Friday, February 13, 2015

Bad Math and War

About 3,000 people died on 9 11 including the terrorists. Because of 9 11 we invaded Afghanistan, for fun we also invaded Iraq. As a consequence we have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and lost over 5,000 soldiers. The terrorists spent a couple thousand dollars attacking us, we have spent a trillion dollars retaliating against their families and other civilians. I think we have proven we were unhappy, how many more lives should we lose and how much more money should we spend to prove our point?

Wouldn't it have been cheaper and saved more Americans to just have nuked each country and killed everyone, hell, we cannot say we have saved civilians, so what is the reason we didn't. If we were trying to prove we were the good guys and that Arabs should like us, I think we failed. So what is and was the point? Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan were ever going to invade the US, they would have needed more boats and planes to do that. Neither could invade their neighbors anymore, so why do we still have troops there? Are we waiting for them to like us as we continue to kill their children?

You know, with all the money spent on these wars we could have paid off all Americans mortgages and student loans. That would have shown them. We could have made America stronger rather than just killing their innocents and a few of their guilties.

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