Monday, January 9, 2012

A Coming Carbon Currency?

I came across this article regarding a move towards a universal "carbon currency". Originally I found someone who mentioned it on Above Top Secret, a conspiracy website, so I decided to look it up myself.

Canadian Free Press - Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?

The article puts forth the proposition that the smart meters and green technology are designed around the idea of basing the value of everything on the amount of energy used. As I have previously posted there are those who want to peg all of the world currencies to a formula that looks at natural resources of a country, this is a variation on that theme.

The second thing to consider is the issue of a Value Added Tax or VAT, this is where a product is given a very small tax as it is modified and moved down the supply chain. Each step in production can be taxed based on how much energy has gone into the production of the item as it occurs. As I posted not too long ago there is already a movement in place to charge a tax on every exchange of currencies that would go to the United Nations and be used for their climate change program.

These issues are very important and are getting very little mainstream discussion. Lets just say that congress enacts a VAT and that individuals are given carbon limits on usage, what would that look like on a day to day basis. Well, firstly people would do everything they could to increase their allotment including stealing electricity from neighbors. There would be a call for more identity theft protection.

A little story, I was visiting relatives recently and I went into a store to buy some stuff. As I was leaving the store my phone rang and my debit card company wanted to verify my purchase. I had only completed the purchase literally less than a minute earlier. I found it a little creepy, I mean I had not spent that much and there was nothing unusual about the purchase. This goes to the level to which we are now monitored and it is a lot. What did I buy, I bought cigarettes and I do it all the time.

Now lets consider how this might look if you have a smart meter and are limited in the amount of energy you can use. You are at work and your kid turns on the television and you get a call asking if you authorized it, you are given the choice of turning off the television. You call your kid, tell him to go back to the books and shut off the television to save on electricity. Think that sounds crazy, people already review their kids text messages before allowing them to be sent.

The issues that we should be discussing in this election period are not being discussed at all. We should be talking about our loss of privacy and the growing control that is being placed on our lives. These issues can seem overwhelming; but, we still need to consider them. Peace.

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Scary indeed Pimpernel...keep the watch on for us.