Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Medicine and Enslavement

A couple of years ago the Federal government began requiring doctors and hospitals to make electronic copies of all medical records. Supposedly this was to help people bring their records with them wherever they might go. Since then we have had the federal government institute laws for "health care reform", many call this new healthcare law "Obamacare" which isn't truly accurate. Well, calling it reform isn't really accurate either. Whenever they take away something from the average person they tend to call it reform Pension reform means you get paid less when you retire.

Anyways, now that all of your health information is electronic we can do amazing things. As healthcare costs begin to fall on the federal government there will be an increasing concern over those who don't do preventative actions to stay healthy. If you choose to be obese or smoke there will no doubt be a higher charge to you for your healthcare or a reduction in the care that you get. Now here is where it gets truly invasive and your privacy goes away.

Huffington Post UK - New 'Smart' Pill With Edible Microchip Monitors Patients' Medication

According to the article they will be able to give you a pill that monitors your taking of your medicines, your sleep, your eating habits. Three years ago I stopped taking all the pills that the doctors had placed me on. I have also refused to go and see my doctors anymore. Nice enough people; but, the pills were killing me and I had enough of them.

So, what happens if you refuse to take the pill. You will probably be denied healthcare. Here is an article from "Before it is News" - The Digitization of Health Information: Why Primary Care Is At A Moneyball Moment

Think it sounds crazy. Guess what, as I was writing this I paused by Yahoo news and found this article. Yahoo News - The Atlantic - 5% of Americans Made Up 50% of U.S. Healthcare Spending

I like how the article ends talking about how the real challenge is bringing down healthcare costs. Perhaps we will all get a predesignated amount of healthcare for our lifetime and it will be up to us to save it for when we are older. We shall see.

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