Thursday, December 29, 2016

More Hypocricy and Stupidity

I don't quite know what President Obama is attempting to do as he leaves office. First he lets Israel be censored by the United Nations over Israelis who are building homes in the Sinai while at the same time he is protecting illegal aliens in America. Lets think about this a little bit more.

The United States is allowing people to disregard our borders, come here illegally, receive benefits and stay here even after they break our laws by committing violent crimes; but, he doesn't believe Israelis should be allowed to live outside of their borders. Wait, it gets better, President Obama believes that Syrians and others from the middle east should be allowed to move into Europe without any vetting; but, he doesn't believe Israelis should be allowed to move into Syria or other Arab areas without permission.

Today the President announced he is kicking out 35 Russians from the United States because he is mad at their government; but, he doesn't believe we should kick out Iranians because we are mad at their government or Saudis because their government supports terrorists like the ones who blew up the twin towers.

Hillary Clinton supports open borders and bringing in millions of immigrants, in-vetted, from the middle east; but, doesn't believe you should be allowed to leave this country without a passport and supported the no fly list to prevent people from leaving this country. Where is the consistency with any of these people? Let me ask this simple question, why do I need a passport to go to England or France or Germany; but, Arabs do not when they come from countries that are known to have large numbers of terrorists?

MSN - Fiscal Times - Trump jolts the pharmaceutical industry with vow to 'bring down drug prices'.  Something that is not being talked about much is the fact that Trump intends to go after big pharma to bring down drug prices. I wonder why the media is not supporting and talking about this more? Oh yeah, I forgot, we are one of the few western countries that allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise their products on television and in newspapers.

MSN - AP - What it means if Trump names China a currency manipulator.  When President Obama calls China a currency manipulator he gets praise in the media, when Trump says it, the media says he is lying.

The Express - SCIENCE WARNING: Messing with genes could WIPE OUT geniuses from the earth.  The title sort of says it all.

Pimpernel Had an Amazing Year

I began this year losing my apartment and being forced to move. It turned out to be a great thing and I liked where I lived. This is a better situation. We see so many things in a year. I watched the establishment wring their hands and become hysterical over Trump becoming President. I told you I didn't care if Trump or Sanders won as long as the establishment understood that this is their "let them eat cake" moment. If they don't catch on, I am scared for what the future may hold.

The year ends with my wishing others to heal and my being offered a substantial amount of money to do the thing I do the way I do it. I enjoyed 2016 and look forward to 2017. I hope you do too.