Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Let's Weaken Democricy

Telegraph - US climate commitment 'irreversible', Francois Hollande warns Donald Trump.  After Trump was elected President, the President of France said that we have no choice but to agree to the Paris agreement on the environment. Lets be very clear, treaties only become treaties after congress approves them and the President signs them. The Paris Accords ARE NOT LAW and this moron knows that. He said if we don't go along with them as if they were law that France might put a tariff on the United States. This man is a globalist piece of garbage who does not respect people right to vote or democracy. That was stated in another article; but, I forgot to save it.

MSN - The Los Angeles Times - Secessionists formally launch quest for California's independence. The media tried to portray this as an anti-Trump thing; but, it is nonsense. In fact this movement has been going on for two years, even before Trump said he would run for office. There was a separate movement to break up California into 6 states. The same people are behind both of these, they are the tech industry leaders trying to take over control and weaken control over them.

Yahoo - Business Insider - Californians might vote in 2018 on taking steps toward secession in a 'Calexit'.

RT - Ex-PM John Major: Brexit terms can’t be decided by ‘tyranny of majority’.  The "tyranny" of the majority is what we call democracy.  I will repeat what I have said many times before, the owners do not like you voting or wish to hear your opinion.

Yahoo - Christian Science Monitor - Why India's prime minister wants a cashless society.  60% of Indians want to keep cash. A couple of years ago I linked to an article about how India was in the process of getting biometric data on all of it's citizens and was getting ready to finish the process. I guess they finished it because the biometrics is your identification when we all go cashless. While I have talked a lot about the election in the past year, I have written about the move to cashless since the blog began and there are many posts about it.

MSN - Market Watch -  Opinion: Why deporting millions of people would be bad for U.S. workers.  The argument they make is that if we repatriated people here illegally to their own nations they would no longer buy goods here. The reality is that businesses want them here because they don't get paid as much or have any protections. This has always been the reality for them. The companies see them as a commodity like grapes, same as they see the rest of us.

Yahoo - Bloomberg - Is It Simpler Than Obamacare? California’s Retirement Mandate.  Five states are considering offering voluntary retirement plans to their citizens. The big money is split on this. Some in finance like the idea as long as they get to invest your money and others don't want it because if you are saving you are not spending.

International Business Times - How To Keep Trump From Becoming President? 25th Amendment Could Declare Republican Mentally Unfit.  Your owners don't like Trump and don't want him to put Americans first. They don't like democracy.

Daily Mail - Russia is developing a mega-rocket that will transport supplies to build a base on the MOON, Deputy PM reveals.  We are richer than Russia and yet, refuse to have a real space program that would provide people with jobs in aerospace that don't involve bombing other countries.
Fox 5 - California regulates cow farts.  It has nothing to do with climate change in reality, it is about increasing the cost for meat. Peasants don't need meat.

Forbes - Thanks To 'Fight For $15' Minimum Wage, McDonald's Unveils Job-Replacing Self-Service Kiosks Nationwide.  Well to begin with, the title of the article is a lie. These kiosks were begun prior to the fight for $15 an hour. Pure and utter propaganda.

The Washington Post - Trump’s populism is about to face a rude awakening.

The talk about Trump being racist, xenophobic, sexist and whatever else is ending and the real issues continue to expose themselves. This is about the rich versus the poor. It is about business versus the workers. It is about oligarchy versus democracy. That has never changed as long as the world has been around.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jill Stein and the Proposed Recount

Jill Stein represented the Green Party and clearly lost in her run for President. In the election she won 1.4 million votes. Trump received 62.4 million votes and Hillary Clinton won 64.6 million votes. The electoral votes going to Trump equal 306 electoral votes and Hillary received 232 electoral votes. Stein received 0 electoral votes.

Stein has asked for a recount in 3 states. Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In Michigan she received 51,000 votes with Trump getting 2.2 million votes. In Wisconsin she received 31,000 votes with Trump getting 1.4 million votes. In Pennsylvania she received 49,000 votes and Trump received 2.9 million votes. Stein received less than 3% of the vote in every state.

Stein raised and spent only 3 million dollars for her campaign; but, since losing she has received 5 million dollars to fight for the recount. Where did the money come from. It did not come from her supporters they had a year and a half and she could only raise 3 million for her campaign, so who is paying for the recount?

Politically it would have looked bad for Hillary to call for the recount so her camp used Stein to do it for them and she sold out. There is no possible way for a recount to help Stein, none. After Stein requested the recount, Hillary came out to say that she would support it. How convenient and this occurs after she had already conceded.

So what is the purpose of the recount? The purpose is to challenge the electors in those states to vote for Hillary and switch the state vote. They are looking for a reason that would make those electoral college voters vote for Hillary even though she lost in those states. I wrote about this over six months ago and it is not surprising to me and it shouldn't be to you.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pizzagate? The Coonsequence of Fake News and Being Like the Mass Media.

I recently started seeing articles about something being called "Pizzagate". I didn't read any of them until today after someone mentioned it to me. A number of years ago I posted links to a couple of videos on YouTube, "Boys for Sale" and "Conspiracy of Silence". The two videos are about pedophiles connected to the powerful and rich in Washington D.C. and Texas. I also posted an F.B.I. flyer showing symbolism used by pedophiles, specifically an all seeing eye in the shape of a pyramid that was used on coins and as jewelry. My  readers may remember that I also posted about Jimmy Saville prior to his being fully exposed as a pedophile in England.

So, I started watching videos explaining this pizzagate. I am not posting links to them because I am not convinced that they haven proven anything. So here is what we do and do not know as of this moment.

1. Huma Abedin's husband, Anthony Weiner" sent naked pictures to young women and ended up being investigated by Federal and local authorities.
2. As a result of that investigation the email server use by Hillary Clinton went back into the news.
3. There are a number of emails published by WikiLeaks from Podesta's account that talk about "pizza" and it is pretty clear it is often used as code for something else. This is something that people who take drugs do too. Instead of saying you want pot, people would say they wanted flowers or more greenery or whatever their code word was.
4. Nobody and not one video has provided evidence that could be used in a court of law to arrest or charge anyone with a specific crime.

Now, this will be used to discredit anyone who disagrees with the official story about anything. This will be the poster boy for going after "fake news". I will not participate in such things. My readers should know that if I cannot back it up, I will not post it. I provide links to verifiable sources when I make claims and most often to source documents. When I say that the Canadian government is planning for bail ins, I provide a link to their official site that shows the law they passed that says just that.

I have been writing this blog for almost 7 years and not once has anybody claimed that I was making up facts. While people may not appreciate it, I spend all day reading the news and fact checking against source documents that I can prove. People can deny my conclusions but they cannot deny my source documents and nobody ever has. Technically I would be considered "alt media"; but, they cannot accuse me of being fake news.

I do not monetize this site, I make no money from it, not a penny. I don't get recognized as the writer of this blog because it is anonymous and has been from day one. If YouTube or Blogger start censoring, it will not effect me because I follow the rules of writing and do not slander or liable people, I verify and provide access to what others have reported in the "mainstream media" to show how we are manipulated.

People who do mot believe in climate change propaganda are called climate change deniers; but, I provided links to the 800,000 years of ice core data that showed it is nonsense. That is information that is not used by climate change "scientists". I provided links to the actual information about tree ring climate information that is ignored by the people saying we are going through manmade climate change. You can write controversial stuff without making things up or freaking out.

Hysteria in the alt media will lead to it's regulation. I anticipated that which is why I follow strict rules in writing this blog. You do not see the Pimpernel cussing or slandering people for a reason. I don't just post whatever news is on my mind. While you may not know it, I sometimes take weeks to post about a single article or report while I think about it. Look for that in the news sources that you follow.

I read a lot of biased and crazy stuff to look for issues; but, I never use whack jobs as source material. I do not trust alarmists or gold bugs (people who write stuff so they can sell more gold or anything else). I don't hawk products, I don't ask for money and I don't make things up.

There is a coming purge of the internet, the powers that be will be demonetizing sites that don't act responsibly. That may be good or bad; but, it is coming. It will not effect this blog one bit. I have built it to be lawsuit proof and will stand by everything I write in a court of law if sued.

I don't use Facebook; but, I am sure some of my readers do. If you do then please make sure that you only post what you can verify or pictures of cats and food. Please maintain reliability in what you post as truth rather than just make speculations.

In my personal life, the Pimpernel is respected in business for being truthful and seeing what others might miss. I have just been offered some piece work, a consulting gig by people I like and respect and who oddly enough might like and respect me. That is an honor and I can use the money. I haven't even been given any hard requirements, it is sort of a "look at this and advise us" sort of job. If I feel I cannot be of any use, I will refuse the job as they would expect based on their years of being across the table from me. The alt media has to be the same.

The mass media has lost all respect because they have ceased having any integrity. The same will happen to the alternative media if we follow in their footsteps.

Monday, November 21, 2016

All the Post Election Noise Explained

This is the noisiest post election in my life. There are a couple of reasons for this.

1. There are those that hope that if they make enough noise electors will violate their trust and vote in the electoral college differently than the people of their state voted and the election will be given to Hillary instead of Trump. That noise will end in December after the electoral college meets. Just so you know, the Electoral college is a constitutional mandate. To claim that it is undemocratic because it gives small states a say would be the same as saying congress is undemocratic because your state gets the same number of electors as it gets congressional representation.

2. The blaming game amongst Democrats over why they lost the election will continue for longer. The Democratic party is fighting over who they will represent. The Democratic party used to represent the working class; but, turned their back on them to outreach to changing demographics, especially the Latino vote and people in the tech industry. Right now they are fighting over whether or not they are going to make efforts to reach out to the Midwest and working class and the party establishment wants to continue ignoring them while the progressive wing wants to stick to supporting their Midwest rust belt working class voters. My guess is that they will continue with the path they have been on and lose the Midwest.

3. The Republican party, for it's part, is attempting to guide Trump to follow their old policies that he has already rejected. Trump is not a hawk; but, is instead more protectionist and isolationist. He is not focused on "social issues" or "wedge issues". Those are issues like abortion, gay marriage, marijuana legalization, and other non-economic issues. The Republican establishment, like the Democratic establishment, is infighting over who they are going to represent over whether or not it will represent the working class and middle class or go after Latino and tech voters.

4. The media is adding to all the above noise because they were unable to stop Trump winning and it shows that they are not as powerful as they thought they were. It also demonstrates that they over charge for advertising. MSN - Wall Street Journal - After Trump's Win, Ad Agencies Worry They Misunderstand Consumers

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Reality of the Midwest, Not Glee

Lima, Ohio is the town where the show Glee takes place. If you watch the show it has a lot of middle class happy people and they are all doing well. That is not the reality. In 1999 a documentary was made about the town. The show was called, "Lost in Middle America (and what happened next).

Lima is like a lot of the Midwest, deindustrialized with less and less hope. While it is relatively easy for people who are doing well and living on the coast to disparage Trump voters as racist, xenophobic and sexist, the reality is a little more complicated. For people in Detroit, Pittsburg and hundreds of cities in the Midwest, there are no jobs. These people want jobs and they are laughed at by people in Washington D.C. and New York as stupid.

The Democratic party used to be for the workers; but, no longer. It is focused on social issues and ignores economic ones. The new Democrats are people who make their money in the tech industries and minorities. That is the reality. The Republican party in the meantime is now filled with people in the financial industry and what is left of the manufacturing workers. This election was about traditional workers in both parties revolting against their parties establishment.

In regards to the Democratic party, the establishment won and the workers lost. Hillary said nothing about bringing jobs back or even slowing their leaving. In regards to the Republican party, the workers won and the establishment lost. Trump mainly spoke about bringing jobs back.

Both parties are now reshaping themselves and it will be interesting to see if either party reaches out to the working class in the future. The media, for it's part, has made it clear, they do not like, respect or want to hear from the workers who have lost their jobs. They could at least show some sympathy and try and offer something to them; but, they just don't care about them.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Crazy Talk All Around

Yahoo - CNBC - Op-Ed: I'm calling BS on Trump's promise to 'bring back' jobs.  An article ridiculing people who think we can have jobs in the United States. They don't care about you.

Huffington Post - The Electoral College Was Designed To Prevent Trump. You Can Make This Happen.  If you read the article it basically says that Democracy is bad and your betters should vote against how your state voted.

Huffington Post - Electoral College Can Stop Unfit Trump — With Another Republican

Foreign Policy - Trump Won Because Voters Are Ignorant, Literally.  They don't respect the average American because they believe they are better than you.

The New York Post - The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House

AOL - How Hillary Clinton could still get in the White House

YouTube - California Wants To Exit USA Now That Donald Trump Is President -Calexit.  Baloney, they wanted to leave already.

Fox - New York Times publisher vows to 'rededicate' paper to reporting honestly.  They are so afraid that their readership is going to go down because they were so partisan. It will.

MSN - The Hill - Two presidential electors to colleagues: Dump Trump .  Democrats calling on Republican electors to vote for Kasich or Romney instead of Trump. Treason. The establishment does not like Democracy.

Yahoo - France’s Sarkozy Urges Tax On US Goods If Trump Exits Paris Deal.  France likes the idea of a trade war. We are not part of the European Union, we are an independent country and can decide our policies and which treaties we will sign.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Cat Pack

According to multiple sources, including the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), there is going to be a takeoff on Oceans 11 with a female cast. I am not making this up and it is going to be called "Oceans 8". So right off the bat they are short changing them by 3.

This is just a stupid idea and I will explain why. One of my daughters and I have had many conversations about the new Ghostbusters and why it failed. We both agreed it was a dumb idea and it was. Lets start with the audience that you are seeking out. Adolescent boys. What do adolescent boys like? Well, they like adventure movies where they can imagine themselves as the hero and pretty women. Now, "Charlie's Angels" proved that you boys would ignore the hero part as long as the women were beautiful. If you think that is sexist, IT IS. Young boys are reacting to physical urges not deep seated well thought out philosophies.

Here is the other thing, why keep putting women in remakes? Why not just make an original film? Wait, I know how Hollywood works, it is pretty simple since the globalist took over the studios. The reason you have so many remakes is because it is lazy. If this story worked then lets just remake it and use women. You don't see anyone remaking "Thelma and Louise" with two men.

What if we did this. What if we required every remake to be made on a smaller budget than the original, think they would do as many remakes? Nope. Hollywood is hype, not substance. Be well and forget about politics for a bit. #NotMyPresident...For Real" and imagine Hillary.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Why Hillary Lost and Protests

Hillary could have won. The Democrats could have won the senate and house. Part of the reason they failed was because they ignored and insulted the future of the party, people who wanted change. Hillary promised no change.

Do you remember the Occupy movement? Do you remember their issues. They wanted an end to trade agreements that leave them without jobs and they wanted the banks to be regulated more. She promised neither of those things and in fact, the exact opposite. They assumed Sanders people would support her no matter what she did and that did not work out.

As for the protests. They are meaningless and silly. You do not see protests by blacks in Detroit because they don't want to see more auto jobs being outsourced. We saw protests in Philadelphia (the City of brotherly love?); but, not in Pittsburg because they want manufacturing jobs back. We did see protests in Berkley and Los Angeles because those places are not manufacturing centers and are doing pretty well. The protests are happening where the few are doing well, not where the many are doing poorly. That is the group that voted for Trump, the people who have had to bear the consequences of the disappearing jobs, high unemployment and lack of opportunity.

The Midwest is in shambles. Not because of sexism, xenophobia, racism or any other ism. The Midwest is in trouble because all the good jobs left the vast middle of this country that sits between New York and Los Angeles. Those are the people who voted for Trump and would have voted for Sanders if they had been given the chance.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

People Who Supported Trump and Obama

There are people who voted for Obama twice and who just voted for Trump. That my friends is a statistical certainty. Who were they and why did they do that? Did they suddenly decide to be racist? Who are these swing voters? What were the issues that convinced swing voters to vote for Obama in the past and now vote for Trump?

Why did a higher percentage of blacks vote for Trump than voted for Romney? I don't know the answer; but, it would be interesting to know the reasons. What causes someone to vote for the  Democrat one year and the Republican the next year? This question is easier than you think. It is people who don't vote for just one party; but, instead vote for the person or policies they are pushing.

So what changed the mind of swing voters? What do Obama and Trump have in common in regards to their message? Obama's motto was "Change" and in many ways so was Trump's. People are not happy and want real change. They do not like the establishment, the politicians or the media. It doesn't matter which party you vote for, nothing changes. That is what people see. Guess what, if Trump doesn't try to make changes, the voters will try something even newer to shake things up.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Elect Trump and People's Reaction.

I stand by what I wrote two days ago. Be calm, it's over and the world will not end. I would say that even if Hillary had won. People need to understand why Trump was elected, why people voted for him and Sanders. They are fed up with politicians ignoring them and only listening to the wealthy. They are fed up with a corporate media that lies to them and most of all they are fed up with American companies sending jobs overseas. This race was not about social issues as much as the Democrats tried to make it about that. This race was about the economy.

I am watching videos of people in shock and crying because Clinton lost. Get a grip people. Celebrities didn't lose their jobs to China, working people did. Have some sympathy for them making a stand even if you dislike the stand they took. In a few months you will forget how upset you are today. The media did the public a disservice by telling them that Hillary could not lose.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Be Nice to One Another After the Election

Well it has been a crazy year and a half. We started with 17 Republican and 3 Democrats running for president. Now it is down to 2. One of them will win tomorrow. I am not making any bets and do have a preference; but, tomorrow it will all be over. The guy who votes for Hillary may be married to a Trump supporter. You can disagree on what this country needs to do and still live with the same consequences. We do. We as a nation will live with whatever the outcome of this election is. WHEN it is over, it will be over. If it goes to the electoral college it could end up in the Congress and take a few days more to finalize; but, we will all live with the consequences together and we can still enjoy each others company.

I went from supporting Sanders to supporting Trump. It has not changed my relationship with my friends and family. Most would see Sanders and Trump as being on opposite sides of things; but, they agree on one thing that I agree with, "If things don't change nothing is going to get better". The path we are on is failing and quickly.

With the things I know and the things I don't know, I don't know how tomorrow will turn out. I do know that we will need to continue to look for new ideas and in order to do that, we should work together. And, if you are going to work with people, you should try and get along with them. Be well and smile.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Catching Up On Some Old News Articles

Fox - Pension crisis: Fully funded ones a rarity.  The article says that a mistake was made in the 1990s that gave people bigger payouts if they had a government funded pension. This is not quite how things went down. Most public pensions were OVERfunded in the 1990s because of how the stock market had been doing. In fact, some places like Orange County were talking about getting rid of their assets so they could bet on the stock market. Because the funds were over funded the cities and counties were required to return any amounts in excess of what was needed to the employees (because it was there money). Instead some smart politicians offered to increase benefits in exchange for delaying the required payments into the pension funds. That is what happened and when the market crashed those same municipalities and states did not want to return to making their mandatory payments or even paying the ones they had "delayed". When the stock market was rolling, municipalities stopped making payments to the pension funds or vastly decreased them.

USA Today - Bloomberg - Bloomberg helps mayors prepare for self-driving future.  Here is the short on this and I have discussed this before. Your taxes are paying to change the way streets are made to benefit self driving vehicles that will take away millions of jobs. Your taxes paid to put in bike lanes and English style crosswalks because they help self driving vehicles and you have not had anyone explain this to you.

Yahoo - CNBC - Bernie Sanders is trying to single handedly kill AT&T’s $85 billion purchase of Time Warner.  Lets see, 6 companies own or control 90% of the media in America and only Bernie Sanders is trying to stop further consolidation. Ask yourself why the media is allowed to become a monopoly and then after the election go back and see how they were able to collude in the open. The politicians will not break up the media and are afraid of it.

Yahoo - Electoral College tie still looms as a possibility.  If this election goes to the electoral college and the electors do not vote as their state did there will be trouble in the streets.

Daily Caller - Bill Clinton Told Donors The Border Won’t Be Secure ‘For A Very Long Time’.  Does that further explain why Hillary wrote how she favored open borders. Remember, the European Union has open borders basically and that is the direction that multinational corporations and globalists want to go. It does not matter how that makes you feel. The idea is to understand what is going on before having an opinion.

Yahoo - Good Morning America - Nate Silver Predicts a Close 2016 Presidential Race.  We shall see. I don't have a prediction.

MSN - CBS - Could some in electoral college not vote for Clinton? If games occur in the Electoral College there will be major problems and if there is improper voting in the electoral college, it will be to benefit Hillary.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Elitist Philosophy

Foreign Policy - It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses

Foreign Policy is a magazine for the establishment and "experts". In other words it is the garbage that the people who believe they are entitled to run your life read. The title pretty much says it all. The subtitle is, "The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry."  The battle is not the left versus the right, it is the haves against the have not's and the truth is that fewer and fewer in this country are amongst the haves and the number of have not's is increasing as we send jobs overseas.

The bottom line is that the establishment does not care what you think and does not like the fact that we have the right to vote against their wishes. That is the battle and the media is complicit in working against the average persons best interests. That will be the great take away from this election once it is over.

Friday, November 4, 2016

What Prop 61 Actually Does

The airwaves and internet are being flooded by commercials claiming that Prop 61, "STATE PRESCRIPTION DRUG PURCHASES. PRICING STANDARDS. INITIATIVE STATUTE" is going to be the end of the world and kill everything good and decent about big pharma. Well, this is the actual proposition.

Official California Voters Guide - Prop 61.

What it actually calls for is that the state would be required to contract for drugs at the same price as is given to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This is a common practice in contracting already. Rather than negotiating prices you require contractors to give you the best price they provide to anyone else. I used to put this in contracts myself.

Now you might wonder why the state buys drugs. The answer is pretty simple they have to buy drugs for people that are in prison and for the National Guard. It does not end there. The state usually requires that it's contracts can be used by cities and counties and they provide drugs to people in jails. So the end result would be that the state and local governments would pay less for the prescription medicines that they are required by law to purchase. It is that simple.