Friday, May 13, 2011

Russians and Bunkers

A number of Russian millionaires are buying underground bunkers to survive what they perceive to be a coming apocalypse. The Russian bunkers. I find it interesting that atheists are believing in a coming awakening and the apocalypse; but, still reject the idea of God.

There is a lot of bunker construction going on around the world, I have mentioned this before. During the 50s and 60s people built them out of fear of a nuclear war, heck, my mother wanted to build a communal one for the people on our block (Cuban missile crisis). I am not afraid of the apocalypse and have told others not to be. Everybody dies, doesn't matter if it is a million or one, it is always individual and we all die.

So, I just watched this "Conspiracy Theory" show with Jesse Ventura on YouTube. He talks about 2012 and the possibility of solar activity wiping out the earth. He states that there are underground bunkers being built and that you and I don't get in, only the "elite". Lets consider this. If you were the President and you believed that the world was going to go through a trememendous solar flair and that most would die, what would you do, who would you pick to save? Would you pick the "elite", that answer would not work and you would not get support for it by the people that needed to build the facilities. So how would you choose who survived?

If you could only save 1,000,000 people, how would you choose who survived? Would you pick the best and brighters, the most physically fit, the most beautiful, the richest? You would pick a diverse crowd, you would pick across all races, intelligence, healthy and hopefully keep some pretty ones. Now, would you want to be chosen? Would you want to be one of the ones living in a cave for years? Not me.

What would you do in the meantime? Hmmm, I think that because they would not know for sure how bad it is going to get that you would let people know something was up in dribbles, survival of the fittest thinking. You would also let people party; but, keep things going on the same as if there wasn't such a threat. If there is such a threat then you don't want to panic people when there is nothing that can be done about it.

Personally, I don't think I would want to live like that and I am surely not afraid of dying. I definately would not like to live in a world with only others like myself, I like me; but, I prefer to be around those who are differant. How would you keep people occupied down there, a virtual reality for them to ride out the storm. That sounds to much like the alegory of the cave, can't live that way.

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