Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too Many Things Going On at Once Today

I had to deal with the insurance company that the person who hit my car uses. They were really good about it; but, many calls and now I have to take my car to an adjuster, body shop and whatever else. Then I had a meeting and way too many calls from too many people. After that two hours working on church business. It was all good and it was all too much. Truth is I haven't had a chance to really read the news.

A few days ago I saw the following on YouTube - Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters

It was a kind of sweet and playful protest making fun of the restrictions placed on protesters in Australia. Then I saw this today.

Occupy Melbourne Protestor violently stripped by MCC & Vic Police

When they first saw the tents being worn as clothes the police were confused and left. When they came back they took the tents off the people leaving them in just their underwear. What do you think of that? What do you think of the fact that protesters in the west are treated little better than those in Arabia? Does it make you feel proud to live in a democracy? For those who like to justify everything done by people in uniforms, if it was illegal to be in a tent and that was determined to be a tent then they should have arrested her wearing the tent, not stripped her and leave her there naked. They didn't know what to do, the cops did not have a clue as to what was the RIGHT thing to do because they stopped thinking as humans.

I don't believe in direct democracy, I believe in representative democracy that has the proper structure and not allowing the rich to have more influence on government than anyone else. I do believe we should have a system that has people in authority, it is needed in every organization; but, the people directing the use of authority and exercising it must understand right from wrong.

How did we get to a place where the Constitution is meaningless and the people we hire to protect us, instead prevent us from exercising our rights? When you saw the second video, did you take into consideration what the Occupy movement is protesting in deciding if what the cops did war right? You shouldn't, it is not about that. I would no more condone the public stripping of a Tea Partier, Republican, Democrat or Occupier. What does it matter what they are protesting, is it okay to abuse some more than others based on what they are protesting?

I spoke to an older woman today. A friend of mine introduced while we were waiting to have our church meeting. He reads this blog and he will know that I am talking about him. A very nice man and loves the Lord, he is also a big supporter of my writing and I appreciate that. Anyways, this lady was very sharp. She had learned the language of politicians and the media, she had worked for someone who understood the theater that is put before us in order to achieve a result.

She and I had never spoke before and she had never read my blog, she had no idea who or what I was. She said that she thought that what was going on in the economy was staged in order to make a worldwide economic order. She had worked for someone who was involved with legislators and knew the game, she didn't know how it was done, what she understood was that everything big is staged, especially in politics and the economy.

We get older and we don't have the energy to read 80 news sources a day anymore. We get to a point where we have seen so much that everything filters automatically and is understood in it's own language. It is a language of theater and that is how the masses are led. It was not designed to lead people, it was designed to explain what was going on and why. Diplomacy was meant to find consensus not lead the discussion, it was meant to explain and not to manipulate because at that point it becomes undemocratic.

My dear friend that used to work for me and has gone on to prove that he has no competition, I taught him how to understand the conversation. I take this blog seriously because it is my hope that others learn to read the signs. This blog was never intended to last long, I have killed the first two iterations of it and have said that I will not do so again. I originally did that because I discovered that people were interested in what happened to the good Pastor Daniels and many came here to read what I wrote about her. While that is a sufficient reason to keep the blog up, it is not a reason to keep writing about other things. I will keep writing as long as people are reading because maybe others will learn to see what I see.

I should say that they don't have to agree with my opinions or conclusions, just look at the world and what you are told in a bigger way. That is why I keep writing and reading. A lonely voice in the wilderness calling out to but a few. There are relatively few that read this blog regularly, no millions of hits a day and it was never intended to be such a thing. Just like me, it was supposed to have a shelf life. Somehow this nasty bit of writing has become more, at least for a few and that is enough.

I will throw something out there. The Iranians "captured" a US drone and they didn't shoot it down. They claim that they had over-ridden it. I have a problem with that. They also claim that they are going to back engineer and mass produce them. I have a problem with that also. It is a story, the Iranians might believe it; but, I know better, it doesn't fit. That drone would have a dead man switch and destroyed itself first. In addition, I don't see that the Iranians could have taken command of the drone when the Iraqi's did not do so when we flew them over Iraq.

It is possible that I am wrong; however, when you read the news you should stop and ask if what you are being told makes sense and not just accept it. Lost my train of thought. Peace.

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