Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cause I Said So

LMAO. Just joking. I have nothing to post tonight. I was having dinner with a friend, he read my last post, I had thought of him while I wrote it and in a good way. He knew that. Relationships, real ones are very good for us. To have a good relationship with your parents and siblings helps to have better relationships with our partners.

Beyond family, we benefit from having people who are good examples, we benefit from mentors and we benefit from partners and students. Each relationship is a gift. I went to a restaurant with my friend today, I had never been there before. It has been around 51 years, the owner and I joked. He even played a trick on me. It is called Paty's and is in Toluca Lake. I found a new friend, we hit off and I said I would come back. That is the relationship I want with every vendor I use, a friendship and a trust. Every relationship CAN have that, you just have to be picky.

What do you want to fill your life with? Do you pick stores because of the cookies they hold or because of the relationship you have with the people there. I pay more to have more, a relationship. I advise others to do the same, it is our days, it is our lives.

I am not ready to get into the whole Egypt thing yet, at least not in writing. I am not ready to talk about all of the volcanoes going off at the same time, at least not yet. I am not even ready to talk about all of the crazy quantum physics stuff just yet. I may talk about love, I may talk about relationships or I may talk about what comes next. Then again, I haven't destroyed this blog in a long time and it may be night night time for this part. I can't wait to find out. Be well.

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