Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary's Re-investigation and the Media

On Friday it came out that the FBI was re-opening the investigation into the private server Hillary used that housed confidential information. Here is a copy of the actual letter he sent to congress regarding re-opening the investigation.

SCRIBD - Letter from Comey.

It says, "In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation." The letter starts by telling congress that it has re-opened the investigation. Well, they had to tell congress that as they had previously stated that the investigation was complete. So, apparently information was discovered that was not known when the investigation was closed.

So, lets see what we already knew. Hillary had a private server that stored classified information in violation of the law. Hillary had her people destroy information held on that server so that it could not be recovered again illegally. In a case unrelated to the server investigation additional information was found that brought into question whether or not the crime was actionable. That is specifically all we know.

Now, things that are being assumed and are probably true. The information is believed to have been discovered  on a computer that was shared by Hillary's top aide, Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner. Mr. Weiner is the disgraced New York politician who sent naked pictures of himself to underage women.  Now, Huma has claimed she does not know how the emails got on her computer. That strongly implies that it is indeed Huma's computer that held documents that had not been turned over to the FBI. As far as how many emails are on that computer, I have read from 10,000 to 650,000. The exact number has not been released nor what is in them.

Huma has since left the campaign trail. My guess, she is meeting with her attorneys. Now, what was found? We don't know specifically. We can assume that emails were found that were hidden or destroyed on Hillary's server. That alone would be a crime and would mean that she had destroyed evidence of a crime. By the way, if her attorneys told her to destroy it they would be guilty of a crime too.

The establishment shills and the corporate media have spent the last three days accusing the FBI of being in the pocket of the Russians and Trump. Yeah. James Comey had worked under Bush and was appointed head of the FBI by Obama. You may recall that the Bushes are supporting Hillary as is Obama.  Others have attempted to say that Comey should not have notified congress that he was reopening the case because it might effect the outcome of the election. Heck, failure to notify congress could have effected the outcome of the election.

Here is what you should know. Huma knew what was on that computer and will be seeking immunity from prosecution. Weiner could not have put the information on the computer because he did not have access to Hillary's server. So either Huma downloaded the information to her personal computer or the Easter bunny put it there. If Huma put classified information on her personal computer than she is guilty of a crime and will be prosecuted unless pardoned.

If you are a Hillary supporter, this is bad, this is real bad and it is not over by a long shot. Firstly, WikiLeaks is now going to drop the rest of the Podesta emails and they are going to be the most damning ones yet. Count on it. Secondly, Project Veritas Action is going to release more videotapes. Now, I am not convinced they are firing off their best shots for last. Thirdly, election day is less than ten days away.

Here is my prediction. The final information on what was on Huma's computer will not come out until after the election. If Trump wins, Hillary and Huma will be given pardons by President Obama. If Hillary wins, Obama may or may not pardon her, if he does then she will be impeached and Tim Kaine will be President.

Are Rigged Elections Real Democracy

YouTube - The Young Turks - Donna Brazile Leaked Other CNN Questions To Hillary Clinton.  The Young Turks is a leftist-liberal organization. They are not supporters of Trump; but, supported Sanders. Still, they are at least reporting on how Hillary Clinton was fed questions in advance of the debates and town hall meetings.

Again, the thing you should be paying attention to is the media bias. Hillary Clinton is corrupt, we all know that, she is also insincere and in the pocket of the big banks. Nobody really doubts that if they have any sense. The Clintons took over $150,000,000 from the banks, that is admitted. Still, the Clintons are not the problem, they are merely a symptom of a bigger problem and that is how elections in this country are run so that only puppets get into office.

Lets start with the basics. By the way, I am not focusing on voter fraud because that is minimal. We do not have open elections. Many states have you vote by party in the primaries. In fact, if you are not affiliated with one of the two major parties it is very difficult to get your nominee on the ballots for all 50 states. Secondly, the primaries themselves are not democratic as we have seen. The people who attend the conventions do not always have to vote for the same candidate that the people voted for. That begs the question of why the government pays for parties to hold primaries in the first place.

Once you understand those two issues we are then faced with the fact that there has been a call in numerous newspapers to ignore the will of the people in the general election by allowing people in the electoral college to vote for whoever they want. The way it is supposed to work is that each state gets electors based on the state's population and those electors are required to vote as their state voted. That is representational democracy.

We now know that the Democratic party paid people to disrupt Trump rallies and even bussed people to them for that express purpose. By the way, they were not just paid to disrupt; but, they were sent there to start fights. Does that seem right to anyone?

The media has been complicit in all of this and the corporate media has avoided discussing these issues to the point where they have almost no trust. The fact that six companies control 90% of the media and will only continue to consolidate means that you only hear what they want you to hear. They no longer seek to inform and instead focus only on promoting those who will allow this information monopoly to continue.