Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short Post on Todays News

Everything is fine in the world, the things I discuss are just anomalies. Really, how about millions of dead fish in Los Angeles, read the article and look at the pictures, tell me this is normal. I don't know what is causing all the strange animal deaths and attacks; but, it is NOT normal and if you tell yourself it is then you are just lying to yourself, good luck with that, it is not going to stop and it is not global warming.

As for my comments regarding the sheep taking over because the corruption is no longer sustainable, here is a nice article from England. Guess what, sheep cannot manage anything and when they take over, things only get worse and it is pretty bad already. Sheep don't have answers. You have to earn freedom by being righteous yourself rather than greedy.

You want to read about who believes in the "New World Order", how about Iran.

Oh, my take on Charlie Sheen's continued presence in the media. It is a message to not be such a douche bag. I can admire a no quit attitude; but, not when it is just about you, that is a selfish scumbag attitude. Life is not about you winning, it is about US winning and he only cares about himself. What if the a-hole was actually committed to helping others rather than getting all he can get for himself, same question to everyone else on the planet.

Just reading the news today, have fun.

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