Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rigged Markets and Nobody Cares

Yahoo - Reuters - U.S. SEC chair to Congress: 'The markets are not rigged'. Beautiful, the head of the organization responsible for tracking Wall Street traders refuses to accept that they are breaking the law or look for financial crimes.

Yahoo - Wall Street Journal - Chuck Jaffe: The Market Is Rigged. So What?. Basically, the Wall Street Journal is arguing that high speed traders are stealing from everyone; but, it is only a small amount. The reality is that the market is rigged and they don't want to change.

Los Angeles Times - Immigrant tuition bill slated for a vote in Florida with GOP push
. The Republicans are pushing for legislation in Florida to provide some in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Now, you might think they are looking out for Hispanics; but, the reality is that they are pushing for more immigration from India and China.

Fox News - Taking a Toll: Administration wants to let states charge on interstate highways
. The government is changing it's policy on states charging a toll for using the interstate highways. Well, if you recall, not long ago I pointed out that local streets are now being treated as part of the interstate highway system and it is illegal to charge for using streets as local governments don't actually own them; but, instead have an easement only. And where is all of this headed? Eventually you will pay a fee for every mile you drive each year.

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