Saturday, July 19, 2014

Corruption, Something Beautiful and an Attractive Italian Lady - Schumer to Religious Americans: Pick One--Your Faith or Your Business. Mr Schumer basically argues that religious people need to either not incorporate as for profit businesses or accept the laws that apply to them, such as providing insurance that allows people access to contraception. I agree. A lot has been made about this Hobby Lobby case; but, it usually misses the point. Should you be allowed to pay $1.00 an hour and claim it is your religious belief? Maybe you shouldn't have to follow the state safety laws. Don't be too thrilled by the courts decision because it was never really about faith, it was about allowing businesses to ignore the law.

Yahoo - Reddit users fulfill grieving father's touching Photoshop request. A touching story about people helping the family of a child who passed away.

And finally, the Italian woman. I go out for dinner with a married couple on a fairly regular base, at least once a month. I have been tasked with finding new places to try and chose an Italian restaurant. We got to the restaurant and it was nice. In fact, the food was excellent and we all enjoyed ourselves. The waitress was Italian and was probably related to the owners. She was probably in her 40s and had an enchanting laugh. For some reason she took a liking to me and made if fairly obvious, not unpleasant and not inappropriately; but, it was clear that we both saw something in each other. I don't usually assume a woman likes me, they have to be obvious for me to get it.  When we left, she came over and shook my hand, she did not do that for anyone else in the restaurant.

When my friends and I go out like this it is fairly obvious that I am the single one as I never bring another with me. Having said that, I never feel like a third wheel. In fact, we enjoy each others company immensely. It has the feeling of a family outing and we are very open with one another about everything. We have a lot of history. I actually save our dinners for giving them very personal information, updates on my life. And here I was joking with this beautiful Italian lady. She was so charming and warm with a wonderful authentic accent. I think it is the accents that get me. In either case, it made me think again.

I enjoyed having the lady flirt with me, look me in the eyes, smile at me when she came by. I have lived with Italians and have many Italian relatives; but, this woman was born in Italy. She had a presence that I cannot explain, very Italy Italian and very full of life. I like Russian women because of their calm and contemplative nature. I don't like drama. I am trying to describe what this woman was like; but, can't seem to find the words. She was different. She had a playful confidence. She was very expressive and not reserved at all. She lacked guile, it is so hard to explain.

I want my readers to consider the question. What if I both love integrity and calm while feeling a need for emotion and joy? Which would be the best for me to be with, given the choice. Do we not seek out what we lack? Do we not seek to bridge the gaps in our being? I don't know if I can handle that. I don't know if I could handle being with someone with strong emotions and no buffer to their expressions. This post is not about the beautiful and enchanting Italian woman that I met, it is about choices.

I had a nice night. I found out that there were still some women that found me attractive, there are still women my age with bad eyesight and they can still find warmth in their hearts. That feels nice.

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