Friday, December 9, 2011

The Mayor and a Letter

There is a letter circulating from Mayor Villaraigosa regarding the recent payment of $1.2 million to the ex-head of the Housing Authority. On Tuesday the L.A. Times reported that the Mayor said that he was unaware of the payment. While I may have personal doubts about that, the letter that people are now saying proves the Mayor lied was written yesterday. Now, obviously he knew about it by Thursday; therefore, the letter does not prove the Mayor knew in advance nor what he may or may not have known.

There is a blogger that I usually like named Ron Kaye and I recommend people read his writings; however, in this case I think he went to far in calling the Mayor a liar without more proof then he offered. Mr. Kaye was an editor of the L.A. Daily News and his words could certainly influence other people's opinions; therefore, I think a little more restraint is needed.

I want to talk for a minute about writing on the internet. Those who read my ramblings know a couple of things. Firstly, I attribute my sources and give links to the original articles. I do that so that people can make a decision for themselves. Secondly, I do not claim to be a reporter (and recently an internet blogger was sued and lost when she libeled someone without proof), I write my "opinions" and discuss my take on things.

The internet is a wonderful place to express ideas and exchange information; but, there is also a need to take some responsibility and give other people their due respect. I don't like the President and I didn't like the last two presidents; but, if you read my posts where I mention him I refer to him as either the President or Mr. Obama or President Obama. I do that because he deserves to be treated as such even by a lowly blogger like me.

When I was going through my divorce and afterwards I was very angry with my ex-wife; but, I have never given her name or my name on this blog. I haven't done it because it would be wrong. The readers either know me in person and what occurred or they have no idea of who she and I are. When I hear about people creating websites or posting on their blog about their ex and giving their name or address or other personal information I am in complete disagreement with them.

If blogs and twitter and facebook are going to continue being meaningful, people need to restrain themselves from using street talk insults and making accusations without firm facts to back them up. In my discussions about the pension problems I have made sure that numerous sources were quoted and have questioned many people's actions; but, I differentiate between proven allegations and speculation. Just because I believe someone is a crook does not mean that I should say that they are.


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