Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Beings Just Don't Get It

The hardest thing to truly explain is the purpose of this blog. I try on occasion; but, I fail. I will try again. The next posts will be on individual concepts and or words. Lets have fun.

Today's thought is Possibilities. It is about what we are possible of. Don't pre-judge. We are capable of so much more than we do. We are amazing in our possibilities and so often we trade our morals, abilities, decency, truth, sexuality, humanity, gratitude, shame, honor and other things for trinkets, bobbles, toys. When we don't trade; but, instead push ourselves to our limits then we are a very dangerous opponent.

I am going to give links to human possibilities. Then I ask a very simple question, are you even attempting to reach possibilities. If you are; but, only because of the rewards you get half a star. If you are because you want to know who you are and what you are capable of then you get a free trip. Not too many people ever get the trip. Still, some do, that means we are capable of as much for cookies as we can with none except proving what we are capable of. We are human and we can kick some major rear.

Have you tried this.

How bout this.

Now this needs to be read all the way to the end.

We exert too little effort to do the right thing, to be what we can be. We chase cookies and risk the game. Patience is a virtue for a reason. Virtue only occurs when we accept the challenge to be more, to be what we can be. I am not talking about a lottery mentality, I am not talking about risk for reward. I am talking about risk where there is no reward except the knowledge that you have proven yourself to you.

I don't care if the game is rigged, if we give it our all then we have already won. This is true if we are not playing for a cookie; but, instead because we want to see what we are capable of. Guess what, we are capable of some crazy stuff. God made us right to be us. It says that the Devil accuses us day and night, do think he accuses us of sin because he is sinless? I don't think so. He accuses us because we don't explore our potential. I believe we have more potential than any other beings ever created, we are the stuff.

There is or is not a God. If there is a God I believe he said we will reign over angels. The bible says that Satan accuses us day and night, it also says that he was the most beautiful of angels, it also says that he is retarded (he offered Jesus the world, so he didn't know him when he met him). I have asked before what he accuses us of. He accuses us of being less than we can be. Consider Job, he said Job only loved God because he prospered and then God allowed Satan to take everything away from Job and make his life unpleasant. Job still loved God.

Now for the Christians I must give a dig. Loving God with all you heart does NOT match the commandment of Jesus. He said to love God with all you heart and you neighbor as yourself. Half will not get you there, half is a cowards death. Do you really wish to meet God and tell him that you love him with all your heart but that you did not forgive others or accept them. That is the weakest of all faiths. Failure to sin is still sin if you do not love others as you love yourself and if you love in such a way then you forgive.

Life is not about accepting results, it is about forgiving attempts that fail. Humanity is not an epic fail, it is an epic success because of all we have attempted.

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