Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jobs, Water and Banking. Things you should follow.

Washington Examiner - Jeb Bush warns robots taking US jobs is not science fiction.  Jeb points out that 38% of the jobs could be gone in the next decade. His answer, more education. The truth, not everyone can learn to be a computer programmer well enough to start their own game company. If the average IQ is 100 then half the people on earth have IQs that are lower than that. How many people with IQs of 80 can we really expect to become scientists or computer programmers? Jeb also wants Trump to bring up the issue; but, not do anything to address it.

PWC-  Up to 30% of existing UK jobs could be impacted by automation by early 2030s, but this should be offset by job gains elsewhere in economy. Basically, tech people are saying the same thing as Bush. Funny thing is none of them can tell you why we will need the same number of employees when all the manufacturing and physically strenuous labor jobs are gone or why we would suddenly need ten times as many people in tech jobs. They do admit the rich will get richer; but, ignore the poor getting poorer as much as possible.

Las Vegas Sun - Water officials to crack down on overuse of private wells.  In 2009 Nevada began planning on regulating the use of wells on people's private property.

Pahrump Valley Times - Voluntary well metering urged.  In 2014 a county in Nevada decides they don't want to follow state law and issue water permits for people using private wells.

Pahrump Valley Times - Well owners, utilities quarrel over water plans - Hundreds voice opinions on recommendations to meter Nevada wells.

Bloomberg - Cohn Backs Wall Street Split of Lending, Investment Banks.  There are fears on Wall Street that the Trump administration wants to bring back Glass Steagall. We would not have had the crash if Glass Steagall had not been gutted by the Republicans and Democrats.