Monday, February 21, 2011

Spoke to a friend today

I have a friend in New York, we are sort of in the same industry. He called today and we talked about business and then about the world. I always enjoy talking to him about what is going on around us. My daughter likes him too.

The gentleman I spoke to met me at a bad time in my life. I was a train wreck, the only thing I still understood was my industry. I watched everything in my life go away or turn out to be lying to me. When your most basic understanding of your life turns out to be a lie your world is like water. When that happens to you, you have to go back to first principles and make sure you have defined yourself as you wished, I did and I had. If I had not been satisfied then I don't know where I would have looked, I guess I would have to start all over again.

Does the same thing apply to nations? I mean if a nation fails on it's most fundamental beliefs, does it have to start from scratch again? In Libya, Gadhaffi had his air force fire on civilians, that is how Russia lost to the communists. Already two of his pilots have defected, it is a hard thing to bomb your own family, most will not and cannot do it. When a government does something like that, it is almost impossible to get the support of the citizenry for anything. It is more likely that your military is about to turn on you as they did in Egypt.


While I was typing my computer locked up and I had to restart and repair, I have no idea what I was going to say and have completely lost my train of thought, sorry. Lets tell knock, knock jokes instead. Knock, knock. (This is where you are supposed to say, "Who's there"). I answer, "Mara" and then you say, "Mara who" and I say "Mara, Mara on the wall."

While I was writing earlier someone asked me a question, actually they brought up something. They brought up the fact that I have only been with one person. They told me how they thought this was probably very rare, I do not know that answer; but, it is probably true. I told them that I was happy with my decision and planned to be with only one more. I don't know why it was on their mind, it wasn't on mine. I was thinking about what I was writing and then the computer crashed.

While all of this was going on it occurred to me why he may have asked me what he did, he wondered how I might view him. He had referred to himself in a derogatory manner regarding how he had been with the ladies in the past. Men would like to think that women are better mannered (and historically they were), we would like to think that women are less impulsive and more moral. Young men do not feel that way anymore.

I don't look down on anyone, I don't know how to. I know how to disagree with what they do; but, we are all screwups. I screwed up with who I married, I fought hard to stay married; but, I married the wrong person. On some level I knew there was a problem in the beginning. Now, I will be with nobody or one other person. I don't want to keep learning the same lesson. I cannot look down on others who have also made the same mistake. The question is what is the mistake and how do we avoid making it again.

Lets start with the simplest things, lets respect each other and act in a caring manner. Wow, that was hard. Lets make love and affection important, lets have sympathy for pain regardless of why it exists. Lets take an attitude that everybody matters even that jerk next to you who is picking his nose and looking at it. I bet he still hurts when you kick him in the knee.

If we truly care about each other, we will wait for the right person rather than test them all and break hearts and have ours broken. I am glad and free by the fact that I can wait for the right person and look them in the eye and say, "I screwed up and then I waited for you". The other person might say that they did not wait and was with a few or many. The only question at that point is whether or not they knew I was the one for them.

I don't wish to be with someone who sees me as a sex machine, a friend with benefits, a booty call. I don't want to base our relationship on sex, I want that to be the smallest part, I want their soul, I want to be a soulmate, then we can have perfect sex. I thought we were supposed to fall in love and then have sex, apparently the world believes we are supposed to have sex and eventually will fall in love.

Forgot something, we have a new follower, don't know who it is. Still can't figure out how people find this little blog. Wait, I know who it is, Hi, internet is back up. LOL.

I may be erratic in my posting for a bit, I am still settling in and have to turn over the keys to my house this week. Please excuse me, I will try to find worthwhile things to talk about. Right now I believe the news I have posted is sufficient.

Why have the Chinese built cities with no people living in them? Who would nuke an empty City? Is that a possibility? That they did it in case they were nuked? LMAO. It is, in fact, a possibility. We live in a very weird world don't we?

I see two problems with the way we are, men are no longer gentlemen and women are no longer ladies. There are still some of each; but, we don't even revere the qualities anymore, we are confused by them. A gentleman never pushes a lady, he seeks one. A lady seeks a man who will exhibit honor and show integrity. Instead we seek the cookies and there are fewer and fewer to be found.

What do you wish for your children, that they sleep around alot until they find someone that they like? Do you wish them to have a good time, to emulate you? Do you wish them to be corrupt, cheat on their taxes and steal really well? I like the movie "The Godfather", heck I like the whole series. In the end, it is about doing wrong and hoping that your chidren will not emulate you, can't live that way, they will.

Same thing is true for a country, when you stop prosecuting the guilty and reward the corrupt, you are headed for a failure. Eventually everyone is out just for themselves and that guarentees failure, just like it did for Rome. History is wonderful. The Bible is a good account of a history and every civilization is made up of the same kind of people, the same mix. It is about the sytems that we create that dictate how we interact, the rules that define a nation.

Only freemen can pick good leaders; but, they have to understand who are better leaders. No leader can force people to follow, then he is not a good leader. What we are seeing in Egypt and Libya and the whole area is the recognition that you can't be a leader by force, only a tyrant and they all fall eventually, their systems are not sustainable, watch what happens in Korea.

So how do you repair any relationship, you start from basics and find out where you made your mistake and then find the relationship that is right for you. Same applies to governments or businesses, you have to finally accept that you failed, your company failed, your partners failed, your society failed and then start from the beginning, "Why are we together in the first place". The answer should be, "because we work well together and want to work together".

The reason I didn't sleep with other women is because I didn't get the first part right and had start over. I had to learn to be around women again, I needed to see what kind of gentleman I was. I needed to be with ladies and I was. I needed to understand that I could be loved and understand what I wanted to be with. I had to date as I never had. I had to finish my growing up because it was interrupted and accelerated. My whole life I was responsible and steady, I needed to be free to re-evaluate my choices and I still liked them, so I am still living by them.

This post is another complete mess; but, the man said, if you are a writer than write. So I do. Be well and have a great week.

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