Wednesday, July 2, 2014

News of changing society to only benefit a few

Politico Magazine - The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats. The author, Nick Hanauer, is a very rich man who worked, legally, to make his money and is concerned that income inequality is getting out of hand. He gives some interesting insight to how the wealthy view the rest of us. His family made their money in manufacturing and then he made his by making smart investments. Rather than trying to trick the 99% into thinking it is okay for them to live lives of extreme poverty, he points out the obvious, that can only last so long. Apparently, one of his wealthy friends saw a poor person with a cell phone and decided there was no income inequality. Jesus said it was harder for a rich man to go to heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Part of the problem is that after awhile they just don't understand that real poverty exists and what is like here.

There is an attack on a broad ranging education. There is an attack on tenure and freedom to teach with a push for standardized teaching and teaching only simple, job related skills. These are two dots that you should connect and understand what it means for your children and grandchildren. Huffington Post - How to Destroy College Education. The article is by the head of a college and is about the importance of giving a broad education. The next article is about the destruction of tenure and security for educators. Truthout - The Big Money Behind California's Tenure Lawsuit.Turns out one of the driving forces behind destroying tenure is also an investor in replacing public schools with contract schools. I wonder if there is a hidden agenda. Now I found the judges decision ludicrous and complete garbage.

I want to go back to income inequality and toss in some bible. The Devil it says accuses us day and night before God. If you think about it you will ask yourself what he accuses us of, the unforgivable sin. It also says that we are to love God with all our heart and our neighbor as ourselves. People are deserving or God would not have created us. Do not hate the rich, some are undeserving of their wealth and some worked well for it and know how to share. Do not hate the poor some do not deserve to be poor and have worked hard not to; but, for a variety of reasons were prevented from attaining success. Daily Ticker - Pimco's Gross: Income inequality a risk to capitalism as we know it. The point of the articles is to show you that the wealthy do know what is coming; but, do not know how to let go or do the right thing. Rather than letting things devolve, we should be explaining exactly what we do want as our lifestyles and we better worry about the poor to or we are just as bad as many of them became.

The Independent - Facebook manipulated users' moods in secret experiment. Sorry it took me so long to post this; but, we had already spoke many times about Google and Facebook and if this is a surprise, you haven't been reading this blog. Yes, Facebook is manipulating the information/news feeds that you get to see if it will affect your mood. They found out that it will. That doesn't change the value of the news feeds that you got. Facebook sought to understand how we are effected by what we read; but, this should not be surprising. The key is to understand that we should focus on the positive, just as the bible tells us. This blog is neither hopeless or morose, merely here to make people aware of certain truths. The most important truth is that God is in charge.

Hope you read and enjoy the links. Never despair and know that God loves you. Bad times are coming; but, people have never avoided bad times. 

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