Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More on the Internet Identification

I am going to post a link to a video, it is a news report about the President's proposal to have internet id's.

YouTube - CBS - Online I.D.

I want you all to remember that I have been sick; but, I always make an effort to keep you up to date on the big stories that you may have missed and how they fit in with other agendas. Watch the video and listen to how the privacy issues are minimized. Listen to how the story is the same as the print story that I linked to earlier. All the mass media says the same garbage and downplays what they don't like in the same manner, they speak with one voice.

I love how the expert says how "This is what China requires" and how it doesn't need to be that way here. The last line from the interviewer is classic, "I guess the Devil is in the details". Do you still listen to television news, if you do then you should probably listen to it less. It is complete and utter garbage and propaganda. Peace.

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