Friday, September 25, 2015

A Spiritual Song That is Timely

This blog began as and has always existed as a spiritual blog. While I talk of technology and current events, the first iteration was almost exclusively spiritual in nature and talked about the nature of existence and the reality of God. For those who read the first iteration of this blog before I destroyed it, you might remember that. My very first posts were to quote Descartes and then correct him on how we knew we existed, it was pretty philosophical. I then went on to show how if we exist, there is a God by definition.

I had no readers when I began this blog nor did I tell anyone about it. Not even my friends knew of it or how to find it. It was written for a very specific audience to find on their own and they found it and it achieved it's goal. Then, I destroyed it as that first iteration had achieved it's goal and I planned on not writing anymore. After certain requests, I created a second version of it that was more sociological in nature. I had no intended audience for that iteration of the blog. I destroyed that version too. This the third iteration was meant to be more specific and focus on how most people really don't understand what is really happening, how it can effect you and how you are lied to by the world. I almost destroyed this iteration too.

I think that rather than ending this blog, I shall return to the beginning and come full circle. This is where it gets fun For those who never read the first iteration of this blog and may in fact help you to understand what my real message has been. I doubt you will be able to guess the intended first audience. One of them had told me that it was good; but, that nobody would get it. That I was too much above people for them to understand me. I replied that people could understand me quite well even on the abstract things and I guarantee this blog began with the abstract.

YouTube - Ray Stevens - Everything Is Beautiful

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