Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Is The Meaning Of Easter?

I don't mean our lousy traditions, I mean of what are supposed to be celebrating? Some would say our salvation because our Saviour died for our sins. I don't celbrate that and only figured that out now. I celebrate his return to heaven. I spent the weekend in Vegas and played in a poker tournament, I had me some fun.

For Easter, we should celebrate that a friend got out of this place and got to go and be with God and be loved rather than get nailed to a cross. That is a good thing to celebrate. I don't celebrate his dying for me, I regret it was necessary. That is my view anyways.

I had a nice weekend. I had a few ladies flirt with me (I have witnesses so shut up)played poker and did great, final table baby. First live tournament in two years, felt great and I was complimented on my play more than once. I know it is just a game and see it as such; but, it is nice to know that we are good at things, that we have some say in the outcome, that we have a chance. Jesus gave us that. That was a gift, I am greatful he got out of this place and gets to be in a better one, we all can someday. Patience is required, no shortcuts.

There was a movie called "doing time on planet earth". What if, life was like that? What if we all had to experience hell and the degree to which we did, we would have heaven? Trippy question? What if, in "The End (A song by the Beatles on Abbey Road), what if,"And in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give". What if that were true, does it get better or worse for you? Have a great week.


Robbie said...

Easter is my favorite religious holiday, far surpassing Christmas. Christ died for our sins, yes, but in his rising, there is hope.

Take a stretch with me, won't you? We are beaten down time and again in this life, sometimes brutally, and sometimes, it can get so bad that we feel a little death. Our loved ones, our dreams, our spirits.

And yet, there is hope. Always hope, and with God's help and mercy, we rise again, up and out of our tombs.

I haven't made it to heaven yet, but every year when Easter rolls around, I think about hope, and blessings, and the pure grace that lifts me up. He is risen, and so am I.

I don't know, does that sound blasphemous?

Robbie said...

I like that Beatles song. I don't know that I've received as much love as I feel I've given; probably not. I do know, though, that if I stopped giving at this point, I would likely stop receiving altogether.

And if, dear man, what we suffer on earth is meted out in reverse in heaven, my rewards are going to be as big as any poker pot! Guess I'll have to wait and see and in the meantime, give my thanks for even the roughest of times down here on terra firma because the lessons I've learned could not have come to me any other way.


Pimpernel said...

Sometimes I ponder for awhile. I noticed today that this particular post was one of the most viewed. I appreciate that dear Robbie chose to comment on it.

There is always hope. I do not know what heaven holds for us and I am not sure I would want to know at this point in my life. I don't want to cheat the experience or the surprise ending.

As for how much love you receive, I love you everyday even if we don't get a chance to be together and I am pretty sure that others love you, how could they not?

Try listening to the song from the link above, a little George Harrison. And no, you did not sound blasphemous. I think God knows how hard this place is; but, it does let us grow to be ourselves and that will allow us to interact with him, not as equals perhaps; but, as ourselves, who we have chosen to be and not merely creations, as individuals. I like that.