Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Some Trends and Thoughts

Yahoo - New CityHome Technology Helps You Work Magic in Small Apartments. The "joy" of living the rest of your life in a 200 square foot prison. Err, I mean apartment. I especially like in the video where they talk about having people over to "entertain" and they do the limbo in the living room. Have fun and watch the video and then ask yourself whether or not this is the future. It is. This is hope in the future, this is the best we can imagine for ourselves.

Look the Pimpernel enjoys a very minimalist lifestyle and after getting divorced was happy to return to it. My first apartment used a cardboard box for a table. I never furnished the bedrooms and slept in the living room. I am pretty much a low maintenance guy, happy to read and write and fairly oblivious to what is around me. I seek a life of minimal drama. Still, when my family all lived together, it was nice to have enough space so everyone could have some privacy when they wanted. Oh, and multiple bathrooms when you live with others is really nice.

Yahoo - New York City Council passes Cooper's Law in push to eliminate traffic deaths. New York is a tough town to drive in and like any other town sometimes pedestrians are harmed by cars. New York wants to eliminate cars and in New York there are lots of taxis. Probably more per person than anywhere else in the world. New York has just passed a new law and this article talks about it. A quote from the article is, "Taxi drivers who kill or seriously injure pedestrians will have their licenses suspended immediately and revoked permanently if they are found to have broken any traffic laws, according to a bill passed on Thursday by the New York City Council."

Business Insider - NSA Intercepts Millions Of Photos For Massive Facial Recognition Database
. Yes, your face and biometrics are going to be tracked and used for authentication. You won't even have to carry around an id card. You won't care because you will be fully aware that they have your biometrics anyways and you will think you might as well take advantage of the advanced security.

The Telegraph - The Euro-elite won the election – not Ukip
. I like aspects of Ron Paul and I like aspects of Nigel Farage (who is much more amusing); but, once we get past the first two issues begin to part ways. Mr. Farage and the UKIP party have caused an "earthquake" in European politics by seeing about 30% of Britain's vote for his party. That they received more votes than any other party was astounding. It is driving people crazy that he did so well. The above article starts with the following statement, "After the euphoria of those 24 seats for Ukip and that “Eurosceptic earthquake” across Europe, we are back to Euro-reality with a bump. Nigel Farage and millions of others may rightly be cheered by the first-ever victory in a British election of a party without a single MP. But, in terms of democracy, just as significant was the fact that Ukip still only won the support of 9 per cent of the total electorate, two thirds of whom did not bother to vote at all." I want you to understand how stupid that statement was by the man that wrote it. He says only 9% of the population voted for UKIP because 2/3rds of the population didn't vote. That implies that the vote was about parties, it was not, it was for people, 2/3rds didn't vote for any parties or people. It is not that they did not vote for UKIP. Imagine saying that we should assume that all non-voters are against just one person because that person won the election. The English and Europeans are in denial because they cannot control Mr. Farage.

Conspiracy Watch - USDA Admits to being behind the Mysterious Slaughter of Millions of Birds and Animals. I am going to try and make two points here. Lets start with the facts, animals have died in mass for about the last 7 years and nobody knows why. Look up mass deaths of animals for yourself. So this self called conspiracy site writes and article about how the USDA has admitted to poisoning certain species and attributes the two to be the same. Here is the first problem, many of the mass die offs were by single species of fish and if you poisoned them, they would not be alone. Secondly, even if you poison birds, they don't all die at the same time while flying as has often been reported. Finally, animals from all of the mass die offs have been examined and poison has not been found to be the cause of death yet. Go back and read the old articles. If one looks for answers they often miss the truth, if one looks for truth they will often find the answers.

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