Monday, September 21, 2015

Looking Out For You and Your Families Interests

Political choices are a lot like business choices. In the end people make choices based on personal interests. Business is very cut and dry on this. Many CEOs have gone on record that what is best for this country is not a consideration in business, their only duty, they will tell you, is to the stock holders. Following that logic, a citizens interest is only for them and their family. So here is the question, is this country working for you?

For 99% of us the answer is no, not anymore. Why else would congress only have 7% of us supporting them? Clearly half of us are under direct attack from the system. Our congress and business leaders want to eliminate all the benefits that one achieves from working hard all your life for your family. They want to end social security (which we pay for), welfare (which more and more will need as we outsource jobs to foreign countries), food stamps (which is the only way many poor can eat at all) and our ability to organize to complain. The political system and the financial system have both been caught for being rigged to only benefit a very small percentage of us.

Are you hopeful that your children will have it better off than you? Do you think they will? While our children are sent off to foreign countries to die and fight for big oil, upon returning they are ignored. It is unlikely they will go to college or get a job that pays well. The truth is that if you are under 40, your prospects are not that good unless you hit the lottery or make very rich friends. These are the real driving forces behind the Tea Party, the Occupy Movement, Trump's doing well in the polls and Bernie Sanders support and I now fear that the establishment will not listen or understand any of it, just as Louis the 16th never got it.

When things in a country go bad, people wait for improvement, they support trying all kinds of things until they see that nothing they do improves their situation or gives them hope for their children. When they figure out there is no way to improve their children's lot in life, they stop supporting the government and accept that they must cheat the system or change it through any means possible. Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, understood this and in the book he says that Sancho Panchez was as honest as a poor man could be. The Soviet Union failed not because of a revolt; but, because none of its people would support it. The same is true for ancient Rome, it fell from a lack of support on the inside and that allowed for attacks to be successful from the outside.

Donald Trump is both right and wrong about something. He believes our politicians are stupid and that is why he believes the Chinese are beating us. If we are as a nation are competing with China, why are we sending them our jobs and why are we sending our technologies there? Even the dumbest person does not give his strengths to his opponent to use against him. Our corporate leasers see it to be in their personal interests to sell us out as a nation.

If you doubt me, go back a post or two and see what Jamie Dimon said about how this nation is doing, the said better than ever. He also said that we should continue electing politicians that go with the status quo. Kids, the status quo is not working for just about all of us and we all know it, that is why we have ceased having confidence in congress.

The un-Patriot-ic Act says that if you work for the interest of a foreign government against those of the United States you can go to jail, without due process and be held without a trial indefinitely. As a consequence we have jailed people for wanting to leave the United States to work with certain Arab factions; but we give tax breaks to companies that send American jobs to China. Think about it.

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