Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nothing Going on in my Head

Sorry for not posting. I am officially brain dead. I have read the news; but, don't really have much to add to it. Kim June Il died. It means nothing, his son is taking over. Newt Gingrich apparently said that if he were president he would have judges who disagreed with him arrested. Is this guy insane or does he just not care? Who would vote for anyone who said such a thing?

Well, at least the year is almost over though I fear next year will be worse for most people. I recently was told that an old co-worker had moved to Wyoming to avoid what he perceived to be of the world coming apart. He isn't even a Christian as far as I know. I absolutely do not believe the world will end next year. Sorry I don't buy any of what is being pushed.

I look back at this year and say good riddance. Best part of this year was moving to my new apartment. I plan on making some change next year. I plan to pay off the last of the credit cards for one. I also am considering dating again. Personally I like petite women and they will have to be over 40 by a bit. I am very unsure of what type of person I am looking for; but, at a minimum they must be Christian. I think it is important to agree on fundamentals.

I am also thinking about retirement more. I am thinking that when I retire I might just disappear for a year or so. Just wander off and spend some time alone. I am just rambling, I have no idea what I am going to do and I don't know that it matters.

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