Sunday, July 31, 2016

Social Security, Pensions and Fewer Workers to Pay Taxes.

The media and the politicians who are owned by the wealthy are all telling us that we can no longer afford social security, welfare, public colleges at low cost or any other public expenditures that benefit the middle class, the working class or the poor. Yet, at the same time we are told that everything is fine and that the nation is actually making more money than it used to. If we used to be able to afford these things when the country had less wealthy than why can't we still afford them?

Here is what is really going on. The truth is that we can afford these things; but, because automation is going to continually reduce the number of workers needed, taxes will have to fall more on the few who are wealthy. We all know that since 2008 all the gains that have been made economically have gone to the top half of the one percent. That income inequality will only increase as we have fewer and fewer jobs.

I have previously written that people need to understand this trend so that we can have a real discussion about these issues. If you are wondering why the wealthy donors who used to support the Republican presidential nominee are turning away from Trump for Clinton or the Libertarian party, it is because they believe that the Clintons and Libertarians will weaken these social programs. Remember, Bill Clinton made major reductions to welfare during his term in office.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sanders Supporters and the Media.

Bernie Sanders had many supporters and I believe was a sincere man. If anything his problem was that he tried to play a game and didn't understand the rules or how to keep true to his beliefs when confronted with the need to drop out of the race. While I have said that I detest the Clintons and the Bushes, I have never said I disliked Bernie, what I have said is that I am disappointed in him. Since he has supported Hillary, I am not alone in being disappointed. Imagine if Jeb Bush had won the primaries and Trump came out and supported him, how do you think the Trump supporters would have felt. Trump and Sanders both ran on being against the establishment and a rigged system.

One thing I have not done is insult Bernie, Hillary, Bush, Trump or anyone else's supporters. That is the last sign or desperation and is despicable in a democracy. To describe anyone's supporters as all the same is both stupid and stereotyping. I have seen a lot of that this year by the establishment media. I have seen Trumps supporters all be called racist, stupid, joe six pack, women haters and everything else you can think of, oh yeah and Nazis. That last onw bothers me and is an insult to all the people killed by the Nazis. I have seen the same type of stereotyping used against the Sanders supporters by the Democratic establishment. They are accused of being young, stupid, crybabies and disloyal to the Democratic party. People, they are not members of your party or your establishment, that was what this election was all about, the establishment versus the people. At the convention Sarah Silverman called Sander's supporters "ridiculous" for not wanting Hillary Clinton while also wanting them to chant "unity". People don't want unity with people who call them ridiculous. Think about this, Trump never slammed his opponents supporters, not Hillary's and not Bushes.

I watched a number of videos today about the election. Lets see, there are more articles asking whether or not the Russians hacked the DNC's e-mails than discussed the fact that they showed the DNC was actively working to get Hillary elected and undermine Sanders. They wanted to attack Sanders for being an atheist. Wait, please tell me what religion Clinton is. Is she a Baptist, Lutheran or what. She is no Christian. Nobody is voting for Hillary because of her devout Christianity. The fact of the matter is that Hillary is smug, condescending and insincere.

Why has this come up? Well, I have been collecting videos to compare and contrast; but, I cannot post them until after the DNC has closed. It will be a post about media manipulation and propaganda. In preparation of the post, I have been watching all the late night shows. The post will be about how the media treats Hillary and Trump. In the course of watching these videos I found one particularly annoying, smug, condescending and insincere and it is by Seth Meyers. It is an attack on Sanders supporters and you should watch it. He can kiss away lots of his younger audience and rightly so.

YouTube - Hey! A Message to Bernie or Bust Die-Hards.  He begins by saying that the Sanders supporters who booed the head of the DNC that actively worked to help Hillary and hurt Sanders were all white. Wow. He then says that "We don't have time for this", I don't recall him saying that about the Cruz supporters who attempted to steal the election by changing the majority rules at the RNC. He then tells Sanders supporters to "stop crying". He also says, "I don't know what class you ditched to go to those Sanders rallies". What he knows is that the younger people don't trust, like or want Hillary and he proceeds to chastise them and threaten them will Trump taking over as a dictator.

I should also point out that Meyers says about 48% of all Americans are crazy. He then goes on to say that even though the Bernie supporters hate her, they should have the decency to not say it and he says that Bernie is too old and needs to retire. This is his appeal for Democratic unity. He finishes by telling Sanders supporters to be quiet and basically shut up.

Many pundits have said that Trump is the end of the GOP; but, this election will probably be the end of the Democrats. Those young people who are roundly being insulted by the Democrats do not like globalism or the establishment and they are being slapped in the face by the Democratic party.


You know what is really upsetting me, I didn't know all of it; but, I am mad at Sanders for not standing up for his supporters.

Monday, July 25, 2016

More stuff you should know

Mashable - Mercedes' autonomous Future Bus just drove through Amsterdam.  Say bye bye to hundreds of thousands of bus driving jobs.

Aeon - Should a human-pig chimera be treated as a person?  Again, people are already preparing to write laws for people that are part animal. Genetic modification is the biggest threat to our future.

The Business Insider - These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America.  Comcast, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS together control 90% of all the media in the United States.

Wired - SoCal’s Massive Water Agency Grabs Up Land on NorCal’s Wettest River.  Stealing your water to control all the worlds resources and charge you for water like it was oil.

ufotrail - Pokemon Go: Considering the Possibilities.  I ask my older readers to read this article so that you understand what Pokémon Go is capable of, how this technology could be used (Pokémon Go is not the only program that does the same thing) and just so you stay in tune with the world.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Would You Rather Have a Heart of Hope or Fulfillment.

Would You Rather Have a Heart of Hope or Fulfillment? That is one tough question.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

Unlike the lying pundits in the media, I don't claim to be fair or balanced, I claim to state what I believe instead. I am not running a news site, I am running an opinion site and I have opinions. I also have facts and I post to the sites of those who I talk about so that you can verify what I am saying is accurate.

I do not like Hillary Clinton, I would never vote for her, her husband or any of the Bushes. They are all globalists who care more about themselves than this country. I would have voted for Sanders. I guess that means I am a social democrat in many peoples eyes; but, my politics are more complicated than simple terms used by the media. My words on this blog describe what I believe and what I believe is not tied to any parties simplistic words.

Here is what I do believe and know to be true. The people who own this country care little about social issues, they are driven by money. Follow the money to understand what they believe, what they fund and you will understand them. Follow how the politicians they own vote and you will understand what really matters to them and what really matters to them is creating monopolies and making everything a market that is bought and sold. Currently they are seeking to marketize water and the air. Carbon taxes are about charging you for the air you breath; but, they don't own the air, they just want you to agree that they do, that is global warming laws in a nutshell.

Since the industrial revolution the manufacturing industries have owned this world; but, with automation, that power has shifted to the financial industries. Prior to the industrial revolution the world was controlled by the land owners. Well, Hillary Clinton has chosen her vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine. Who is that you might ask, well he is an anti-progressive. That means he is the opposite of Bernie Sanders. In fact, Mr. Kaine wanted to further deregulate banks and he supports the TPP and TTIP (trade agreements that put decision making under international business controlled courts rather than national or government controlled courts). Economically the man is to the right of the Republican party.

Huffington Post - Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Clinton’s VP

Clinton is not a liberal in the traditional sense, she is a globalist and a monetary libertarian. She is basically Ron Paul willing to sell out to the highest bidder. Lets face it, the majority of Republican politicians have sold out to the exact same people, the big banks. Both sides agree that the sheep (voters) are too dumb to see what is going on and both sides use different social issues to divide the sheep while voting together to take advantage of them for profit.

Yahoo - Tim Kaine, Clinton’s VP pick, is a Democrat Wall Street can like.  I like this article, it is so full of garbage and spin. According to the article his greatest achievement was cutting his state budge without raising taxes. Huh? If you cut your state budget, why would you need to raise taxes? That is not an achievement, reducing reducing costs and not raising rates is easy, the problem is that he cut state programs. He cut salaries for state employees and reduced the states contribution to Medicaid.

Now lets talk about Hillary. Firstly, contrary to what you have heard, Hillary has NOT won the Democratic primaries. What you say, but, I heard she had the needed delegates. Well, she doesn't. In fact, she only has 2,205 delegates and needs 2,383 delegates. There are 650 superdelegates that vote for can vote for whoever they want. They are undeclared delegates. The fact of the matter is that Trump had almost 300 more bound delegates than he needed and Hillary is short about 300 bound delegates.

Yahoo - Delegate Board.

Well, it begs the question, what did Sanders trade for. Did he think she was going to move to the left after he gave her his support. If so, he was an idiot, she moved right by picking Kaine. The Democrats are against the workers and middle class as much as the Republican establishment is. The real power fight in this nation is not over social issues, it is not about abortion (that was settled years ago), it is not over gay rights (that is also settled), it is not about marijuana laws (soon to be settled and the writing is on the wall), it s not over race (those laws were settled year ago too, it just didn't end racism), this fight is the middle and working class against the owner class and Hillary represents the owner class. If you are dumb enough to think that this is a post about the election, you haven't been reading my blog long enough, I have said what the issue is long before Hillary or Trump even thought about entering this race, this blog is seven years old and the message has always been there.

YouTube - Delegates Barred From Entering DNC Rules Committee Meeting in Philadelphia.  Why should the delegate at the Democratic National Convention be allowed to know what the rules are for the convention? I guess the party establishment doesn't think their opinion or even their knowing is of value. They will have a bad convention.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pokemon Go and the Police

To all my readers who don't care at all about games or cell phones, read this post anyways, it isn't about a game or cell phones, it is about manipulating you and using the newest technologies to do it.

"Pokémon Go" is a virtual reality game, that is to say that you use your phone's camera to see the world around you and objects are inserted into your view that do not actually exist in real life. Imagine looking in your mirror and seeing a moving cartoon along with you, just like in the movie "Mary Poppins". That is how Pokémon Go works and depending on where you are you will see different characters.

Lets use Disney characters for an example. Imagine that when you are at Disneyland you take out your phone and snap a picture of the Haunted Mansion; but, when you look through the camera you see all the ghosts and the mansion together. Trust me, if Disney has noticed the popularity of Pokémon Go they will be working on this now.

So here is a phone application that rewards you with different pictures depending on where you go. Imagine if you could only get a picture of the original Mickey Mouse at the original Disneyland and that Disney World was the only place you could snap the newest version of Mickey, people in love with the mouse would want to go to both places. Think about the advertising and marketing usages. Restaurants will want to pay to have special Pokémons that can only be found at their businesses. Taco Bell could be the only place where you can find a Star Wars character as part of their newest promotion which is linked to the new Star Wars movie, this is what is coming.

Dear readers, if you understand the technology I have explained then trust me, even though it is not being discussed today, the usages I am saying will come in the future. No idea exists in one mind, it exists as a possibility and others will arrive at the same conclusion. It is vanity and foolishness to think that if the person who first came up with the wheel had died at birth that someone else would not have come up with it.

This post is not about any of that. Assume that we now have a reason to incentivize people to take pictures of everything around them, all day so that they can collect cookies or dollars or whatever reward you can imagine. That is what Pokemon Go is. Immediately upon it's release I told one of my children that we would start seeing news reports about how criminals were caught because of people using Pokémon Go well it has only been about two weeks since the games release and the reports are now on line.

YouTube - IGN - We Spent 30 Minutes with Pokemon Go.  A good general explanation by a tech organization on what the game is. Watch it and know what your kids and others are using and why they have their phones out all the time now.

Daily Mail - Gotta catch 'em all! Police ask Pokemon Go players to help track down a thief who broke into a Tesco garage near to a game checkpoint used for topping up Pokeballs. So here is step one, the Police know what Pokémon Go is and that people are taking pictures where these players go to take pictures and want access to those pictures to catch criminals. Right now the police will take all cameras that are at crime scenes. After 9-11 the government took the surveillance films from private businesses at all of the crash scenes. They now have an excuse to take the phone from everyone who was at a crime scene and examine all the pictures on it if you use this virtual tech.

Huffington Post - Police Bet On Rare ‘Pokemon Go’ Character To Catch Fugitives

MSN - Variety - Oliver Stone Calls Pokemon Go a ‘New Level of Invasion’ at Comic-Con.  The article itself is not very good as it ignores what Stone was complaining about and focus's on a different problem with the game that has since been solved. The real issue is about constant surveillance of all of us.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Election, Hope and the Middle East.

I woke up this afternoon and as always immediately went to the news. Turns out that the convention coverage of Trump resulted in a jump in the polls for him. This is not uncommon and is what happens after every presidential convention for both sides. And, as expected the "liberal" media immediately began attacking everything Trump said in his acceptance speech. The narrative being pushed is that Trump's vision of how America is negative. Well, things are negative and we all know that. Things have been going downhill for the average American and the middle class for at least 30 years, just look at wages for the average American, no raises in almost a decade and a decline in good jobs. The slow blood letting of the American economy is real and continuing, both Democratic voters and Republican voters know that, it is why Sanders and Trump have so much support.

Here is the question in the back of everyone's mind, if we vote for the establishment candidate (Jeb or Hillary or any of them), will wages go up, will the infrastructure be improved, will we stop going into endless wars and will they improve the opportunities for this nations children. The fact is that if we vote for an establishment candidate the best we can hope for is more of the same, a continuation of the disintegration of the strength of this nation and the middle class. We don't know if Sanders or Trump could turn this around; but, there is no hope for another Bush or Clinton to turn things for the better.

My problem with the liberal and the conservative media, aside from the fact that they are all owned by six companies and in the end support the establishment and globalism, is that is that it is anti-change and wants you to believe things are okay. Things are not okay for the majority of Americans and hope for the future is at a low. How optimistic can Americans be when they are told that good manufacturing jobs will never come back to America and that we all have to accept a bleak future with no benefits, no hope for good jobs for the majority of us or our children and increased poverty?

Slogans and new faces do not create hope, real changes and politicians doing what they were elected to do creates hope and when the majority of people have nothing to look forward to other than a decrease in their standard of living, they will push back. I talked about this when the Occupy Movement was going on and nothing has changed except that things have continued to get worse. All the spin and stories have no effect on what people see in their own lives. Half of the people over 18 still live at home and have little hope of a job that pays more than about $8 an hour, that is reality.

So, what does this have to do with the middle east, take a moment and think about it. The reason that millions of Arabs are leaving the middle east for Europe is the same, they are looking for hope, it is the same reason that many have become radicalized. If you live in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries in the region, what hope do you have for a better life? For most in the middle east, they just want to live in peace, raise their children and not be bombed by drones. That however is what they are denied.

The question is simple for the worlds establishment, what hope do you offer the middle class and what hope do you offer the middle east? The answer is none. When denied hope for a better future, people get upset. Americans get upset when told that things will not improve and they have to accept less and young Arabs feel the exact same way when told their lives will not improve. It begs the question, what hope can this country offer to the people living in Arabia?

Donald Trump, the Republican Presidentail Nominee. Why Didn't People See That Coming?

Pick a month since Trump announced his candidacy, which was 13 months ago, and tell me when the media did not say he could not possibly win. You cannot, they were still saying it last month. There were those who said that democracy was wrong and that the establishment could still legitimately steal the election at the Republican convention, I posted those articles here.

Love Trump, hate Trump, it doesn't change how wrong the media and establishment got it. You should be asking why they all said he couldn't win when he clearly has won and consistently won. You are faced with two options, either the media truly thought it was impossible for Trump to win, in which case they really don't understand the anger on the left and right over how the middle class is being intentionally destroyed by the wealthy. The second alternative is that they do know how upset people are and have been trying to discourage them from exerting their vote over how and what decisions are made rather than accepting the will of the wealthy oligarchs that run this nation. Those are the factual options.

The middle class is angry and the workers feel abused, the unemployed feel this nation has abandoned them and it has. Here is the dilemma for the globalists, if Hillary wins, what will she change? Do you believe the angry voices will go away in four years if the middle classes life is not improved? If Hillary gets elected and the middle class continues to shrink, our borders continue to be open and we stay at war, next time, someone even more socialistic than Sanders will take over the Democratic party and someone who truly is an extreme right winger will take over the Republican party.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Next Week, the 2016 DNC and a Prediction.

The media for a couple of months has predicted pure mayhem at the Republican National Convention, it did not materialize. In fact, the convention has been fairly calm and peaceful. I do not expect calm at the Democratic National Convention. I think the biggest issue will be the super delegates. Please feel free to comment before or after the DNC convention on whether or not you agree and later, whether or not I am right.

The Media Does Not Like Democracy Much

I have not liked any of the past presidents since Carter. Many will say he wasn't a great President; but, he is a very decent person and smart. I did not like either Bush and did not like Clinton. Obama is an empty suit. I liked Sanders; but, he lost. I do not like Hillary or the parade of 16, Bush imitators including the one who was actually a Bush. As for Trump, I am not sure about him; but, strongly agree with his anti-globalist message. Remember that I supported both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement on this very blog.

Whether you love or hate Trump, you have to admit that the media has shown no fairness or balance in their coverage. I believe this is primarily due to the fact that almost all of the media is literally owned by six companies that are all globalist in nature.

The Denver Post - Colorado Republicans cancel presidential vote at 2016 caucus.

I have written many times about how the wealthy hate democracy. Well, the media doesn't like it either. The Republican National Committee has rules for selecting their candidate and one of those rules requires the delegates to vote as the people of their state voted, you know "representative democracy". This year the caucus voters in Colorado voted to not select or even vote on a Presidential nominee for the Republican party. A couple of hundred, at best, sought to deny the people of Colorado any say in who becomes the Presidential nominee for the Republican party. They did this to deny Trump any delegates from that state. Now again, hate Trump or love him; but, shouldn't out votes and opinion matter?

Consider this, what would you say if the English Prime Minister was chosen only by the royal family? Would you think that democratic or right? There were delegates from other states that did not wish to represent the people who sent them there and vote for whoever they wanted regardless of the opinion and express wishes of the people who voted in the primaries and caucuses in their states. Rather than calling these people out for ignoring the democratic process and the will of the people, the media apparently supported them and bemoaned and cried about the fact that they were not allowed to change the rules which require them to vote the will of the caucus or primary voters.

I have watched Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, just about everyone on CNN, many on Fox and just about all of the media complain or disparagingly discuss the crime of not letting the delegate ignore democracy and vote against Trump. The left media, who complained about superdelegates in the Democratic party showed their hypocrisy by basically saying that the delegates in the Republican party should all be superdelegates.

Trump is not the issue, this is not about a person. Trump and Sanders were both the last peaceful attempt by the working and middle class to insist upon being heard and represented. They are the second wave, with the Occupy Movement and Tea Party being the first wave. The establishment better pray that Trump wins or we will se the third wave and that is always stronger than the first two. People want to be represented and have their voice heard. The fact is that the Democratic party has not represented their voters or looked out for them and neither has the Republican party.

As for Hillary Clinton, I have always disliked her and believe her to be an admitted globalist rather than a supporter and representative of the United States. I will post a video of her in a second where she praises globalists. She does not represent this country, she represents wealthy globalist interests that have paid her over one hundred million dollars to represent their interests to the detriment of United States interests.

YouTube - Hillary Clinton, Walter Cronkite and One World Government

Someone sent me a comment on my last post and I wrote a response to their comment. Their question was whether it was or was not constitutional for a state to leave the United States if Brexit was okay. In many ways their question was about democracy; but, it also turned on whether or not commitments matter that are made democratically. Most of what is going on politically right now is about the establishments hate for democracy. When you started working money was taken from your paycheck to pay your social security when you retire, Medicaid, Medicare and unemployment insurance. Many politicians, your representatives, are now complaining that they don't want to keep those commitments and would rather use that money for other things. That is anti-democratic and a violation of the social contract. Heck, it is a violation of all contracts as they have already taken the money from you.

Imagine that you hire someone for $1,000 to fix your car, they take your money and then tell you that they don't want to fix your car. you would probably ask for your money back so that you could find someone else. How would you feel and what would you think if they then told you that you could not have your money back? It would be a crime and that is what we are seeing advocated by the press and the wealthy.

In England the media and the establishment have complained that democracy is wrong because Britain voted to leave the European Union. They also complained that the vote was the result of the middle class and working class looking out for their own interests rather than the interests of the wealthiest. The exact same is being said about people who are voting for Trump. Remember the billionaire that complained that his vote should matter more than everyone else's?

Update: I consider this an unfinished post. Be well

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Little Bit of Everything

Rolling Stone - Matt Taibbi - In Response to Trump, Another Dangerous Movement Appears. I think Matt does a great job at raising issues; but, I don't think he has figured out what the biggest threat is yet. Read his article anyways.

YouTube - Real Time With Bill Maher: Is Globalization Failing Everybody? (HBO).  Just worth listening to, Maher is a globalist.

Fortune - Deutsche Bank Says the U.S. Is Likely Headed for a Recession.  If you have invested in the stock market, get out by the middle of September.

The Washington Post - Cities should take back their parking spaces.  Most people may not be thinking about the effects of self driving cars on other industries; but, you should.

YouTube - We Spent 30 Minutes with Pokemon Go.  Watch the video so you  know what is going on. If you keep reading the news, soon a criminal will be caught because they are "captured" by someone using their phone to play Pokémon Go, it is the perfect excuse to film everyone without them wondering why.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Police Killings versus Citizens Being Killed by Police

Recently a number of police officers were shot in Texas and five of them died. As far as we can tell at the moment, none of the police had been involved in any way with the shooter prior. Many in the media came out immediately to say that there was a war on police. Funny that these same pundits did not claim there was a war on homosexuals after the shootings in Orlando or a war on civilians after the numerous shootings of unarmed people for the past few decades. Whether or not you believe any of these murders constitute a "war", there is certainly a lot of innocent people being shot, I want to look at those numbers.

So far this year, 2016, 624 people have been killed by the police. In 2015, 1208 people were killed by the police. In 2014 1,111 people were killed by the police and in 2013 773 people were killed by the police. The Guardian newspaper reports that in 2015 the police killed was 1,140 and that 224 of those were unarmed. Now lets look at killings of police officers.

In 2015, 129 officers were killed in the line of duty. In 2014, 133 officers died in the line of duty with 51 feloniously killed, as opposed to the 44 who died in accidents. Lets explain this another way, the police like everyone else get into car accidents and sometimes they die. When you are shot by the police, it is not an accident.

The numbers on police killed is easier to obtain than the numbers on civilian deaths. I should also point out that the number of people killed by cops in accidents is not tracked and the numbers we are using do not include the number of people killed while in police custody.

Here is what the numbers we know do show. If there is a war on against the police, the police are winning as the number of unarmed people killed by the police far exceeds the number of police killed each year.

I expect law enforcement people to get killed in the line of duty, my father was in law enforcement and was shot at more than once. If it is your job to arrest people with weapons who have committed a crime, you have to figure sometimes they will shoot back. This is why the penalties, written and unwritten, are so stiff for people who kill police officers as it should be. The problem seems to be that there is no penalty for shooting unarmed civilians and up until recently, not many complaints in the media about it. While every officer who is shot gets local and state reporting, most killings by police are not mentioned in the media.

I have been sitting back for the past week reading all the "sides" regarding the recent killing of the police in Texas. I have read that Obama is the reason for the officers killings, that Black Lives Matter is responsible and even that it is Trump's fault. The discussion seems to focus on the race of the people killed by the police, I am much more interested in when unarmed people are killed than their race. The police are killing more and more unarmed people, that is a problem. The murder of police officers is not going up.

So, is there a war on against the police? Nope. Cops are usually killed by armed suspects attempting to evade arrest, not by protestors or liberals or democrats. I would also like to point out that when gays or movie goers or school children or really the victims of mass shootings, the right claims it is a question of better mental care; but, when cops are killed it is blamed on Obama and anything else the right is against. The truth is ignored by both sides to support their beliefs on gun control, Islamic extremism or racism.  The man who killed the cops in Texas was mentally unstable, yet, that issue is not raised by right wing pundits. To me the issue is why are so many unarmed civilians being shot by the police and criminals, because the answer to that question might mean new gun restrictions, more free mental health care and stiffer penalties for anyone shooting an unarmed person.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Korean Television

I have Netflix and like to watch foreign television on occasion. Today I watched a show called "Schoolgirl Detectives" from Korea. I have to admit, it made absolutely no sense to me. I had no problem with captioning, I had no cultural reference.

So here is the story so far. A high school goes to a private school and on her first day, on the way to school, she is grabbed and bitten on the arm by a young man in a black hoodie. She gets to school and meets a bunch of strange fellow students, four of whom are part of a detective club. The "detectives" decide to recruit her and literally stalk her for days. The four "detectives" decide to bite one another so that they can tell her they were attacked to and eventually she joins them in the detective society.

I have watched shows and movies from all over Europe, Mexico, India, Australia and all over; but, this stuff really made no sense to me. If you have Netflix, watch an episode and see if it makes any sense to you. Oh, and happy fourth of July.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

President Obama, Populism and Big Business

New York Times - Obama Will Need His Oratory Powers to Sell Globalization.  The article openly admits what Brexit, Sanders and Trump are really about, it is about anti-globalism. Globalism is the belief in a one world government controlled by the west. It is a form of universal colonialism not based on nation; but, based on big business. They establishment is also afraid of populism or the will of the people, the majority.

In the western world we are told we must be environmentally friendly; but, at the same time we have shipped our manufacturing overseas to countries that have no environmental restrictions. If you really begin to think about these things and not the slogans or hysteria, you can see what is really going on.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Media Lies are too Obvious.

Fox - Trump trouble in the burbs?  Okay, so the newest article says that Trump is losing in the suburbs because those people prefer stability over change. Sounds reasonable; but, I have a question. From what we have been told, Trump loses with women, minorities, the young, the middle class, the rich, the educated and wins with racists. If that is true then one would need to assume that the only reason he won the primaries was because racist old white people are either the only people who vote or outnumber the middle class, the wealthy, the educated, women and minorities.

This blog has been around too long for people to accuse me of being a racist or an idiot. I have openly stated my support for the Occupy Movement and Bernie Sanders and it is all documented and time stamped and was said before Trump was even mentioned as running for office. This blog has always been about the lies that we are told, what is coming and what matters. We are seeing a consolidated media blitz against Trump and the real reason is not because of racism, companies that are against Trump have no problem with child labor in 3rd world countries. They only fear that they will be prohibited from outsourcing jobs and have to actually pay their fair share of taxes. That is what this is about and that is the same reason the "elite" or "establishment" feared the Brexit. It was the big banks that financed the Anti-Brexit campaign.