Saturday, March 12, 2011

If the Fallout Comes to California

High all. Based on the jet stream's speed and direction, it has been said that if the Japanese nuclear power plant blows then the fallout is coming to the west coast. If that were to happen then in ten days it would be here in Los Angeles and reports say that one reactor has had a partial meltdown, one building has already blown and a total of 6 reactors are at risk.

Hmmm, that sounds like a lot of radiation could come our way. I am going to get enough cigarettes and wine to last. I won't bother eating, just the wine and smokes please. LOL. I might go to Vegas and wait it out, I could do that. Hang with my sister and cousin. Might even bring my daughters. LOL.

There was a book that became a movie with an all star cast, it even had Fred Astaire. It is about the "end of the world". It was called "On the Beach". The story is that there was a tremedous nuclear war between Russia and the US and the whole northern hemisphere is now irradiated and everyone dies. The radiation moves south and eventually gets to Australia and kills them all. The story is about some people in Australia and how they cope with the impending end.

That is what I want to talk about. Firstly, I don't think the world will end or that the west coast will be radiated and us all die. I don't see that happening. I do understand the science; but, I don't believe it will occur. Best part is, if I am wrong you won't be able to call me on it because I will be dead, I aint leaving. I certainly am not moving to Australia, lmao.

I do like the hypothetical and want to dance with it for a second. If you believed a nuclear cloud was coming to where you live, you couldn't get out and just had to wait, how would you spend your time? Life can be like that, it could be cancer, it could be anything.

I used to ask this question. If your doctor told you that you only had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend that last day. The answer will tell you a lot about your beliefs and priorities. The second question I used to ask is "There is this deserted island, it has normal fresh water, regular pacific fruits, vegtables and domesticated, tame, wild boar that were easy to kill and plenty of good fish. You are stranded there and can absolutely never leave; but, you get to bring five things and one person. What five things would you bring and who would the person be?

I would bring, the bible, a flint kit for making fire, a large skillet pan, rope and nice sleeping bags. I will not say who the person I would bring is. If I only had 24 hours left, I would spend it with friends and family and have a nice meal, laugh and listen to music.

If the nuclear reactors in Japan explode and a radiation cloud is coming her that is going to kill me, I am going to buy wine and cigarettes, I am going to call my daughters to come on down and chill (only need ten days of food). I would probably read some Jane Austim, I would definately listen to music and I would thank God for having given me a life worth living. I would thank him for letting me be me and testing me to the point where I can say I made my choices. I have made mistakes in the past; but, I like my choices now. I also believe I can make even better ones in the future; but, I like how I have stuck by my choices and based them on what was best for all.

Never make a bucket list (the things you want to do before you die), live a life of decisions, chose your poison. Be you and be the best you that you can be, the one that is true to your intent, not the one responsive to your urges, one of self determination. That is the best, then, you don't need any bucket list.

You only live once (at least on this earth) so live it as you. The book of John starts, In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. This is fascinating stuff. In the beginning was the word. What does that mean? It is a very tricky comment that is usually left ignored. What was the word that made all the difference, we know that answer "I am". His name, the name that people were not allowed to speak or know. He said it meant "I am".

This is a really cool puzzle. Existance, sentience starts with the recognition that we are self determined beings, that WE are. Words are very important in the bible. Consider the story of the tower of Babel, their languages are confused. Back to my point, the "word" was "I am", self recognition; but, lets look at the next statement. And the word was with God. What does that mean, we are told that Jesus was the word; but, there could be other explanations.

What if the "word" was Jesus, what would that mean? It would mean that self determination was Jesus. That being an independent, self aware being was being like Jesus. Interesting stuff. Then it says that "the word" was with God. That is really tricky, the word is God and was with God, how does that work?

Here is a possible answer. If self awareness and self determination are what the "word" describes than by being ourselves we can be a part of God and with God at the same time. That is mental gymnastics without a lie. What if to know God was to be yourself, what if that was his great plan? What if we chose who we were and that is what allows us to be us for eternity? If that were true than every choice you made would be defining your eternal being. That is a little heavy isn't it?

Anyone dumb enough to read my stupid ramblings had better expect this sort of post from me. This blog is free to examine anything and everything. Boundaries are defined, not imposed. Which boundaries we chose, define us. That is also very heavy. Do you chose boundaries that hold no risk, that do not risk true love? You can only go as far as you allow yourself to make mistakes. You should however measure the risk to reward ratio. Not just the risk to you, the risk to those you might impact also.

It is Saturday night, I am resting at my computer and listening to music and writing and wondering so many things that I do not write. It is peaceful and quiet in my moment, I hope it is in yours. Every moment we are alive we define ourselves, we impact others and decide our fates. Decide yours and be you. Be well.

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