Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan's Nuclear Power Plants Damage

I deeply regret to report that one of Japan's nuclear power plants appears to be getting ready to melt down. With radiation levels 1,000 times normal, I question if peole can survive even tryingt to shut it down. That is what happened in Russia; but, people did go in knowing they would die. I would expect that the Japanese have people who would risk their lives to do the same and I pray for them.

It has been reported that two other power plants in Japan are also crippled; but, less has been reported on them. I cannot comprehend what three Chernobyl events in one country, at one time will be like, if it were to happen. Let us pray that it does not. For the Japanese the images they are seeing look like a bad Godzilla movie; but, it is not a movie.

The official claim of 1,000 dead is just the verified, the real number is going to be much, much higher. One report said that 88,000 people were missing; but, nothing is reliable. This event has alos apparently made the earth spin slightly faster. Peace be with you.

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