Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Three Posts

I have begun three different posts in the last week, I deleted them. I never actually know what I will post and sometimes I write things that I change my mind about. The last post I wrote was about a young lady that I knew growing up and how I ruined the life of a young undercover police officer. She did not do drugs; but, was headed to the wrong place at the wrong time and I stopped her and sent her to another place and then I toyed with the narcotics officer in public and let everyone know what he really was. I am sorry; but, I think the police have something better to do than hassling kids for smoking cigarettes.

I have always found schools to have a lot in common with jails. It is a place where we train the slaves to accept their slavery. I was horrible in school and caused two teacher to have breakdowns, that I know of, it could have been more. Nope, it was more. One should not play with the autistic, we can be nasty and I was. I was as nasty as they were and a lot more sneaky.

I remember my first day of school. It was kindergarten, my mother walked me there. I remember walking in and sitting down and looking at some kids crying because they had been taken away from home and didn't understand why they were in an institution that felt cold and controlling. It was so that they could be trained to accept the life of a slave and even the bible says we are all slaves. The bible says we are sheep and slaves, I am neither and knew that the rest of them were.

The purpose of school is to indoctrinate and break young minds. Both Einstein and Edison flunked out of school. Some people say that they flunked out because they were bored; but, that is wrong. They knew the answers and chose not to give them, to not be incarcerated for thinking. Most teachers think like guards not like educators. They are there to tell you what you are to believe. When you show them they are wrong, it ruins their precepts and control. When you do it in front of other students they lose their presumed authority. That is what I attacked, they had no authority over me.

If you start to think about school for what it is, a brainwashing academy, you start to understand why the world is not the way you have been told it is. That is what authority fears, that you will understand how institutions, the world system is meant to institutionalize us. Now for a story.

So, there I was in Massachusetts at age 5 to 6. I was in a private school, I think it was private. They used to keep the boys and girls apart on the playground. I didn't understand that. The two female teachers, who appeared caring, would ask us questions; but, they didn't like my answers and I would be made to sit in the hallway for having better questions. We were not supposed to have better questions. I returned to southern California and was treated slightly better. I would finish my tests in minutes while the rest took an hour, I was told to put my head down on my desk when I finished.

One day I met a teacher, she actually cared about teaching us to see the world. She played a game with us. She played the Boston Tea Party game. She told us that we could not turn in tests unless we had earned a stamp tax which we earned by our grades; but, she was smart and sneaky. She was teaching us something more, she was showing us how we are controlled by systems. I think it was 4th grade, it was definitely prior to 6th and after 1st. I want you to really pay attention to this story, think hard.

She told us about the Boston Tea Party and then instituted the same tax on the kids in the class. She told us how they revolted before instituting the tax. That is sneaky with young kids and caring. I had more stamps than anyone else, it was not an issue for me, I didn't have to try or study so I had as many stamps as I would even need. One day after taking a test, I stood in front of the class and tore up my test saying that the stamps were wrong and unfair. She did nothing and neither did anyone else. I had believed that others might stand up and do the same thereby ending the game; but, they didn't, they sat like sheep. I went back to my seat. At recess I caught up with two friends, explained. the game, that she wanted us to revolt and told them that I wanted to rip up all the tests and that I needed them to keep the students from stopping me. When we returned to class I tore up all the tests.

When I tore up all the papers, the others students had differing attitudes. Many were mad at me, some said nothing and a few were glad. I got an A in that class, one of the few teachers who did not penalize me on my report card for lousy study habits (I didn't study because I didn't have to) and a poor attitude. I never knew measuring my abilities included my attitude. My attitude was not good when I was young. I am not sure it has ever been good. I didn't know that it had to be.

Work is a control system, school is a control system, life is a control system. I could have stopped working years ago; but, I didn't want the money I could have had. I have a friend, I offered him the opportunity to make a lot of money. His wife chose to not be free, to not make the money. She was afraid of what lies outside of slavery because it is the only system she understands, the ritual, the assurance that is not really there, the safety and comfort. My reason was slightly different; but, I felt those urges too. I chose to use the system. To infiltrate, use and understand.

People are taught to not see patterns. They are taught to start from a "fact" and build up their beliefs from there. They are taught to not see the world and work down, to ask why things are the way they are. They are taught to be blind and follow what they have been brainwashed to believe as basic truths. We call these first principals; but, the only true first principal is that we experience and therefore exist. That we are real. If sentient beings could not experience the universe then it would not matter if it were real because it would not exist. Existence requires that it be experienced or it has no value or meaning.

The most important question in the universe is why do we exist and experience the universe, life. We are the meaning of the universe, without us the universe has no meaning. Why do we live in a world that tells us that we do not matter? It is because Satan is a narcissist and believes he is all that matters, God believes we matter, that is why he created us. Be well. I am a preacher, remember that when you read this.

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