Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Technology for Pimpernel

I went out and bought a Nintendo WII U. I also got a Netflix account. It took two days to figure out how to use either. LOL. I have an IQ above 155 and I couldn't figure out how to program my tv to take HDMI from the video game. The tv didn't do it automatically because it is 7 years old. After figuring out how to play video games on my tv, I tried to set up my new laptop, it is a hybrid tablet. I have no idea how to use it. It took a day and calling tech support to use the laptop. It took a half day to figure out how to set up and use my new wireless scanner printer (I like it a lot).

It was a lot of technology to learn in a couple of days. The printer alone took an hour of my time just to download the files. I also bought some really nice speakers for my new tablet hybrid. I will try and post some interesting news stories in the next few days.

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