Monday, February 28, 2011

Brain Dead

Once again I have little to say. I had a late day at work and young minds to confound. I like meeting very intelligent professionals who have been at the top of their field for a bit, they are so confident and quick. When they team up with insiders, they have the world by a string and then they meet me. LMAO.

No matter how smart you are, how experienced you are, if you are fascinated by the cookies, you cannot see what only others can. They race to the cookie and it never leaves their site until they get it, then it is on to another cookie. The more concept of life, our goal is to have more. LOL. "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids".

"Who is this tapping, tapping at my chamber door?" My only response is that it "Twas many and many a year ago". Oh but I am cryptic tonight. It appears that "money" is now interested in doing something we accomplished long ago; but, where to go, how do you duplicate something you don't understand? You seek those who do and try and learn in a day what took a lifetime. Nice work if you can get it; but, the pieces never fit together the exact same way, it is custom work to change an industry.

To debrief, perchance to dream. While writing I was in a phone conversation dissecting every word and action of a meeting I had. I do the same for poker, analyze what happened, how did I get here, what did they have, what play will they make and how do I get them off their game. There is only one answer, do the right thing for the right reasons and trust nobody. I like that as a business plan, its one I can live with. Be well and be odd.

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