Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mathmatical Proof For a God.

What is your definition of God? What if it is the greatest intelligence in the universe? Now, we cannot prove that the universe exists, that is the problem in quantum physics. Heck, they can only prove that nothing is solid. They have no accepted answer for why or why everything is connected when it is not in any way connected in a manner we can understand or measure. God is therefore the greatest awareness in the universe. If nothing exists but you, then you are God. If there is a being with a greater knowledge then he is God. Spiritually it is believed that God is the being from which all other awareness came.

Now I will show you why mathematics proves there is a God. There cannot be an absolute zero. It cannot exist as you exist and that disproves an absolute zero philosophical argument. It violates the scientific method as the method could not exist if there wasn't anyone to think of it. It is impossible for there to be an absolute zero. Zero as a concept can only exist if things, sets of things exist. You have ten apples and you give all ten to me, how many apples do you have? The answer is zero; but, the question presupposes that something called an apple exists. It presupposes existence. Let me give you this, how would you represent God mathematically? The answer is one not zero, lol.

Philosophically one must begin with existence as the answer, mathematically this translates to the number one. That is the reason that everything we see at a physical level is different on a quantum level and the reason that mathematicians cannot understand religion. They assume there can be an absolute zero, nothingness. For me to even think this or write this means that there must be a one in all theories, that a one is what is assured.

Let's assume for the moment that we are a dream then someone is still dreaming us, that means there is still a one. To presume that when we die we cease to exist at all is to presume that we never did, that there can be an absolute zero, this is why Einstein said that matter could neither be created or destroyed. He was right, awareness is. All awareness always was because it's existence cannot be destroyed. Awareness wasn't created, it just was and cannot be destroyed, as Einstein said, it can only change form. That explanation is the heart of the scientific method.

If the answer is that there must be a one then shouldn't the questions evolve around what that one is and what it is like? Shouldn't the question be what is the nature of existence and not whether or not it exists? If there can be a concept we call math then there cannot be an absolute zero. How can nothing have a concept and zero is a concept.

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