Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Self Driving Car In Action

YouTube - Tesla's Autopilot System Is Creepy And Wonderful.

YouTube - A Ride in the Google Self Driving Car.

I want my readers to think about how self driving cars will change your lives in the very near future, remember, the technology is already here. Firstly, self driving cars don't break the speed limit so no more speeding tickets. They can also be programmed to avoid all parking violations. They are safer in heavy rain, snow and fog because they see using multiple sensors. Self driving cars also are not impaired by marijuana, alcohol or being tired on long trips. I forgot to mention that they also don't get lost and can automatically find the best way from one destination to another using real time traffic information.

Now lets consider how they will be used to control drivers and their choice of destinations. Parents will want their teenagers to be in self driving cars so that they can determine where those vehicles go. There will be no telling your parents that you are going to a friends house to study and going to a party somewhere else instead. Self driving cars will also be the end of taxi drivers and long haul truckers killing millions of jobs.

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