Sunday, April 30, 2017

Jews and Ireland

This post is not about Jews IN Ireland, they have been in Ireland for hundreds of years and it is one of the few European countries that never persecuted them. I am an American of Irish decent. I am legally entitled to Irish citizenship. Let me explain that, if you are second or third generation Irish and live in America, you are entitled to become an Irish citizen. I am fourth generation. Having said that, both my parents were Irish and I have more Irish in me than most second or third generation Irish in America. Because of that fact Irish law entitles me to be an Irish citizen. I am an American first and foremost even though I still have family in Ireland.

I think America has been the best place for the average guy to live in the history of the world and am the first to point out the mistakes and tragedies we are responsible for. To ignore our history of slavery or the internment of the Japanese is ignorant and often hateful. It is a denial of history and those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.

The Irish got our country back, self determination, from the English in 1922. Later they formed the Republic of Ireland which is primarily Catholic. I grew up Catholic. I am not a Catholic and haven't been since I was 12. Northern Ireland is still Protestant and part of the English empire. During the 1960s and 70s the Catholics in Northern Ireland were kept mostly in walled ghettos I don't know if there is such a thing as "white privilege", I do know that there has never been Irish privilege. Up until the 1700s the Irish were the primary group of slaves sent to Antigua. In fact, Irish slaves were cheaper to buy than African slaves at one time. In fact they used to breed Irish women with black slaves so that their children would be slaves.

During the 1970s I favored the Irish Republican Army, the IRA. I was in my teens. I felt hatred for what the English were doing in Northern Ireland. On Bloody Sunday in 1972 they killed 14 unarmed Irish Catholics for protesting how they were treated in Northern Ireland. Separate and unequal. In Northern Ireland Catholics were not allowed to be police officers. It was also illegal to speak Gaelic, our language in Ireland. Britain stopped the slave trade in 1839 for both Irish and Africans. It was a Scottish man that reminded me of this.

I had to ask myself what we should do if Ireland were reunified. What if Protestant Northern Ireland was reunited to make one Ireland, just like Germany was reunified, just like people want to see Korea reunified. I would want to see Irish Protestants treated as family as one people.

Now we get to the Jews. The Jews were sent out of Israel a long time ago. They lost their home. They spread throughout Europe and were treated badly. During World War II they were outright exterminated. Even the Jews in America were treated like garbage at that time. In fact, they weren't even allowed into most country clubs and had to build their own resorts. That is what the Catskills was.

After World War II a situation existed. If you were a Jew who lived in Poland and was sent into a ghetto controlled by the Nazis and turned in by the Poles, would you have wanted to stay there? There were Jews who tried to come to America from Germany prior to the war and were sent back. Would you want to return to Germany after World War II if you were Jewish? Americans did not even know about the holocaust until after the war. The government knew, the people didn't. It was intentionally kept from the American public so we wouldn't all hate the Germans. They don't trust you to ever know the truth, they prefer to lead your opinion before letting you know the facts.

There are people who deny the Holocaust, I know that, they are imbeciles. There are fascists that hate Zionism, the Jewish belief and wish for a homeland. Their ignorance annoys me. What were the Jews to do after World War II,  return to Germany? Would you if you were Jewish? My guess is not. Then where were they to go? America had already turned back people who ended up in gas chambers, so had England. They returned home and created Israel. I support Israel.

I do not believe that anyone can born a slave or in debt. How I is it moral to tell someone that they are born with no rights and only debts? How can Israel support treating Palestinians as less than human? I am a Zionist who believes in the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish nation. I also believe that they are undeserving if they do not allow Palestinians to be treated as free people.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Free of the illussion of Money

I am sorry that I am not posting more. I am still assisting a company and relative. The relative is just selling his house and I am helping him with escrow. That is a really short and vague answer; but, he appreciates help with the paperwork and understanding how home sales work.. The other project requires more attention that it should. That is the one that I am supposed to get paid for. The 24 grand I spoke about in a previous post.

I am going to talk about the job paying money. People, to me, have strange ideas about money. Money has no value. Gold has no value, paper currency has no value and electronic money has no value, they are not real. They are representations of promises kept and promises made. You cannot eat gold, you maybe able to eat dollar bills; but, they are just paper. Electronic money is a complete illusion. In the end, money is just debt, it is a method of convincing you that you owe someone something. If I took gold or dollars to a tribe in the amazon they would just stair at me. It has no intrinsic value to them. Awards and money mean nothing to people trying to survive.

We understand that in the "modern" world people trade paper for services and goods with the assumption that the paper can be traded for services and goods later. That didn't prove true for confederate currency, you used to be able to buy a million dollars worth of confederate currency for a buck. LOL. It was no longer representative of anything. Promises can only be traded based on currency when promises are kept because of debts.

Debt is an illusion. There is an old movie I love, it is called "The Devil and Daniel Webster", I have actually written about it before. A man sells his soul to the devil for prosperity or something. You cannot sell yourself into slavery or in-revocable commitments. God tells us this, he says do not swear by anything because you cannot meet the commitment.

So there are people who think I am not being paid enough for the job I am doing. At this time NOBODY is getting paid, the job is not complete and may never be. I believe the contract will be awarded to the person I am helping; but, as my father said, "It is all bs till the money is on the table". If you do not pay your taxes, you are threatened with jail. You may believe this is a firm rule; but, Apple is holding a quarter of a trillion dollars overseas and not paying taxes on it. We haven't nationalized their company or forced them to pay. The wealthy and establishment don't believe in taxes, so they don't pay them.

I have lent out more money that I can count and I never kept track of it. I have helped many people make lots of money, millions and I never told them what they "owe me" for it. I let them decide. You cannot pay back a debt, the concept of debt is one of moral responsibility. If I risk my life for you, what do you owe me? All transactions are relational. Taxes are easy to understand, if I work so hard to give to the government, the government will promise me to be safe and take care of some of or all of my needs when I cannot give anymore. What I don't understand is why I owe the Federal Reserve for things the government did before I was born. I like the income tax, pay as you benefit, concept; but, it seem all the deductions go to the wealthy. I like a flat tax with no deductions, everybody pays 20% regardless of what they earn. Pay as you benefit.

I guess this gets us back to how much I should be paid. My answer is simple. Those who benefit from my labor should pay in proportion to how much they benefited from my efforts. That is the essence of the biblical statement that you should pay the worker his due.

My choice to not have written agreements for my work and my choice to not pick amounts to be due me are my choices. I leave the moral responsibility, the only responsibility you cannot avoid, to those who I chose to assist.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sorry for not posting, Pimpernel was working.

I know I am retired; but, in the past six months I have done some consulting. In one case I got them a $6,000,000 job and charged them a dinner. That was the meal I had at the New Zealand restaurant. It was a good meal and not cheap. That was my decision and like everything I do, it had more than one reason. This second job was for money. It wasn't just for money, neither job was. I helped some friends who I like and agree with in these cases. I won't work for people I don't like or on issues I am against. In fact, the second job I said that if I didn't accomplish what needed to be done by me, I wouldn't charge them at all. I only want to get paid if I succeed and if I do get someone a contract then my preference is to be paid a percentage of the job based on the value of my work.

The second job took me a week or two. I didn't work non-stop, sat in my pajamas, had a glass of wine and smoke while I wrote. I never bothered tracking my hours for billing. I work until I am satisfied with what I have written (doesn't apply to the blog, this is not work). All involved are confident that what I have written getting them another 6 million dollar contract. Because of their confidence in what I have done, today we actually discussed my compensation. The owner brought it up. This job will pay me more than most people get paid in a year. I will make about $25,000.

You want to hear the funny thing. Most of the people who know me think it is way too little. Now that's a head scratcher for you. I personally don't know how to determine what I do is worth. I have no way knowing what is right. If you asked me how much time I actually spent writing what I wrote, maybe two hours or three. If you ask me how much time I spent researching, maybe two hours. If you ask me how much time I spent thinking about it, non-stop; but, at differing levels. It was always somewhere in my brain even while I was listening to music or making food. I cannot see paying me by the hour.

So, what did I provide. In both cases they had been told they would not get contracts that they deserved and in both cases I proved that the rules were wrong. What is that worth. What is it worth to get a 6 million dollar contract for a company after they have been told no? The truth is in both cases I was given a four day turn around, the rest of the time was spent in follow up to make sure things went the way planned. There was nobody else that could have gotten the results I did, in the time frame I had. Yet, I did what I did while sitting in my chair drinking wine. If I spend a couple of weeks researching something for to write about in the blog, I don't get paid anything, not even if I write a really good post (it happens sometimes).

What is the value of your labor? That is the essence of the question of capitalism and communism. Communism says that everyone must work and every worker deserves the same. Jesus told two stories about compensation for your efforts. In one a slave owner gives three slaves ten dollars and wants to see what they do with it, knowing that he is a greedy man who wants what he does not earn. He comes back and find one made $100, one made $10 and the last one didn't take any risk and gave back the $10 the owner had given him. The owner got mad at the one who gave the $10 back without having made any more. The moral of the story is that it is your responsibility to make the world better because you are here. The second story involves a master who hires three people for the exact same amount of money and each works for different amounts of time, two hours, four hours and eight hours (these are just examples, not transcripts of the bible verses). The people who have worked the 8 hour shift complain that people who worked a 2 hour shift were paid the same. The master says it is none of your business what he pays others, you agreed to do the job for that amount of money. This parable is also not about money, it is about how heaven is the reward for everyone who accepts Jesus. Neither is meant to set a rule regarding what you pay someone. The only time the bible talks about what you should pay a worker, it says pay the worker his due.

When I was first mentioned compensation to the person who is about to pay me $25,000, I said that what he paid me was between God and him. It doesn't involve me. It is the person who hires you that is morally responsible for deciding what you are due. If you think I don't mean this, go back and read the whole post. Whether or not I help someone in the future, that may depend on how they have paid me in the past. It may not. In either case, what I get paid does not define me. It never has. It never should.

I could not be replaced on these jobs by a computer or UBER. They could not have automated what I did. I got called in after everyone else had failed. I can do that all day every day. My labor will continue to have value. What about the millions of people who drive for a living and are going to lose their jobs because of self driving vehicles? They cannot all become computer programmers or doctors or singers or musicians or directors or stars. What is the labor of people worth when you don't need the labor of most people? What do you do when you don't need any labor from most people?

Both communism and capitalism believe that people are only valuable because of their labor. Do people have an innate value, I would argue that they do. The bible says we are all equally valuable in his eyes. If minimum wage was $10 an hour than a years work of labor would be worth about $21,000 a year. Should we pay the unemployed at least minimum wage? What is minimum wage when you don't need anyone to do any work? What is a life worth?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bad Corporate Media.

I am going to show you the corporate media lying two times in a row about irrelevant facts about Trump. You don't have to like Trump, he is not the issue, a monopolistic, oligarchic media is. The election is over, Trump is president. Those are just facts. The media's attempts to manipulate reality are disgusting and real.

Sports Illustrated - MSN - Patriots clarify White House turnout photos for President Obama vs. President Trump. Yeah, the New York Times posted pictures of the New England Patriots meeting with Obama in 2015 and Trump a couple of days ago and attempted to prove that fewer people from the team came to Trump's celebration of their win. Problem is, the people included in the photos were different. In the most recent photo the staff were sitting for the photo shoot and were not on the stairs with the players. Sports Illustrated and the New England Patriots had to point out that the New York Times was lying. Maybe Sports Illustrated should get a Pulitzer Prize for proving that the New York Times were a bunch of liars.

The other big story in the last couple of days had to do with Trump signing some kid's "Make America Great Again" hat at an Easter celebration and throwing it into a crowd so the kid couldn't get it. Problem is, that is also a lie as a second camera proved. Still, that didn't stop the corporate media writing about it as if it were a real thing.

YouTube - TRUMP's WEIRD Easter Hat Throw| What's Trending Now

The guy in the video doesn't even like Trump and shows that Trump did send it back to the kid. Half a news cycle was spent lying about the frickin hat. If Trump sneezes they accuse him of a crime. During the campaign they tried to vilify him for liking his steaks well done, I wrote about it at the time. I didn't think the corporate media could get any sillier; but, I was wrong, now they just flat out lie about meaningless facts to vilify him.

I remember the little boy who cried wolf story. The media is killing whatever trustworthiness they ever had. You simply cannot trust the corporate media and I saw a very good video attempting to explain this.

YouTube - Sargon of Akkad - Understanding Fake News. I think it is a good rough summary of what and why and how we are seeing more garbage come out of the corporate and alt media.

Russia and Corporate Media Lies

So Trump said the Obama administration spied on him. This was soundly ridiculed by all the corporate media for weeks. Now, it turns out that a Mr. Page went to Russia in 2013, years before Trump ran for office. Not only that but the man had lived in Russia for three years from 2004 to 2007 when he worked as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch. This guy only met Trump after the election had begun.

New York Times - MSN - A Trip to Moscow Put a Trump Adviser on the F.B.I.’s Radar

Now the FISA court issued a wiretap warrant on Mr. Page LAST year, three years after he had a meeting in Russia. Three years later. In fact, they waited to issue a warrant until after he went to work for Trump and they found NOTHING.

New York Times - Court Approved Wiretap on Trump Campaign Aide Over Russia Ties

This is looking worse and worse for the Obama administration. As much as I did not want to see this story go this far, it may turn out that Obama used the intelligence agencies for purely political ends to help Hillary Clinton. What do we do if it turns out that Lynch or Obama approved these things? Do we jail them? I would have a hard time sending an ex-President to jail. Well, maybe the Bushes or Bill Clinton, just joking.

We need to get better controls over our spies and the intelligence organizations. At a minimum we need a new type of Church committee to investigate what the intelligence agents are doing today.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Freedom of Speech and Oligarchs.

The two people that the corporate media and the establishment hate re Matt Drudge and Alex Jones. Matt Drudge is the owner of the Drudge Report, an online web site that lists news articles from around the world. Alex Jones is the owner of the website Infowars, a right leaning site.

For my longtime readers you might notice that I do not link to either of those sites as a rule; but, I do check them daily. Drudge is fine; but, I link to the stories they reference because I prefer to use source documents. Infowars is too biased and alarmist for me to use. When I list out news stories I tend to direct the reader to the actual words in the stories to make my points.

I cannot recommend Infowars to my readers; but, I am amazed at the vitriol being aimed at it by the corporate media. It is likely that most people don't pay any attention to Infowars or take it with a grain of salt. Having said that, the site gets millions of hits a month. Since the primaries the corporate media has been attempting to ridicule everything said on Infowars and Facebook and Google have attempted to deny it advertisement revenue. The owner of the site Jones has been accused of being a white nationalist (he is not), a Nazi (he is not) and a fear monger (he is).

Right now we are seeing the establishment and corporate media attacking all the opinion leaders on the internet including Pewdee Pie, a harmless comic who has the most subscribers on YouTube. As for Mr. Jones he is currently going through a divorce and apparently his wife has made some strong accusations against him in order to get sole custody of their three kids.

MSN - NBC News - InfoWars' Alex Jones Is a 'Performance Artist,' Lawyer Claims. The article states that his wife has claimed that Jones is unstable. Apparently Jones' attorneys said that his on air persona is a character. NBC seems to think that this discredits Jones, it does not. Lets face it, all media personalities are characters. John Oliver is playing a part that is written for him by a staff of writers. Stephen Colbert literally played a conservative character on the Daily Show. These are all people playing a role to make their points, that is nothing new. Heck, even politicians are creating their personas to gain your trust.

So, what is really behind the attack on internet content providers? Well, it's pretty simple, there are too many of them to buy them all out. Jones and others made sure that the DNC e-mails released by WikiLeaks got coverage when the corporate media did not want them to. Bill Clinton approved the deregulation of the media and that led to 6 companies owning 90% of all the media that you read and hear except on the internet. Of course the establishment wants to control that to because they want to control what you read and hear.

History should teach us lessons and it does. Throughout history the world has been controlled by oligarchies be they kings, dictators or the wealthy. They all seek the same thing, the consolidation of power over the population. While many will claim that wars are about religion, even that narrative is false, all wars are about the consolidation of power and the taking of resources. The civil war was not about slavery and Lincoln went into it with no intention of freeing the slaves, it was about consolidating power over all the states. World War I was not about one dead Duke, it was about European nations seeing who would control the continent. The Europeans killed millions in Africa not to civilize them but to conquer and subjugate them and take their resources. Nothing has changed.

As the establishment seeks to take control globally through economic means we are seeing the next big attempt at consolidating power. The people in power see winners and losers and they intend to be the winners and this is why populism or majority rule scares and upsets them. When oligarchies have too much power they tend to suppress the rights of the citizenry, that is history

Friday, April 14, 2017

Articles About Pastor Carol Daniels.

Here is a partial list of articles related to the murder of Pastor Daniels. I don't know how many other articles I have linked to over the years; but, if you go to the bottom of this post you will find a tag. If you click the tag it will bring up all my previous posts, or at least most of them.

Newschannel4 - Grand jury looking into brutal unsolved murder of Anadarko pastor.
Newschannel4 - New reward for info in Okla. pastor’s murder.
The Oklahoman - Grand jury looks into brutal 2009 slaying of pastor at Anadarko church.
News9- Media Reports Reveal Grisly Details in Anadarko Pastor's Murder.
News9 - Crime Expert Analyzes Clues From Anadarko Pastor's Murder.
Newson6 - Authorities: Killer Staged Pastor's Body.
News9 - Community Shaken by Pastor's Murder Remains Strong in Faith.
News9 - DA Says Anadarko Church Murder Most Shocking Case of Career.
OSBI - Reward Offered in Anadarko Murder.
OSBI - OSBI Continues Working Pastor Daniels' Homicide Case 4 Years After Murder.
OSBI - Commission Meeting 5/18/2010 - Item 5.
OSBI - OSBI Renews Reward in Pastor Homicide Case on Anniversary.
News9 - Investigation Continues into Anadarko Pastor's Death.
News9 - Criminologist Gives Opinion on Pastor's Brutal Murder.
News9 - Investigators Seek FBI's Help in Solving Anadarko Pastor's Murder.
News9 - ME's Autopsy Notes Reveal Slain Pastor's Wounds.
News9 - Close Friend of Murdered Pastor Recalls Sunday's Discovery.
News9 - Brutal Killing Of An Anadarko Preacher Before Multicounty Grand Jury.
Unresolved Mysteries - Oklahoma Pastor Brutally Mutilated and in Her Own Church in 2009 Remains Unsolved.
Newson6 - Man claims he saw murder suspect fleeing Anadarko church.
CNN - Oklahoma pastor was found nude stabbed behind alter source says.
CNN - Pastor died from "sharp force" wounds, autopsy shows.
Examiner-Enterprise - Case of slain pastor remains unsolved after 4 years.
ibtimes - Oklahoma pastor Carol Daniels killed inside church.
USA Today - Police: Slain Okla. pastor's body was 'staged'.
kswo - OSBI agents may have new suspect in the murder of an Anadarko pastor.
The Dreamin Demon - Pastor Carol Daniels Murdered in her Church, her body staged.
kjrh - 4 years after grisly murder of Reverend Carol Daniels Oklahoma agents continue hunt for killer.
theodysssetyonline - God's Razor Of Judgment.
practicalhomicide - Crime Expert Analyzes Clues From Anadarko Pastor's Murder.
scaredmonkey - foxnews - Oklahoma Pastor Found Dead Inside Her Church.
websleuths - OK - Rev. Carol Daniels, 61, Anadarko, 23 Aug 2009. This site has many theories and links, including one to this blog. I am not going to post all of the links they have provided, the reader can do that by following the thread at websleuths.
freerepublic - ksbi - What Preliminary Report Says About Pastor's Death (Oklahoma Pastor Carol Daniels).
FOX - Report: Murdered Pastor Found Naked in 'Crucifix Position' Inside Church
theoaklandpress - Mother: Slain Oklahoma pastor 'just loved people'.
Tulsaworld - Grand jury looks into brutal 2009 slaying of pastor at Anadarko church                           .
NewsBlaze - ‘Bone-Chilling’ Or ‘Spooky’ Describes The Ritual Killing of Rev. Carol Daniels.
autopsyfiles - Pastor Carol Daniles autopsy. I have read it before and don't recommend it; but, I want to include relevant information and save people time looking things up. I would add one thing, the wounds make it appear that the killer was right handed, attacked her from in front and then slit her throat from behind.
Indianapolisrecorder - Police say slain pastor's body 'staged' in church.

Here are the few facts we know based on evidence. On Sunday, August 23, 2009, Pastor Carol Daniels was found dead in Anadarko, Oklahoma. She was murdered inside her church. She would drive there over 50 miles away from her home in Oklahoma City to provide services for two members of their denomination. The members were old and did not show up every week. I didn't get this from the linked articles above, I have been following this case since it happened.

There is a videotape of Pastor Daniels arriving at the church and entering it. That means she entered through the front door where her car was parked. There is no videotape of the back door, which was later removed and kept in evidence by the police. I believe the killer entered through the back door and either wrote or drew something on it worthy of it being removed and kept by the police.

Pastor Daniels was not robbed. The autopsy verified this and one of the family members even commented on this fact on this blog. The closest article I ever found regarding anything missing was Pastor Daniels mother asking about some attaché case or such and that would be in one of my previous posts. Pastor Daniels car was not stolen and remained in front of the church although the killer would have had access to the keys. We have never been told if any "souvenirs" were kept by the killer.

We know Pastor Daniels entered through the front door. We know she was killed from in front of her and we know the killer entered through the back door. I have never seen a layout of the church. I don't know what rooms may have been in the back of the church, I will at least assume the church had a bathroom and maybe that was where the killer hid. We do not know when the killer entered the church or if they had been there all night or for hours. It is most likely they were already inside the church when Pastor Daniels entered. That and the fact that DNA evidence was destroyed by the killer means that it was premeditated.

Pastor Daniels had defensive wounds and would have screamed, loudly; but, nobody reported hearing any noise, including the next door neighbor. Nobody reported seeing anything, including the people living on the backside of the church who would have had a clear view of anyone entering through the back. More importantly, nobody noticed a vehicle parked behind the church. This brings up the question of how someone covered in blood, as they would have been, could have exited through the back and not be seen.

Now lets consider the evidence the police have. They have none. Zip, zero. They have NO DNA evidence or they would have a conviction. They have NO witnesses or it would have come out. They have no physical evidence pointing to a specific person or it would have come out. They have no similar murders or it would have come out. They have no fingerprint evidence or we would have known. If they had fingerprints then they would have compared them to databases, if in the database they would have identified the killer, if not in the database, they would have started fingerprinting everyone in the area.

The police have no hard evidence, period. All they have is the possibility of a confession and none was given. If their current suspect, the dead meth user, had confessed they would have said so. All they have is rumors and accusations. The rumors of Satanists or atheists turned out to be silly and nonsense. Some have tried to blame a serial killer named Israel Keyes; but, there is absolutely nothing showing he had ever been in that town and it did not fit his methodology.

After killing Pastor Daniels the killer locked the front door from inside. They didn't just leave, they locked the front door and staged the body. That says something about them. Most killers want to get away as quickly as possible, this one didn't, they stuck around and staged the body. They wanted to confuse the police and they took the Pastor's clothes after they killed her. That took time. Why did they take her clothes. My guess is that they were afraid their blood or other body fluid was on the clothes. My readers know I don't like to be graphic on this site; but, it is possible that the killer masturbated on Pastor Daniels clothes. BTK used to do that, you can look him up. BTK used to write that he killed out of sexual urges; but, he never once had sex with his victims, he masturbated onto their clothes, usually underwear. He would also take pictures. He also staged one of his victims inside a church where he was a Deacon. BTK brought a camera to at least two of his murders, did this person do the same? Just wondering things as they occur to me.

I have not gone back and read all of my old posts. I have not gone back and read all of the links in my previous posts. I did not like reading about the autopsy again tonight. I don't like thinking about or reading about this case. I am disgusted by what happened on so many levels and have lived with this case too many years. I never know what to say when I receive comments from people who knew her; but, I know I deserve no thanks for having written about it.

I do not believe the internet will solve this case, I never have. My father was in federal law enforcement and I grew up talking about crimes. I graduated law school with honors and never wanted to practice or be involved in any way with criminal law. I didn't want to even practice law at all and never have. I do not find crimes glamorous and have no respect for anyone in organized crime, they are scum to me. Other than financial crimes, I don't believe I have written about many actual crimes on this blog in 8 years. Prior to this blog I did write about one crime, I wrote about BTK. I wrote as catchputz on a Wichita newspapers website and I accurately predicted many thing about him, you can look up the Wichita paper's thread on it. I studied under Jack Levin of Northeaster the expert on serial killers and had contacted him about the case a month or two before BTK reappeared and after Professor Levin had written me that the case wasn't worth reviewing because the killer was dead or in jail. I told him he was wrong and he was. Profilers are fine when the crime fits the "normal" pattern, they only misdirect when they are not the "normal" killer. Turned out I was more correct than the FBI because BTK did resurface and was caught by sheer luck. He was dumb enough to leave DNA evidence and use a computer that had registered it's software. Oops. He made a stupid mistake 40 years later and got caught. There is always hope in finding the guilty so long as we do not accept conclusions based on conjecture alone and I have nothing but conjecture and a knowledge of what is not right. This was not a robbery. Anyone taking her clothes would have taken her ring, they were not afraid of removing things from the scene.

I do not know if I can be objective about this case anymore and I see no value in my not being objective and coldly analyzing it. My first post was about how the police were looking in the wrong places. I think they are still looking in the wrong places for easy answers that they don't have to prove. I cannot think objectively knowing that the family has read this blog. I cannot look objectively and self edit what I say. How did the killer get blooded soaked clothes out and why did they take them, why did they burn her hair, why did they destroy the DNA evidence, what did they do to the back door (though my guess is, it was misdirection just like the staging of the body), why didn't they panic after the killing, why didn't they take her ring, why did they enter through the back and most importantly, how did they know the church would be empty on a Sunday during services? How many of those questions can be answered in blaming a dead meth junkie and be believed?

To Pastor Daniels family, I say, I am sorry have don't have more to offer. I don't know who killed Pastor Daniels and if I did, I wouldn't write about it, I would call the OSBI. Their number is included in their links above. We know where she was killed, we know what happened to her, we know how she was killed, we know when she was killed, We don't know why or who killed her and the evidence that we do know doesn't answer those questions. Everyone with a monetary or know relationship issue has been ruled out by the cops. We don't know the who until we get a confession, all else is guessing and it seems all rumors apply if the grand jury is going to blame a dead meth addict.

Don't let this case be closed based on rumors or self serving confessions by "accomplices" who get immunity. To the family again I say, I am sorry I don't have more to offer. The killer had a lot of confidence that they would get away with this. They knew the area and the church. This murder was intended, premeditated and the killer knew what happened at that church on Sundays, the only day of the week when Pastor Daniels would be there alone. How many times had this supposed meth head killer been there on Sundays and why hadn't anyone noticed her? I cannot say the killer will ever be identified; but, does it really matter if others know who it was? It may happen; but, will change anything?

I don't know what it means to living killing someone. I come from a military family; but, I don't ask them about killing. I do know this, when you die you look at yourself and judge your past actions. That is when you discover that forgiving others is easier than forgiving yourself and God forgives us all. Jesus forgave his killers and I know Pastor Daniels family have forgiven her killer. Maybe that is all we can ever come away from with this case. That might be enough.

Peace and love to all my readers, I shall return to my usual nonsense for the next few days. I have been saving articles to post about. I just had to do this post first.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pastor Carol Daniels YouTube News

With the grand jury reviewing the case, I thought I would put links to the YouTube videos from the local station that I could find here. I was not impressed by the television coverage. It does show that it was the convenience store that was filming the front and the Pastor's car. Apparently she arrived at around ten and was found at noon. One of the video's talks about how the rear door was removed as I previously discussed. I may try and post links to all the newspaper articles I found over the years; but, that will be for another post.

YouTube - AP - Prosecutor Talks With Clergy About Slain Pastor.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Pastor's Autopsy Details Released.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Memorial For Slain Pastor Set.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Slain Pastor Remembered At Sunday Services.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Murdered Pastor Funeral Monday.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Report: Slain Pastor Naked At Scene.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Witness Comes Forward In Pastor's Slaying.
YouTube - KCOS5News - Witness Comes Forward In Pastor's Slaying.
YouTube - KCOS5News - Leads 'Drying Up' In Slaying Of Okla. Pastor.
YouTube - KCOS5News - Memorial Unveiled For Murdered Pastor.
YouTube - The Grio - Pastor's body was found in an unnatural pose.
YouTube - News Time Zone - Brutal Killing Of An Anadarko Preacher Before Multicounty Grand.
YouTibe - KOCO5News - New details uncovered in murder of Anadarko pastor.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Video Being Investigated In Pastor's Death.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Pastor's Family Prepares For Funeral.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Mother Seeks Answers After Daughter Killed.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Knife Found Near Anadarko Church.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Are Anadarko Pastors Being Targeted?
YouTube - KOCO5News - Anadarko Pastor Found Slain.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Anadarko Pastors Meet To Discuss Murder.
YouTube - KOCO5News - OSBI Seeks Details In Pastor's Slaying.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Reward Offered In Minister's Slaying.
YouTube - AP - Pastor Found Dead in Okla. Church.
YouTube - AP - Authorities: Killer staged pastor's body.
YouTube - 20/49 News - Churches Beef Up Security After Okla. Pastor Slain.
YouTube - AP - Slain Oklahoma Pastor Mourned at Funeral.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Caddo County DA asks grand jury to investigate murder of Anadarko pastor.
YouTube - KOCO5News - Demolition Set For Murdered Pastor's Church.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

There is No National Debt. It is a Concept of Slavery.

I was about to go to sleep and I just had to make this post. Conversations I have had with people caused me to feel this need.

I read all the papers, I watch all the news. I watch the left and the right and the completely insane. I read and watch all perspectives. The corporate media constantly tell us that every child born in America is born owing $60,000.  If you are born into debt then you are born into slavery. That is literally the definition of being into slavery.

Debt is a personal thing. You have to agree to it. Only I can sell me into slavery. Prison is a place, slavery is a state of mind, the concept of owing someone else without having received anything requested in advance. You can trade your personal rights and privileges to others; but, nobody else is morally entitled to bind you to their agreements.

The only tax that is not slavery is the income tax. Sales tax on baby food is slavery. Think about it, why should a baby have to pay taxes on eating when the children of the wealthy don't pay taxes on what they inherit. The wealthy call inheritance taxes a death tax; but, you can't tax the dead, they just wont pay. They call sales tax a use tax, babies use food to live, I guess it is a life tax. You owe another for living and they inherited that right to everything. That is what kings and queens are and the government apparently.

There are rich people who believe income tax is wrong, the don't believe that you should pay as you benefit from society. They believe you should be taxed for living, for breathing and for drinking and eating. They believe that the fact that you are on this earth means you owe them, that is what national debt is.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pastor Daniels and Linda Dunlap

Dear Ms. Dunlap,

I received and posted your comment tonight. I was going to comment to you on the same post and wrote it up then deleted it. Then I was going to UPDATE that particular post, edit the original which was just two links to articles about the grand jury; but, I found my update was too long for an update so I have decided to make a post specifically about the question you raised about the intent having been robbery.

I found myself drawn into the case itself and while it started out to you became a discussion of why I don't believe it was a robbery and why I don't believe the police are looking in the right place. I am going to post here what I was writing on the update on the other post. I am a strange person with a strange mind and I grew up around law enforcement people. I humbly apologize if I write and think in a callous manner; but, I have to be emotionless to see beyond the horror if I am to see any truth. The horror of this case, I believe, was used to hide the real motive for it.

We look for motive, I look for motive; but, it is impossible to imagine all the possible motives not having known Pastor Daniels. I cannot say what type of person Pastor Daniels was, I can only repeat what her family has said about her. All I know about her is that she drove a long way to pastor to two old people in a church that had no other regular members, a dying church. I assume the two elderly members did not kill her. I take that as a given. I assume that not too many people in Anadarko even knew about that church or it's congregation. I assume not too many people knew it would be empty on a Sunday during services. I assume that the church held nothing of monetary value and that nobody assumed it did in that town.

There are other things I believe. I believe the killer knew that Pastor Daniels would be there even if nobody else was. The killer believed that they would have their chance to kill her with no witnesses and have the chance to cover up the DNA evidence. The killer believed they could kill Pastor Daniels with a knife and that nobody would hear her screams or see them leave even though they were a block away from the police station and a gas station, both of which could see people entering and leaving through the back door.

I believe this case can be solved with a map of the area. Here is what I would have wanted to know. How many people travel past that church during those hours on a Sunday while Pastor Daniels would have been there? I am an analyst, I like data. What percentage of the people who drive past that church on a Sunday during service hours would have known that the church would be empty except for the Pastor? I have to believe it is a really small number.

I have an in-law with a relative who killed someone in a town like Anadarko. They blew an old women's brain out to cover up a theft or under a $100. They have been sent to jail for life. I have never met them. I know that people can kill for pennies. Pastor Daniels was not killed in a robbery. She didn't run a 7-11. If you are going to rob someone and kill them, you at least make sure money will be there. My in-law killed for money in a robbery.

Here is a question. How many times has the gas station that is two blocks away from the same police station robbed in a month? How many times has the manager of that gas station been killed in the course of a robbery? I bet the answer is none and if you are looking to rob someone and are prepared to kill and hide the DNA evidence, why would you attempt to rob a church with nothing of monetary value in it instead of the gas station where you know there is money?

I believe that the authorities want to close this case and cannot do it honestly. If there were DNA evidence, this case would not go to a grand jury, it wouldn't need to. Consider the Zodiac case, the prime suspect for most was a man named Arthur Allen and DNA evidence proved it was not him after 40 years. If the police had DNA evidence in this case it would have come out, they don't, they have said they don't.

The police have NO witnesses, they have NO DNA evidence, they have said so. You don't close a case until you have SOME evidence, not conjecture or supposed witness admissions from people who need immunity for other crimes. Right after this crime a homeless guy claimed to have seen the killer come out the front door covered in blood. You can look that up. Turned out he was lying to get stuff from reporters. I called it out at the time. The killer came in and exited the backdoor and the cops kept that door, that was reported at the time. We have to stick with the facts we know to fight lies.

If the three women came to rob Pastor Daniels, why did they use the locked back door and break in rather than walk in through the open front door once the Pastor had arrived? Why wasn't the killer afraid of the noise and the screams? The pastor had defensive wounds, I read the autopsy, I just didn't post it out of respect for the family. How many people, even crazed junkies and I've know them too, would think that the best place to rob was a church on a Sunday during services? How many people, even crazed junkies from out of town, would know that they could get away with hiding the DNA evidence of such a murder and prepare for it?

Whoever killed Pastor Daniels knew the area very, very well. They also knew Pastor Daniels schedule in that area very, very well. They also knew they could get away without being noticed, even if they parked in the back and kicked the door in. How did they know these things, how many people had the OPPORTUNITY to know these things. How did the junkie know these things? If they knew these things, then why pick this target? That is a real question too. We can figure out who would have known the churches schedule and Pastor Daniels schedule and it isn't many. How many of those people would have known how to get away and not be noticed. That is even fewer and doesn't include her ex.

I haven't stopped following the case and will not delete this blog until and if it is solved, I made that promise when I deleted so much of my two prior iterations of this blog. Last month this blog got over 5,000 hits. My post on Pastor Daniels is my single most read post and got fewer than that in seven years. This blog is not widely read, even now and I had planned to stop doing it many times. I will not end this blog as long as there is new information regarding this case. When there is new information, I will comment and post on it.

To Pastor Daniels family I must open myself. I didn't do this for you to read in the beginning, I never wondered if you would. I only got about 6 or 7 readers per post. This blog was never meant to have been read by more than that. This blog was never meant to do anything other than teach my readers how to look at the world differently. This case was being looked at wrong and I used it as an example for my readers to look beyond the lies and garbage. You never have to thank me for the post or talking about Pastor Daniels. It is an honor to keep a place for her to be remembered; but, I cannot take credit for an intent that I did not have. That post helped me to see life in another way, it helped me to see my written words in another way. The experience of the last few years related to what I have seen on this blog about that post has caused me to look at so many things about writing and I write to write.

I am me, nothing more and I write to examine things. Christians should know that it is not just what we think but what we then say that defines us. A thought is fulfilled when it becomes an action even if that action is just words, words can be examined and judged by others, they can be questioned the same as actions can. I write to challenge and be questioned. I write to cause conversation and question the common narrative as that is frequently influenced by politics and interests. I say this so that you can better understand my perspective on the case.

There was a man named Charles Forte and he wrote about anomalies and how people responded to them. I have written about him before on this blog. He collected articles about anomalies and then wrote about how people responded to them. They respond with unproven lies that cannot be debated as there is no evidence for them. He wrote about articles that had appeared all over the world, and still appear, about fish falling from the sky. People would most often blame it on tornadoes or cyclones with no evidence of either having occurred. They picked answers that avoided being tested and he saw that as insincere. He was a sceptic to be sure.

Evidence is the residue of an event. It is rarely if ever complete. I am a sceptic of all I am told that does not fit the evidence. Robbery does not fit the evidence in this case. Random selection does not fit the evidence of this case. The evidence in this case indicates that someone who was known in the area to frequent the area around the church committed the crime with planning and intent. The person who committed this crime was not a serious suspect then and is not now.

Here is what I cannot accept. Two female junkies entered the church on a Sunday during service hours knowing there might be at least two more people in the church, willing to kill all three with the screams and possibility of one escaping to the street and alerting others, including the police one block away. Whoever did this knew they would not be caught in the act and could get away without being noticed. How many people could that apply to? I think, for what it is worth, that this case can be solved with a map. That means no more or less than I said.

I cannot see allowing this case to be closed until the evidence proves something. I don't think this case should be closed based on the words of someone trying to avoid being convicted of another crime. If the prosecutors are not willing to charge someone with the crime then don't accept testimony in the place of physical evidence. It is better to keep the case open than close it based on rumors. At least that is my belief.

If this case is closed, I would hope that after the grand jury is done some of the members read this and ask themselves if they can answer the questions I raised. The family is better off not believing lies than accepting a lie to find peace.

I have run out of words. Too man random thoughts and not enough words. My prayers and thoughts go out to Pastor Daniels family, as always. May God grant you peace.