Thursday, April 27, 2017

Free of the illussion of Money

I am sorry that I am not posting more. I am still assisting a company and relative. The relative is just selling his house and I am helping him with escrow. That is a really short and vague answer; but, he appreciates help with the paperwork and understanding how home sales work.. The other project requires more attention that it should. That is the one that I am supposed to get paid for. The 24 grand I spoke about in a previous post.

I am going to talk about the job paying money. People, to me, have strange ideas about money. Money has no value. Gold has no value, paper currency has no value and electronic money has no value, they are not real. They are representations of promises kept and promises made. You cannot eat gold, you maybe able to eat dollar bills; but, they are just paper. Electronic money is a complete illusion. In the end, money is just debt, it is a method of convincing you that you owe someone something. If I took gold or dollars to a tribe in the amazon they would just stair at me. It has no intrinsic value to them. Awards and money mean nothing to people trying to survive.

We understand that in the "modern" world people trade paper for services and goods with the assumption that the paper can be traded for services and goods later. That didn't prove true for confederate currency, you used to be able to buy a million dollars worth of confederate currency for a buck. LOL. It was no longer representative of anything. Promises can only be traded based on currency when promises are kept because of debts.

Debt is an illusion. There is an old movie I love, it is called "The Devil and Daniel Webster", I have actually written about it before. A man sells his soul to the devil for prosperity or something. You cannot sell yourself into slavery or in-revocable commitments. God tells us this, he says do not swear by anything because you cannot meet the commitment.

So there are people who think I am not being paid enough for the job I am doing. At this time NOBODY is getting paid, the job is not complete and may never be. I believe the contract will be awarded to the person I am helping; but, as my father said, "It is all bs till the money is on the table". If you do not pay your taxes, you are threatened with jail. You may believe this is a firm rule; but, Apple is holding a quarter of a trillion dollars overseas and not paying taxes on it. We haven't nationalized their company or forced them to pay. The wealthy and establishment don't believe in taxes, so they don't pay them.

I have lent out more money that I can count and I never kept track of it. I have helped many people make lots of money, millions and I never told them what they "owe me" for it. I let them decide. You cannot pay back a debt, the concept of debt is one of moral responsibility. If I risk my life for you, what do you owe me? All transactions are relational. Taxes are easy to understand, if I work so hard to give to the government, the government will promise me to be safe and take care of some of or all of my needs when I cannot give anymore. What I don't understand is why I owe the Federal Reserve for things the government did before I was born. I like the income tax, pay as you benefit, concept; but, it seem all the deductions go to the wealthy. I like a flat tax with no deductions, everybody pays 20% regardless of what they earn. Pay as you benefit.

I guess this gets us back to how much I should be paid. My answer is simple. Those who benefit from my labor should pay in proportion to how much they benefited from my efforts. That is the essence of the biblical statement that you should pay the worker his due.

My choice to not have written agreements for my work and my choice to not pick amounts to be due me are my choices. I leave the moral responsibility, the only responsibility you cannot avoid, to those who I chose to assist.