Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pimpernel is Working Things Out in His Head

As much as I enjoy reading about Zombie fungus, two suns, illegal anti-union laws, dead fish, corruption and general silliness. I have something else on my mind tonight, pieces coming together. And I say it is about darn time. Peek a Boo is a fun game and all but eventually people must show themselves.

Well, over the past two weeks or so a pattern is emerging, I like patterns. I believe a ball is being put in play as it is now time for more changes. I think I shall be coy and wait to be properly courted. I am still a young, shy and bashful thing after all. Yes, the Pimpernel is being oblique or is it obtuse, either works.

Maybe I should talk about love. What the heck is love and how do you know that you do in fact love? We each see colors and hear sounds slightly differently. Each of us experiences the world just a bit differently, you may get colder than I do, you may feel more or less pain, how would we be able to compare what is love for us?

The only complete love is the love we would feel with God. Well, if we haven't been with him we have no way of gauging what love feels like, we have no benchmark. If you have never truly loved then the most you ever felt towards another person is the best idea you have of what love is. You cannot know who you loved the most until the end. Only Adam and Eve new better.

It says to love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. Do you know what that really means? Do you think you are perfect? Are you absolutely in love with yourself 24 hours a day or do you feel down sometimes. The more we lie to ourselves the bigger the swings. So how much do we love ourselves and how much should we, if, we are to love our neighbor as ourselves? This is where it gets tricky, the first answer is that we should love ourselves completely and ignore our shortcomings; but, that means to lie to ourselves. That isn't love. It means that we should love the truth in ourselves, our self definition. The more we can accept another, the more we can love. God accepts us completely, he created us and knew our range, he didn't create anyone to be hated by him, only to grow as much as we chose within our boundaries.

What a post, huh, I mean I am all over the map tonight and didn't even have a place to begin. Heck kids, they can't all be winners. LOL. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend, believe in odd, believe in anomalies, believe in the incongruent.

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