and if people don't want to eat lamb, he stops raising them. The shepherd only sees value in sheep for what they mean for him. Jesus would say that the good shepherd takes care of the sheep and loves them; but, most people become shepherds for the return. Jesus called them hired hands and said they abused the sheep.

 The internet will be used as your work. You will make videos or write or make music or make pretty pictures and the number of viewers you have will determine your value. That has already begun, consider Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In the future anyone will be able to make videos or create websites. The software companies are already preparing programs to allow this to occur. The internet will be virtual employment so that you have a sense of purpose. You are intended to have meaningless debates and arguments over the irrelevant. Why do you think there is so much discussion over gender identity? It is meant to preoccupy your minds.

Now lets discuss the recent protests against free speech by "the left". You can watch as many interviews as you want and you will not find what they are fighting for. Some will say it is anti-Trump; but, the current trend is to say it is anti-fascist, antifa. It is not. It is a distraction. Whether or not Caitlyn Jenner is a man or a women is completely irrelevant. Whether or not Mexicans move here illegally is pretty irrelevant too. There won't be any jobs for them to take away from Americans.

The protest at Berkley can be informative. Milo Yiannopolus is a gay, conservative comedian. He was invited to Berkley by the school's conservative group and "the left" had a riot to stop his speech. The discussion in the media is all about whether or not he should have been allowed to speak; but, that is a false narrative. They did not stop him from being heard, he is all over YouTube and the internet. He could have phoned in the speech. After he was shut down at Berkley, the media attacked him in unison and he quit Breitbart, an online publication. He had also been previously removed from Twitter. There is a pattern here. If they can stop you from speaking online or in public, they can stop your voice from being heard at all, that is why we are seeing a call to censor the internet.

An Open Letter To H.A. Goodman About You and TYT

I have been busy with a few things. Even the Pimpernel gets distracted. I have been helping a relative and doing some work for money. When I get to busy to write good posts, I collect articles and save them. Often by the time I can write again, some of the articles lose my interest. When that happens sometimes I will just list a whole bunch out and let the reader decide what to read.

I planned on writing about the articles today, you know, listing them out and giving a brief comment on each. Instead I am going to talk about what is on my mind. Someone I have recommended to my readers is a guy named H.A. Goodman. I like the guy. I don't agree with him on some things; but, I like his perspective and willingness to challenge people who are of his political perspective. The guy rarely gets angry on video or cusses. I cuss a lot in real life, I mean I cuss all the time; but, obviously I don't on this blog. When I first started writing online I was a lot harsher, not on this blog, before I started this blog and was on different social sites. I cuss a lot and can be very cutting even without cussing. The Pimpernel had a tendency to go for the jugular.

In my business life I was actually a little softer. I let many a person who stabbed me in the back live. The more influence you have, the more I think you should temper your approach. When I started my career, I started at the bottom and was incredibly combative and could get away with it because I was also incredibly prepared and quick. Old and slow now. I always gave a break to those below me in the organization. I believe insecure people fight those with less power and secure people should fight those with more power.

In the scheme of things, H. A. Goodman has less power than TYT. TYT has millions of viewers and H. A. has about 70,000. One of TYT's people chose to attack H. A.  I didn't like that. He called them out for their BS and one of their people attacked his intent, rather than what he said. H. A. does not cuss much; but, he was really upset and fought back. The guy that attacked him, he liked and I am sure he felt betrayed and I understand that. I got cheated on by my wife of 24 years, I understand feeling betrayed and it is not a good feeling.

This is an open letter to H. A. Goodman, shit happens, people make mistakes and say things that are hard to take back. My ex did it to me. I restrained myself during my divorce because I wanted to be the better me and MY CHILDREN WERE WATCHING. I had to ask myself who I wanted to be and look myself through others eyes. I don't link to TYT or Alex Jones for a reason, while both have some people I like, I cannot recommend the people they work for or their organizations. I do not rely on income from this blog and as Cindy Lauper said, "Money Changes Everything". HA, take a second and listen to the song.

I will use an analogy I have used many times. A poor Korean family moves to the United States and they all live in a one bedroom apartment and save every penny, deny themselves everything to start a quick mart and then argue with customers over a penny. When you have nothing it is easy to risk everything, when you have everything it is hard to risk anything. Jesus told us that, one does not need to believe he was our savior to understand that he said it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than a camel to go through the head of a needle; but, that through God all things were possible.

H. A., I do not think you were wrong about Jordan originally. I think he is feeling challenged and is working through things. You can feel hurt or ask why he came at you. That is a tough thing to do and I had to do it with my ex. Sam Kinston said that women during a break up feel a need to insult our genitalia, mine did not do that to me, she insulted my intelligence. She said I had lost my once formidable intellectual abilities. If you read this blog you will see I have not, read the tags about pension fraud. While I found her words insulting, I cannot say that I ever believed her. It never really hit me where it would hurt the most even though that was her intent. Sometimes people do things just to push your buttons, you get to decide if you will allow them to control you.

Jordan said in his Facebook video that had spent the day being called on the phone and answering e-mails calling him out for what TYT said about the DNC law suit. Look at his video again, he is shaking, he is upset, he is not rational. He knows they were wrong for attacking the Bernie supporters; but, they are his friends. They have treated him well. HA, I'm no shill for TYT and this blog isn't even monetized, never has been and never will. I like you.

I look at someone by how they deal with challenges and how they deal with success; both tell us where they are at on their journey. How I responded to people 20 years ago or even ten years ago, is not how I respond today. Life is about defining who we are and I find the questions as important as the answers. The question is not whether Jordan was an ass; but, who do you want to be. The comment, "well he started it" is the beginning to asking yourself about the value of grace. Today you may not be ready for that; but, that question reappears in everyone's life until they are ready to answer it.

As for Jordan, will you continue to defend TYT when they promote cheating by the DNC? I am on record saying I would NEVER  vote for a Clinton or a Bush. I am on record saying I wanted Bernie to win and if not him then Trump, just to be heard. Clinton did not care about the Midwest and they have abused for too long, they deserve to be heard. Do you wish to call me click bait, yeah, I don't that many readers and they would just laugh at you. This blog is not monetized. Jordan, here is what you didn't do. You did not disagree with HA. You did not defend TYT for attacking the law suit because you can not and that is what is bothering you so you attacked others for attacking them for other reasons. Do you start to see the real issue for you.

Sorry regular readers, I had to write this post because two decent people fought over nonsense and ego. I don't think I have ever done anything like this before and maybe they will never read it; but, it was on my mind all day.

Friday, May 5, 2017

I'm Not That Nice

I do not know who you think I am. I am not that nice. I will attack if needed. Philosophically. I want ideas to be heard even when you think I am insane. I need information to come out to believe we can learn. I believe in freedom of speech.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Jews and Ireland

This post is not about Jews IN Ireland, they have been in Ireland for hundreds of years and it is one of the few European countries that never persecuted them. I am an American of Irish decent. I am legally entitled to Irish citizenship. Let me explain that, if you are second or third generation Irish and live in America, you are entitled to become an Irish citizen. I am fourth generation. Having said that, both my parents were Irish and I have more Irish in me than most second or third generation Irish in America. Because of that fact Irish law entitles me to be an Irish citizen. I am an American first and foremost even though I still have family in Ireland.

I think America has been the best place for the average guy to live in the history of the world and am the first to point out the mistakes and tragedies we are responsible for. To ignore our history of slavery or the internment of the Japanese is ignorant and often hateful. It is a denial of history and those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.

The Irish got our country back, self determination, from the English in 1922. Later they formed the Republic of Ireland which is primarily Catholic. I grew up Catholic. I am not a Catholic and haven't been since I was 12. Northern Ireland is still Protestant and part of the English empire. During the 1960s and 70s the Catholics in Northern Ireland were kept mostly in walled ghettos I don't know if there is such a thing as "white privilege", I do know that there has never been Irish privilege. Up until the 1700s the Irish were the primary group of slaves sent to Antigua. In fact, Irish slaves were cheaper to buy than African slaves at one time. In fact they used to breed Irish women with black slaves so that their children would be slaves.

During the 1970s I favored the Irish Republican Army, the IRA. I was in my teens. I felt hatred for what the English were doing in Northern Ireland. On Bloody Sunday in 1972 they killed 14 unarmed Irish Catholics for protesting how they were treated in Northern Ireland. Separate and unequal. In Northern Ireland Catholics were not allowed to be police officers. It was also illegal to speak Gaelic, our language in Ireland. Britain stopped the slave trade in 1839 for both Irish and Africans. It was a Scottish man that reminded me of this.

I had to ask myself what we should do if Ireland were reunified. What if Protestant Northern Ireland was reunited to make one Ireland, just like Germany was reunified, just like people want to see Korea reunified. I would want to see Irish Protestants treated as family as one people.

Now we get to the Jews. The Jews were sent out of Israel a long time ago. They lost their home. They spread throughout Europe and were treated badly. During World War II they were outright exterminated. Even the Jews in America were treated like garbage at that time. In fact, they weren't even allowed into most country clubs and had to build their own resorts. That is what the Catskills was.

After World War II a situation existed. If you were a Jew who lived in Poland and was sent into a ghetto controlled by the Nazis and turned in by the Poles, would you have wanted to stay there? There were Jews who tried to come to America from Germany prior to the war and were sent back. Would you want to return to Germany after World War II if you were Jewish? Americans did not even know about the holocaust until after the war. The government knew, the people didn't. It was intentionally kept from the American public so we wouldn't all hate the Germans. They don't trust you to ever know the truth, they prefer to lead your opinion before letting you know the facts.

There are people who deny the Holocaust, I know that, they are imbeciles. There are fascists that hate Zionism, the Jewish belief and wish for a homeland. Their ignorance annoys me. What were the Jews to do after World War II,  return to Germany? Would you if you were Jewish? My guess is not. Then where were they to go? America had already turned back people who ended up in gas chambers, so had England. They returned home and created Israel. I support Israel.

I do not believe that anyone can born a slave or in debt. How I is it moral to tell someone that they are born with no rights and only debts? How can Israel support treating Palestinians as less than human? I am a Zionist who believes in the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish nation. I also believe that they are undeserving if they do not allow Palestinians to be treated as free people.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Free of the illussion of Money

I am sorry that I am not posting more. I am still assisting a company and relative. The relative is just selling his house and I am helping him with escrow. That is a really short and vague answer; but, he appreciates help with the paperwork and understanding how home sales work.. The other project requires more attention that it should. That is the one that I am supposed to get paid for. The 24 grand I spoke about in a previous post.

I am going to talk about the job paying money. People, to me, have strange ideas about money. Money has no value. Gold has no value, paper currency has no value and electronic money has no value, they are not real. They are representations of promises kept and promises made. You cannot eat gold, you maybe able to eat dollar bills; but, they are just paper. Electronic money is a complete illusion. In the end, money is just debt, it is a method of convincing you that you owe someone something. If I took gold or dollars to a tribe in the amazon they would just stair at me. It has no intrinsic value to them. Awards and money mean nothing to people trying to survive.

We understand that in the "modern" world people trade paper for services and goods with the assumption that the paper can be traded for services and goods later. That didn't prove true for confederate currency, you used to be able to buy a million dollars worth of confederate currency for a buck. LOL. It was no longer representative of anything. Promises can only be traded based on currency when promises are kept because of debts.

Debt is an illusion. There is an old movie I love, it is called "The Devil and Daniel Webster", I have actually written about it before. A man sells his soul to the devil for prosperity or something. You cannot sell yourself into slavery or in-revocable commitments. God tells us this, he says do not swear by anything because you cannot meet the commitment.

So there are people who think I am not being paid enough for the job I am doing. At this time NOBODY is getting paid, the job is not complete and may never be. I believe the contract will be awarded to the person I am helping; but, as my father said, "It is all bs till the money is on the table". If you do not pay your taxes, you are threatened with jail. You may believe this is a firm rule; but, Apple is holding a quarter of a trillion dollars overseas and not paying taxes on it. We haven't nationalized their company or forced them to pay. The wealthy and establishment don't believe in taxes, so they don't pay them.

I have lent out more money that I can count and I never kept track of it. I have helped many people make lots of money, millions and I never told them what they "owe me" for it. I let them decide. You cannot pay back a debt, the concept of debt is one of moral responsibility. If I risk my life for you, what do you owe me? All transactions are relational. Taxes are easy to understand, if I work so hard to give to the government, the government will promise me to be safe and take care of some of or all of my needs when I cannot give anymore. What I don't understand is why I owe the Federal Reserve for things the government did before I was born. I like the income tax, pay as you benefit, concept; but, it seem all the deductions go to the wealthy. I like a flat tax with no deductions, everybody pays 20% regardless of what they earn. Pay as you benefit.

I guess this gets us back to how much I should be paid. My answer is simple. Those who benefit from my labor should pay in proportion to how much they benefited from my efforts. That is the essence of the biblical statement that you should pay the worker his due.

My choice to not have written agreements for my work and my choice to not pick amounts to be due me are my choices. I leave the moral responsibility, the only responsibility you cannot avoid, to those who I chose to assist.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sorry for not posting, Pimpernel was working.

I know I am retired; but, in the past six months I have done some consulting. In one case I got them a $6,000,000 job and charged them a dinner. That was the meal I had at the New Zealand restaurant. It was a good meal and not cheap. That was my decision and like everything I do, it had more than one reason. This second job was for money. It wasn't just for money, neither job was. I helped some friends who I like and agree with in these cases. I won't work for people I don't like or on issues I am against. In fact, the second job I said that if I didn't accomplish what needed to be done by me, I wouldn't charge them at all. I only want to get paid if I succeed and if I do get someone a contract then my preference is to be paid a percentage of the job based on the value of my work.

The second job took me a week or two. I didn't work non-stop, sat in my pajamas, had a glass of wine and smoke while I wrote. I never bothered tracking my hours for billing. I work until I am satisfied with what I have written (doesn't apply to the blog, this is not work). All involved are confident that what I have written getting them another 6 million dollar contract. Because of their confidence in what I have done, today we actually discussed my compensation. The owner brought it up. This job will pay me more than most people get paid in a year. I will make about $25,000.

You want to hear the funny thing. Most of the people who know me think it is way too little. Now that's a head scratcher for you. I personally don't know how to determine what I do is worth. I have no way knowing what is right. If you asked me how much time I actually spent writing what I wrote, maybe two hours or three. If you ask me how much time I spent researching, maybe two hours. If you ask me how much time I spent thinking about it, non-stop; but, at differing levels. It was always somewhere in my brain even while I was listening to music or making food. I cannot see paying me by the hour.

So, what did I provide. In both cases they had been told they would not get contracts that they deserved and in both cases I proved that the rules were wrong. What is that worth. What is it worth to get a 6 million dollar contract for a company after they have been told no? The truth is in both cases I was given a four day turn around, the rest of the time was spent in follow up to make sure things went the way planned. There was nobody else that could have gotten the results I did, in the time frame I had. Yet, I did what I did while sitting in my chair drinking wine. If I spend a couple of weeks researching something for to write about in the blog, I don't get paid anything, not even if I write a really good post (it happens sometimes).

What is the value of your labor? That is the essence of the question of capitalism and communism. Communism says that everyone must work and every worker deserves the same. Jesus told two stories about compensation for your efforts. In one a slave owner gives three slaves ten dollars and wants to see what they do with it, knowing that he is a greedy man who wants what he does not earn. He comes back and find one made $100, one made $10 and the last one didn't take any risk and gave back the $10 the owner had given him. The owner got mad at the one who gave the $10 back without having made any more. The moral of the story is that it is your responsibility to make the world better because you are here. The second story involves a master who hires three people for the exact same amount of money and each works for different amounts of time, two hours, four hours and eight hours (these are just examples, not transcripts of the bible verses). The people who have worked the 8 hour shift complain that people who worked a 2 hour shift were paid the same. The master says it is none of your business what he pays others, you agreed to do the job for that amount of money. This parable is also not about money, it is about how heaven is the reward for everyone who accepts Jesus. Neither is meant to set a rule regarding what you pay someone. The only time the bible talks about what you should pay a worker, it says pay the worker his due.

When I was first mentioned compensation to the person who is about to pay me $25,000, I said that what he paid me was between God and him. It doesn't involve me. It is the person who hires you that is morally responsible for deciding what you are due. If you think I don't mean this, go back and read the whole post. Whether or not I help someone in the future, that may depend on how they have paid me in the past. It may not. In either case, what I get paid does not define me. It never has. It never should.

I could not be replaced on these jobs by a computer or UBER. They could not have automated what I did. I got called in after everyone else had failed. I can do that all day every day. My labor will continue to have value. What about the millions of people who drive for a living and are going to lose their jobs because of self driving vehicles? They cannot all become computer programmers or doctors or singers or musicians or directors or stars. What is the labor of people worth when you don't need the labor of most people? What do you do when you don't need any labor from most people?

Both communism and capitalism believe that people are only valuable because of their labor. Do people have an innate value, I would argue that they do. The bible says we are all equally valuable in his eyes. If minimum wage was $10 an hour than a years work of labor would be worth about $21,000 a year. Should we pay the unemployed at least minimum wage? What is minimum wage when you don't need anyone to do any work? What is a life worth?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bad Corporate Media.

I am going to show you the corporate media lying two times in a row about irrelevant facts about Trump. You don't have to like Trump, he is not the issue, a monopolistic, oligarchic media is. The election is over, Trump is president. Those are just facts. The media's attempts to manipulate reality are disgusting and real.

Sports Illustrated - MSN - Patriots clarify White House turnout photos for President Obama vs. President Trump. Yeah, the New York Times posted pictures of the New England Patriots meeting with Obama in 2015 and Trump a couple of days ago and attempted to prove that fewer people from the team came to Trump's celebration of their win. Problem is, the people included in the photos were different. In the most recent photo the staff were sitting for the photo shoot and were not on the stairs with the players. Sports Illustrated and the New England Patriots had to point out that the New York Times was lying. Maybe Sports Illustrated should get a Pulitzer Prize for proving that the New York Times were a bunch of liars.

The other big story in the last couple of days had to do with Trump signing some kid's "Make America Great Again" hat at an Easter celebration and throwing it into a crowd so the kid couldn't get it. Problem is, that is also a lie as a second camera proved. Still, that didn't stop the corporate media writing about it as if it were a real thing.

YouTube - TRUMP's WEIRD Easter Hat Throw| What's Trending Now

The guy in the video doesn't even like Trump and shows that Trump did send it back to the kid. Half a news cycle was spent lying about the frickin hat. If Trump sneezes they accuse him of a crime. During the campaign they tried to vilify him for liking his steaks well done, I wrote about it at the time. I didn't think the corporate media could get any sillier; but, I was wrong, now they just flat out lie about meaningless facts to vilify him.

I remember the little boy who cried wolf story. The media is killing whatever trustworthiness they ever had. You simply cannot trust the corporate media and I saw a very good video attempting to explain this.

YouTube - Sargon of Akkad - Understanding Fake News. I think it is a good rough summary of what and why and how we are seeing more garbage come out of the corporate and alt media.

Russia and Corporate Media Lies

So Trump said the Obama administration spied on him. This was soundly ridiculed by all the corporate media for weeks. Now, it turns out that a Mr. Page went to Russia in 2013, years before Trump ran for office. Not only that but the man had lived in Russia for three years from 2004 to 2007 when he worked as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch. This guy only met Trump after the election had begun.

New York Times - MSN - A Trip to Moscow Put a Trump Adviser on the F.B.I.’s Radar

Now the FISA court issued a wiretap warrant on Mr. Page LAST year, three years after he had a meeting in Russia. Three years later. In fact, they waited to issue a warrant until after he went to work for Trump and they found NOTHING.

New York Times - Court Approved Wiretap on Trump Campaign Aide Over Russia Ties

This is looking worse and worse for the Obama administration. As much as I did not want to see this story go this far, it may turn out that Obama used the intelligence agencies for purely political ends to help Hillary Clinton. What do we do if it turns out that Lynch or Obama approved these things? Do we jail them? I would have a hard time sending an ex-President to jail. Well, maybe the Bushes or Bill Clinton, just joking.

We need to get better controls over our spies and the intelligence organizations. At a minimum we need a new type of Church committee to investigate what the intelligence agents are doing today.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Freedom of Speech and Oligarchs.

The two people that the corporate media and the establishment hate re Matt Drudge and Alex Jones. Matt Drudge is the owner of the Drudge Report, an online web site that lists news articles from around the world. Alex Jones is the owner of the website Infowars, a right leaning site.

For my longtime readers you might notice that I do not link to either of those sites as a rule; but, I do check them daily. Drudge is fine; but, I link to the stories they reference because I prefer to use source documents. Infowars is too biased and alarmist for me to use. When I list out news stories I tend to direct the reader to the actual words in the stories to make my points.

I cannot recommend Infowars to my readers; but, I am amazed at the vitriol being aimed at it by the corporate media. It is likely that most people don't pay any attention to Infowars or take it with a grain of salt. Having said that, the site gets millions of hits a month. Since the primaries the corporate media has been attempting to ridicule everything said on Infowars and Facebook and Google have attempted to deny it advertisement revenue. The owner of the site Jones has been accused of being a white nationalist (he is not), a Nazi (he is not) and a fear monger (he is).

Right now we are seeing the establishment and corporate media attacking all the opinion leaders on the internet including Pewdee Pie, a harmless comic who has the most subscribers on YouTube. As for Mr. Jones he is currently going through a divorce and apparently his wife has made some strong accusations against him in order to get sole custody of their three kids.

MSN - NBC News - InfoWars' Alex Jones Is a 'Performance Artist,' Lawyer Claims. The article states that his wife has claimed that Jones is unstable. Apparently Jones' attorneys said that his on air persona is a character. NBC seems to think that this discredits Jones, it does not. Lets face it, all media personalities are characters. John Oliver is playing a part that is written for him by a staff of writers. Stephen Colbert literally played a conservative character on the Daily Show. These are all people playing a role to make their points, that is nothing new. Heck, even politicians are creating their personas to gain your trust.

So, what is really behind the attack on internet content providers? Well, it's pretty simple, there are too many of them to buy them all out. Jones and others made sure that the DNC e-mails released by WikiLeaks got coverage when the corporate media did not want them to. Bill Clinton approved the deregulation of the media and that led to 6 companies owning 90% of all the media that you read and hear except on the internet. Of course the establishment wants to control that to because they want to control what you read and hear.

History should teach us lessons and it does. Throughout history the world has been controlled by oligarchies be they kings, dictators or the wealthy. They all seek the same thing, the consolidation of power over the population. While many will claim that wars are about religion, even that narrative is false, all wars are about the consolidation of power and the taking of resources. The civil war was not about slavery and Lincoln went into it with no intention of freeing the slaves, it was about consolidating power over all the states. World War I was not about one dead Duke, it was about European nations seeing who would control the continent. The Europeans killed millions in Africa not to civilize them but to conquer and subjugate them and take their resources. Nothing has changed.

As the establishment seeks to take control globally through economic means we are seeing the next big attempt at consolidating power. The people in power see winners and losers and they intend to be the winners and this is why populism or majority rule scares and upsets them. When oligarchies have too much power they tend to suppress the rights of the citizenry, that is history