Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Must See Video

It is hard to describe a near death experience. Some people don't believe they are real; but, the evidence says that they are. The people who have had them never really care if anyone believes them and will usually say that it was more real than this life. Many atheists don't want to believe in near death experiences; but, they have them too.

What if tomorrow you had a near death experience? What if you fell, hit your head and died for a few minutes. During that time you find yourself having an out of body experience followed by a quick trip through a tunnel to a world of light and warmth and complete acceptance and love? Then you came back. The most common thing in the world for people who have had a near death experience is to be mad that they had to come back.

So you have your near death experience and come back to this world, then what? What do you do after? You can tell people; but, they either wont believe you or think you were delusional from what happened to you. I think most just keep it to themselves or tell very few. But it changes your life, it gives you a firm knowledge that others simply don't have and you stop worrying about dying because you know that you do not die, you just die to this life.

My doctors have told me many times that I should be dead and I should; but, I am not. My blood is more like oil than blood. My triglycerides are at just shy of 1,000, lol. My mother's were the same, genetics. The AMA says that healthy is 100, I have an extra zero on mine. Ten times good is not considered good, it is considered deadly. Now, that is not all, I have more red blood cells than normal people, a lot more. My doctor told me I was like someone who lived in the mountains of Peru. This all adds to my blood pressure being so high that when they take it, I get to go to the hospital and yet, I look good. The casual reader of this blog should know that there are people who know me that read this blog and they know that what I said is true.

On any given day at any given time, I could have a heart attack or stroke or so my doctors have told me. It will never get any better and eventually something will kill me; but, I know that it can be any second of any day. I had a relative in a similar situation, his blood was attacking his veins and he would have heart attacks and strokes, sometimes multiples in the same day. They gave him 6 months, he lasted a few years. He watched movies and cataloged things, he liked lists. He drank his beer and smoked his cigarettes. He lived his life as best as he could.

I got pretty stressed out during my divorce. My health did not improve, it got worse; but, it has gotten better over the last two years. At least I feel better. The pills they gave me were beginning to kill me so I stopped taking them three years ago. I haven't felt this good in a long time. If anyone thinks that I want their pity or fear death, you are as far the truth as you could be. I am only now beginning to enjoy life and can do so with no fear of death.

I spend my days living my life as if I will be around for awhile. My priorities are the same and I still believe the same things and work towards goals that I believe in. I could have taken a disability retirement, still can; but, I chose to keep working. I am not what I was; but, I think I still have something to offer and so do others. Might as well be of use if you can is my thought. Everyone decides for themselves how they will be of use. I think I am of use because I know what to do at my job and because I can still teach others. I teach business others teach other things. I have a video by a young man who had a near death experience and knew he was going to die and then he died. He left a message and I will let him speak for himself. If we take his word for it, he came back to leave us this message and then return to a better place.

Yahoo News - Sick Teen's Videos Go Viral After Death

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