Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Got a Spare Minute

Hi all,

Hope your days are going well. Finishing packing so I can move this weekend. Now I have to find a truck, the one I was going to use is no longer available. Well, I have a spare minute so I wanted to post a couple of links.

The first link is to a breaking story about Google and the NSA, turns out I was dead on and that Google has a "Secret" Relationship with the NSA. Go back to my earlier posts and compare.

The second link is to an article about how the U.S. government is going to require internet providers to keep your records so that the government can look at them later if they wish. Now I have been talking about these things for years and someone even accused me of being a conspiracy theorist. LOL. It is a plan by a group of people and it is happening. What do you want to call it?

People really need to look at the world around us. The media is also now reporting on how the president wants to be able to have a kill switch for the internet. Now it makes the news, what a all time stupid joke. The government already has a kill switch and the ability to restart it, I reported on that with links to the articles months ago. If you recall I linked to an article that said the U.S. military had five keys in different parts of the world and that it took four of them to come to a US military base to restart the internet.

Nothing has changed, the question is why is the main stream media now discussing these things. The purpose dear friends is simple, it is testing the waters. The first articles were read by a few who then did like me and started discussing it. They monitor and gauge peoples reactions and they blast the same information wide and far.

If you want to see the truth you have to refuse to lie, to yourself or others. You have to look beyond the cookies and the treats that you want. Your real treat has to be the truth. It is usually disturbing and people's first reaction is to hide from it. Overcome that feeling and look at what is happening. These mass animal deaths and earthquakes are real, they are not normal. The governments monitoring of you and me is also real, I grew up with it so I really don't care.

There are big things going on and ignoring them or becoming belligerent, or worse yet, violent is not going to fix one thing. Some of the things that are coming will blow people's minds because they have ignored so much for so long. Waking up from their little closed worlds is going to be a real head shaker. The world is far weirder than they can even comprehend, so they will ignore it and suffer the consequences.

Hey what do you think of the fact that Bill Gates wants to track every birth in the world? Why does this barely get a conversation in the media, it is mentioned and that is the end of the story.

I want to explain something and I might have said it before. I hated waking up. I discovered that the economy was going to implode about five years ago, time does fly. I began telling a few close friends about it (some read this blog). But before telling people I sat in shock for two days, I couldn't believe we had intentionally tanked our economy. It seemed insane. In fact the ex told me that she thought I had lost my once formidable intellectual abilities, I hoped she was right. Problem was, she was wrong and I was right.

There have been more than a few times when I have told people what was going to happen and received the response that these changes cannot occur because they had built their lives around that particular cookie. Doesn't matter. Just think what it was like for the Romans to be invaded, they couldn't comprehend it. Complete societies have changed against their will and ours in not immune, we just don't like to think about it. Be well, back to work.

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