Sunday, March 6, 2011


I was getting better at posting, I have had nothing but phone calls tonight and don't have a thought in my head. I could talk about Charlie Sheen and his moral compass, lets do that. What do you think of Charlie Sheen, what is his life choice.

He was born to a famous actor, became an actor and made lots of money. He used the money to have it "all", sex, drugs, rock and roll, travel, blah, blah, blah. As he publishes his promotion of "winning", having it all, does anyone remember the movie "Wall Street" where the person he ends up fighting against, the one that said, "Greed is good". I guess in real life, Charlie agrees with him. He is the opposite of the good guy he thinks he is and portrayed in the movie, that is the lie of a lifetime.

Charlie's message is "win", get what you want, have it all, nothing matters but you, you are the greatest, you are a rock star, you matter more than anyone else (everyone else is a "troll"). The man has no moral compass whatsoever, it is all about him and people are supporting him because they feel the same way.

There is a part of the bible I never understood until just now. In Revelations it says that Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years and that some will revolt along with Satan. I wondered how, if living under Jesus' rule, people could possibly revolt, when life is fair. The answer is that many of us do not want fair, we want more and don't care about how it impacts others, that is the mother of all lies.

The concept of deserving, is the lie, it is the concept that you deserve more than someone else and the world is built upon it. Nobody wants what they deserve, you are not perfect so you deserve less than perfection. Try that one on. Charlie Sheen believes that because he made others money that he should be allowed to do anything he wants. Kids, I made more money for others than he did and I don't feel that way. He has not made over $2 billion for others, check the costs for what he made, $2 billion is not profit, mine was.

What is more important, to do the right thing for the right reason or to achieve whatever you believe winning is? What do you want to be, the person who "wins" or the person who gets nothing except to know that they did the right thing? That is just about the last question I have for this blog. It is pretty close. Be well.

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