Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Dont Like This Post

Not long ago I posted about the FCC's plan to take over control of local public easements. When I first read about it, I was ticked. Too much federal control already. If done properly it could be a good thing. If it were done through regional transportation authorities, it keeps control local; but, reduce costs, give lots of money to cities, reduce their costs and improve the roads, something no city has done.

Most importantly to me, it would give millions of people jobs. If the fed takes the control they have to hire millions to do the work. The roads will be better, the cities will be better and it will be cheaper. I don't like giving up local control of anything, I am possessive. The roads are in terrible condition and will fail in the next 30 years if we don't do something now.

I had expected the fed to take over control of roads for awhile; but, I didn't see them using the FCC, that was brilliant, nobody even noticed what is going on. If they do take the control it will be a year before the court cases settle it and the pricing. This is too funny, the time it takes to prepare.

I have an affinity for streets. It is on streets that we meet each other, it is where we have the opportunity to travel, to go as we please. Tree lined streets are the best even if trees hurt sidewalks. The modern street system is the single greatest construction of all times. The pyramids are a joke compared to the street systems, gigantic paperweights, a testament to engineering, not usefulness. The great wall of China couldn't even do it's job, another testament to engineering. The street systems are what gets you fed and delivers your toys.

What is unique about the street system is that it's maintenance is not coordinated. Its construction wasn't even coordinated, people built the roads they needed and eventually the systems all got connected. It is the single greatest construction project in history nothing else can even compete. Take the total number of roads worldwide, the amount of materials and labor that went into it and how it effects every part of your life. It has such a great effect that we don't even think about it.

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