Friday, November 18, 2011

Something Lighter

I have posted quite a bit about government and politics lately. I would like to post something not related. As I had mentioned previously, my childhood sweetheart died. It really got me thinking. My ex-wife asked for the divorce four years ago and it has been finalized for over a year and a half. I dated a handful of women for a bit and then stopped dating at all. Instead I used that time to unburden myself of my house and most of my possessions and move.

Anyways, after the death of my childhood sweetheart (and we have not spoken in over 30 years), it got me thinking. I think my life is my own again, I am settled and what has happened is over. I have a feel for which direction I am heading and believe that now I can tell a woman what I intend to do with the rest of my life, more or less (we have to leave room for adjustments and learning).

So, I think I might be willing to date again. Now the question is how do I go about doing this? I mean do I actively pursue finding someone or wait till they find me? Do I date anyone who says yes if I ask them? How do I decide who to ask? What am I looking for in a partner? I think these are all questions that I have to answer before embarking on a change in my life and the truth is that I am still enjoying my relative solitude. I feel I have had chains on me all my life and only now do I feel free.

There has been some time that has passed since I wrote the last paragraph. Hey, I got 9 days off and I haven't in a long time. I am in no hurry, I can write all night. I have made a decision, I will consider dating after Valentines Day has begun. Perhaps, I shall meet a woman on Valentine's Day who is in the same predicament. Tomorrow I go to a wake for a friend who has passed on. It is important to let his family know the lives that he has touched and he touched mine.

For my part, I can still touch more lives including that of a lady who wishes to have me touch her life, even if we don't know it yet. That is how life is, so many opportunities to find relationship and the real requirement is that we know ourselves and that they know themselves.

I think that if I start dating again, I will give the lady my blog address and let them read and understand me before going further. I think that this blog gives people a pretty good idea of what I believe and who I am. More than meeting me, it shows how I think. I think any woman who chose to date me should be forewarned about what kind of psychotic I am. LOL.

I ask people if they know what the number one thing is that I look for in a woman is and then I tell them that it is poor eyesight. Thankfully, the Lord has given poor eyesight to many so I have a chance. But, a chance for what? What should I look for in a woman and how will I know if I have found it? Tough questions, questions that everyone should ask themselves before engaging in such an endeavor. At a minimum, they should like a writer.

So dear readers, what sort of crazy lady would be able to handle and appreciate dating a man such as me? ROFL. Perhaps we shall find out next year. In the meantime, time for myself to figure me out and appreciate my intent for my life and allow another to appreciate their intent for their life.

My dear readers, wish me luck and wish any woman dumb enough to date me grace and good fortune. How did I get here? Pretty simple, I lost my wife and the love of my life (my childhood sweetheart). My ex said she hoped that I would find someone else (for all the wrong reasons) and my childhood sweetheart let me go decades ago for all the right reasons. I am free and do want companionship; but, picking the right companion matters.

Perhaps we should have a survey on what type of person I should be with and should be with me; but, that is not going to happen. We all have to find out for ourselves and I wish you all good luck on your journey. See, no politics and I could have turned this into a political discussion. Be well.

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