Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jack LaLanne and the rigorous life

It is with some sorrow that I report that Jack LaLanne has died at 96. My back hurts a lot and I was getting ready for bed; but, I found a reason to post.

When I was a child Mr. LaLanne was on television. He was like the first fitness guru. He called out to women, women with children to exercise. It is hard to explain to anyone under 40 what he did. He made exercise fun.

I was a gymnast, I may be old now' but, I was in good shape. I am about ten in a world record. You would not know it by meeting me. Most people when they meet me think I am just a thinker and businessman, I was a kid too. I am very mechanical and was very physical. Oh, and I also wrote music, wrote stories and drew pictures. Jack LaLanne helped me to see that we could all be healthy, we could all exercise.

More than anything else, Mr. LaLanne showed me that if you put in the effort everyday, then someday you would excel at being the best you could be. I am not a big fitness person in the sense of visuals, I am very big on people who choose to be healthy within reason. My doctor told me I am not allowed to exercise because of my blood pressure. They also asked that I come in more often, they lost on both accounts. I will never be what I was physically; but, I was and kids need to know they can be.

For the gymnasts out there, there is nothing greater than doing your first floor kip, high bar kip and giant. For those who are not gymnasts, think of whatever sport you loved. In my gymnastics class I was the first to do the hard splits and to do a giant, it takes time to achieve both. Mr. LaLanne inspired me. I was not the greatest gymnast, I lack some balance; but, I did what I could do, that is what he taught me about the physical body. I always enjoyed watching him and hearing him be so inspirational. He will be missed; but, the son of a gun made a difference and how many can say that?


sizzlingcell said...

I will miss Jack as well, from my earliest memories he was in my home on TV, my Mom used to have glamour stretchers in the house all the time, when one wore out she ordered another and used them regularly, even on us when a shoe was not available...

Pimpernel said...

So nice to hear from you sizzlingcell. He will be dearly missed, how nice to have changed an industry and so many lives. And he made it fun, that is what I forgot to say, he made it fun.

Robbie said...

Yes, he did make it fun. I remember, I remember. I was sad to hear he had passed but I thought to myself, I'll bet he lived most every day to the fullest - who wouldn't smile at that?