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FEMA, LAX and Alex Jones

Okay, I have to start by explaining some things. A lot of things are hidden from us, our government has been hijacked by business interests and the government expects something bad to happen this year or fairly soon. I don't like to discuss the last part much because it tends to scare people. Having said all of what I have, I want to link to Alex Jones' website because of a two part video that he has.

I want to talk a bit about Mr. Jones. I am not convinced that he has things correctly and believe he feeds off of hysteria. As anyone who regularly reads this knows, I read a lot of news sources and don't automatically accept the official story. I also don't assume the worst. I am fairly sure that I have not discussed FEMA before or if I did it was in passing. FEMA did a horrible job in New Orleans and the continuity of government executive directives are draconian. That does not mean that I believe what many seem to believe and what Mr. Jones believes. I am not in any way convinced that the government wants to arrest and indefinitely detain all who protest.

There are many videos out there are articles about how people believe the country is being taken over and that we are all going to be made slaves. There are those who fear that the powers that be want to kill 90% of us through famine, war and vaccinations. I am far from convinced. I am convinced that the government believes that we could have massive solar flares that take out the power grid this year or early next. That has been reported by NASA and the physicist Dr. Michio Kaku. I also believe that we will see a collapse of the world currencies.

If either the power grid is destroyed or the currencies collapse or both happen, then a lot of bad consequences occur. One merely needs to pull up my posts on both of these things to see that they are very real possibilities and I provide links to reliable sources. A currency collapse could lead to massive civil unrest and could even lead to people picking up arms. A massive solar flare and loss of the power grid could take years to fix and leave us with famine and all sorts of transportation problems. Personally I think the loss of the power grid concerns me more than a currency collapse.

I know this is a lot of discussion; but, I don't want people to watch the video and think that Mr. Jones' conclusion is correct, I am much more interested in the infrastructure that was photographed and what it might mean. I absolutely do not believe that we are going to become like communist Russia. I think history shows that if our economy breaks down we are much more likely to become fascist; but, I don't see sufficient support for either currently.

Okay, now that I have explained my position, here is the link, just watch the two videos and come back.

Alex Jones - FEMA Camp Rendition Hubs Discovered

If you wish you can go to 11:17 of the first video to see just the LAX infrastructure that was built. Now, I know LAX and that sure looked like holding areas for large amounts of people. I am also aware of the fact that FEMA's job is to make sure that it can take care of large numbers of people and detain them if necessary. Coupled with the NDAA and the Expatriate Act, there would be no need for a judge to agree. I have read the Executive Directives regarding continuity of government and they are Draconian and un-constitutional; but, unlike Mr. Jones, I believe if anyone attempted to kill millions of us or enforce a totalitarian state on us (rather than us choosing one), I believe the military would take over and stop it.

It is true that KBR, a former subsidiary of Halliburton has been funded to erect FEMA centers, it is also true that they and the military are seeking to hire detention specialists. That may be creepy; but, it is FEMA's job to prepare for such things and if I were afraid the power grid might go out or I was afraid of a currency collapse, that is exactly what I would pay them to do, prepare. Hopefully the power grid will not be lost; but, what if it is, how should the government respond?

Let me put it this way, if the power grid goes out you will have no lights, no electricity and the same thing that causes them to go out will mean that your car, phone and internet will not work. How would you get the nation back up after that, it could take five years. Our military would still work because we have been shielding our planes and ships in case of Electro-magnetic pulses because nuclear explosions can cause them.

I do hope this isn't creeping any of my readers out, I was taught to contingency plan and that is what I do and what I expect the people in FEMA and the military to do. Do I believe that the economic collapse was intentional, yes, it was done out of greed. Do I believe the people in power look down on us, yes; but, not all. Would some like to see population reductions, yes, they openly say so and give their reasons; but, they are also specific about the methods they believe in it. I disagree; but, that doesn't mean that I think they are all sociopaths, just narcissists.

While what Mr. Jones and Mr. David Icke discuss to a degree, these laws are in place and so is the infrastructure, their assumptions for the reasons behind these things may be very misplaced. Hey if I am wrong I would probably be one of the first to be taken in, I already know I am on a watch list of some sort, I knew that because the FBI denied I was in any files and that is ridiculous seeing as how most of my family has a FBI file (because of security clearances) and I was offered a commission in the military. You don't get offered a commission if your background hasn't been checked, it just didn't work that way. I assume it still doesn't.

My concern over the recent laws like the NDAA is not that someone is planning to use them now, it is that they could be used improperly in the future if we did vote for a totalitarian leader.

So, lets say that the power grid goes down, how would we best handle the situation? Well, I would remove our leaders and planners and put them together in a safe place, traditionally the plan has been to put them in underground bunkers (cold war standard plan for nuclear war). Last year Americans bought more guns than in our history, that is a bad sign. If the government told them that they know the power grid is going to go out year, what would you expect people to do? I think that some would prepare to take what they wanted when preparing to rebuild would in fact be the best choice.

You may ask why what I think is being prepared for is more likely than what Mr. Jones or Mr. Icke think is going on and it is a fair question. There are way too many old cold warriors and current and retired intelligence officers to pull off a government takeover without being discovered and reported. While I long ago decided I did not wish to be involved in such work, I also knew some of these people and believe me, you don't want to mess with them. There is an old poem that says, "And the gobblegins will get you if you don't watch out".

There was a movie called "Deep Impact" about a meteor hitting the earth and killing untold numbers. In the movie certain people were identified to be protected and taken into underground bunkers so that we would have a continuity of humanity. That is standard planning for overwhelming events. Who would you want to survive one of these catastrophes, you would want the people who had the skills, knowledge, abilities and experience to rebuild correctly and quickly. Why, because that makes the most sense from a societal standpoint.

Now here is another question, what about all these people buying guns and preparing for the end of the world, what would you expect them to do if the power grid went down? They bought the guns for a reason. Does this all sound rather scary, well it should and it could be, that is what we pay people to make contingency plans for; but, it doesn't mean it is going to happen. The currency collapse will happen; but, Germany and Mexico and other countries have survived hyperinflation without losing all control, they continued. The solar flares, while a very real possibility, may miss us.

You might wonder what my emergency preparedness plan is, mine is to trust in God and make sure that I have food for my dog. My emergency plan for an earthquake is a credit card and a trip to Vegas. Preparations for something are being made, that is easy enough to see. Animals are dying off in strange ways, odd noises in the air and increased solar flare activity is occurring. Volcanoes and earthquakes are happening more frequently, pretty scary stuff. One meteorologist made a video saying that she believed that it was all due to the diminished magnetic field around the earth and the increased solar activity. If she is correct than a major flare could cause major earthquakes and eruptions.

So, why did I finally choose to write this post. Well, I don't want people getting agitated about what is going on and coming to the wrong conclusions. I want people to support the Constitution regardless of any threats we may face and I want to see the government be responsive to the people. I also want to see the people with power have to follow the same rules as the rest of us and they don't; but, I also believe in restraint and faith.

Personally, I am very much a Christian and don't believe the world will end this year. I don't know the time and the day; but, I do believe we know what will happen first and it hasn't happened. If I wasn't a Christian, I still wouldn't believe that the world will end this year. Having said that, I do believe this year will be very challenging for many and I also believe that we will survive it. Peace.

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