Monday, January 30, 2017

Quebec Atrocities and Media Jumps to Conclusions

Last night the media was busy discussing the shooting at a mosque in Canada. The media immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was an anti-Muslim attack possibly caused by the United States travel ban. The problem is that at least one of the shooters appears to have been an Arab.

Pimpernel is a pacifist and rejects these types of heinous actions, I have written about this more than once. Our thoughts and prayers should go out to all of the victims.

Some small points and then the real issue. Firstly, the shock and anger over this shooting is surprising considering the fact that the west kills hundreds of Muslims on a daily basis in the countries that the travel ban has been placed on and nobody in the west seems to care. The media doesn't even bother reporting on all of the drone strikes done in the last months of Obama's presidency.

Now lets get to the media coverage. Within minutes of the shooting being announced the media was drawing conclusions. That is always dangerous and rarely accurate. When a Muslim couple in San Bernardino killed a number of people at a business the media jumped to the conclusions that it was Muslim terrorists and began speculating that the couple were part of a sleeper cell or connected to Al Qaida, I immediately wrote that we should wait for the facts to come out and not assume a reason. Turns out over a year later, NO connection to any terrorist organization has yet to be found. In fact, it looks like workplace violence.

We don't know the motivation behind these new shootings and the police have not claimed to know as of yet, so why did the media spin the story so quickly? The corporate media is trying to compete with the internet independent media; unfortunately in the worst way. When anything happens the internet immediately begins speculating without checking the facts, now the mainstream corporate media does the same thing so that they can seem relevant. This is especially true of shootings.

When there is a shooting the pro and anti gun proponents roll out their standard answers and if Arabs are involved the Pro and Anti Muslims sides come out with their standard answers. Neither side waits to find out the truth because both sides fear it will work against their stories. Before my readers make a conclusion I would ask that they wait a couple of weeks and let the facts come out as they will. Don't jump to conclusions, wait for more facts. We don't have to be as reactionary and biased as them mainstream media.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hawaiian Pro-Immigrant Morons

Here is a video of protestors in Hawaii over Trump's keeping people from 7 radical countries out. I call them radical countries because the Obama administration chose the seven countries for special scrutiny over radicals in their country.

YouTube - Protesters at Honolulu Airport.

Imagine how insulting it is to real Hawaiians to see whites protesting the fact that we are enforcing our borders. We stole Hawaii from the minority indigenous people, just like we stole America from the Indians. You don't see a lot of native Americans protesting that more people cannot come into their lands. If native Americans or Hawaiians protested in favor of keeping out immigrants, what would the media response be?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump, Immigration and Media Lies.

USA Today - Experts question legality of Trump's ban on Muslim countries.  The title of the article alone is dubious. While many on the right would call America a "Christian" country, it is not. Iran can be called a Muslim country as it is a theocracy; but, that is not true of Syria which is a socialist democracy.

The truth is that the ban is legal whether you agree with it or not. There are seven countries which we are not allowing people in from, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. In fact, we have prohibited visitors from Iran before under Jimmy Carter during the 1980s Iran hostage crisis. We have a history of prohibiting people coming here from other countries and case law supporting it. What is particularly ironic is that President Obama, as he was leaving the White House, passed a rule that said we would no longer accept people from Cuba automatically if they reached America by boat. That didn't get a lot of discussion except in Florida.

The Washington Post - Countries where Trump does business are not hit by new travel restrictions.  This is another piece of propaganda. It implies that Trump only banned people from countries where he does not do business; but, in fact, there are a lot of countries where he does not do business, like Russia. He has no businesses in Russia and never has. Trump does have a golf course in Scotland, I guess he could have barred people from the United Kingdom from coming here. People from Lebanon can still come and that is a Muslim country that he doesn't do business in. I believe the only Arab country with a Trump property is Dubai, a Muslim nation. I cannot imagine why people would be surprised that Trump did not build a luxury hotel in Iraq or Syria during a civil war. So what do these seven countries have in common, oh wait, we have bombed them all or fomented civil war and that was under Obama. If we can bomb a country, refusing to let them send people here is certainly less offensive.

People are free to have an opinion on the validity of the ban; but, the media's hypocrisy and outright deceit in reporting the facts is disgusting. I thought they were worried about fake news, no wait, I know they have been printing fake news regularly since the consolidation of the media under Bill Clinton.


I just can't get enough of misleading headlines that turn out to be untrue.

MSN - Washington Post - Judge halts deportations as refugee ban causes worldwide furor.  Read the article, the judge did NOT ban "deportations" as a whole. In fact he did not BAN deportations at all, he merely issued an order to delay the deportations of people who had left for this country from the seven banned countries at Dulles airport. These people had been flying here legally and the rule was instituted after they left. Here is a line from further down the article, "Donnelly noted that those detained were suffering mostly from the bad fortune of traveling while the ban went into effect. “Our own government presumably approved their entry to the country,” she said at one point, noting that, had it been two days prior, those detained would have been granted admission without question."

Why did the Washington Post lie, er, I mean misstate the facts or misrepresent the facts or just fail to be truthful? We have a corporate media, owned by six multinational corporations that controls 90% of the media. They represent corporate interests. The media is now more about selling ideas than products, they are into propaganda. It is not government propaganda, it is corporate propaganda.

One of the biggest media giants is Disney. They own ABC and many other media groups. They even bought out George Lucas and now own Star Wars. This is a company that had American tech people train their Indian replacements. Disney has a big stake in bringing in foreign tech people and paying them less than the Americans they replaced. By the way, that is supposed to be against the law.

I am constantly writing about the media, the purpose is to show you what to look for and not always about what they are discussing. Learn how the media manipulates the message and you can understand how to find the grains of truth in what anyone writes, even me.


Seth J. Frantzman - Obama’s administration made the “Muslim ban” possible and the media won’t tell you. The article goes over how the Obama administration was responsible for choosing the seven nations involved in the ban in 2015.

Lets Honestly Discuss Immigration

President Trump has instituted a ban on immigrants from certain countries for 90 days while the issue of vetting (approving) them is discussed and a new criteria is established. The media basically calls for open borders while Trump calls for limited immigration. What is the approach we should take?

The first question is simple, should we allow unrestricted movement between countries? I think most would say no. Should we allow criminals from other countries to come here? I think most would say no; but, we have before. We allowed unvetted people from Cuba to come here, think the movie "Scarface".

Let me ask the question another way. Should we allow any immigration? Well, many immigrants come here on educational visas to attend college. Should we allow that? Should we allow immigration from countries that don't allow Americans to immigrate into their nations? Should it be reciprocal?

Working class people want to ban the poor from other countries coming here because it lowers wages and they take jobs that Americans will do that do not require an education. Tech companies want immigration by tech workers from India and China in order to lower wages in those industries. Is that good for Americans? Many Christians want immigration from Muslim dominated countries for their Christians who they see as persecuted. Which persecutions matter, what about allowing in gays from countries where they are persecuted?

America and Australia are nations of immigrants. Australia was a nation of convicts, should they now be a nation that allows convicts from other countries in? I have heard and read many times that Trump wants to ban 1.3 billion Muslims from coming here, should we allow 1.3 billion people to come here. Do we need to increase our population that much?

Lets get back to the simple questions, how many people should be allowed to come here a year? The problem is not really who should be allowed to move here, the question is how many. Should we concern ourselves with the impact on society of immigration? Cultural society? These are all valid questions; but, I don't have the answers and from what I can tell neither does anybody else.

I disagree with Trump very strongly about Mexican immigration. I agree that we have the right as a nation to determine who comes here, the same as any other nation; but, the vast majority of Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, are a net positive on the country. The truth is that Mexican immigrants fit in quite well with the existing Mexican populations and they are willing to turn in criminals.

This post is not about the answers, it is about the questions. You cannot vet a person's soul, it is not for man to do. You can however limit numbers, that is achievable. We currently have around 330 million people in the United States, we could afford to take in 500,000 people a year without seriously challenging our society. The same cannot be said for Scandinavian countries which only have a couple of million people living there to begin with. If we don't address the question of how many we can never honestly address the question of who.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Just Catching Up On Some News

New American - EU Boss: Citizens Should Not Get to Vote on Important Issues.  The establishment hates democracy. It is always that way.

Huffington Post - Uber Unveils ‘Movement’ Tool To Help City Planners Better Analyze Traffic Patterns.  Yes, they want taxpayers to pay for infrastructure to support self driving vehicles and kill over 3 million jobs.

MSN - Racist CEO Called Out After Controversial Tweet. Here is a quote from the article, "The Founder of Time Share CMO Melinda Byerley was recently under fire for calling rural America a “shithole full of stupid people.” The Midwest is the new peons and peasants in the mind of the establishment and the wealthy.

MSN - CNBC - Facebook's Zuckerberg sues hundreds of Hawaiians to force property sales to him.  He has a problem with peasants, even native ones.

Express - Human-pig HYBRID? Scientists hoping to create part man, part pig organs.  Nothing new, just fewer and fewer regulations and oversite of this technology.

Friday, January 20, 2017

President Donald J Trump, the 45th President.

It is now official, Donald J Trump is the 45th President of the United States. You may like him or hate him but he is now the President and I will refer to him as such, same as I referred to Obama as President Obama. So what does his election mean for this blog? Well, it means that I will question his action same as I question other politicians and criticize when appropriate.

Here is what scares me, that nobody will listen when honest criticism or Trump is given because the corporate media will twist everything he does as negative. You are going to find it hard to read or hear objective analysis of anything he does. Beyond media bias against him, there is something deeper at stake. Globalism versus nationalism.

The heads of the world's economy are meeting in Davos and they are discussing Trump. They are not discussing how they believe he is racist, misogynistic or homophobic. In fact, they know he is none of those things or simply don't care. What they are discussing is the effect of Brexit and the Trump election getting in the way of international law (mainly through treaties) being the main form of law for all nations.

To understand what Trump plans and looking beyond the candidate's hyperbole, lets look at his actual inauguration speech for his priorities.

CNBC - Read President Trump's full, blistering inaugural speech, attacking Washington, promising 'America first'.

He talks about returning this country to the people and away from the forces that were controlling Washington. That is called populism or if you will democracy, majority rule.

He then talks about how the establishment has been successful; but, not the people and that the people have not shared in the increase in wealth of this nation. The statistics will prove this out as in the last 8 years all the gains have gone to the 1% and the vast majority of those gains to the .1%.

He then talks about how this nation is here to serve the people and not just the few. He outlines the priorities of the nation as education, safety and jobs. I want you to understand this is not a Republican speech. His priorities are not those of the Republican party since the Bushes and not even the Democrats priorities since the Clintons.

He now gets into how we have given away our industry to foreign nations and states that it is the nations job to put America first in it's priorities. His next initiative is to rebuild America infrastructure. He then talks about foreign relations and says we will cease trying to force our beliefs on others; but, will work with others. That is not going to please arms manufacturers.

Here is what he did not discuss. He did not discuss restricting abortion. He did not discuss getting rid of gay marriage. He did not discuss ANY race as being our enemy. He did not discuss ANY nation as being our enemy.

Here is the reality. Trump has never been very vocal on social issues like abortion, gays or race. Funny that those are the only issues the media pressed him on. From day one his focus has been on nationalism and the middle and working class.

Here is why I would have preferred Sanders. Sanders would have basically agreed with all that Trump said and added in putting more regulations on the banks and Wall Street and breaking up monopolies. The reason I disliked Hillary is simple, she didn't support any of those things or what Sanders would have added. I consider the Clintons no better than the Bushes. Do you know what else President Trump didn't spend much if anytime on, Obamacare.

From this day forward the question is how should he be judged? I will evaluate him on his ability to bring manufacturing back to the United States, his ability to stay out of war and his ability to protect our borders. Not because those our my first three priorities; but, because those are the priorities he was elected on. If he meets those I will say he was the first one in decades to actually worked on the promises he made. If I find that he in fact enacts socially restrictive laws on gays, minorities or women then I will say he was horrible and attack him anytime I see him do such things; but, I don't believe he will. If he fixes a system where all the benefits only go to the wealthy then I will say he was a great President. How will you judge him? These are the things I will write about in the future along with continuing themes or spirituality, technology and economic trickery.

Let us all hope, and for those of us who are spiritual let us all pray, that he is a good President. Because he is now our President whether you like it or not. I personally refuse to swear on a bible, even in court. I do not pledge allegiance to a flag, only a nation. I pray for this nation. I pray for the people to be loving to each other and to those of other nations.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Climate Change and Ignored Data

LA Times - Earth sets heat record in 2016 — for the third year in a row

The article claims that we began checking temperatures in 1880. I have discussed this before but the article just highlights it well. The article says, " “For the first time in recorded history, we have now had three consecutive record-warm years,” Recorded history goes back beyond 1880. If they meant recorded climate history, again we have information going further back than 1880. We have data from tree rings and from ice coring's in Antarctica; but, none of that is used in the discussions of climate change.

Wikipedia - Ice Core.

Think about this. We have 800,000 years of climate science, yet, only 120 years worth of data is used to claim global warming. Does that make sense?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jackie Evancho, Juliet Evancho and Donald Trump.

Jackie Evancho is a 16 year old singer. She came in second on America's Got Talent when she was 11. She sings what is now called Classic, a combination of classical music, opera and a certain style of more modern songs that still require real vocal talent. I have attended two of Miss Evancho's concerts and enjoyed them immensely. I am pretty sure I wrote about both of them at the time. When her brother came out as transgender, I wrote about that too. Actually, I wrote about Juliet to bring up issues unrelated to her personally, bigger issues, things for people to consider about themselves. I do that sometimes, use actual facts to investigate issues that might otherwise be overlooked.

Miss Evancho agreed to sing the national anthem at Donald Trumps inauguration. She was immediately vilified in the papers which claimed they didn't even know who she was. Lets talk about the press. If your job is to write articles about the news, wouldn't you investigate first. If the writers had investigated they would have found that she was the youngest person ever to go platinum.  Take a moment and think about that because the reporters never mentioned it. Instead they said she was a nobody trying to help her career until they discovered Juliet Evancho was transgender. Yeah.

After discovering Miss Evancho had a transgender sibling they stopped talking about her; but, she was already receiving death threats from people for singing the national anthem at the presidential inauguration from so many open minded and loving people who acted like she was a Nazi. Thanks New York Times and Washington Post for showing just who you are.

Miss Evancho did not need to sing at Trump's inauguration. In fact it may or may not hurt her career long term; but, she did it anyways and she will not be stopped. She is an amazing young lady. I think I know why she accepted the invitation and it is quite simple. Her sibling, Juliet, is seeking transgender rights to use the bathroom. During the election Trump was asked which bathroom he would make Caitlyn Jenner use (transgender previously known as Bruce Jenner) and Trump said he did not care which bathroom she used. Jenner then entered Trump tower and used the women's restroom without a problem.

When Elton John married his partner Trump sent him a congratulatory letter; but, Elton is a douche and declined to sing at Trump's inauguration because he is a punk. Cher said she would move to another country if Trump won; but, unfortunately she has not. Funny, Cher has a transgender offspring, previously named Chastity and now named something else. Sorry, I really don't care what change she made to her name; but, would learn it if I was to meet him. Why should I have to do more research than major newspapers that claimed they don't know who Jackie Evancho is? Why didn't Cher at least recognize Trump for supporting the rights of her son who used to be her daughter?

Oh my, where is all of this going? I believe Miss Evancho is singing at the inauguration because Trump supported her transgender sister's right to be whatever she is. Miss Evancho's response to reporters questions was to say only that her family has been under scrutiny (read attack) ever since her sister came out as transgender. I believe Miss Evancho is singing at the inauguration to support transgender rights and the media does not want you to know that, it messes up the narrative they wish to manipulate you with.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Continued Media Failures With Trump and the Truth

CNN, Mother Jones and Buzzfeed all reported rumors as news even though they had been unable to verify or fact check any of them as being true. I am quite sure that Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow are turning over in their graves. The problem with having mainstream media fail the most basic tenants of reporting are not just pitiful; but, put us all at risk.

This blog started about philosophy and religion. It then turned to other items, it was only in the third iteration that I began to discuss the news. Once I began discussing news I began linking to the reports and to the source documents. That isn't journalism, that is just responsible writing, which in the case of this blog is really opinion and investigating claims made in the media. I discuss things that many would not and am read by people of varying sexual preferences, races, religions and just about anything else you can imagine. I am also read in countries that I could have never anticipated. In all these 7 years I have never once received a comment calling me bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic. In 7 years I have only received two negative comments and one of them was by a relative that was high and angry and it wasn't about this blog, it was removed.

Why do I mention this. Well, I think it is because what I say is just a reasonable opinion. That doesn't mean that my readers agree with me; but, I don't think they will say I am unreasonably biased or negative unfairly. I want my readers to think about my questions, not follow my biases. I would like to think that overtime people who read this blog trust me because of how I have been in the past, at least enough to consider what I am saying. This is not NBC so I have to earn trust, that is why I link to source documents most of the time. Trust but verify. Unfortunately, that is not working for the mainstream media. We try to trust them but what they say cannot be verified about simple things, like facts.

When I began talking about self driving vehicles, gene splicing, ICANN and how the United States government owns the internet I was laughed at by my own friends and family even though I had provided links to the research reports and industry magazines. It all became apparent in the last few years, all of it. For years I have talked about the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and other organizations that people didn't believe were real and I linked to their own web pages. This was not good investigative reporting, it was simply objective research. How sad that the mainstream media wasn't telling people what was going on at the same time I was. They knew.

Here is the problem. The mainstream media is more concerned with propaganda than reporting and this election has exposed that to everybody. WikiLeaks proved that debate questions had been leaked to Hillary Clinton and she never told anyone. In gold you are required to give yourself a penalty if certain things occur even if you are the only one that knows. I did not see ONE reporter ask Hillary why she never told anyone she had been given debate questions in advance. They sure would have asked Nixon that.

The media is no longer interested in the news, they are interested in revenue. They are no longer interested in facts, they are interested in impact. The more they influence opinion the more they make. Pretty simple equation. The problem is that the more they are openly pandering the less they are trusted. I watched a year and a half of news reports which spent everyday exaggerating and twisting the most simple things that Donald Trump said and I was a Bernie supporter.

The media is failing to discuss what is going on in many areas and increasingly only presenting a corporate perspective on the news. Here is where this becomes a problem, soon all media will be viewed as biased and incapable of being fair or accurate. When people don't trust any news, they ignore it. That happened in the Soviet Union. Even people who hate Trump will be unable to know if he ever does anything really wrong because they will be told everything he does is wrong. The media is creating a perfect situation for Trump to ignore them and the audience too by being merely propaganda machines.

I have serious questions about what Trump is going to do. Once he is President I am quite sure I will write about many of the things he actually proposes. I don't have to worry about a slow news day costing me money, it won't. I don't have to make things up to get more readers, this site is not monetized and has no advertising of any type. It also only has about 95,000 hits.

The thing to consider is that Buzzfeed, the site that published the 35 page "intelligence" report written by an ex British intelligence agent working as a private company that claimed Trump paid prostitutes to pee on a bed the Obama's had slept on was proven wrong on many aspects and that Buzzfeed could not verify any fact contained in it was true is owned by the same multinational company that owns NBC. MSN- NBC - Comey Told Trump About Dossier After Briefing. The second to last last paragraph says that "BuzzFeed is partially funded by the parent company of NBC News".

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Slander, Libel, Buzzfeed, CNN and "Peegate"

Pimpernel is very cautious regarding what I post. Opinion is one thing; but, posting things as fact requires verifiable evidence. One should also remember that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".  This is a mandatory part of reporting. Somehow it no longer is followed by mainstream media, at least not as far a Donald Trump is concerned.

Yesterday an internet "news" site released a 35 page document which made multiple claims about Donald Trump, including allegations that he hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a hotel that President Obama had slept in. I can provide a link to this document; but, I choose not to link to news sources that are not verifiable. I have read the document and have some comments on the document itself.

The document purports to be a "Company Intelligence Report".  It is NOT a government intelligence report. If you would like to know what actual intelligence reports by the government look like, go to "The Black Vault". The Black Vault was started by John Greenewald, Jr and is probably the most extensive collection of government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act on all of the internet. Like WikiLeaks, nothing published by Mr. Greenwald has ever been proven to be false. So, what is a "Company Intelligence Report", well, just that. The term is used to define corporations reports, often contracted for that are meant to provide management with information that will help their business.

Now that you have a little background lets get into some specifics. Firstly, the report does not identify who has prepared it and that is odd. When someone prepares a report for a company they usually use their letterhead or at a minimum identify the company that prepared it. Such does not occur in the 35 page document. Secondly, the document does not identify how the information it presents is to be used by the company it is being provided to. That makes no sense. I personally have prepared documents for use by private companies and ALWAYS explain how the information can be of benefit. It is the purpose of these types of documents.

The publisher of these documents, Buzzfeed, published with disclaimers. Buzzfeed - These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia.  The article starts with this, "A dossier, compiled by a person who has claimed to be a former British intelligence official, alleges Russia has compromising information on Trump. The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors."  Moving past the fact that Buzzfeed does not know who wrote the document and cannot verify the person's history or purpose for preparing the document lets get to the "errors". The "dossier" claims that Trumps attorney travelled to Prague when in fact, he was in Los Angeles at USC at the time and that has been verified. In fact, the only thing we can prove is that the report intentionally lied about Trumps attorney. That is not a good starting point.

Let me explain something that is relatable. Imagine you are getting a divorce and you go into court with a document claiming your spouse was paid money to have sex with animals in Baja California; but, you didn't know who prepared the document and your spouse could show they had never been to Baja California. How do you think the judge would react? There is a very good chance you would be found in contempt of court.

This report has since been repeated by CNN. That is hypocritical on their part. When "Pizzagate" was being discussed on the internet I specifically said that my readers should NOT post articles about it because there was no evidence, there was no witness, there was no person claiming to be a victim and it was irresponsible to publish such things as they would be used to censor the internet. This is no different. There is not ONE person mentioned in the "dossier" that has come forward and claimed any of it is true. That is a problem, it is a credibility problem.

So, what are the allegations. Simply put, it claims that Trump is compromised by Russia and that they have the ability to blackmail him. Here is where this gets ridiculous. The document claims that this has been going on 5 and 8 years, they really should pick one of the other. NOBODY knew or believed Trump would run for President 5 years ago and they certainly did not know that Hillary would run for President after her last loss to Obama. The report would make more sense if it was about Jeb Bush back then. NOBODY thought Trump would run and nobody thought he would win 5 years ago. Why would Russia risk so much to provide information to Trump for a race they didn't believe he would run in or win 5 years ago? The whole assertion in the report is nonsensical.


The Wall Street Journal is now claiming that they have identified Christopher Steele of Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd as the author. Wall Street Journal - Christopher Steele, Ex-British Intelligence Officer, Said to Have Prepared Dossier on Trump.  Again the Wall Street Journal has not been able to confirm this. More nonsense. Here is a link to their site, Orbis. Orbis prepares reports for companies so that the companies can plan. Simple question, what company paid for the report and how would it assist that company? And a statement, if this is the best Orbis can prepare a report, nobody would hire them because you cannot use unsubstantiated allegations to influence deals. It is really simple, companies do not hire Orbis to give information to the intelligence community. They hire such companies to give them inside information that they can use to make more money. The release of this information alone is contrary to that and if Orbis is identified it will cost them business.


By the way, if this is, as is alleged by CNN and Buzzfeed, part of the secret report given to Obama and Trump then why didn't the US Intelligence agencies release it? Lets be clear, it was claimed that the report was not released because it was Confidential, Secret and or Top Secret. Guess what, that doesn't apply to private companies reports which is what the Wall Street Journal is now claiming. What does this mean, it means that Orbis can be taken into court in England and be forced to prove their allegations. Anyone who actually cares about the truth would promote such a law suit so that the truth can at least be investigated.


Daily Mail - NAMED: The former British spy behind 'dirty Kremlin dossier' that claimed Trump was in bed both with Putin - AND pervert prostitutes. Hunt on for former UK ambassador who handed report to US politician.

McClatchy DC - Russian tech expert named in Trump report says US intelligence never contacted him.  Guess U.S. intelligence couldn't even be bothered to talk to people mentioned in the peegate report. Yet, they were still willing to release it.


And as the day ends... the report is proven to be garbage. The set up is, a retired English intelligence agent was hired by Republicans to come up with garbage about Trump; but, they didn't end up using it (probably because it is garbage and filled with blatant falsehoods). It was then given to Democrats who also didn't use it. It was then passed around news publishers who still didn't use it because it continued to be unverifiable and garbage. Finally it was given to Senator McCain who turned it over to the FBI who also didn't use it. At no point in time is it claimed that Obama or Trump was given a copy of the report though they may have been told there was a report implying Trump had been offered business deals in Russia as a bribe; but, the report itself said Trump never took any deals from the Russians because HE HAS NO BUSINESSES IN RUSSIA.

The end result of all of this is that the intelligence agencies and the media both have less credibility today than they did yesterday, and they were not looking that good yesterday to begin with..

Read more here:

Coastal Bias

Here is what people in New York, Washington and California do not understand and it is simple. Let me start with a hypothetical. Imagine waking up in California, where I live, and finding that the entertainment and tech industries had just stopped being here and moved to China. The studios would close and quickly become rundown, the people who support those industries would move away and the state would begin to deteriorate quickly. Imagine if the Financial Industry moved from New York to London, same thing. The physical pillars of American capitalism such as the skyscrapers of New York would sit empty just like the factories of the Midwest and nobody would maintain them. If you doubt what it would look like, look at the abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit.

That is what has happened throughout most of the Midwest and when those people asked for improvement in their lives they were told they were angry, racist, uneducated, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic. Do you really think those people will really be returning to the Democratic party soon? To this day those people are still being vilified by the media on the coast and they have no way to respond because they lost control of the media in their states to New York and Los Angeles and the six multinational companies that own 90%  of the media in the United States.

Who represents the working class now? Not the Libertarians, they believe it is everyone for themselves. Not the Democrats as they have decided to represent minorities and foreigners and have embraced open borders and globalism. Not the Green Party which is quite alright with killing industries in America. The only person who actually reached out to them was Donald Trump. Biden and Bill Clinton begged Hillary to reach out to them and she didn't because she had the media on her side and the big banks. She felt she didn't need them and they heard that. She went as far as saying that she was going to end all coal mining in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states. What did she offer them in exchange? She offered them federal support and funding for abortion, gay marriage (long after Trump had already supported it) and open borders. Is it really that hard to understand why they didn't vote for her?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stop Vilifying People That Are Not of Your Class

A friend texted me today and invited me to dinner. I get up late and hadn't even eaten breakfast, late for me is 3 in the afternoon, dinner was to be at 5 in the afternoon. I was there on time because he is like family to me and was there for me during the darkest days of my life. He was the one who took me home from the hospital the first time.

My friend is conservative. He comes from old blue collar, hard working, bible believing, stock. He comes from working class people who worked damn hard, hard enough that he was able to go to college. He appreciates hard work, commitment and honesty. Those are the best traits of old school working class people. These are the people that Hillary called deplorables and unredeemable.

People like my friend ridicule college students that need safe spaces and try and avoid real free speech by banning speakers who disagree with them. There is a growing wedge in this country and everybody, including people who believe they are empathetic and loving liberals are part of the problem. I want to start by talking a little Psychology 101. I get to do that because I qualified for a Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology, instead I took my official degree in Political Science. Still I want to talk about Psychology.

In 1943 Abraham Maslow published a paper in which he outlined what he believed to be human's hierarchy of needs. A list of priorities for people depending on their environment.

Basically Maslow believed that one could not focus on the top of the pyramid unless they were secure in the other levels. One does not worry about self esteem if they do not have their Physiological needs met, that is air, food, water, clothing and shelter are your only concern and until they are met, one does not worry about self-esteem. Pretty simple stuff. If you have the most basic of needs you will tend to seek out safety next and then if that is met, you will concern yourself with love and belonging. Once that is achieved, self worth, self esteem becomes important and finally when all those needs are met one will seek to become self actualized, self determinate and willing to effect the world because you believe you know the truth.

When you live in a world where 50% of your population does not have the most basic needs met and 5% have enough that they can seek more esoteric needs you have a disconnect in society and that is where we are at because the middle class and working class are no longer confident in their security of having the most basic needs met.

The median house price in San Francisco is $1,132,300. The average house price in Seattle is $612,400. The average house price in Los Angeles is $603,900. The average house price in Manhattan is $1,198,900. The average house price in Beverly Hills is $3,033,400. Do you know what the average house price is in Detroit? It is $37,000. The average house price in Pittsburg is $119,900. The average home price in Cleveland is $59,900. People in the Midwest are busy trying to survive and people on the coasts are seeking Self Actualization.

The people in the Midwest cannot understand the people on the coasts because they live completely different lives. The people on the coasts cannot understand the people in the Midwest because they live completely different lives. Meryl Streep is worried that foreigners will be expelled and the arts will suffer. People in the Midwest are worried that foreigners will move their and take away their jobs. That is the essence of the anger on both sides. It is not about sexism, homophobia or racism. Truth is Trump never talked about those things nor promoted them. To believe that is an and oversimplification and is dismissive of the people in the Midwest who have real concerns about surviving.

It disgusts me to watch people like Hillary and Streep insulting people who voted for Trump because they believe his followers are sexist, xenophobic, racist and homophobic when these same people voted Obama in for two terms, THE SAME PEOPLE. While I personally am a socialist, I find it harder to talk to liberals on the coast than to conservatives. Both are difficult for me; but, liberals tend to be more self satisfied and assured that people who disagree with them are evil.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Meryl Streep and Ignorance

Meryl Streep, a great actress and an imbecile spent her night getting an award and saying she is afraid of Trump. The people on the coasts do not understand why Trump was elected. The privileged are concerned with these four issues, Xenophobia, Sexism, Racism and Homophobia. What they do not understand is simple, it is what effects most people, jobs, food, shelter and affection.  They do not understand Maslow and his rules. They explain priorities and when you have all your needs taken care of, your priorities change. These imbeciles cannot understand that because they have no needs and only think about themselves and causes that don't effect them. People don't want welfare, they want to be able to make enough to care for themselves; but, there are not that many good jobs to go around so we play musical chairs.

Bazaar - Here's the Full Transcript of Meryl Streep's Powerful Golden Globes Speech.

A couple of lines from her speech. "You and all of us in this room, really, belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now. Think about it. Hollywood, foreigners, and the press." When multi-millionaires and the Hollywood elite start claiming that they are the most vilified people in America you have to really scratch your head. How out of touch with normal life are these people? Here is another line, "Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. If you kick 'em all out, you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts." The stupidity of her statement is mind boggling. Lets start with the most obvious which is people working in Hollywood are here legally and have visas. NOBODY is talking about legal immigrants being sent anywhere.

A lot of people are saying that she shouldn't have gotten political, I disagree, she is entitled to say what she wishes. I am more interested in why she felt so "passionate" and seems incapable of figuring out why people voted for Trump.  Why does she believe that Trump wants to throw out all foreigners when his own wife is one. Why do so many believe that Trump is anti-Semitic when his own daughter and son in law are Jewish? The answer is that she lives in a bubble of thought. She attends parties with other wealthy people in the arts where they discuss politics from the same limited perspective. The tragedies that have hit the manufacturing industry in the Midwest do not effect her.  This is what happens when you have increased social and economic inequality, you only see what is around you. I personally don't believe she is evil, I think she is ignorant and incapable of true empathy for the people who have lost their towns, their industry and were abandoned by the Democratic party.

Road Rage and Monitoring Your Driving

Financial Times - Uber to share more travel data with city authorities

The article makes it pretty clear that where you go will be tracked. Remember that the long term goal is to control your mobility as discussed in the Rockefeller Commission Report on Population Stabilization back in the early 1970s. The excuse will be that you will be paying to take care of roads based upon how many miles you drive.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Report of Alleged Russian Interference in the Election - More Nothing

Here is a copy of the report that was released today by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections.

The first report that I provided about a week ago spent 90% of it's time talking about how to avoid being hacked. This report spends 90% of it's time complaining that RT disparaged Hillary Clinton.

The next link is to the joint session of congress which formally counted the electoral votes and awarded the presidency to Donald Trump.

YouTube - Joe Biden Certifies "Donald Trump" He's OUR President.

A couple of representatives attempted to invalidate the election claiming that Russia was responsible for Hillary's loss. However, if you read the actual report that I linked to above it becomes clear that there is NO evidence of that. To claim that Russian televisions preference of Trump and distrust of Hillary is improper or invalidates our elections is insanity. It also presumes that the vast majority of Americans get their news from Russian television.

Now here is what you need to remember. Long before there was any discussion of Russian hacking the mainstream media was already discussing cheating the electoral college vote. I linked to multiple articles calling for that back in March if last year. Think about that.

The Truth is Inside You - Why Do We Pay For Non-Democratic and Non-Representative Primaries

In my post I linked to this article.

The Washington Post - The electoral college could still stop Trump, even if he wins the popular vote.

The article in the Washington Post was written March 17, 2016. This was before the Republican National Committee had even had their convention. This was an attempted coup and don't blame it on Democrats, it is bigger than that. This was an attempted coup by internationalists against nationalism. It was an attempted coup by the wealthy against the citizens of this country and this is not the end of it.

Four Black Kids Kidnap White Mentally Disabled Kid In Chicago - Wait.

Wait before you have an opinion. Wait before you decide who is guilty. Wait before making an opinion until a week has passed and you have better information. People are being controlled when they have snap reactions and emotional reactions are not well thought out ones.

This blog is not about trying to convince people to think like me, it is about showing people how to look deeper and be more objective in their views. That is hard to do when the media explodes with sensational news stories.

The truth is that we do not know what was going on yet. All we know is that a black kid who knew a white kid that had a mental disability spent two days in a van and at a house together where three other black youths hurt the white kid, humiliated the white kid and physically abused him. That in and of itself is pretty bad. Kidnapping and torture mean that the people involved will be in jail for a very long time; but, this blog is about understanding the news not having an emotional breakdown when we hear disturbing things.

The right is blaming Black Lives Matter and the left is blaming Trump. I am so sorry but the truth is we have absolutely no idea what these kids were thinking. Right now we only know some of what happened. It may turn out that these people actually hated Trump and were card carrying members of the Black Lives Matter organization or it may come out that they were just influenced by the rhetoric of that movement; but, I don't think that will be what we learn. If this was truly a political statement than I cannot believe anyone would support it and a message is hard to find in it.

Let's ask what it would mean if this was just some people picking on someone who has mental disabilities. That would be pretty horrid; but, again what was the message and meaning behind live streaming it? Nope, I cannot see that either. How about this hypothesis, how bout a black guy go a white retarded guy in his van that he had stolen and got confused or didn't know what to do now that he ad a witness to his crime and panicked. How smart and intent filled were these kidnappers that they did not kill the white kid and were dumb enough to film and live stream it on Facebook? What if the person who live streamed it was trying to get the cops attention? Don't presume you know what was going on.

There is no rush to come to a conclusion or draw an opinion, this case will go on for months. Your opinion will mean more the more time you give yourself to learn facts and the slower you decide you understand the totality of what happened. Propaganda works for a reason. It works because it tells us what we want to believe already.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why You Cannot Trust the CIA.

Tomorrow the congress will certify the votes of the electoral college that will formalize Trump being our next president. Today representatives of the intelligence community testified before congress to claim that Russia attempted to influence our election. Their claim appears to be that Russia or some third party at the direction of Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee's server and sent the e-mails found on it to WikiLeaks which then released those documents. The intelligence community specifically denied that voting machines were hacked or that the election count was wrong. They are now also claiming that Russia Today (RT), a Russian television channel improperly effected the presidential race by casting doubts on how America acts. What sort of alternative universe does this nonsense come from?

Yahoo - Intelligence chief: Russia’s election interference went far beyond hacks.

Washington Times - Electoral College vote protest sputters.

What we are seeing is a hypocritical and false narrative from the intelligence community. To claim that Russia improperly impacted the election because their television news disagreed with what the United States is doing is insanity. British, French, German and all other countries had opinions about this election and freely discussed them. In fact, England had a vote on whether or not Trump should be allowed to even go to England in the middle of this election. That did not seem to bother the intelligence community.

Now here is something interesting.

BuzzFeed -  The FBI Never Asked For Access To Hacked Computer Servers.  According to the DNC, no intelligence agency asked to examine their servers.

Lets give a little history of the CIA. In the 1970s congress investigated the CIA through the Church Committee. They found that the CIA, FBI and others in the intelligence sector had broken the constitution in multiple ways starting with opening mail and copying it without a warrant, During the 50s, 60s and 70s the intelligence community was caught doing illegal and unethical human experimentation on people against their will including giving people LSD without their knowledge, engaging in mind control without their knowledge, illegally monitoring people's calls and mail and assassinating foreign officials.

Now you might say this was all in the past; but, it wasn't. Because of Snowden and Manning we now know that the intelligence community keeps track of every e-mail and online action illegally. They have not changed one bit, they have only gotten better at it. We also know that the intelligence community has engaged in illegally propagandizing within America and has used mainstream media to spread false stories and narratives. These are proven facts, not conjecture. In fact all of this can be discovered by looking at the congressional record.

President Obama has recently signed a law legalizing intelligence agencies to propagandize in America and to determine what is and is not allowable reporting. The response of the intelligence community is to say with a straight face that questioning them is to weaken our country and hurts their feelings. What we need, and I hope Trump will call for, is a congressional investigation like the Church committee to look into the actions of the intelligence community since 9/11.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Who Pays For New Technology That Kills American Jobs? Americans Do.

The Wall Street Journal - States Wire Up Roads as Cars Get Smarter.  Here is the first sentence in the article, "Planners say ‘smart roads’ will unlock benefits from self-driving cars, curb accidents, but costs are high".  And who is supposed to pay for all these improvements that will cost 3.1 million people their jobs? You through your taxes and the drivers through taxes on transportation services like the gas tax.

The Jerusalem Post - How will Trump’s economic outlook affect Israel and the world?  Funny how the Israeli's don't think how Trump is anti-Semitic or a Russian pawn when they have the most to lose if he was.

New York Times - Trump Says Intelligence Officials Delayed Briefing on Russian Hacking.  There a people who believe themselves to be "liberals" that are upset that Trump doesn't trust the intelligence organizations. Hmmm, you know who trusted them the least? Kennedy. He believed they lied to him about Cuba and the Bay of Pigs. He also distrusted them over going to war in Vietnam. Turns out he was right, we entered the war based on a lie called the Tonkin Gulf episode.

Washington Post - Did the Clinton Foundation pay for Chelsea’s wedding? Now the Washington Post is saying Hillary lost because people thought the Clinton Foundation paid for Chelsea's wedding dress. This is just pitiful.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year and Nonsense in the News

Well, the New Year has started out well already with a bit of sadness though. Today I spoke to a friend that I had not heard from in a bit. It was nice to hear from him; but, he had sad news. His father passed away in 2015. His father had been in Federal law enforcement and I had the honor of taking him to Las Vegas for the first time in his life. He got to do attend some special events reserved for Vegas regulars because I was one and I am glad that I got to give that to him. He is missed.

I also got a comment from a friend that I knew at work that I had not seen since retiring and texts from some people I have not seen in a while. I had sent out many texts to people wishing them a Happy New Year even though I had not seen them in awhile. A good start to what I am sure is going to be an interesting year. It also appears that I will have a little paid job to do that is my kind of job, a puzzle seeking a solution and I can use the extra money to make life a little easier.

As for the news, plenty of foolishness. While President Obama claims that the Russians hacked this election, it seems not even the most strident partisans are buying it. Lets start with an article.

Rolling Stone - Matt Taibbi - Something About This Russia Story Stinks.  Mr. Taibbi is no friend of Donald Trump; but, he also knows nonsense when he hears it and like me requires proof. He provides it when he writes his stories and no proof has been provided for the claim that Russia hacked the election. Lets face it, the government hasn't even explained what "hacking the election" means. They do not claim that the votes were incorrect or that Russia is responsible for the Constitution creating an electoral college. The sad thing is, a Mr. Taibbi points out, that a recent poll (linked to in his article) shows that 50% of Democrats believe the Russians hacked the election count which was not only disproven by the recounts; but, is not even claimed by the intelligence agencies. If you accept every negative claim made against people you dislike and refuse to accept any negative claim about people you like you willingly allow yourself to be used as a tool.

Fox - Hawaiian cafe backs down over ban on Trump voters.  You have probably heard this story by now, a Hawaiian restaurant owner posted the following sign after the election, "If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis”.  There is a history of bigoted imbeciles posting signs like this, only groups changed. I'm Irish and they used to post signs saying "No Irish" in America. Up until the late 1960s many places had signs saying "No Blacks". We have also had businesses say they don't have to cater to gays, they just don't post signs though there was a bar in West Hollywood that had a sign that said, "No Faggots", it got taken down because of political pressure after West Hollywood with a very gay community became it's own city. Let's be consistent, it is not okay for a business to refuse to serve someone because they voted for Trump, are gay, are black or of a different religion. - The White House predicts nearly all truck, taxi, and delivery driver jobs will be automated.  What a shock, I have only been writing about this for 7 years. That means we expect to lose another 3.1 million jobs over the next few years. There is a link to the White House report in the article if you want to read it. The real question remains the same and nobody is discussing it in public, only in think tanks and at non-public events like the Bilderberg meeting, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission and what is spoken at those eventsis not publicized. Right now you are paying with your taxes to create the infrastructure that will allow this technology to replace you. Notice all those bike lanes and the new style of crosswalks? That is happening across the United States and you have not been told why your taxes are paying for it. Go to YouTube and watch videos of people driving through Boston, Los Angeles, Detroit, Pittsburg, New York... All across the United States this is being done and it is expensive; but, you are not told why and it seems so local except cities are all doing it at the same time.

Transport and Environment -  Air pollution from ships.

Friends of the Earth - Oceangoing vessels.

Lets start with this, shipping pollutes more than all the cars in the world combined. With little effort we could cut pollution from these ships by 80%. The worst at pollution are the ships that haul goods from China to the rest of the world. If we are so concerned about climate change and pollution why don't we just refuse to allow products to be sold in the west that are transported on those ships until they install scrubbers and make other simple changes? Keep asking yourself that question until you discover the real reason, I have already written about it before.


So, it is about 2 in the morning and I was listening to music and thinking about my day. Anyways, I decided to read newspapers around the world that I had not looked at today. The front pages were full of stories but not one listed the biggest story the media in the United States is trying to sell us. Why is it that the people of England, of Canada, of Japan, of South America and of Africa aren't screaming to the world that the United States election was hacked? I suspect that if people in other countries actually believed that our election was hacked and that Trump was a Russian agent it might concern our allies and enemies. Israel has a pretty good intelligence group and you think they would be concerned if they thought Trump was a Russian puppet. Think about that.