Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Morality Question

In the video to the post about Elsabeth Sladen she talks about morality, she talks about pain and difficulties helping to define us, she talks about this challenge we call life. These are good questions.

Today the ex-governor (Arnold Schwarzenegger) talked about his parole of a murderer. The murderer was the son of another politician who was a friend of his. He said, "Well, hello! I mean, of course you help a friend," That is what he said and many people were angered by it, I was.

Now let me tell you what I believe is the reason this world is failing, because most people would have done the same in his position. That is the depth of corruption we have become. If you were governor and your child killed someone and went to jail and you could get him out, would you? I wouldn't. You were not given that authority to use it for your own benefit.

We live in a world where people promote their friends or people who they owe favors to, that is how government and business work anymore and that is why it is all failing. If you cannot keep it business then you should not have such authority. Arnold was a body builder who became an actor and then we elected him governor because he looked tough. What morons voted for him in the first place? Did he show that he had charachter, NO. He showed that he was guilty of sexual harrasment on his sets (came out during the election). He admitted to steroid use and he liked to party. Charlie Sheen of action heroes and we rewarded him by making him governor. A popularity contest, you get the most popular rather than the best.

Now, lets change the situation. Lets say you own a company and your kid isn't bright, would you make him Vice President or hire someone better for the job? That is why business is failing. Would you use your power and position to help family and friends, if so then you are part of the problem, moral corruption.

My father could have helped me in my career and I wouldn't let him, couldn't do that. I was very qualified, would have been great, in fact I did go into the carreer that I planned in an organization that would not have even known who he was. That is not quite true, they didn't know who I was or that I was his son. LMAO. My father's organization knows who I am, mine doesn't know them, I do.

I do hope that my father's friends are proud of me and what I have done, I hope at me and see him and see that I carried on the tradition in my own way and made my own way.

On a side note, here is a video of another person who died this year. His name was Gerry Rafferty, I hope you watch the video. Doesn't he look like John Lennon and Randy Newman had a son together?

Sleep, a little death, a temporary reprieve from this life, a time to rest and fight again. A chance to choose to be better or more selfish and a challenge to prove what is one's heart. Let us face these challenges with honor, integrity and courage. Fight the big battles and the little ones; but, temper your response to the threat level. Be well.

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